As for talent, in fact, it was revealed early in the assessment of the stairs.


The time limit for the stairs was seven days. The sooner you reached the top of the Immortal mountain, the higher your talent or luck would be.


Chu Qi and Yan Jiuge both arrived at the top of the Immortal Mountain early, so their talent was naturally not bad.


The test stone to distinguish talent was just a breakdown of spiritual roots to see which path of cultivation was more suitable.



But as everyone knew, a cultivator with good talent could take any path.



However, Yan Jiuge mentioned it so the immortal masters naturally wouldn’t refute, it only took half a quarter of an hour, it didn’t hurt to test.



Following Yan Jiuge’s wishes, the Immortal Sect masters took the two of them to the center of the square.



There was a test stone for testing the spiritual roots of talent.



Chu Qi lifted his feet to follow Yan Jiuge’s pace, not caring about the talent test in his heart.



Chu Qi knew his talent, water and wood double spirit roots, which was high level. Unfortunately, his talent for sword learning was mediocre, and he still couldn’t understand the meaning of sword at the age of 20.


But Yan Jiuge was different, he seemed to be born to hold a sword.



Yan Jiuge joined the Tianxuan Sect at the age of 13. Within a month, he realized the meaning of the sword and broke through the period of refining to build the foundation directly. Since then, Yan Jiuge’s accomplishments had risen and become famous in the Yunhua world, and he had become the favorite of the people.


Recalling the past, Chu Qi looked a little distant.



He looked at Yan Jiuge, who was surrounded by the immortal sects elders, and his eyes were warm. He was sure that Yan Jiuge’s name would spread to the world of Yunhua in advance.



If Chu Qi was asked what he wished for after his rebirth.


First, he’d live well and avoid the so-called sudden death scenario. The second was to see Yan Jiuge climb to the top.



When he was young in the past, Yan Jiuge was dancing his sword under the locust tree. He took a glimpse from the window and remembered even after ten years.


If it hadn’t been for the misunderstanding with Yan Jiuge and their frequent quarrels, Chu Qi might have liked him!


As for talent and immortality, these were all predestined. Chu Qi had already opened his eyes to the new life.

He died suddenly for no reason. He hadn’t yet spent his whole life completely, and learned of the misunderstanding with Yan Jiuge after his death. It was enough to make up for the regret of the previous life in this life.



As he pondered, they reached the test stone.


Yan Jiuge turned to Chu Qi, “Will you test first? Put your hand on that stone, and then close your eyes and meditate.”



When Chu Qi returned to his senses, he saw Yan Jiuge’s eyes full of expectations. The words he wanted to say couldn’t be uttered. Instead, he nodded, “OK.”



As he responded, not only Yan Jiuge, but also other elders around him all showed a look of expectation in their eyes.



Chu Qi, “…”


Don’t expect too much from his talent. In fact, he was mediocre.



“Don’t be nervous, the test is not difficult at all.” Yan Jiuge even tried to comfort him.



Chu Qi wasn’t nervous at all at heart, and he even felt a little helpless.



But at this time, his identity was a child taking his first test, and he should be nervous. When he realised this, Chu Qi nodded in line with Yan Jiuge’s words, “I know, I’m not nervous.”



In full view of the public, Chu Qi raised his feet and walked towards the test stone.



One step, two steps… ten steps, he walked to the test stone, put his hand up with the same action as in the previous life, and then closed his eyes for meditation.





A few moments later, Chu Qi was somewhat distracted.



Because the feel of this test stone under his hand changed, like stroking on a soft grass leaf, a touch that was very different from the stream of water in his previous life.


What was this?


Chu Qi was confused, but didn’t stop meditating, he couldn’t stop until the test stone no longer sensed him.


At this moment, the surrounding area was silent, no one spoke, afraid to disturb the scene in front of them.



The test stone could sense the spiritual root talent in the cultivator’s body and could produce changes according to the strength of the spiritual root talent.



After Chu Qi entered a meditative state, the test stone under his hand changed.



The transparent crystal stone first emerged with a light green color, and the green color slowly spread out, which was an unusual sign.



But when it spread throughout the test stone, a change occurred. Like a seed breaking out of the ground, the test stone was transformed into a tall, verdant tree in a flash.



Dense vitality flowed from the divine tree, and its tender branches extended in Chu Qi’s direction, revealing a sense of fondness.



Even if this scene in front of them was only the simulated image of the test stone, onlookers could feel the magnificence of the divine tree and the burgeoning vitality of heaven and earth.



The innate wood spirit root, or the very best wood spirit root had triggered the vision of the divine tree!


If this kind of talent could become a medical practitioner, it would be a real step forward.



After regaining his senses from the shock, Elder Zhu Hua of the Qing Ling Sect couldn’t even care about stroking his beard, he took a deep breath and spoke sincerely, “You are gifted with wood spirit root, why don’t you join my Qing Ling Sect to learn medicine? My Qing Ling Sect’s medical cultivation heritage originates from the ancient times, and also has ten thousand hectares of medicinal fields.”



The disciple of Fuyao Palace also clenched the corner of his coat, “We have many medical cultivators in Fuyao Palace, and many cultivation manuals, half of the sect is a medicine field, compared in the Yunhua Realm, no one can match it.”


“This wood spirit root affinity is very strong, to learn the art of the imperial beast is also very good! We can’t be so old-fashioned. You should know that medical practitioners are not good at fighting, a spiritual pet can provide an additional layer of protection!”


The Royal Beast Sect argued.


“The Bodhi is also from the divine tree.”



The Bodhi clan master, who had no intention of participating in the disciples’ snatching, actually made this statement at the moment.


There was nothing else, just because this talent was once in a lifetime, and it would be another millennium to miss it.



“Monks don’t lie. You said you wouldn’t take part in this matter.” Elder Zhu Hua of the Qingling Sect denounced.



“The poor monk just feels it.” The Bodhi Master sighed.


If the little friend wasn’t deeply rooted, he would not have quit the competition at the beginning.



What a pity.



The Tianxuan sect elder originally couldn’t think of suitable words, after all, within their Tianxuan sect door, the medicine field was less than two or three hectares, the number of medical cultivators could be counted on one palm, it was really shabby to mention.



But with the Royal Beast Sect and Bodhi Sect in mind, the Tianxuan Sect elder also thought of the unique advantages of the Tianxuan Sect, so he followed suit and spoke up.



“Our Tianxuan Sect’s medical cultivators are different, when they pick up their swords, they can beat the sword cultivators of Fuyao Palace and Qingling Sect!”



Fuyao Palace: “……”


Qingling Sect: “……”


Royal Beast Sect: “……”


Bodhi Sect: “……”



It sounds like your Tianxuan Sect is quite proud of itself? Letting medical practitioners learn swords? Is that appropriate?



There is a reason why there are so few medical practitioners in your Tianxuan Sect!



However, the parties concerned hadn’t yet responded, and the dispute between the five immortal sects was temporarily inconclusive.



When Chu Qi exited from his meditative state, he was more shocked than anyone else at his talent.



His talent had actually turned out to be an innate wood spirit root instead of a wood-water dual spirit root.



There was also this divine tree that had been anthropomorphized by the test stone, which had not appeared at all in the previous life.



Could it be that …… could it be that this body that he came back from rebirth with wasn’t his own?



But the incident of walking the green stone stairs with Yan Jiuge was indeed his own memory. How could the talent change for no reason?



Chu Qi raised his eyes to look at the divine tree above his head, and many absurd thoughts grew for a while.


“Ah Qi, what are you dumbfounded about?”



Probably because he saw that Chu Qi was slow to move, ten feet away, Yan Jiuge called out to him.


“I ……” Chu Qi subconsciously wanted to say something, but suddenly remembered that the rebirth and “plot” was too shocking, he couldn’t talk about it. Even if he was shocked, these things could only be found by him alone to answer.



After coming back to his senses, Chu Qi pursed his lips and withdrew his hand from the test stone.



In an instant, the phantom of the Heavenly Tree dissipated in this heaven and earth, and the test stone returned to its previous appearance.



Chu Qi walked back to Yan Jiuge’s side and slowly spoke, “I didn’t expect …… to have this talented either.”



“Ah Qi’s talent is rare in a thousand years.”


When Yan Jiuge said this, his eyebrows were slightly raised, he was obviously in a good mood.



Before that time, Chu Qi was still out of his mind, now listening to Yan Jiuge address him again, he couldn’t help but slightly freeze.



In the last life, after his relationship with Yan Jiuge deteriorated, he never heard him call him “Ah Qi” again.



Maybe in this life, from the stairs, everything started to change.



However, Chu Qi was still confused about the change in his talent. If his talent had changed, what about Yan Jiuge’s?



Thinking of this, Chu Qi quickly urged him, “Then you go test it too, let me see yours, okay?”



He was only ten years old now, his voice was crisp with a bit of childishness, and when he asked, he sounded very soft and sweet.



Yan Jiuge’s ears turned red, and when this thought flashed in his mind, he already nodded.



For Yan Jiuge, talent was unpredictable, immortality was rare, and cultivation was the same everywhere. He came from a different background, and someone had already set his future path.


The only exception was that he met Chu Qi when he was young.


Walking with Chu Qi on the stairs, and then accompanying him to the immortal gate… If he could accompany him in the future, they would be inseparable. Just because of this idea, Yan Jiuge was expectant.



After looking at the person who stood there waiting for his test results, Yan Jiuge raised his feet and walked towards the test stone.



With Chu Qi in front of him, the immortal sects were psychologically prepared for the once-in-a-lifetime talent in advance. But when they saw the test stone once again, they still couldn’t help but feel shock.



An imposing spirit sword shadow appeared in Yan Jiuge’s hand.



The sword was incomparably sharp, its blade was quenched with blood, and its body was entwined with layers of ancient prohibitions, as if to suppress the bitter murderous aura on the sword, and as if it was chirping for the sword’s intention.


The weapon was the killing blade, sharp and unstoppable.



“Extreme fire spirit root, born with sword intent, sharp and unstoppable, a genius of my sword dao rarely encountered in a thousand years!”



The elder of the Tianxuan Sect spoke with great excitement, and in the midst of the silence, continued to be impassioned, “Our Tianxuan Sect has been in existence for 5,000 years, and has established a sect with the sword dao, with a thousand volumes of heart cultivation inheritance, and seven ancient sword dao inheritances, and the strength of the sword cultivators under the sect is the highest in the Yunhua Realm, I wonder if this young friend would like to join my Tianxuan Sect?”



It wasn’t that he didn’t have a chance to speak, but the time hadn’t yet come.



Look at this heavenly sword, it was simply the template for their Tianxuan Sect’s future chief disciple!



The Tianxuan Sect elders were in an extremely good mood.



But the black-clothed boy who was born with sword intent withdrew his hand from the test stone, and his eyes didn’t show any waves, he looked in the direction of Chu Qi and answered, “I’ll enter the same sect as Ah Qi, just ask him.”


Hearing Yan Jiuge’s words, Chu Qi’s eyes trembled as he stood in place, and his heart was flooded with inexplicable emotions.



It turned out that in a new life, regardless of talent, Yan Jiuge would still be in the same sect as him.



It wasn’t a thoughtless act, but a deliberate one.



There was silence all around, a pin drop could be heard.



The eyes of the Immortal Sect looked thirstily at Chu Qi, expecting his choice.


The two proud sons of the heaven had a deep friendship, not to mention climbing the stairs together, but they were going to enter the same sect.



Didn’t that mean that their immortal sect could have exclusive possession of two prides of heaven?



How could there be such a good thing under the sky? They didn’t know which immortal sect could be lucky.



In front of many eager eyes, Chu Qi said what was in his mind.



“I want to join the Tianxuan Sect.”



He wanted to go to the Tianxuan Sect’s Sword Peak and watch Yan Jiuge practice his sword one more time. To make up for the wrongly paid time in his previous life as a young man.





Hearing Chu Qi’s words, the Tianxuan Clan Elder was the first to exclaim!



He really never expected that there was really a cultivator with wood spirit root who was willing to go to the Tianxuan Sect to suffer and practice the sword.



“Little friend, the Tianxuan Sect is full of sword cultivators, it’s a good place for medical cultivators! You should not be impulsive, choose the best.” The elder of the Qingling Sect was saddened.



“Yes, the Tianxuan Sect doesn’t have a few suitable medicine fields yet. With your talent, it is more appropriate to study medicine than to study swords. You can’t go into the sword path.” Fuyao Palace hurriedly advised him.



The Imperial Beast Sect had previously said that medical practitioners weren’t suitable for combat, but was blocked by the Tianxuan Sect elders with the words “Tianxuan Sect’s medical practitioners can beat other sects’ sword practitioners with their swords”, and couldn’t think of other words of caution for a while. Only the little white tiger, who was “sent for initiation”, gave a couple of aggrieved wails.




Even Yan Jiuge was stunned, he frowned slightly and said disapprovingly, “You want to join the Tianxuan Sect? But wood spirit root is not suitable to learn sword.”



Chu Qi insisted, “There are also medical practitioners in the Tianxuan Sect, and medical practitioners can learn some basic sword techniques.”



But medical cultivators had to work extremely hard to learn sword, and learning sword wasn’t very beneficial to their cultivation.


Yan Jiuge still wanted to persuade Chu Qi, when he heard Chu Qi’s soft voice say with great longing –



“I also know that going to the Tianxuan Sect to practice sword is hard, but the cultivator with the sword is heroic, I really like such sword cultivation.”


When saying this, Chu Qi’s face appropriately showed longing and substituted a glimpse of his own dream when he was young and ignorant.



Yan Jiuge was silent: “……”




Originally he wanted to persuade him, but abruptly, somehow, he couldn’t say anything. On the contrary, his heart set off waves.



Could it be that by going to another sect, Chu Qi wouldn’t like sword cultivation? No, he may think about the Tianxuan Sect’s sword-wielding cultivators every day!


That was outrageous.


Yan Jiuge lowered his hand, fingers subconsciously rubbing the hilt of the spiritual sword at his waist, and he felt emotional for no reason.


Instead of letting Chu Qi think about it all day long, it would be better for him to go to the Tianxuan Sect and become a sword cultivator!





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