C4 —— Gentle Neighbor



Chu Chen’an slowly let go of Xu Moshu’s clothes, he held onto the red-painted handrail of the stairs and retreated a few steps away, his panicked eyes glanced elsewhere.



Xu Moshu didn’t say anything else, he stared at Chu Chen’an’s earlobes that were red from nervousness, his expression remained blank.


His posture was slender and upright, with his white cuffs rolled up, and the blue veins in his wheat color arms were obvious.



He stood behind Chu Chen’an, and the dim glow shrouded them. The tall figure covered Chu Chen’an’s body like layers of airtight net, like an evil beast lurking in the dark.


Su Yu still fell on the ground. Her forehead was scratched with several red marks, and she began to lose consciousness but she was still muttering, “I saw… it killed him… ate the liver… dug his eyes…”



“Su Yu, what did you just say you saw?” Zhang Liang frowned, but he didn’t hear clearly. He quickly stepped forward, crossed Xu Moshu and came to Chu Chen’an’s side.



Zhang Liang followed Chu Chen’an and squatted down together, he held up Su Yu’s shoulders, “Calm down, Su Yu, calm down, it’s okay now.”



Su Yu looked at Chu Chen’an and Zhang Liang, her eyes were full of extreme fear, she muttered in a low voice, “There …… are ghosts, ghosts with long hair ……”



She glanced again at the wall under the window, her face was pale and covered with tears, her legs kept trembling dramatically, “Ah! It’s coming again! It’s coming again!!!”


“What’s the matter? What’s the ghost thing about? It’s too late for people to be awake.” Lu Cheng walked slowly to the stairs, full of impatience.



But when he looked up and saw the two-meter-high window, his fierce expression immediately became stunned and turned into an unbelievable dullness and fear.


There was a complete arm hanging on the window!



It seemed to be torn from a body, and the blood ran through the window and spread from the window to the wall.



It dripped down to the ground.


Suddenly, a hideous face was attached to the glass window.



It was the man who had just gone to the convenience store to look for Li Yaya and Su Yu, Wu Longyang!



He was in abnormal pain, blood spilled out of his eyes, his eyes were gouged out, and a bloody hole was plucked out in front of his body, right where his liver was.


What was even more frightening was that the bloodied him …… was still slowly pushing the glass of that half-open window at the moment, with his other hand stretched out of the window, facing the direction of the crowd.


The blood in his mouth was flowing down in streams, and his lips were still moving unwillingly, although he couldn’t make a sound.



He soundlessly opened and closed his mouth, “Help, help me.”



Wu Longyang pushed open the window with difficulty and struggled to peek in from the outside, he couldn’t see anything, his crippled right hand groped in the air.


Suddenly his body was facing downward, and as he was about to fall face downward, his neck was suddenly twisted a hundred and eighty degrees by an unknown object.



There was a “click”.



Wu Longyang’s arms twisted and fell to the ground, no longer emitting a silent struggle.



“Wu, Wu Longyang ……” Su Yu’s whole body was violently trembling, she immediately fainted.



Chu Chen’an was stunned by the scene in front of him, the visual impact of the moment was hard for him to adapt to, his eyes flickered in panic, clutching the red-painted armrest by his side.



He actually grew up afraid of ghosts.



Very afraid.


He was still scared no matter what he’d experienced.



Once he saw a foreign horror film in the ward. He had to hold the sleeve of the attending doctor because he was afraid of sleeping. He had to stick to wherever the doctor went.



As soon as the doctor threw his hand away, he would pout and cry with red eyes.


He was afraid of ghosts scratching his face.



He was also afraid of being killed by a ghost for no apparent reason.



To put it bluntly, he was afraid of death and pain.



Lu Cheng was so scared that he took a few steps back and felt the phone in his pants pocket to call the police.



He didn’t believe in ghosts and gods in his life.



Lu Cheng tried to dial a few times and found that he couldn’t get through.



He looked anxiously at the phone screen and found that the top of the phone screen showed [no signal]!



“Damn, why can’t I get through?!” Lu Cheng gave a tsk, and tried several more times, but the result was still the same, he cursed: “Didn’t the landlord say that this WIFI is fully covered, but the fucking phone can’t even be reached!”



After saying that, Lu Cheng refreshed the background again and was about to try dialing the police again.


After a long weird sound, his phone turned black and couldn’t be turned on again.



Lu Cheng looked at his phone incredulously, and only then did he really start to panic, “Shit …… this, what the hell is going on here?!”



Chu Chen’an heard Lu Cheng’s movement and was even more frightened to stand up, he shrunk into a thin ball, his eyes uncontrollably flushed.


He frowned, his eyes looked frightened, and his long curly eyelashes covered a shadow on his pale face.


Long hair ghost?



He remembered that when he went through this copy of the game last time, there was no such ghost, nor was there this plot!



Probably, this was one of the plot points that he and the protagonist didn’t succeed in uncovering last time.



Suddenly, a loud announcement sounded out of nowhere in the seventh floor.



[Hello, tenants. I, am your landlord.]



The crowd raised their heads at the sound.


[Did you see the man just now?]



The male landlord’s voice was tinged with laughter.



[Isn’t that exciting? That’s what happens when you don’t follow the rules here.
Don’t worry, as long as you behave and listen, you won’t die.
Well, I don’t want to say any more, so …… I give you thirty minutes to clean the windows and floors, and then go back to your rooms and stay there.]



[Of course, you can also try to resist, if you want to die.]



The male landlord laughed shrilly and ended the broadcast.



Lu Cheng wanted to curse, “Your mother, he’s pretending to be a god ……”



Before he could finish his words, Wu Longyang, who had long been out of breath on the ground, was suddenly lifted up by his right arm and violently “ripped”.



As Wu Longyang’s right arm was torn off, a smear of blood splashed onto Chu Chen’an’s cheek.



Lu Cheng no longer said anything.



Chu Chen’an froze for a second, he felt the blood next to his cheek, he was too frightened to blink, his butterfly wing eyelashes fluttered helplessly, his gaze weak and pitiful.



His hand squeezed the cold red-painted armrest tighter.



“Let’s just, just,” Zhang Liang was the first to come back to his senses, he held Su Yu at the wall, his trembling legs stood up as he spoke, “just do what he wants.”



Zhang Liang was a novel author, it was more easy for him to accept all this supernatural phenomenon.



He glanced at Wu Longyang, who was missing both arms, and his raised foot didn’t step firmly, nearly stumbling and falling down.





He didn’t want to die like Wu Longyang.



Zhang Liang walked up the stairs by himself, shivering and slowly turning out of the stairway, he looked at Lu Cheng, “Go move the ladder and clean the windows, Lu Cheng.”



He trembled and tried his best to make his words clear, and said to the crowd, “Didn’t you hear him say, as long as you do what he says, you won’t die.”



From the beginning to the end, Xu Moshu had been standing behind Chu Chen’an, watching in silence as everything began before him.



He nodded in agreement, “Zhang Liang is right.”



Lu Cheng clicked his fists and finally obeyed Zhang Liang’s arrangement, turning around and following him out of the stairway.



After the duo left, Xu Moshu sat down at Chu Chen’an’s side, he sat on the steps and glanced at Chu Chen’an with a leisurely expression.



He saw that Chu Chen’an’s eyes were flushed with pitiful red, the watery light in his eyes shimmered, his peach blossom eyes twitched without blinking once, those red lips were slightly open, even his pink lips were trembling slightly.



Xu Moshu propped up his chin: “What? Never seen a dead person?”



Chu Chen’an was gripping the armrest with one hand, he was still a bit stunned, he glanced at Xu Moshu and saw his cynical expression.



Suddenly a fire sprang up in his heart.



Chu Chen’an narrowed his eyes and retorted defiantly: “Do you see dead people every day?”



“Yes.” Who expected Xu Moshu to reply, “I do see dead people every day.”



The air suddenly condensed.


Chu Chen’an met Xu Moshu’s deep gaze and suddenly lost the battle, he panicked and looked away.


He forgot.


There was still a “he” hidden in Xu Moshu’s old apartment.


Xu Moshu did see him every day.



“Don’t get me wrong.” Xu Moshu chuckled, “I’m a forensic doctor, so I deal with dead people every day.”



Xu Moshu raised his hand, and his long and powerful knuckles wiped out the blood on the side of Chu Chen’an’s face. His eyes were dark.


He was very similar.


Xu Moshu was very disappointed, they were just alike.



Xu Moshu withdrew his hand.



“I’m going to get the cleaning tools too,” Xu Moshu stood up and glanced at Chu Chen’an’s small pale face. He lowered his head, “Your scared expression just now was really attractive.”



“You……” Chu Chen’an glared at Xu Moshu as he left. He dared not stay here long. He held Su Yu and followed him out of the stairs.





The last time the game was played, Chu Chen’an remembered that Xu Moshu had said something similar.



At that time it was after he found out that Xu Moxu’s identity was unusual.



He was locked in the dimly lit bedroom by Xu Moshu.



Xu Moshu’s back was tall, covering and engulfing him like a black fog.


He pressed forward step by step, forcing him straight to the corner, so that he couldn’t retreat.



“What are you hiding, An An?” Xu Moshu smiled in the dim light, “Aren’t we the best of friends?”



Xu Moshu circled Chu Chen’an’s arm, “How can you be afraid of me?”



Chu Chen’an was kissed wantonly by Xu Moshu, and after the hot kiss, Xu Moshu intimately pressed his cheek against Chu Chen’an’s.



“An An, the look of your scared red eyes is so tempting.”



“You must be very delicious.”




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