C124 – The End (IV)

Duan Hengye felt as if he had been in a dream.

This time, what woke him up was the sunlight, and after feeling the vague light, Duan Hengye slowly opened his eyes. He first saw a beige ceiling, he could also vaguely see little dark lines …… Where was this? As a scientific researcher whose brain turned far faster than the average person, after seeing this ceiling, Duan Hengye froze for a short period of time.

He didn’t know how but when he saw this ceiling with dark lines in front of him, Duan Hengye actually felt a little weird sense of familiarity. Just now, wasn’t he still in the middle of a stellar expl*osion? How was it that he was now lying quietly in a sunny bedroom? Because the amount of information was too great, Duan Hengye’s brain suddenly became blank. Only after a while did he come to his senses, and then he reached out his left hand to hold the mattress behind him and slowly sat up.

Immediately after, Duan Hengye saw a painting with tender strokes hanging right in front of him. This painting was drawn by Duan Hengye himself. After seeing it, Duan Hengye’s entire body shivered like a child awakened from sleep. Just like countless children in China, during his childhood, Duan Hengye had also been asked by his family to learn many talents, and painting was one of them. However, compared to the others, Duan Hengye didn’t have much talent or interest in drawing. So after learning for a short while, he stopped.

For Duan Hengye as a child, not having to continue learning to draw was a very happy thing for him, but for his mother, who wanted him to develop in all aspects of morality, intelligence, physicality, and aesthetics, it was a little bit regrettable. So soon after Duan Hengye gave up his art studies, his mother organized his previous paintings and hung them in the house as a souvenir.

Although he had lived alone for most of his adult life, Duan Hengye had after all seen this painting for more than ten years. So even though his brain was a bit blank, after seeing the painting, Duan Hengye’s instincts still told him that he was in the exact location of his home on Earth.

In the end, what had happened! How did he come back?

After seeing this familiar house, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but get irritated. Wasn’t he just on Mecha Nanwei, how come he was now back home …

But this wasn’t the most important thing, the important thing was, what was the outcome of that w*ar? Did Meng Jinhuai end up being injured?

After thinking of this, Duan Hengye stood up from slowly. Immediately after that, he realized that the injuries he had just received from the attack on his mecha seemed to have all disappeared. Duan Hengye’s chest was no longer stuffy and painful, and it was very easy to move. Unable to help it, he stretched out his hand and gently pressed the wound he remembered, and after determining that there was no pain, Duan Hengye, full of doubts, finally walked towards the washroom in his bedroom.

Although he hadn’t been home for a long, long time, the layout of this place still retained the look that he remembered. After pushing open the door, Duan Hengye saw that because the owner had been gone for too long, the things within the washroom had already been put away, and the house appeared somewhat empty.

Duan Hengye turned around and pushed the door completely open, then walked over to the huge mirror inside the washroom. It could be seen that the man in the mirror was clearly the most familiar to Duan Hengye, he was wearing a beige shirt with his sleeves casually pulled up. Everything was so normal, as if… he had just taken a nap.

However, at this time, Duan Hengye’s brain clearly sent him a warning – everything was by no means as calm as it appeared on the surface. Even if he didn’t count the two years of memories of the Interstellar Era that were clear in his mind, he shouldn’t have appeared in his own home like a person who was fine.

This kind of calmness made Duan Hengye feel uneasy, and even the chirping of birds outside the window that entered his ears made him feel irritable. After taking a look in the mirror, Duan Hengye walked out from within the washroom, then slowly walked to the doorway of his bedroom. Facing this wooden door that couldn’t be more familiar, Duan Hengye was unexpectedly filled with fear……. He was a little afraid to face what was outside the door.

He stood at the door and adjusted his breathing, and after a while finally placed his hand on the door handle, then gently pushed the door open.

The corridor was silent.

The location that Duan Hengye was currently in was the Duan Family’s main mansion that he had lived in since he was a child, and in Duan Hengye’s memories, this mansion had never been so quiet as it was at this moment. The Duan family was a large family, there were quite a few people living inside the mansion, and there were also a lot of staff …… In short, the quiet corridor at this time was something he had never seen before.

The mansion was built some years ago, and unlike the Interstellar Era, now Duan Hengye could hear the “creaking” sound of the wooden floorboards underneath his feet every time he took a step. After being frightened by the sound of his footsteps, Duan Hengye stood still in the middle of the corridor and consoled himself – in fact, to put it bluntly, he was the “soul” that shouldn’t have existed here, and if there were people coming to the corridor right now, the one who would be frightened wouldn’t be him, but the other person.

After thinking about this, Duan Hengye relaxed a little. The corridor of the Duan Family mansion was very long, and the sound of Duan Hengye’s footsteps constantly echoed in the long corridor. Finally, Duan Hengye walked to the stairs on this floor, holding onto the railing and looking down, at this time, the living room was as empty as the corridor. Only the coffee table seemed to still have a few cups of water, and the ashtray was full of cigarette butts that no one had cleaned up, as if the owner had just left.

Duan Hengye walked down, perhaps due to living in the stars for too long, he had gotten used to the situation of the light device hovering around him. Now after searching for the light device several times but falling short, he then reacted that what he should be looking for at the moment was his cell phone. So Duan Hengye reached out his hand and touched his pocket for half a minute, and after realizing that he didn’t have anything inside his pocket, he sat down on the sofa with some discouragement. He didn’t know where his family had gone, not to mention when they would actually come back, and now the only thing Duan Hengye could do was wait.

Although it was just a simple walk around the house, because of his nervousness, Duan Hengye’s heartbeat was extraordinarily fast right now. After sitting down, his ears were almost only filled with the sound of his own heartbeat.

To Duan Hengye, time had never passed so slowly. After quieting down, his entire attention was thrown back into that Stellar Expl*osion. He once again stretched out his hand to gently caress his chest, and although he could no longer feel anything even if he pressed harder, the pain in his memory seemed to have never dissipated.

At this time, Duan Hengye’s mind was in turmoil, although he had returned to the familiar world he had lived in for more than twenty years, he didn’t feel grounded at all. Duan Hengye was afraid, he was afraid that the previous two years of his life was really a dream. Although they hadn’t been separated for long, he was already missing Meng Jinhuai ……

Waiting until the sun outside the window slowly descended, Duan Hengye finally heard something else. The Duan family was an ancient martial arts family, although Duan Hengye’s perception of things around him was sharper than the average person, when facing the elders of the family, he was still a little bit inferior. By the time Duan Hengye heard the sound and turned around to look towards the door, the mansion’s thick, dark wood-colored door had already been slowly opened by someone from the outside.

Walking in the front was Duan Hengye’s father, the man was tall and thin, even though he was nearly middle-aged, he still looked so young in the long black slim-fitting trench coat. Duan Hengye was the youngest in the family, since childhood, his parents had been busy with family matters, there weren’t many opportunities to meet. Especially his father – their way of getting along was very traditional, not as intimate and talkative as many fathers and sons nowadays. In short, Duan Hengye was somewhat afraid of his father.

Two years had passed, and seeing this familiar man once again, Duan Hengye didn’t expect that his eyes would actually redden at the first moment.

After the main door was pushed open, Duan Hengye stood up from the sofa and then involuntarily walked towards the doorway.

“Dad ……,” Duan Hengye called out while walking that way.

The living room of the Duan Family mansion was extremely large, and he realized that after his father entered the door, he turned around and spoke to the staff of the family who were following behind him, as if he hadn’t noticed him. At first, Duan Hengye wasn’t surprised, but when he walked to the entrance hall, he realized that the person across the room didn’t ignore him, but was simply unable to see him.

In an instant, the bl*ood in Duan Hengye’s entire body seemed to freeze.


Somewhere far away, the matter of the Marshal being trapped in a stellar expl*osion had already spread throughout the entire interstellar world. For a while, the entire star network channels of all sizes popularized the phenomenon of “stellar expl*osion”. After a short period of ten minutes, regardless of whether or not they had studied it, they all knew what kind of danger a mecha would encounter in a stellar expl*osion.

As the stellar expl*osion continued to intensify, the entire Ye Tian Empire was now praying for the Marshal – although as time passed, more and more people had realized that this trip was likely to be fatal.

According to the estimated time out, people speculated that even if Meng Jinhuai’s mecha hadn’t been physically harmed, then by virtue of the time, it should have problems with its internal systems …… Just as the pessimistic atmosphere began to spread, the Ministry, which hadn’t spoken out to the public for a long time, finally announced once again on its own official account to –Shortly after the Stellar Expl*osion began, Duan Hengye had already piloted his mecha to Meng Jinhuai’s location. The Ministry hoped that the public would give Duan Hengye as well as the Ministry their trust, believing that the Marshal and Professor Duan would be able to return safely.

This news alleviated the pessimistic atmosphere to some extent, but immediately after it, everyone in the Ye Tian Empire became nervous again.


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