Although the old streets of Kyoto had been deserted for many years, there were many traditional mansions and gardens.

The rain had been so heavy in recent days that even the weather bureau was not sure when it would clear up.

The crew already needed the rain, and they happened to be filming in the stormy weather, so they were happy to say “God is pleased” when the rain started to hit harder.

Not to mention the actors standing by the door, who could squeeze water out of their hair after the wind stopped.

The actors by the door were Cheng Jialun, a popular girl who had been invited to make a friendly cameo appearance, and a small supporting actress who only had a few scenes.

The person who played the supporting role was discovered by the assistant director by chance from the street, he was tall and slim, and originally had a physique from a childhood illness, so he fit the image of the drama without any deliberate thought. What was even more remarkable was that he was not too shabby-looking, so they didn’t have to worry about him stealing the limelight from his costars.

The man was drenched in the early autumn rainy day with low temperatures and washed out by the wind and rain, and his face was white.

The life assistant standing on the outskirts of the room hurriedly stepped forward, wiping off the rain with a blanket as she took Cheng Jialun back to the lounge to change clothes and touch up her makeup.

The small group of actors suddenly stepped back to make way for the two of them, while smiling at Cheng Jialun in a pleasant manner.

Everyone around was caught off guard by the strong wind, and everyone who was affected by it frowned, squeezed their eyes, and whispered curses, except for Cheng Jialun, who looked unruffled with her slightly blurry eye makeup.

The white of her eyes under her eyelashes was reflected by the light, which did not appear to be a distinct shade of blue. With the makeup look of similar color, it seemed to have a breathtaking mysterious aesthetic feeling.

It was only when someone urged him to dry his clothes that he came back to his senses, apologetically laughed a few times, stretched out his hand and touched his forehead, and walked shakily down the corridor to the backyard.

He was shivering as he walked down the corridor to the backyard. His wet clothes were stuck to his body by the wind, and he quickened his pace with discomfort. When he turned again, he saw two youths walking side by side in front of him.

The burly one on the left, whom he knew, was a restaurant guy who often came to the crew and helped hand out boxed lunches in the backyard when he was busy.

The one on the right was very fresh-faced, lean but upright, and his face was really good-looking, even though he was suffering terribly, he couldn’t help but take a second look.

There was no one else passing by in this section of the hallway at the moment, and they soon noticed him and looked over.
  Eye to eye, the small actor of the same sex could not help but feel a jump in his heart, only to find those eyes like glass beads of warmth and transparency. He was a little dizzy, but the sight of the other man made his head clearer.

As the distance drew closer, he tried to grin at the young man, but he suddenly felt something heavy on top of his head, chiseling against the chaotic feeling in his head, squeezing his eyelids as if they were heavy iron, and his knees couldn’t stop wobbling.

Li Zhiqing saw from a distance that he was unsteady on his feet, and when he got closer, he saw that his face was pale with blue under his eyes, and he was about to ask a question, the man knelt down directly to him with a “flop”.

  When the other person knelt down, his smile was twisted and strange, which surprised Li Zhiqing and made him step back.

Li Zhiqing was the first to react, hitting Song Junlin with an elbow, he crouched next to the man and reaching over his body.

The person’s face lost all its color, and his hands were as hot as hot coals when he touched them, and his lips were pursed and starting to turn blue.

While listening to Song Junlin’s scared voice, Li Zhiqing pinched him several times with his thumb. The man was still unconscious and had no reaction other than the shaking of his body.

The crew usually didn’t care about the uninspiring little man, but it would be no good if he was killed. A nearby field worker came running at the sound of the news, and hurriedly carried the man to the room to change clothes and get warm, and arranged for a driver to take him to the hospital.

When most of the crowd dispersed, Song Junlin could still recall that white face and blue, he felt a bit terrified: “He should be an actor, how did he get into that state?”

Li Zhiqing knew the reason. He just shook his head and said that he was not clear. A staff member suddenly appeared around him and explained: “The temperature has been low recently, and he is in poor health. He has a little cold. A gust of wind hit him in the front yard. When he filmed, he was soaked in the rain, it’s not surprising that he fainted.”

Song Junlin came to the cast so many times, and it was the first time that a young girl took the initiative to talk to him. He was flattered. Before he could say “thank you”, he saw the other party carefully glancing at Li Zhiqing standing next to him. After that, he looked back at her, she looked like she was just eager to help him solve his doubts.

Li Zhiqing smiled gently at her, made up for the “thank you” that Song Junlin had forgotten, and walked past her.

As the two of them were about to walk away, the lady gritted her teeth and quickly followed up, pulling Li Zhiqing’s jacket from behind, and then used her strength a bit more: “Wait a minute!

Li Zhiqing didn’t expect a little girl to have such a fierce outburst, he was unprepared and was almost pulled back a bit, he looked back at her: “What’s wrong?”
  ”You …… ” The other party opened her mouth and couldn’t say anything for a while. She moved her eyes and saw a thread sticking out of the button of the restaurant coat. “Your coat button seems to be falling off, I’ll help you sew it, I am very idle now.” She said and pulled out a small sewing box from her pocket.

“Don’t bother, thank you.” Li Zhiqing curled his eyes, “The crew is working so hard, so I won’t bother you.”

“It’s not hard, I don’t work much.” The other party grabbed the clothes and refused to let go.

Li Zhiqing couldn’t pull out his clothes, and he couldn’t use force on a little girl. He couldn’t push it off several times, so he had to take off his coat and pass it over.

  Song Junlin couldn’t stop laughing.

Before he finished laughing, there were a few vague figures across the yard, which probably meant that the cast director took advantage of Cheng Jiarun’s adjustment in the lounge, and quickly gathered relevant personnel in the room to discuss today’s shooting plan again. The thunderstorm resonance in the sky could not cover the pent-up rage in his words.

“Earlier he was still good, how come this happened?” As soon as he walked into the room, the assistant director locked his eyebrows together, “He’s not going to be able to shoot the scenes.”

“How can we find someone to fill in for him?” The director was a bit was still restraining himself, but his voice was already soaring, “Where is the leader of the group?”

The crew only filmed the boy’s teenage scenes in the Old Street, mainly in the courtyard of the house.

The wages of group performances were calculated on a daily basis, and the funds of the crew became tenser in the later period. In order to save expenses, the number of people who acted was reduced before moving from the film and television base to the old street. In order to adapt to all kinds of roles, most of them stayed of medium height. They could play attendants and rogues, but it was difficult to play a frail patient who was dying. Even if the group leader was called over at this time, it would not help.

They had to be good-looking, tall and thin, thin but not weak.

Even in the film and television base, such requirements had to be selected for half a day. Besides, it was raining cats and dogs outside now, and there were certainly not many scattered people waiting there. The resources of the group had been occupied by several large crews, and it was not necessarily possible to pick people smoothly when going back.

HeI wouldn’t be in such a hurry at ordinary times. The main reason was that Cheng Jiarun, who came to be a guest, could only spare two days. It was impossible for her to stay idle or come again next time. Tomorrow night at the latest, it was necessary to finish all Cheng Jiarun’s scenes. However, what was depressing was that the supporting role that was needed was absent in several scenes.

It was really a big surprise to waste time on a small supporting role.

The director and producer argued with each other for almost half an hour without backing down, and the assistant director, who had been persuaded by the spittle on his face, was getting tired, so he stepped out of the doorway to have a cigarette in the hallway to quiet his ears.

He lit the cigarette and took a puff, and then he just took a quick glance outside and was attracted by the fluorescent restaurant uniform, and then he caught a glimpse of the person standing next to the fluorescent uniform, which was blurred by the rain, but could also be seen as a tall, slim figure.

The assistant director only took one look, and most of the air in his chest dissipated.
  The fit, the physique was absolutely right.

He raised his arm and said, “Hey,” but he didn’t know what his last name was, so he just shouted, “The box lunch guy…! The box lunch delivery-!!!”

The assistant director identified Song Junlin by his restaurant jacket, Song Junlin was not able to rely on the shadow of the person to see who the other party was, only thought it was a crew member and raised his hand to respond.

Before he called out a greeting, he heard the opposite side add: “The one next to you! The little guy in the white shirt! Let the boy come!!!”

Song Junlin: “……”

He chewed and swallowed the greeting, took a look at the button that hadn’t been sewn up for a long time, and said to Li Zhiqing, “It should be the drama team.”

Li Zhiqing nodded his head and was about to take a step. He took out a piece of chocolate and handed it to the staff member who stopped talking.

The assistant director across the hall saw him coming and stubbed out his cigarette with great relief.

Although the supporting actor still had some lines, and it would be better to choose an experienced person, but the room was already so noisy, no matter how bad the performance was, it was just a matter of making up for it by surviving, at worst, it was better to work hard at a later stage than to delay Cheng Jialun’s time.

The assistant director didn’t completely exhale, and the features of the other party became clearer as the distance shortened. His heart thudded, and he felt something bad.

That face was a bit too outstanding.

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