Tang Shunshui was an old Taoist priest, a real kind of old, not to mention keeping his job on the government side, he even had an identity card from the Republic of China, who knew how many years he had lived.
  Li Zhiqing had been with him for so long, there were no shortage of strange things he had see, but this time it rose directly to the level of demon ah god, plus in the past there was no shortage of bluffing by the old man surnamed Tang, a moment of doubt was inevitable.

He looked out the living room window at the pouring rain curtain, blinked once: “Dragon is so boring, he should be in the sky…”


“Childish words.” Tang Shunshi interrupted him, “In this era, the development damage is so serious, but all those who can be refined have a small name called ‘strong’, and a dragon is enough, don’t talk nonsense.”
  ”You mean this rain in Kyoto has something to do with a dragon?” Li Zhiqing searched his brain for information about the myth, “No, it’s not like a dragon has the ability to bring rain.”

“Have you heard of the ‘Walking Dragon’?”

Before Li Zhiqing heard it clearly, Tang Shunshi said to himself, “Of course you haven’t.”

Li Zhiqing rolled his eyes.

“A venomous venom becomes a snake after a hundred years, a snake becomes a dragon after a thousand years, and a dragon has four legs. The coast of Kyoto, the waterways are accessible in all directions, if there are really dragons that want to run into the sea, do you think Kyoto is a treasure land?” Tang Shunshi said laughing, “But that hanging Cambridge built halfway up the road is no slouch.”
  The suspension bridge in Kyoto was built over five hundred years ago, and in the middle of the bridge was carved a Zhan Long Sword, to prevent the floods from taking place.

Li Zhiqing didn’t say anything, he didn’t want Tang Shunshi to hear that he didn’t understand what he had to do with this.

“If there’s a student taking an exam tomorrow, but he can’t do anything and there’s a loophole in the invigilation, what do you think he’ll do?”

Li Zhiqing blurted out, “Cheat.”

After answering he was stunned.

“For that dragon, the best way to cheat is to find someone with a golden destiny to ask for a seal.” Tang Shunshi continued.

“You mean, he came to me to ask for a seal?” Li Zhiqing’s smile was fake, “I’m a short-lived ghost, I shouldn’t even be looked for.”
  ”You sincerely want to die early, don’t you?” Tang Shunshi spoke again, “Regardless of how many years you can live, in terms of gold, there are few people who can compare to you.” He paused, “It’s all fate, if he can really soar into the clouds and transform into a dragon, you’ve also made good karma, you might be able to live more comfortably in the future.”

“I’m at ease right now.” Li Zhiqing peeled a candy and threw it into his mouth.

“Chengcheng, the whole country is not as comfortable as you are.” Tang Shunshi laughed, sighing at the end, “But that’s just my guess, and even if I’m wrong, it’s true that the rain in Kyoto helped you turn your luck.” He reminded again, “Just in case, I say just in case, if that’s really a dragon, it might even come over to you, so don’t be in a hurry to chuck someone out.”

“Who’s chucking him out?” Li Zhiqing’s call was cut off the phone before he could finish his sentence.

He had asked the other party several times if he needed help, but the man was to blame for being too shy and too embarrassed to say anything.

Li Zhiqing originally thought Tang Shunshui’s idea was unreliable, but he had a strange dream when he fell asleep that night.

He dreamt that he was floating in the air, looking down, and saw a long creature hovering over the roof of the bookstore, covered with pitch-black scales, with a few wisps of gold around its edges, hidden in a cloud of smoke and rain.
  To be honest, Li Zhiqing was at a loss to deal with something covered in scales, not because he was afraid, but simply because the scales looked slippery and unpleasant when they were stacked on top of each other.

He squatted and stared down, his heart silky cold, he was disgusted.

People were slow to react in a dream, Li Zhiqing stood for half a day before remembering those words of Tang Shunshi.

Looking at this appearance, it seemed to be really a long black dragon, does this count as coming to the dream to ask him for a seal?

He pinched his knuckles and hesitated, then gave himself a pep talk, wondering how to get down from the air, when the black dragon suddenly waved its tail and moved, as if to raise its head from the other end of the roof to point it at him.

Li Zhiqing’s pupils shrank, he grimaced and sucked in air to prepare for a head that wasn’t much different from a snake.

The clouds swirled beneath his feet, revealing a few wisps of black and two dots of golden light in the haze.

That seemed to be… a mane?
  He was stunned and just squinted his eyes to take a closer look, but he was thrown back to reality by Song Junlin’s howl of anguish.

Li Zhiqing climbed up and pushed open the door. When he saw him come out, he urged him : “Quickly, quickly, quickly clean up yourself! I accidentally got up late for fear of being late!”

Li Zhiqing yawned and nodded, went back to the room to change clothes, washed up after he drank two cups of soybean milk and went to the restaurant.

After eating breakfast in a hurry, Song Junlin walked downstairs while chewing the last half of the eggs. He vaguely said: “I didn’t recognize the bed, and I don’t sleep when I change places. I didn’t expect to fall into the bed last night and sleep when my eyes closed. I didn’t even dream.”

“I did have a dream, though.” Li Zhiqing checked the store’s power supply once and went behind the door to unlock it.

Song Junlin scratched his head twice, smoothed his hair, and took the umbrella out of the umbrella holder, “Nightmare?”

“Not a nightmare,” Li Zhiqing lifted the shutter door hard, “just a dream of a…”
  Before he could finish, he lost the words in his throat.

“A what?” Song Junlin saw him freeze there with one leg inside and one leg outside the door, and just wanted to push him, then he caught sight of the man from yesterday standing upright next to the shop door, and snapped his hand back in fright.

Li Zhiqing held his breath for two seconds, then took a deep breath, “When did you come over here?”

The man didn’t respond.

Li Zhiqing suddenly had a bold idea: “…You stood here all night?”

The man nodded, as if he thought there was nothing wrong with that.

“…Why?” What kind of mentality did this guy have?

After a night, the man’s answer was much faster, and if you didn’t listen carefully you couldn’t discern the stiffness and jerkyness in his pronunciation: “You’re here.”

Li Zhiqing was not startled, then helplessly replied: “What I’m asking is, why did you have to stand outside all night, if you wanted to find me, you could’ve come back in the morning.”

The man stared at him as usual and didn’t answer.

“…Okay,” Li Zhiqing was a bit put off by the other man’s overly focused gaze and briefly glanced to the side, “What are you trying to say?”

The man said almost word for word, “Come with me.”
  Li Zhiqing: “…….”

What was the difference between this and yesterday?

The man stared at him for an instant, “I want you.”

Well, the difference was that there was one more “want” than yesterday.

Song Junlin stood behind Li Zhiqing, and his face was wonderfully pale for a moment. He felt that he was a little redundant at this time. He turned to look at the time. If he walked quickly on the road, he would be able to spare five minutes, and then stared in shock: “I seem to have left my cell phone in the room!” He said and leaping up the stairs, his acting was artificial and pompous.

Li Zhiqing was startled by his shout before remembering that there was someone behind him, he was embarrassed for a moment and asked him: “You still want to take me?”

What he said yesterday should have been clear enough to understand.

“Want.” The man didn’t hesitate.

  He didn’t want to compare himself to a “thing”, but he couldn’t find a suitable replacement word and had to pass over it. “Can’t go with you.”

The man nodded his head without objection, looking like he no longer cared whether the youth in front of him was his possession or not.

Li Zhiqing pursed his lips and tilted his head at him in puzzlement, and it took a long time to connect with the man’s thoughts: he had just asked the man what he wanted to say, and the man was only saying what was on his mind, not necessarily acting on it.

The man looked down at him and said again, “I’ll listen to you.”

His voice was low, and the end of his words sunk in one more time, and Li Zhiqing’s helplessness faded abruptly and his heart tremble.

The other’s state was not different from last night, his face was cold, but his eyes were clear, Li Zhiqing not only stared at him a little uneasily, but also now found his appearance a little distressing.

Li Zhiqing couldn’t ask the question, “Are you a human being or not?” and asked him politely, “Where are you from?”

The man didn’t say anything and stretched his hand overhead.

Lai Zhiqing subconsciously followed suit and looked up, the dark sky was still raining down.

“…The sky?”
  The man nodded.

This was clearly not a human.

Li Zhiqing heard the sound of his worldview shattering and rebuilding, Tang Shunshui’s words plus last night’s dream, he was afraid the man in front of him was really a long black dragon.

But didn’t Tang Shunshui say that the dragon came from the abyss? What the hell was that from the sky? Could the augments stay in the sky too?

“And what did you come down from the sky for?”

“Take you away.”

Sorry, he forgot the man was really answering questions and corrected the question, “What are you doing now?”

“If you don’t go, I’ll stay.”

“Why?” Since last night, Li Zhiqing had almost finished thinking about all the “whys”, “There’s nowhere else to go?”

The man shook his head, “I’ll wait for you.”
  Li Zhiqing re-emphasized, “There’s no way I’m leaving with you.”

“I know.” The man nodded, hesitated twice, and added, “I’ll wait for you, no taboo.”

“……. “Li Zhiqing heard the last two words with a straight face, even though he knew the other party didn’t want to offend or mean any harm, but the bit of heartache for him was still gone, “Trouble you to say that again? ”

“No taboo.” The man repeated obediently.

Li Zhiqing couldn’t describe the feeling, what the hell was he trying to do?

“I’m not harming you,” the man explained seriously, “I’m only good for you.”

The words, paired with the other man’s expression, were so sincere and earnest that there was no reason to disbelieve them, it was the meaning of a few words combined that was a little hard for Li Zhiqing to accept.

I want to be nice to you, but I want to wait for you to die.

How is waiting for someone to die a good idea? Where’s the promised envelope? Tang Shunshi was truly unreliable.

“What else do you need to do?”
  The man shook his head, indicating that he had nothing else to do.

Li Zhiqing turned his head and drew a cold breath, feeling that he could not communicate with the man for the time being: “I have something to do now, can we talk about it next time?” At the man’s nod, he turned around and walked back to the stairwell and shouted, “I thought we were going to be late! Get out of there!”

It may be that the man’ s impression yesterday was too shocking. Song Junlin was now somewhat inexplicably in awe of the man. He couldn’t help but sneak back after a few steps along the alley. Seeing that the man was not far behind, he trembled and pulled Li Zhiqing: “That, that brother is coming.”

Li Zhiqing paused and turned around: “Don’t follow me.”

The man also stopped and quietly looked at him.

Li Zhiqing vaguely saw a hint of bewilderment in his eyes, as if he was asking Li Zhiqing where he wanted him to go.

Li Zhiqing turned around and stared at the man, sighed in frustration when he moved, he took out his keys and walked back to open the door, pointed inside and said to the man, “We’re going to work, we can’t take you with us. If you don’t have anywhere you can go, you can go in and sit and rest.”

The man didn’t move, Li Zhiqing was unwilling to back down and looked back at him, they were in a stalemate for a long while, finally the man compromised, he stepped forward and quietly stood inside, allowing Li Zhiqing to leave him inside the door.

Song Junlin held his red face all the way to the door and couldn’t really hold back from blurting out, “Did that man take a fancy to you? Why do I feel like he just wants to stick to you, like an idiot.”

Li Zhiqing: “…….”

Please don’t say such scary things.

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