Change privacy settings Li Zhiqing looked at the man for a long time, and slowly recovered. His first reaction was that the action of two people sitting and kneeling now seemed a bit wrong. He blinked and thought again. It was even more wrong that he was half kneeling and holding his face. The man’s […]


Change privacy settings There was a saying that the accompanying items used for a long time would have a spiritual nature. If they were broken without collision, it meant it had voluntarily recognised its owner and had protected it. This copper coin in Li Zhiqing’s hand was priceless. Apart from other things, it was more […]


Change privacy settings Some entertainment companies in order to hype their new actor, they often boasted about the actor being born with a strong sense of camera direction and they rarely had NGs on set, people who knew a little about the entertainment industry knew that it was pure nonsense. [TN: NGs—- Not Good or […]


Change privacy settings Li Zhiqing reflexively approached the wall, and turned to look at the door. He had a smile on his face, but his eyes were alert. The first person to enter the door was a short-haired woman with short stature. She stared at Li Zhiqing with burning eyes. Her fingers pointed at him […]


Change privacy settings Official Schedule: https://temp.untamedalley.com/uncategorized/schedule In the room, the director was holding a cup of tea and the producer was fighting to catch his breath, he puffed out his chest and tried to drink a mouthful of water, when he looked up and saw the assistant director walking to the door with a young […]


Change privacy settings  Although the old streets of Kyoto had been deserted for many years, there were many traditional mansions and gardens. The rain had been so heavy in recent days that even the weather bureau was not sure when it would clear up. The crew already needed the rain, and they happened to be […]


Change privacy settings Tang Shunshui was an old Taoist priest, a real kind of old, not to mention keeping his job on the government side, he even had an identity card from the Republic of China, who knew how many years he had lived.      Li Zhiqing had been with him for so long, there […]

C3— I Want You

Change privacy settings These three words were a common combination of words. It was understandable that Li Zhiqing became stunned. Once the other person spoke, he felt that his brain was a bit insufficient. He blinked his eyes slowly, and his eyes drifted away, wondering why the man suddenly said this to him. When the […]


Change privacy settings The stunned face revealed a goofy and naive expression. Due to the angle, Song Junlin couldn’t see the face of the man in black, but he could see the face of Li Zhiqing who was sideways from the man’s arms. He grinned and thought to himself: “Oh my god, this young man […]


Change privacy settings It had been raining hard for nearly a week in Kyoto, and the sound of raindrops hitting the road could be heard clearly through the window. Clearly it was only three o’clock in the afternoon, but the sky outside was already dark and it looked about six or seven o’clock.   The […]