Now that the power of the Ye Tian Empire had finally been transferred from the royal family to the parliament, the meeting between the Empire and the Li Sheng Alliance, which had been on the shelf for a long time, had also been officially put on the agenda.



This meeting was different from the last press conference, it wasn’t just the internal affairs of one country, but directly involved the two most influential countries in the interstellar world today.



After discussions between the two countries, the meeting was held on an imperial planet called “Loy” between the Ye Tian Empire and the Li Sheng Alliance. The size of this planet was small, and the population on it wasn’t very large. Because of the special geographical location, the economic development on the planet was also very average in order to prevent the sudden occurrence of war. Probably, the inhabitants of Loy’s metropolis never imagined that the planet they lived on would one day witness such an event that was closely related to the future of the empire and the stars.



Unlike the geek on Earth who only cared about research, because of his special status, since he crossed into this world, it had become a habit to look at interstellar news every day.


Recently, Duan Hengye had returned to the simple two-point life between the research institute and An Luo University. Because the new textbook for the mecha major was about to be finished, Duan Hengye spent more time in An Luo than in the research institute.


This morning, Duan Hengye opened the star network before class to browse the recent interstellar current affairs news while eating a leisurely breakfast. In fact, Duan Hengye hadn’t realized that as he lived with Meng Jinhuai for a longer period of time, his own enthusiasm for life itself seemed to have increased quite a bit.


For example, the previous Duan Hengye wouldn’t have eaten breakfast so slowly. He would probably finished quickly and then start to focus all his energy on the follow-up work.



Since Duan Hengye came back from the test flight star, he liked the sunlight more after staying in the dim environment for a long time. The floor-to-ceiling windows of Duan Hengye’s place were half open, and the sunshine entered the house along with the cool breeze in the early morning. He couldn’t help but gather the thin jacket he was wearing, then he took a sip of coffee and lowered his eyes to the side of the light screen.



In recent times, the discussion about the last press conference had finally diminished. Everyone started to care about the upcoming meeting between the Ye Tian Empire and the Li Sheng Alliance. Because of this meeting, Loy’s original interplanetary obscurity also came into the public eye.



Although the area of Loy was small and the economy wasn’t good, the natural geographic conditions and scenery were very good. As the start date of the conference approached, the Star Internet began to enthusiastically report the news of the transformation of Loy. Duan Hengye saw that after a period of time had passed, the place where the event was originally held looked a bit desolate had been transformed into a new place.



Although it wasn’t as luxurious as the Capital Star, nor did it have the atmosphere of the Southern Stars’ military headquarters, but as a conference venue alone, Loy was already very qualified. The simple, antique style building, hidden in the middle of a thick green forest, not only was it solemn and solemn, it also had a bit more of a transcendent feeling.



From the news follow-up interviews, it could be seen that the residents of Loy were looking forward to this meeting.



Duan Hengye finally finished his breakfast. The man sitting at the table watched the news for a while, then slowly extended his hand to push the plate in front of him to one side. After sensing this, the robot that had been waiting at the table came to take back all the dishes on the table.



Unlike the excited and tense emotions on Loy star, Duan Hengye didn’t think much of this meeting. Now that Duan Hengye had been in the world of “Dumping Interstellar” for a long time, the plot was gradually and slowly moving away from what he originally knew. But no matter how much events had changed, Duan Hengye knew that the essence of the Li Sheng Alliance wouldn’t change.



Although the last friction ended in the defeat of the Li Sheng Alliance, they would never easily bow down to the Empire. In combination with the plot of “The Last Battle” during the serialization of “Dumping Interstellar”, Duan Hengye guessed that the Li Sheng Alliance would probably only make superficial concessions this time, and then wait for an opportunity to deal a heavy blow to the Empire.



When he thought of this, Duan Hengye’s mood wasn’t as pleasant as it was just now. He stood up from the dining table, then the huge floor-to-ceiling window closed automatically.


A few days later, with all eyes on the meeting, the curtain was finally raised on Loy Star. This time, Duan Hengye didn’t go with Meng Jinhuai, but stayed on the planet Duguang. With the interstellar time difference, the meeting started at exactly 9:00 pm on this side, so Duan Hengye took a rare break and turned on the light screen in the living room to watch the live news like hundreds of millions of people on the planet.


The weather was even better in the early summer of the year when the conference was held.



This meeting was so important that both the Ye Tian Star Empire and the Li Sheng Alliance came with a number of reporters. Several hours before the event started, the journalists had already completed the security check and were waiting at the entrance of the conference venue at close range.



The natural environment of the Loy metropolis was much better than the artificially developed ones. The surrounding area of the conference site was full of trees more than ten stories high, which blocked out the sunlight and only cast a little light on the ground.



Now, reporters from various channels of Star Network were waiting under the trees, operating their hover cameras and quietly waiting for the arrival of Meng Jinhuai and the rest of the attendees.



After a while, the representative of the meeting, the Chief of the Li Sheng Alliance, came to the meeting site first. The live camera could see that a large white starship slowly landed from the air, then the hatch opened and a man in a smoky gray formal outfit came out from inside.



This man looked about thirty years old, he wasn’t very tall, but his image was very elegant. Despite the fact that in most people’s eyes, the Li Sheng Alliance was at a complete disadvantage today, the man facing the camera continued to smile, as if he didn’t know what he was about to face.



But how could he not know?


Duan Hengye, who had read the original story, understood that this smiling tiger of the Li Sheng Alliance were more difficult to deal with than the imperial royal family of old.



In fact, nowadays, except for the activities of the Ye Tian Empire, the atmosphere of the large public events of the rest of the countries had gradually become more relaxed. Duan Hengye guessed that today’s meeting should be prepared according to the current trend.


It could be seen that the atmosphere before the start of the whole event wasn’t so “serious”. Even when the person in charge of the Li Sheng Alliance appeared, there were many daring media who wanted to ask him questions directly and loudly. The man heard the questions, but just waved his hand at them, and then walked into the building where the meeting was held with a relaxed expression.


The live channel that Duan Hengye casually opened had a real-time commenting function, and when the man disappeared from the screen, the commenting area immediately became lively.



“Why is he so happy? Does it mean that the Li Sheng Alliance is sure to win?”



“Li Sheng can’t win, he’s just pretending ~”



“…… This is the first time I’ve seen a large meeting outside the Empire, I didn’t expect the process to be so casual. By the way ah, did Professor Duan come or not? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him.”


The people in this channel weren’t only from the Ye Tian Empire and the Li Sheng Alliance, but also many people from the rest of the interstellar countries. For some people, what was important about this event wasn’t the future direction of the two countries, but the ability to see the most popular figures in the interstellar at the same time.



So when they saw one person mention Duan Hongyi, many people behind them followed and started gossiping about him and Meng Jinhuai. At that time, there were many rumors in the discussion area… that even Duan Hengye didn’t know.


This wasn’t the first time Duan Hengye saw a gossip discussion about him, but it was the first time he saw this kind of strange and pure gossip.



Then Duan Hengye, who was sitting on the sofa with a pillow in his arms, couldn’t help but sit up straight.



“…… my good friend is going to school in An Luo.”



“According to the staff of the Southern Star.”



“The people over at the institute said ……”


Duan Hengye found that in these strange “breaking news”, all the people around him seemed to have shared “interesting” news. Regardless of whether it was true or false, these people were confidently sharing ……



As Professor Duan was engrossed in his own gossip, one after another, other participants in the meeting came to the scene. He didn’t know whether it was a coincidence or a deliberate arrangement, but these early arrivals were actually people from the Li Sheng Alliance.



After a while, the Prime Minister of the Ye Tian Empire finally appeared on the camera.


The Imperial Council had existed for quite a few years, but before that neither the Council itself nor the Prime Minister had much of a presence. But since the last launch, this organization that had been unconsciouslyp ignored finally reappeared in front of everyone’s eyes, and incidentally, the Prime Minister’s presence was also much higher.


It was the first time that the Prime Minister appeared in such an occasion after the “earthquake” at the top of the Ye Tian Empire. Just like the scene just now when the chief of the Li Sheng Alliance appeared, when they saw the Prime Minister of Ye Tian Empire appear, the reporters also began to ask him questions loudly.


But the prime minister didn’t leave, on the contrary, after seeing this scene, he first smiled towards the camera position, and then walked over quickly and simply answered two unpleasant questions.



Perhaps because he had read a lot of news, Duan Hengye was now able to read the purpose hidden under some actions. The impression that the ruler of the Ye Tian Empire gave people before was “mysterious” and “high and mighty”, and now this interaction was undoubtedly an attempt to slowly change people’s inherent impressions.



After seeing the Imperial marshal appear, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but glance at the time on the Loy star. There were still more than twenty minutes left before the official start of the meeting, and it seemed that apart from Meng Jinhuai, the rest of the important guests had already arrived.



As expected, not long after the Imperial Prime Minister left, another black hovercraft appeared in front of people’s eyes. This hovercraft with a huge military logo on it, looked extraordinarily ostentatious. No one knew if it was the huge serpentine pattern that was shocking, when the hovercraft began to land, the surrounding reporters who were a little noisy immediately quieted down.



Everyone began to adjust their hands hovering camera, and then the lens aimed at the location of the hovercraft was about to land. Duan Hengye saw that after the black hovercraft landed, it first stopped for a while before slowly opening the door.



Today, Meng Jinhuai wasn’t surrounded by the rest of the Southern Star hierarchy, the other two admirals of the military department didn’t come here with him. After the door of the hovering machine opened, Meng Jinhuai’s assistant stepped out first.



This assistant had been seen many times before, his appearance was relatively ordinary, but his cold temperament was very obvious. As expected, before Meng Jinhuai appeared, as this assistant in military uniform appeared on the screen, the speed of the messages on the live channel dropped.



“Wow …… who is this person? He looks so fierce.”



“It seems to be Meng Jinhuai’s assistant.”



“Everyone in the military department has this temperament la.”



Duan Hengye saw that after Meng Jinhuai’s assistant came down from the hovercraft, he first coldly glanced at the surrounding reporters, and then turned around and looked toward the door of the hovercraft. Immediately after that, a black figure finally appeared in the Star network’s camera.



Meng Jinhuai came.


Although it was summer in Loy, Meng Jinhuai was still wearing a double-breasted black military uniform. His chest was covered with all kinds of medals, which were now shining in various colors under the sun.



The branches of the tall trees hid the sunlight, and at this time there was just a little bit of fine light cast on the bridge of Meng Jinhuai’s nose. For today’s meeting, Meng Jinhuai’s black hair was tucked behind his ear, his features were originally very three-dimensional, but from Duan Hengye’s perspective, he really look like a digital model. Such appearance could be described by the words “unnaturally handsome”.



Speaking of Duan Hengye, although he often watched the news, he didn’t see much about Meng Jinhuai. But to Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai seemed extremely different. When his eyes look directly at the camera, a sense of panic as a prey also came from Duan Hengye’s heart.




So others saw Meng Jinhuai like this …… As his family member, that sense of panic quickly disappeared.



The scene was completely different from the lively scene when other people came out, after seeing Meng Jinhuai come out from the hovering machine, all these reporters quieted down, no one loudly questioned Meng Jinhuai.



Today’s event was held by the House of Assembly of the Ye Tian Empire to connect with the Alliance, so many journalists present had never cooperated with the military headquarters before. Today was the first time they saw Meng Jinhuai. Although people who had interviewed Meng Jinhuai in the industry had mentioned his powerful aura before, now, when they saw the Marshal, they had an intuitive impression.


It wasn’t only the reporters present, those netizens on StarNet clearly knew that Meng Jinhuai would not see the messages they sent, but Duan Hengye found that even the hot comment area of ​​the original conversation kept silent from the moment he appeared in front of the camera.



When he saw this, Duan Hengye slowly embraced the pillow and fell towards the leather backrest of the sofa. With the change of attitude and perspective, Duan Hengye stood at another angle of observation. At this time, he found that the person he knew seemed to have become a stranger.


But …… no matter what, Meng Jinhuai’s charm was still so great.



With the entrance of all the guests, the live broadcast of the meeting was also temporarily switched from the site to inside the studio of StarNet Media. Just as the reporters on the scene switched filming locations, the host inside the studio also began the introduction and analysis about this event.



Hearing this, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but feel a little bored, but he didn’t just turn off the news, and continued to watch.



At the same time, Meng Jinhuai who walked into the house was also led by the staff here to the lounge next to the conference room where this event was held. Before the meeting started, they would wait here.


After seeing Meng Jinhuai enter, the other imperial staff members immediately stood up from their chairs. The prime minister was the first to walk over, then shook hands with Meng Jinhuai and exchanged a greeting.



After greeting the camera, Meng Jinhuai sat down very naturally, and then started discussing with them the information that would be used in the meeting later.



In fact, there were many people in the stars now who were curious about what the mode of getting along between the military and the parliament would be like after the last press conference was over and the distribution of power in the empire officially changed. After all, anyone could now see that the military ministry, that was, the Southern Stars, still had the largest share of power in the Empire. And what about the House of Representatives, which had just been brought up?



Were they willingly suppressed by the Southern Star, or secretly already had the idea of taking the Southern Star’s power into their own hands?



Those who were curious about this matter believed that the answer would be found in the relationship between Meng Jinhuai and the prime minister of the empire.



But if someone were there now, they would be disappointed that there was no relationship between Meng Jinhuai and the prime minister, but rather like a schoolmaster and a student.


Meng Jinhuai took off the somewhat heavy jacket of his military uniform and hung it on the back of the chair. Then he sat down in the lounge and chatted with the others who came over early about the meeting later. The atmosphere was very …… relaxed.



Just at this time, the reporters responsible for filming this event also arrived at the scene one after another. Duan Hengye saw that the scene inside the live broadcast once again returned from the studio to the scene of the meeting.



The advance preview information of this important meeting wasn’t very detailed, and although Duan Hengye had already seen the broadcast of the meeting process in advance from the military department of the Southern Stars, he didn’t see the live broadcast plan of this matter on Starnet.



So like the majority of netizens who were watching the live broadcast, Duan Hengye also learned at this time that the meeting today wouldn’t be conducted in private, it’d be live.


Unexpectedly, Duan Hengye also felt a little refreshed. After all, in his impression, the empire of Ye Tian had always been an empire that carried out the words “low-key” and “mysterious” to the end. Now, after that big shock, at the top of the empire, Ye Tian, ​​like other countries on the planet, placed national affairs in such a transparent place.


Through the lens of the live broadcast, it could be seen that a huge log oval table was placed in the center of the conference room. The shape of this table was more than familiar to Duan Hengye – it was exactly the same as the conference table on Earth. After a while, the participants of the Li Shang Alliance were led by the staff here and sat on one side of the wooden table. At this time, the other end of the table was left empty.



The atmosphere suddenly became solemn.



After a while, the door on the other side of the conference room was pushed open from the outside. Led by a staff member in a gray outfield, Meng Jinhuai appeared together with the Prime Minister of the Ye Tian Empire.



Seeing the Ye Tian Empire’s side coming, the Alliance Chief who was already sitting there stood up from his position, and then walked quickly towards Meng Jinhuai and his group.



“Good morning, Marshal.” The Chief of the Li Sheng Alliance extended his hand, wanting to shake hands with Meng Jinhuai. He hadn’t noticed it when he was far away just now, but only when he got closer now did he see that Meng Jinhuai was actually so much taller than the other party.



Although the Ye Tian Empire’s mode of operations had many drawbacks, but it couldn’t be denied that the noble members cultivated according to the Empire’s culture did have a temperament that ordinary people didn’t have.


He didn’t notice it before, but now Duan Hengye noticed that Meng Jinhuai was wearing black gloves. When he saw that the other was going to shake hands with him, the Marshal smiled at him, and then calmly took off his gloves. Meng Jinhuai’s action was a bit too elegant, in fact, according to the rules of the interstellar, as the Marshal, he was slightly lower than the Alliance Chief. But this time the two people actually produced a sense of immediacy between a superior and subordinate ……



Today was an important meeting between the two largest interstellar countries, and now the meeting hadn’t even begun, but with just a handshake, almost everyone had a prediction of the end ……



“Hello.” Meng Jinhuai said with a smile, there was a sense of confidence in him that he had everything in his hands.



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