C86 — Inheritance of Shares


Although Lu Wenxing didn’t do many movies, he knew quite a lot of celebrities in the industry. With his good personality, even if he happened to meet an artist at an event, they would still get each other’s numbers in the end.


This was the first movie he starred in, so his circle of friends also reposted to show support. The box office of “Back to the Snowy Mountains” was high for several days in a row, and Gu Yanshen also sent Lu Wenxing a ticket for the 8:30 pm viewing.




[.] Fan welfare, what others have, you must also have.


Lu Wenxing wanted to laugh as he looked at the text sent by Gu Yanshen. He didn’t know where he copied the strange words from again.


[ET] Other people watch movies in pairs, you want your boyfriend to go see it by himself?


[.] I can’t go with you because I have a scene tonight.


[.] Catgreviance.jpg


[ET] You should give me one more ticket.


[.]No, you want to watch a movie with someone else? I’ll be jealous!


[ET] You’re justified in being jealous.


[ET] If you’re in a legal relationship, it’s legal to be jealous.


The set of the last movie that Gu Yanshen picked up was quite close to Lu Wenxing’s house, a twenty-minute drive away. Lu Wenxing bought a bucket of popcorn and a bucket of Coke … Well, what others had, he also had to have.


He arrived quite early, it started at 8:30 yet he entered at 8:15. There was no one in the cinema, and the screen displayed the upcoming and already aired movie trailers.


It didn’t take long, the people watching the movie came in one after another, the middle of the viewing area instantly filled, the movie hadn’t yet begun, so Lu Wenxing ate popcorn while chatting with Gu Yanshen.


[ET] are all your fans here?


[.] Not really. Some fans got two tickets and shared them with their friends or partners.


[ET] Where did they get their movie tickets?


[.] Several fan groups made an event and asked the administrator to send red envelopes, fans who grabbed the red envelope could use a screenshot of it to ask for movie tickets from the management.


Lu Wenxing was surprised for a moment. It could really be operated like this?


[…] Are there many people arriving?


[ET] Quite a lot.


Lu Wenxing suspected that Gu Yanshen didn’t just randomly send him to watch the movie, in fact, he was asking him to explore whether the fans were supportive or not.


[ET] Except for the first three rows, it’s almost full.


The lights of the movie theater dimmed, and Lu Wenxing saw a man with a hat and mask walk up from the stairs and stop at the same row as Lu Wenxing.


“Sorry, thanks.”


His hat was pressed down low as he thanked the audience who had moved their feet to let him in.


Lu Wenxing glanced at the empty space on his side, and it was obvious that it was meant for two people.


Then that person was just like him, and was alone?


But did he buy two tickets just for one person?


It wasn’t polite to stare at someone else, and after noticing the other person walking over, Lu Wenxing lowered his head to text Gu Yanshen.


[ET] That ticket you gave me caused the brother beside me to be alone like me.


[ET] I guess he came too late, he didn’t buy any water or snacks.


Seeing that Gu Yanshen didn’t reply, Lu Wenxing wickedly continued to type.


[ET] If I give half of the popcorn to the little brother, you won’t be angry, right?


Lu Wenxing put away his cell phone and thought of Gu Yanshen’s expression after seeing the message and wanted to laugh a little. Gu Yanshen should be busy if he didn’t reply, and then he didn’t reply for a while, so he simply just put his phone away.


It was at this time that the man sitting beside him suddenly came closer, a familiar voice ringing out.


“I’m here, who else do you want to share it with?”


The light elegant voice rang out, Lu Wenxing blinked, he was obviously surprised at Gu Yanshen’s sudden appearance.


But then again, it didn’t seem that unexpected, this was something Gu Yanshen could do.


Ever since the two of them got together, Gu Yanshen was addicted to creating ‘surprises’ for him, and if Lu Wenxing wasn’t pleasantly surprised, Gu Yanshen would feel regretful and then pick up where he left off.


“Why are you here?” Lu Wenxing was cooperative.


His surprise really cheered Gu Yanshen up.


“I’ve come to watch a movie with my boyfriend.”


Gu Yanshen held Lu Wenxing’s hand and asked, “Do you still want to share the popcorn with others?”


“No one else.” Lu Wenxing handed the popcorn over, “Boyfriend, want to eat?”




The movie started soon after, and the two stopped talking in whispers.


After watching the movie, Gu Yanshen took Lu Wenxing for a late-night snack.


“What do you want to eat?”




Lu Wenxing had been craving it for a long time, the aunt would cook when he lived at home, but his family didn’t let him eat these things, even on sets, there was still Wen Zheng’s ‘eyeballs’ watching. If it wasn’t 100% healthy and nutritious, it would never appear in his dinner.


“Okay, let’s go to the nearest one.”


Looking at Lu Wenxing’s bright sparkling eyes, Gu Yanshen guessed that Lu Wenxing hadn’t eaten it for a long time, and he asked tentatively.


“Are you considering moving out?”


Gu Yanshen was close to writing the words ‘move to my house’ on his face, but Lu Wenxing pretended not to understand. “I’m living quite well at home, my brother definitely wouldn’t agree.”


Gu Yanshen was slightly disappointed, but he expected his response.


Wen Zheng’s brother’s control was strong, if Lu Wenxing went out to live alone, Wen Zheng would definitely not agree, but living with him, it was even more unlikely that Wen Zheng would agree.


Lu Wenxing kind of wanted to laugh, but held back, he blinked and asked. “Then can I still eat barbecue?”


“Yes.” Gu Yanshen looked at him sadly, “All you think about is eating.”


Lu Wenxing moved over to kiss him.


“And you.”


Although he knew it was Lu Wenxing’s usual trick, Gu Yanshen was still very flattered, and was coaxed into happiness with one kind word.


The barbecue restaurant was still quite crowded on a Friday night, and the waiter took the menu for them to order first, and would come over to get the menu when they were done.


“What does Mr. Gu want to eat?”


Gu Yanshen hadn’t eaten much of this stuff since he was a kid, but Lu Wenxing was different, he and Xie Chengfei used to sneak out to eat barbecue when they were in school, but as long as they were found by Mrs. Lu they wouldn’t be spared a telling off.


“Same as you.”


“Cumin beef skewers?”




Lu Wenxing directly ordered thirty skewers, “Does Teacher Gu eat lamb skewers?”


“Don’t eat.” Gu Yanshen knew deep down that he didn’t dare to eat mutton, even if it was grilled, but for those who didn’t dare to eat it, the mutton flavor was especially punchy.


“Grilled pork belly, squid, scallops with garlic vermicelli, tenderloin ……”


“Don’t order too much.” Gu Yanshen saw him ordering more and more and jerked the menu out of Lu Wenxing’s hand.


“It’s enough.”


He wasn’t worried that Lu Wenxing couldn’t finish it, on the contrary, he could eat as much as he ordered, but eating too much late at night wasn’t good for digestion.


“Slightly spicy, six bottles of cold beer.” Lu Wenxing handed the menu to the waiter, “Thank you.”


After waiting for half an hour, the waiter came over with the dinner plates.


“Eggplant with garlic, baked tofu, and milky steamed buns ……”


The waiter set the enoki mushrooms and baked potato slices on the table, “I’ll serve the rest later.”


“Yes, please serve the cold beer as well.”


“Right away.”


Gu Yanshen looked at the eggplant on the plate that was cut in half and sprinkled with millet chili and garlic, and extended his chopsticks to the grilled eggplant next to it.


“Grilled eggplant is the best, it’s especially fragrant.”


Lu Wenxing ate a large piece of eggplant, the soft and smooth food in his mouth was wrapped in spiciness and garlic, a familiar flavor.


“Teacher Gu, taste it.”


Seeing his hesitation, Lu Wenxing directly pinched a slice for him. “I know you can eat spicy food as well as garlic.”


For him, spice and garlic were seasonings, but he had never eaten it like this before.


Lu Wenxing sniffed, “It really smells good.”


The smell of Sichuan barbecue drilled into his nostrils, and Gu Yanshen halfheartedly tasted a little …… and then really got interested.


Watching his eyes brighten abruptly, Lu Wenxing smiled. “Delicious, right?”


“The mushrooms are also delicious.”


Lu Wenxing sighed with a mouthful of squid and a mouthful of beer.


“It’s good.”


“Do you rarely eat these things?”


Gu Yanshen nodded, he went to a closed boarding school in elementary and junior high school, and the cafeteria in the noble school was built by parents throwing money at it, and the cafeteria would only have nutritious meals.


In high school, with Gu Yanshen’s character, he never took the initiative to make friends and wasn’t too involved in collective activities, so he basically bid farewell to the joy of the student era.


Lu Wenxing seldom heard Gu Yanshen mention his childhood, and never heard of Gu Yanshen’s family, he only knew of Gu Yanning’s existence. It was only during the recording of the program that he had heard that Gu Yanshen’s parents were divorced and were living their own lives.


“Teacher Gu, I’ve brought you to meet my two pairs of parents. When will you bring me to meet your parents?”


Lu Wenxing’s words were half-joking, but Gu Yanshen got serious.


“If you’re willing …… I can arrange it anytime.”


Lu Wenxing raised his eyebrow, “Can your parents accept you getting a boyfriend?”


“My mom came out quite early and has seen a lot of niche aptitudes in the entertainment industry, and won’t mind who my date is.” Gu Yanshen thought for a moment, “In her eyes, I’m probably going to end up alone, it’s only surprising to her that I can find someone.”


“What about your father?”


Gu Yanshen’s father was traditional in his thinking, and the craziest thing he had ever done…was probably chasing Gu Yanshen’s mother.


However, Gu Yanshen’s grandfather wasn’t able to accept Gu Yanshen’s mother, and in the end, although he agreed to the two getting married, he didn’t allow Gu Yanshen’s mother to remain in the entertainment industry.


When Gu Yanshen was three or four years old, the conflict between his parents finally erupted, with one pursuing freedom and the other busy and wanting a wife who cared about the family.


After several arguments, the two divorced.


The funny thing was, during the marriage they often quarreled a lot, but after the divorce they respected each other and wished each other well.


Gu Yanshen’s mother pursued freedom, so she naturally wouldn’t take Gu Yanshen, his father was busy outside and also didn’t have time to care about him.


It was only when Gu Yanshen found his parents’ divorce papers that he finally realized why his mother often didn’t come home, showing up once every few months or half a year, and then leaving again in a hurry.


His father hired a nanny that was good to Gu Yanshen in front of people, but she deliberately didn’t let Gu Yanshen eat and also locked five-year-old Gu Yanshen in the basement.


He was left to starve alone in the deep, humid basement, listening to the sound of thunderstorms coming through the breathable windows.




“Teacher Gu?”


Seeing Gu Yanshen wandering off, Lu Wenxing called out to him.


“My dad is an old codger, so he probably can’t accept it. But …… “Gu Yanshen raised his eyes and looked at Lu Wenxing seriously. “I won’t let you suffer.”


Opposition was useless, father Gu opposed Gu Yanshen entering the entertainment industry, he wanted to send him abroad, but Gu Yanshen still changed his major and directly moved from home.


When he was a child, he wasn’t controlled, and he envied other children who had parents who controlled them, but when he grew up, he had his own opinions, and his father couldn’t control him even if he wanted to.


Lu Wenxing was worried. Who could aggrieve him? He was just heartbroken for Gu Yanshen.


Hearing Gu Yanshen’s promise, Lu Wenxing’s heart suddenly softened.


“Okay, then I’ll wait for Teacher Gu…to come.”


Gu Yanshen’s hand with the chopsticks trembled for a moment, and raising his eyes, he saw Lu Wenxing’s eyes were clear, probably because he had eaten too much barbecue, even his voice was hoarse.


“Do you know what you’re talking about?”


Lu Wenxing blinked and continued to look at him with pure eyes. “I know. Does Teacher Gu know?”


Gu Yanshen felt his ears burning, how did Lu Wenxing say thought-provoking words without his expression changing?




Lu Wenxing slept until he woke up naturally.


Wen Zheng and Wen Huaizhe were discussing work matters on the sofa, and Ji Yuan moved the bellflower to the bright window sill and took the clippers to trim the branches and leaves.






Auntie was walking out of the kitchen and saw Lu Wenxing coming downstairs, “Xingxing, do you want a sandwich or congee?”




“And heat up a cup of milk for Xingxing.” Ji Yuan added.




Wen Huaizhe beckoned for Lu Wenxing to sit.


“Dad, brother.”


“Xingxing, in two weeks it will be the Wen Group’s 100th anniversary.”


“Will I attend?”


Wen Huaizhe picked up his coffee and took a sip, “You’ll definitely attend.”


“Your grandfather will also attend.”


The chairman of the Wen Group was Wen Huaizhe, but Elder Wen wasn’t completely indifferent.


Ji Yuan handed the milk to Lu Wenxing, “Have a sip of the hot one first.”


“If you have friends you want to invite, you can get a few invitations and don’t forget to ask Xiao Cheng. Xiao Cheng is at C University, it isn’t far from the hotel where the banquet will be held, so ask him if he’s interested in attending, and you can bring your classmates along.”


“Okay, I’ll talk to Xiao Cheng.”


When Lu Wenxing finished breakfast, Ji Yuan handed him a suit. “Go try it on.”


Lu Wenxing took the customized suit and opened it, “Isn’t this too grand?”


Wen Zheng had already seen the suit, the clothes at home were all purchased by Ji Yuan, so it wouldn’t be out of place, after all, it was the 100th anniversary.


“It isn’t grand, it’s the Wen group’s 100th anniversary, you are also the main character.”


“That’s right.” Ji Yuan saw Lu Wenxing’s doubt and warmly explained.


“Your grandfather intends to officially announce your identity as the heir at the celebration.”


Lu Wenxing nodded, “Many people know, there’s no need for it to be special.”


“That’s different.”


Lu Wenxing:?


“It is different.” Wen Huaizhe put down his coffee cup, “It’s one thing for others to know, it’s another thing to announce it.”


Wen Zheng took over Wen Huaizhe’s words and said to Lu Wenxing.


“Grandpa intends to transfer the shares that belong to you at the anniversary celebration.”



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