After seeing this, Duan Hengye, as an audience, couldn’t help holding the pillow tighter in his arms, and then moved closer to the light screen.



Of course, Duan Hengye had no problem with his vision. His action wasn’t because he couldn’t see clearly, it was just because of his subconscious concentration.


This was the first meeting between the upper echelons of the Ye Tian Empire and the Li Sheng Alliance in recent years, except for Meng Jinhuai’s one-sided aura crushing, the people’s imagined tensed scene hadn’t appeared.


However, Duan Hengye found that although the chief of the Li Sheng Alliance had been smiling when he shook hands with Meng Jinhuai, his expression was very clearly frozen for a while.



Obviously, the other party noticed that he was at a disadvantage.



Before this meeting, the two countries had just ended a war. That war was unilaterally started by the Li Sheng Alliance and ended with the victory of the Empire. The person in front of him, Meng Jinhuai, not only participated in that war, but also defeated their main force. Obviously, they should be sworn to disagree, but now the two people were acting like they didn’t know about it.



Of course this conversation was purely to follow social etiquette, after a few simple words, the two sides would sit down again.



Now the star that Duan Hengye was located in had reached the standard time of 10 o’clock at night, probably because the sofa was too soft, while watching the live, Duan Hengye couldn’t help feeling a little sleepy.



After discovering his poor state, Duan Hengye reached out to rub his eyes, then sat up straight again and looked towards the light screen.



At this point, the main event of the meeting finally began.



In people’s usual impression, as the marshal, Meng Jinhuai was the symbol of the Ye Tian Empire. Although he wasn’t the actual ruler of the empire, people were able to read the empire’s next goal from his recent actions.



The same went for the Ye Tian Empire’s old rival, the Li Sheng Alliance.



After the meeting started, one of the officials of the Li Sheng Alliance stood up from his chair and began to read out the topics of this meeting to everyone. As he spoke, this man dressed in black formal wear habitually dropped his gaze towards Meng Jinhuai. However, to his surprise, Meng Jinhuai didn’t seem to react to his speech.


Not only the person who spoke, everyone realized the same thing. In fact, of course, the Li Sheng Alliance knew that they were in a disadvantageous position and were inferior to the Ye Tian Empire, so they had made preparations in advance for the meeting and thought about how they should respond if the Empire was aggressive.



But what they didn’t expect was that the meeting had just started, but before they could get a clear idea of the Ye Tian Empire’s attitude and bottom line, Meng Jinhuai, as the marshal, gave them an attack called “ignore” first.



After finding that Meng Jinhuai didn’t give his response, the staff member turned his eyes away in some embarrassment, and then suddenly forgot the diplomatic manners he had learned before, and began to read dryly.



Although nothing had happened yet, this reaction of Meng Jinhuai alone, and the somewhat awkward response from the side of the Li Sheng Alliance, all called for the citizens of the Ye Tian Empire to feel relieved.


After seeing this, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but laugh out loud.



Carefully recalling, this seemed to be the first time Duan Hengye saw Meng Jinhuai’s appearance when he used cold violence. He didn’t want to hide his attitude, but on the contrary, as long as one knew a little about Meng Jinhuai, one could see his obvious perfunctory attitude and indifference to things now.



Seeing Meng Jinhuai’s expression, Duan Hengye’s mood actually inexplicably switched from the serious state just now to a more relaxed feeling.


The marshal was a noble man, and now the lights in the room hit the medals on his uniform, so the medals gave off a cold glow. At this time Meng Jinhuai looked both elegant and murderous ……


Tsk …… Duan Hengye inwardly couldn’t help but sigh a little, he didn’t know if it was because his “filter” was a little too big. Now he had the feeling that Meng Jinhuai didn’t belong to the same dimension as the others.



Of course, it wasn’t only Duan Hengye that felt like this. What he didn’t know was that at the same time as the live broadcast was going on, netizens on the Star network also cut out the footage and put it on the Star network, paragraph by paragraph, frame by frame.


After being ruled by the royal family who preferred luxury for a long time, although most people didn’t notice, in fact, compared to other countries, the overall culture of the Ye Tian Empire was somewhat “face addiction”


The most important thing was that there were too many legends about the marshal’s strength, so much so that people didn’t have time to care about his appearance. But this time, after seeing the Meng Jinhuai who didn’t say a word on camera and even had a vague meaning of mockery in his eyes, netizens finally wanted to study his looks.


Of course, this was only the behavior of some people, more people were concerned about the progress of the meeting.



This was the first time they had seen Meng Jinhuai’s appearance at a meeting, and the imagined look of control of the overall situation was different – Meng Jinhuai didn’t say a word until the end.



You should know that this Star Conference was of great importance. As the defeated party at a disadvantage, in order to reduce the compensation, everyone from the Li Sheng Alliance had prepared a long “defense” and made a lot of speeches. Compared with them, The people on the side of Ye Tian Empire had fewer words and their expressions had calmed down a lot.



In particular, Meng Jinhuai… he was just like the background of today’s meeting. At the beginning of the live broadcast, many of the suspension cameras of the starnet media were simply facing Meng Jinhuai’s face, for fear of missing any of his speeches and micro-expressions.


But after a short time, these media were disappointed to find that Meng Jinhuai not only said very little, but even his expression control was so perfect – nothing changed. Such expressions, not only could they not analyze it, even an AI probably couldn’t.


So after some time, the media’s camera then finally moved away from Meng Jinhuai’s face and began to shoot those officials of the Li Sheng Alliance who were having a wonderful debate.



As the main guest of this meeting, Meng Jinhuai sat in a very conspicuous position. Although the hovering shooter was no longer locked on him like before, but in the process, it always inadvertently shone on the Marshal.


In Duan Hengye’s opinion …… compared to those staff members who were having a great debate, Meng Jinhuai was really very much like a misguided audience ……



Unlike the netizens who hadn’t seen Meng Jinhuai’s private work and meeting appearance before, Duan Hengye was once involved in a military ministry meeting. He knew what Meng Jinhuai in the middle of the meeting work really looked like.



The Marshal was certainly not a person who would perfunctorily do things, so Duan Hengye knew that his reaction was intentional. Regardless of what kind of attitude the council side had, the military department must represent itself to show contempt for the Li Sheng Alliance.


The meeting had been going on for more than an hour now, and after a brief presentation by the staff from the Ye Tian Empire and the Li Sheng Alliance, people had memories of the last w-ar that was inexplicably provoked rekindled.



For the people of the Ye Tian Empire, it wasn’t a good memory because of the things they had experienced in the middle, and just a while ago, some people seemed to have gradually started to forget the fear of the w-ar. But now, with those moments being recounted, the sense of anger had once again come to the forefront.



The threat to the security of the empire, the siege of the Marshal’s mecha …… and the subsequent sending of people to assassinate Duan Hengye at An Luo University. One by one, things were once again recalled, and by this time, no one on Starnet was concerned about Meng Jinhuai’s appearance anymore, everyone was focused on the meeting itself.



After both sides finished their statements, the atmosphere froze at once. For a while, there was not a single person at the conference table who spoke. The sunlight outside the window was divided into pieces by the branches of the trees, and then fell inside the house.


This picture should be warm and cozy, but everyone at the scene smelled gunpowder ……


It was clear that Meng Jinhuai didn’t say anything, but in this silence, everyone subconsciously looked at him expectantly.



Not even just the staff of the Ye Tian Empire, even the side of the Li Sheng Alliance was like this.



In the middle of the meeting just now, the Alliance Chief of the Li Sheng Alliance spoke a lot, as if he was intentionally controlling the pace of the meeting. But now, when the silence settled down people found that although there had been no talk, but the soul of the meeting had always been Meng Jinhuai.



Even in that tense back and forth just now, no one had succeeded in taking the lead out of Meng Jinhuai’s hands. Now that so many eyes had fallen on him at the conference table, it was impossible for Meng Jinhuai not to feel it. However, when so many people looked at him at the same time, the Marshal continued to behave no differently from earlier.



Could it be that Meng Jinhuai really didn’t intend to say anything today when he came to the meeting table? After seeing his appearance, even the audience couldn’t help but have such doubts.


“Meng–” The official of the Li Alliance who was waiting a bit impatiently over here finally couldn’t help but speak up. However, at the same time, Meng Jinhuai’s hand, which had been gently resting on the table, began to tap on the wooden desk.



The sound of fingertips hitting the desktop wasn’t loud, but it was particularly obvious in this silent conference room.


Even the live viewers, including Duan Hengye, had a feeling that the other party’s fingertips wasn’t tapping on the desktop, but their own hearts.



After gently knocking the table a few times, Meng Jinhuai finally regained his sight to the Chief of the Li Sheng Alliance on the side. This time, the marshal’s expression changed. Meng Jinhuai slowly put away the light smile that had been on his face just now, and then moved his hand to the front of his body. Meng Jinhuai’s expression was extraordinarily serious, as if the person with a smiling face just now wasn’t him.



“Are you finished?” Suddenly, he smiled once again towards the Leader of the Li Sheng Alliance. When he said this, Meng Jinhuai’s tone was extraordinarily cold, forming a strong contrast with the expression on his face. Although the words he said were bland, but after hearing them, they instantly called for a shiver.



“It’s finished …… finished.” Involuntarily, even the alliance leader of the Li Sheng Alliance stammered, and then followed Meng Jinhuai’s train of thought to answer his question.



Politicians and people like Meng Jinhuai who came down from the battlefield were different, and there was a big difference in their temperament alone. If the politician was like an ice cube, then Meng Jinhuai was like a knife with an open edge.



In normal times, the smile would turn into a sheath to wrap the sharp blade. But if Meng Jinhuai intended to threaten, everyone would be shocked by his aura ……



After listening to the answer from the Li Sheng Alliance, Meng Jinhuai nodded with great satisfaction and continued: “The outcome of the incident has already been decided on the interstellar level, which is not the focus of this meeting. So I very much do not understand why the Alliance side will waste such a long time with our side to sort out the events at that time ……” Although Meng Jinhuai’s expression was serious, but his voice sounded a bit careless.



It wasn’t very obvious, but in the ears of sensitive politicians, it was like a thorn that poked them in the heart.


For this kind of people who needed to find presence all the time, ignorance was a punishment.



After Meng Jinhuai said this, he paused for a moment and then continued, “On behalf of the Ye Tian Empire’s military department, I think that the next step is to start discussing the issue of compensation for defeat.”



The room was once again quiet, in fact, during the “debate” just now, the staff of the Empire didn’t want to accompany the conversation. The fact that Meng Jinhuai, the imperial marshal, brought this matter up now was undoubtedly a relief to those who wanted to get to the main topic as soon as possible.



They could see that the Li Sheng Alliance was deliberately delaying the meeting and checking their “bottom line” on the matter during the conversation. But they obviously didn’t expect that Meng Jinhuai, as the marshal, would be so straightforward and dry to pull things back.



Duan Hengye saw that after hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, the chief of the Li Sheng Alliance in the camera couldn’t help but grit his teeth and then clicked quickly on his light screen.



“Yes, Marshal,” he slowly squeezed out these words from between his teeth.



More than an hour after this meeting started, both sides finally got to the point.



Seemingly because of this reason, Duan Hengye found that they had become much faster. Unlike the earlier conversation that was obviously tentative as well as delayed, the meeting had now proceeded with a sense of saber-rattling in every sentence that couldn’t be seen.



The atmosphere was suddenly tense.



Unlike earlier when he had been in a “spectator” state, this time Meng Jinhuai sat up straight. Although he still didn’t say a lot, he always spoke at the most critical time.



If before everyone only felt a sense of oppression from Meng Jinhuai’s body, then now he was completely “a marshal” to the extreme.



The meeting took much longer than expected, and unknowingly, the planet where An Luo University was located had already reached the late night.



In the recent period, Duan Hengye always slept early and woke up early. So at this time, although he was still curious about this meeting, but the sleepiness began to uncontrollably come to Duan Hengye.



After a while, Duan Hengye’s head began to tilt little by little, it looked like he was already extremely sleepy.



In the place not captured by the camera, the leader of the Li Sheng Alliance in the position slowly shook his hand into a fist. Although he had been in the Li Sheng Alliance for a long time, he had had many opportunities to deal with the royal family of the Ye Tian Empire before.


Although he knew that the conversation between them and the other party may not be as easy as before after the great change of blood of Ye Tian Empire, he didn’t expect it would be so difficult.



They underestimated Meng Jinhuai.



A long time ago, the people of the Li Sheng Alliance knew that Meng Jinhuai and the Imperial Military Department would join this meeting. But looking at it now, they, who had never seen Meng Jinhuai involved in related activities, had obviously underestimated Lord Marshal. Unexpectedly, Meng Jinhuai wasn’t as raw as they thought in terms of negotiation, contrary to this, he showed no less talent than the military side.



This time, it wasn’t the royal family that stood opposite them, but Southern Stars who wouldn’t compromise.



Although Meng Jinhuai had always been very polite, today the officials of the Li Sheng Alliance had a common feeling – if they weren’t careful and said the wrong thing, Meng Jinhuai seemed to be able to sneer at them at any time and then threaten them with force… …



In fact, the Li Sheng Alliance continued too pay attention to the new top mech-related news. They knew that as long as they waited for the day when the top mechas were in service, then at that time, Ye Tian’s advantage would be even stronger, and if they also swooped in, the Li Sheng Alliance may not be able to retreat like last time ……



The timing of the final negotiation was actually giving the Li Sheng Alliance a chance.



If it were a normal person, after finding this out, they would definitely take advantage of it and start doing things with their tails between their legs. But the Li Sheng Alliance wasn’t so …… they had taken many steps backward on the surface, but at the bottom of their hearts they hadn’t been convinced of the status quo.



In general, this negotiation wasn’t smooth. All viewers could see that by the time the negotiations were almost done, the atmosphere inside the venue could already be directly described by the word “tension”.



Meng Jinhuai no longer rested his arms on the table like he did at the beginning, leaning forward to listen, but slowly leaned back towards his chair. His eyebrow was raised, and when he leaned back, he hid just below the light source. The top light of the meeting room was cast down from above Meng Jinhuai’s head, and then his eyes were buried in a deep shadow.


Such Meng Jinhuai, coupled with his black military uniform, literally had the word “danger” written on his face.




Previously, Meng Jinhuai would often participate in public events on the interstellar, but in those events, he was mostly high and mighty, rarely revealing his true emotions. This time, through the performance in the meeting, the image of the Marshal finally became clear.



At the end of the first meeting, as expected, the Li Sheng Alliance compensated the Ye Tian Empire with a large amount of money as well as resources, but still didn’t mention if they’d return the planet that was taken away during the chaos years ago ……


Everyone could see that by the end of the meeting, there was a sense of “desperation” in the Li Sheng Alliance. Meng Jinhuai’s face became more and more ugly. This kind of ugliness didn’t mean anger, but it meant that the disdain in his heart was clear on his face.



This meeting has been held until the early hours of the morning of the Duguang Star, while waiting for the meeting to finish, Duan Hengye fell asleep. The sofa in the living room wasn’t too big, but it was still enough for a person to nestle into. When Duan Hengye woke up in a daze, he found himself lying here at some point.



Although his body was much better since the poison was resolved, but after such a night, he still couldn’t resist sneezing.



When Duan Hengye sat up from the sofa, he didn’t wash up first like before, but opened his light computer as soon as he was awake, and then went to see the results of yesterday’s meeting.



As expected, the entire interstellar world was now discussing the meeting that ended just a few hours ago. When Duan Hengye woke up, the discussion had already been going on for a long time, and everyone had reached a general conclusion – they thought the first meeting was just the beginning.



Although this was only the discussion of the netizens, Duan Hengye didn’t think they were wrong …… The newly strengthened Ye Tian Empire wouldn’t be satisfied with such a little compensation, and they would certainly continue to take action on this matter. However, the ambitious Li Sheng Alliance, who weren’t willing to be replaced by others, also didn’t want to miss the time when the empire had no final rise.



After thinking about this, Duan Hengye turned off the discussion interface on the light computer, and then opened the mecha model.



According to outside speculation, the test flight was now about sixty percent done. However, the staff involved in this project knew clearly that the progress of the project was much greater than 60 percent.



After confirming the remaining items one last time, Duan Hengye decided to readjust the experimental project and put the mecha into service as soon as possible.



Just as he made this decision, Meng Jinhuai’s side also began to adjust his schedule once again. The Ye Tian Empire’s Mecha Research Institute and Southern Star were both waiting for this last test flight so they could officially welcome the mecha “Nan Wei” into service.




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