C78 —– Qiao An’s Partner

Zheng Juncheng’s words were addressed to He Yishu, and although he had roughly understood what kind of partner Qiao An had found before, this was the first time He Yishu had heard Zheng Juncheng’s voice.


Speaking of Qiao An’s partner, perhaps this was a very magical destiny. Previously, under the pressure of his parents, Qiao An had no choice but to go to the Internet and post a post with a dying breath, putting out his requirements clearly, but he didn’t expect that there was one person who replied to her who said that he met all of Qiao An’s conditions and was willing to form a partner with him, and this person was Zheng Juncheng.


After confirming with each other in the post, the two exchanged communication accounts, and then started to contact each other in reality, and then met up to finalize their decision to be partners and participate in the competition together.


Throughout this entire process, the two had been communicating very harmoniously, without any points of conflict, and then they just kept on going until today.



He Yishu wasn’t very interested in Zheng Juncheng, and after determining that Qiao An was indeed not deceived and had found a good partner, he didn’t ask too many questions about this person, but it was only when he heard Zheng Juncheng say this that He Yishu vaguely felt that this person’s identity might be unusual.


Knowing exactly the identity of Alan, he was still able to completely disregard him, so it was evident that he and the military department should also have certain connections, but this wasn’t something He Yishu needed to think about right now, since Qiao An’s partner had also agreed to provide the coordinates, He Yishu naturally would not be courteous: “Thank you, please let me know Alan’s coordinates. ”



Qiao An then reported a coordinate, then added: “Although his mecha was in this vicinity just now, it’s been close to a minute now, so he may have already moved to another place.”



“Okay, I will definitely catch it.” After obtaining the coordinate location, Adrian had directly maneuvered his mech towards that direction, and He Yishu was ready for combat.



In order not to disturb He Yishu, Qiao An quickly ended this communication, after the communication ended, Adrian said to He Yishu in the gap between maneuvering the mecha, “The Zheng family’s status in the military department is not lower than the Frank family, Zheng Juncheng is the successor of the Zheng family in this generation, he is in the same grade and specialty as me, I have sparred with him before, his strength is good, and his conduct is very upright. ”



To be able to receive such an evaluation from Adrian, it was evident that Zheng Juncheng’s strength was indeed very strong, He Yishu squinted his eyes as he thought about it and smiled, “In that case, Qiao An has indeed found a very good partner.”



Adrian didn’t pick up on this as they were already very close to the coordinates provided by Qiao An and started searching for Alan.



With Adrian’s powerful searching ability, soon their target came into sight.


At this moment, Alan was tangled up with a mecha, but his combat power was clearly higher than the other party’s, and he had the upper hand in the fight.


Adrian and He Yishu didn’t rush to make a move, but stopped at one side and patiently waited for the end of the battle, anyway, the person had already been found, so they didn’t need to be in such a hurry as he couldn’t run away if he wanted to.



Only after Alan finished off his opponent did He Yishu speak in the full channel, “Alan, let’s have a fight.”


During the battle just now, Alan had already noticed this mecha next to him, and with the knowledge of Adrian’s competition number, he judged the identity of the other party at a glance.



Although Alan had been cursing He Yishu and Adrian in his heart before, when he actually encountered these two people, it was still hard for him to avoid panicking because he knew very well that with his current strength, it was impossible for him to defeat these two people.


If it was just a pure mecha battle with Adrian, he might still be able to hold out for a while, but now with the addition of He Yishu, he had absolutely no chance of winning.



Although in his heart, he had always felt that He Yishu was vulgar and uneducated, but now he had to admit that He Yishu’s talent in making rune cards was probably unmatched.



This kind of cognition made him feel extremely depressed and at the same time, he was very annoyed at himself for not convincing He Yishu to form a partnership with him, if he could show a little more sincerity at that time, and successfully bring He Yishu together, then he would be the one who could call the shots on the field now!



Ever since he learned of He Yishu’s strength in making talisman cards, Alan had been secretly chagrined, and at the same time felt even more furious at He Yishu’s rejection of him at the beginning, at that time, when he heard him say those words, He Yishu must have secretly laughed at him!



Every time he thought of this, he felt a burning pain on his face, in order to make himself less embarrassed, he didn’t pay attention to He Yishu’s words, instead, he irritatedly said to Adrian: “Adrian, your performance in this tournament is really too disappointing to me, obviously it should be your home ground, but in the end, you were led by your own rune card master, don’t you think that you’re useless? ?”


Adrian laughed lightly and replied, “I don’t mind being led by my lover, and partner, on the contrary, I feel very pleased and satisfied about it. But what about you? The feeling of being led by one’s opponent should be very bad, right, so are you thinking that you are useless?”



He Yishu likewise didn’t accept this person’s provocation as he said with a wry smile, “Adrian, your words are just too gentle, you should just say that with us having blown up our own coordinates multiple times, the fact that this person never dared to come and challenge us, or even say a single word on the full channel, this is enough to show that he has already chosen to go down without a fight, and that he’s a complete loser. ”


When He Yishu uttered those last three words, his tone was deliberately slow and his bite was heavy, infuriating Alan who almost jumped out of the mecha directly: “He Yishu, shut up! I just didn’t want to bother with you, so I ignored your boring tactics, but since you dared to deliberately humiliate me like this, I won’t let you go on account of your low qualifications anymore!”



He Yishu was amused by his remarks of forcing himself to make excuses, “Fellow student Alan is really good at setting a Flag for himself, by pointing out the fact that I have a low qualification at this point in time, are you trying to tell everyone ahead of time how humiliating it is for you to lose to someone with such a low qualification later on?”



Alan was so infuriated that he couldn’t speak, and directly launched an attack, however, Adrian acted as if he didn’t notice his attack, and didn’t take any defensive measures, nor did he make any counterattacks.


Alan was both surprised and pleased in his heart, he didn’t think that Adrian would also have times when he reacted so slowly, but no matter why Adrian reacted so slowly, the situation at hand was very favorable for Alan, as long as he could successfully eliminate these two people, he would be able to wash away all those humiliations he received before, and at the same time he could also ruthlessly hit these two people’s faces.



Of course, the most important thing was that the very fact of being able to defeat Adrian was enough to make Alan feel happy, and make the others clearly realize how powerful his strength was, which would be a major shining point on his path forward, and would also be a stain that could not be wiped off in Adrian’s life.



However, just as Alan’s mind was becoming more and more relaxed and his thoughts were growing, he was shocked to find that his mecha had suddenly gone out of control!



His attack was clearly less than a centimeter away from Adrian, as long as it was a little bit closer, he would be able to completely destroy Adrian’s mecha and become the victor of this battle, yet it was at such a crucial moment that his mecha suddenly lost control!



This sense of powerlessness of being so close to victory but unable to successfully obtain it was too despairing, especially when his opponents were still the ones he hated the most, He Yishu and Adrian!


Damn it, how could this unexpected situation occur at such a time!



Alan was so furious that he slapped the console, he was about to go crazy, however, his mecha still didn’t move at all, as if it had suddenly lost its power support, or as if time had been completely frozen at this moment.



However, even if time was really frozen, only Alan’s mech was confined in time, because the other mecha belonging to He Yishu and Adrian, which was still motionless just now, as if it had lost its defense ability, slowly turned its head at this moment, and stood steadily in front of Alan’s mecha.



Immediately after, He Yishu’s voice with a light laugh sounded in the entire channel: “Huh, Alan, why did your mecha suddenly stop moving? I just wanted to give you a break and give you a chance to launch your attack first, but why did you stop halfway through your attack?”


He Yishu’s voice was filled with sarcastic laughter, Alan was so infuriated that his entire face turned red, a thin layer of cold sweat broke out on his forehead, he slapped the operation console even harder, yet the mecha was still completely unresponsive as it was just now, and he couldn’t even move his mecha arm.


It was too damnable! What the hell was going on here! Why was his mecha suddenly unable to move at all!



Although He Yishu couldn’t see Alan’s expression at this moment, he could still think of his mood, therefore, He Yishu became very happy at this moment, he continued with a smile: “Could it be because you know that even if you launch the attack first, it’s still impossible for you to win, so you chose to take the initiative to admit defeat, right? However, your way of admitting defeat is really quite special, you directly chose to give up on your first attack, should I admire your courage to admit defeat, or should I laugh at your cowardice and stupidity?”




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