C16- I Can Try

Su Zhe was still confused when he was called out to some people and wondered why a few of the gymnastics team bigwigs were all staring at each other.

“Nonsense! This is absolute nonsense!” Su Yinsheng angrily blurted out, “Let the 100-meter athlete run the 100-meter hurdles? Can you even turn in this kind of registration form?”

“Old Su.” Li Mingdeng patted Su Yinsheng’s shoulder, instructing him to calm down a bit: “This matter is, in the end, a mistake made by the staff below, we have also contacted the All-Championship Qualifier Organizing Committee, and the meaning there is that the list cannot be withdrawn, but the players can choose to withdraw from the competition.”

Hearing this, Su Yinsheng’s face became even more ugly.


The other day Su Zhe participated in a provincial game and was scolded, he won and then mistakenly signed up for a 110 m hurdles and then chose to withdraw?

Even if one said it was a staff error that led to the withdrawal, but in the end, it was the athlete who would be criticized by the spectators.

Not to mention, on the matter of Chen Zhi’s injury, from the beginning of his post until now, there were many people jumping up and down to blame Chen Zhi, saying that he as a professional athlete did not know how to protect himself, took it upon himself to increase the amount of training, did not listen to the advice of the coaching staff, headstrong ……

Anyway, it was all Chen Zhi’s fault!

There were even people who said that his performance was slipping and he couldn’t run at the Olympic standard, so he intentionally got injured to avoid responsibility.

If it wasn’t for Zhao Changhe who stopped him, he would have gone into battle and disliked the haters for 800 rounds.

Obviously, Li Mingdeng was also a bit scrupulous about this kind of thing after the hot topic of Su Zhe’s last round. The attention on Su Zhe now was quite high, he was worried that after the announcement of the withdrawal, it would either have a negative effect on Su Zhe or the gymnastics team when the trouble was too big too ugly – the last time ‘Su Zhe get out from the sports industry’ made a lot of noise, S province gymnastics team and he was named and criticized several times in various meetings.

The network was now too influential because it wasn’t in real life, there were some people who just cared about their own momentary pleasure, they didn’t care whether their statements were the truth or whether it would hurt others.

After listening for a while, Su Zhe finally understood what had happened.

The new staff of the sports team, when he submitted the registration form for the National Championships qualifying rounds, he even checked an additional 110 meters hurdles, and now his father and a few of them had a headache from this matter.

Su Zhe was about to comfort them, it was no big deal, 110 meters hurdles, he could run. Just at this time, the familiar mechanical sound rang out again.

“New target task: Participate in the National Track and Field Championships 110 meter hurdles event, and achieve a time of 14 seconds or less.”

Mission reward: unlock the sprint Lv3 upgrade.”

This reward ……

After hearing the reward, Su Zhe couldn’t help but vomit in his heart, this garbage system was actually very cunning, although it didn’t force him to do any task, it set nodes in the key part, as long as he wanted to become stronger, he had to complete its task.

And now, he did want to be stronger.

He had already noticed that after sprinting to Lv2, even with sufficient skill points, the option to upgrade to Lv3 was still locked in gray, and he had tried to find the unlock condition, but there was no hint in the system.

It turned out that unlocking more advanced skills still required completing system quests.

Thinking of this, Su Zhe scratched his head and opened his mouth to the still silent few: “I guess I can try.”

This nonsensical sentence caused the crowd to be stunned at first, then they all knitted their eyebrows.

“Ah Zhe, don’t talk nonsense.” Zhao Changhe started: “How much is the technical gap between the 100m sprint and the 110m hurdles, don’t you know, if it’s 100m cum 200m, it’s not even a problem, have you heard of 100m athletes running 110m hurdles across events?”

Sprinters, there were some athletes, able to take into account both 100 meters and 200 meters, and even in both events, achieve top results, but such athletes were few, more athletes chose to focus on their niche.

But as Zhao Changhe said, even if there were athletes in the 100m and 200m, they had never seen anyone in the 100m and 110m hurdles. The difference in technical characteristics between the two was enormous.

The 100-meter sprint required a strong explosive power, focusing on the start, the acceleration of the link, as well as the ability to accelerate to maximum speed after maintaining the ability to run the finish line sprint.

The 110-meter hurdles, not only required athletes to run at a flat speed, for the athlete’s hurdling technique, flat running, the coordination between the hurdles deployment ability, as well as the overall running rhythm control ability, were a huge test.

Su Zhe smiled, but still insisted, “I can try.”

In this period of time, he had already finished the 60 hours of hurdles technique tutorials allocated by the system, while finishing the hurdles technique course, the system automatically lit up the hurdles Lv1 skills for him, because of the abundance of skill points, he simply upgraded the hurdles skills to Lv2 in one go.

For the 110 meters hurdles, he was now considered a theoretical master, with his daily training plus 10 km run outside, he had no time to really try the 110 meters hurdles in the field.

“In fact, I was originally interested in the 110m hurdles, and I’ve done some targeted training exercises in private.” Su Zhe spoke with a mouth full of nonsense. Su Zhe said with an OMG [tn: Oh My God] smile, “Why don’t we go to the hurdles gym and try it out.”

Since having the system, Su Zhe felt that he had simply profoundly understood the self-cultivation of actors.

Although Su Yinsheng and the others didn’t believe Su Zhe’s story, they looked at each other and still followed Su Zhe to the training ground of the hurdles team of the gymnastics team.

For Su Zhe’s proposal, a few people were slightly moved. After all, this time, the best solution was of course that Su Zhe could participate in this event, but also run at certain results, so that the network sprayers had nothing to mock. But intellectually, everyone felt that this was an impossible solution.

Before the track, Su Zhe was doing some preparatory relaxation exercises, Su Yinsheng still had a heavy face, the other three people didn’t have an optimistic mood.

“Old Su …… ah no, old Zhou ah.” Lee Mingdeng glanced at Su Yinsheng’s face and didn’t dare to talk to him, but turned to ask the gymnastics team’s 110-meter hurdles coach Zhou Hongzhi: “Think about it …… Ah Zhe this kid, running 110-meter hurdles …… can he do it? ”

Zhou Hongzhi also frowned, his face dark: “A bit possible, his height can cause an injury, at height 177, to put it bluntly, in a hurdles event, he’s basically a second-class handicap, not to mention the top hurdlers, these boys of our gymnastics team, the shortest one Wang Peng, is 183.5.”.

Hearing Zhou Hongzhi’s words, the faces of the others became even worse.

Glancing at a few old guys on the side, Zhou Hongzhi sighed: “Okay, what’s so bad about this? It’s just that the requirements vary from event to event. The good thing is that Su Zhe is well proportioned and has long enough lower limbs. It’s true to say that there are world-renowned hurdlers of his height as well.”

Zhou Hongzhi held back the last sentence – it’s just that there are very few examples of this.

A 177-tall hurdler wanted to compete with athletes around him who were generally 185 and above?

Zhou Hongzhi couldn’t help but sigh again.

On the track, Su Zhe was ready to run, crouched on the starter, and signaled that everything was ready.

Zhou Hongzhi picked up the starting gun and consciously took on the role of the starter.

“Everyone in position, ready-”

At the sound of the gunshot, Su Zhe quickly left the starter, flew forward as quickly as he could, and quickly raised his upper body after starting to accelerate to a certain speed.

This action made Zhou Hongzhi on the side look bright: “Hey, the timing of this get-up is good!”

Hearing Zhou Hongzhi’s praise, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe also looked at each other.

The timing of this upper body lift by Su Zhe was completely different from the rhythm in the sprint 100 meters, and it did fit the 110-meter hurdles!
Was this an accidental coincidence or ……?

Everyone’s attention was more focused on the running Su Zhe.

His hurdle running speed was very fast, when he was about to reach the hurdle, his stride was slightly reduced, the starting cross-leg stomp, his upper body quickly leaned forward, his arm swung, forming a hurdle in the unique “attack posture”.

“Good stride!” Zhou Hongzhi’s eyes became even brighter, he never expected this, Su Zhe’s hurdling technique was so skilled, although in the hurdling action, rhythm and run before the hurdles still seemed a little amateurish, the overall technical action, just from a single action, could almost be called a textbook model.

Next, Zhou Hongzhi and other four people saw Su Zhe go all the way to attack the fence forward, as if to destroy the ten rails completely unable to hinder him, his galloping posture was like a leaping leopard, sturdy and fast.

After the ten hurdles, the final sprint was Su Zhe’s strong point in sprinting and acceleration. When he neatly crossed the finish line, Zhou Hongzhi and others around him had not yet recovered from their surprise.

Li Mingdeng couldn’t help but ask Su Yinsheng: “Old Su, this kid really did not go through special hurdles training?”

Although Su Yinsheng was surprised in his heart, he still rolled his eyes toward the sky at the news: “Since he came back, he has been watched by me and Old Zhao every day, where can he go to practice hurdles?”

All four of them looked at each other, incredulous at Su Zhe’s proficient and smooth hurdling process.

This level had definitely reached the level of a professional hurdler.

“Right! What was the final grade?!” Lee Mingdeng was the first to think of this critical issue, and he immediately turned to the electronic timer on the training track and was immediately stunned by the numbers on it.

“Ooh, 14.53 seconds? That’s fast! It’s past the national standard!” Li Mingdeng immediately turned to Zhou Hongzhi: “Old Zhou, how much did the previous winner of the East Lake Grand Prix run?”

Zhou Hongzhi also looked happy at the moment: “14.35 seconds, it’s Zhu Ming from X Province, there were not many good competitors last time, Ah Zhe’s score could be in the top three at that time!” Zhou Hongzhi said and patted Su Yinsheng’s shoulder: “Old Su, your son is remarkable! Can you run the 110-meter hurdles to the level of a national athlete even if you train yourself?”

Su Yinsheng was also confused at this moment, and he cast a puzzled look at Zhou Changhe, but Zhou Changhe also shook his head, indicating that he had never seen Su Zhe doing the relevant exercises.

When Su Zhe returned to the four of them, Li Mingdeng and Zhou Hongzhi’s faces were much lighter, and they patted Su Zhe’s shoulders cheerfully, and Zhou Hongzhi smiled and asked Su Zhe if he wanted to move to their hurdling group.

For the attempt to abduct Su Zhe Zhou Hongzhi, Su Yinsheng naturally did not have a good face, he shoved away Zhou Hongzhi’s hand, stared at his son up and down a circle, and finally became angry: “If you can run, then run, but I can tell you that the Tianguan Center has given an order that the top ten players in the 100 meters must sign up for the World Championship qualifiers this season. This all-championship qualifier and the all-championship 110-meter hurdles qualifier are together. If you can run into the top three of the 100 meters in the all-championship qualifier, you will enter the all-championship qualifier, followed by the World Championships qualifier … These can be all in the first half of the month. Whether you can cope, you have to count it in your own heart. “

“Eh? World Championship qualifiers?!” Su Zhe also just learned this news at this moment.

 The surrounding Li Mingdeng and Zhou Hongzhi were stunned, and some began to worry about whether the 110m hurdles qualifier would affect Su Zhe’s subsequent events.

After correcting his expression, Su Zhe seriously expressed his commitment to train diligently and maintain the best competition condition.

Naturally, he understood that his dad was telling him not to get his focus wrong and end up with a basket full of nothing.

He also knew in his heart that his dad still wanted him to focus on the 100 meters and run better. If he hadn’t seen that he had the will to compete, his dad wouldn’t have so easily let him run a meaningless 110m hurdles preliminaries across events just because of a staff error.

So much for that, even if the matter was settled.

Li Mingdeng to Su Zhe promised that when the gymnastics team released the team’s dynamic on Weibo, they would explain for him that it was the team’s staff error registration, his focus was on the 100 m race.

Zhou Hongzhi patted Su Zhe’s shoulder, inviting him to come to the hurdles team’s field to practice at any time.

That evening, the gymnastics team’s Weibo posted the latest team news.

Among them, about Su Zhe’s schedule was this –

Contestant Su Zhe.

August 3, morning, location, city, full championship qualifier, event, men’s 100m

August 3, afternoon, location, city, full championship qualifier, event, men’s 110m hurdles

Since Su Zhe officially became an athlete, his fans “philosophers” considered the S province gymnastics team’s official Weibo page as Su Zhe’s studio Weibo page, from time to time there would be fans checking.

The newest member of the team was released on the official site of the gymnastics team, and the “philosophers” flocked in to open the schedule and took a closer look, and indeed saw their favorite.

A lot of “philosophers” immediately commented below the official post about-

[He’s going to run a new race, are you guys going to meet up?]

[Yoyo yoyo! But …… isn’t the pup a 100m sprinter? What about this 110 meter hurdle?]

Once the question was asked, someone finally saw what was wrong with this team dynamic.

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