C72 —- Get Married on the Spot

After Lu Wenxing got off the plane, the program staff wore bright yellow overalls, and Lu Wenxing’s tall height and long legs was immediately spotted in the crowd.



“Mr. Lu, good afternoon.” The staff led Lu Wenxing outside, to the open air, the sun was a bit too bright, he opened his umbrella to shade him, while explaining.


“The car is in front, only cabs can be parked here.”



“Thanks, I’ll do it.”



Lu Wenshing was one head taller than the staff, so he had to raise his arm to hold the umbrella for Lu Wenxing. He took the umbrella from him, slowed down his steps and walked with the staff, the umbrella was held above their heads.


The staff was flattered, “Thank you.”



The program team drove a van, the staff pulled open the door for him, and Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen met, “Teacher Gu.”



“Wenxing, long time no see.”



The audience of the live broadcast room had been squatting half an hour in advance, seeing Lu Wenxing appear, the comments rolled in fast.



[Ah, my Xingxin is so bright.]


[My husband is so handsome!]


[A large wave of CP fans will be coming soon.]


[Wangfei flag raised]



After Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing greeted each other, the host spoke.



“Welcome Wenxing to ‘Happy New Year’.”



“Thank you.”


Host: “Wait, Wen Miao is also on this flight.”


“What about Yichen?”



“Xu Yichen has arrived first.”



The staff in the car was still carrying the camera, and Lu Wenxing asked him, “Has the live broadcast started?”


“Not yet.” The host replied, “We’re just recording a small video.”


[Xingxing don’t believe it, the host is a big liar]



[Hahaha, the host is going to start fooling around.]


Lu Wenxing believed, the host asked, “What is in your bag?”


“Power bank, hat, mask and tissue, and water and snacks.”



“Can we look at it?”


Lu Wenxing’s gaze turned to the camera, “Yes.”



“The netizens are curious about where you bought the snacks in your bag, this cookie is the one Wen Miao likes to eat, right?”



“Right. My brother brought it back from abroad, Wen Miao likes to eat it, so I brought more.”



The host looked at Gu Yanshen, “Mr. Gu, do you think the title ‘feeder’ describes Wenxing aptly?”



“Uh-huh.” Gu Yanshen looked at Lu Wenxing, “His snack supply was never cut off in the entire group.”



“Hahaha.” The host looked to the package of a whole box of chocolates that Lu Wenxing had brought with him, “This looks delicious.”


“You can take it out and share it when everyone is here.”



“Would Wenxing have gone to be a bandwagon host if he hadn’t become an entertainer? The kind that specializes in bringing snacks.”



Lu Wenxing heard the host’s jibe and responded half-jokingly as well.



“Then I should have chosen to inherit the family business.”



Host: “I heard that you have an older and younger brother, were you close as kids? Would you fight?”



“No, we never fought.”


Wen Zheng was six years older than Lu Wenxing, even in the kindergarten period when he was obnoxious and troublesome, the Wen Zheng in his memory had never been mean to him.



Xie Chengfei was three years younger than Lu Wenxing, Lu Wenxing also took care of him. When he was young, Xie Chengfei was particularly sticky and very protective. Other people taunted Lu Wenxing and Xie Chengfei always got particularly angry, and fought many times.



The host was a bit envious, “When I was a kid, I fought with my siblings all the time. Does Mr. Gu have any siblings?”



“I have a younger brother.”


“Mr. Gu is such a gentleman, are you patient with your brother?”



“No, there will be a fight.”


Host: “A one-sided ‘beating’, or two people ‘beating each other’?”


Lu Wenxing looked at Gu Yanshen in surprise.



Gu Yanning seemed to be more lively, but Gu Yanshen was nine years older than Gu Yanning, so this could be a fight?



“I hit him.” Gu Yanshen, “When I was a child, I was especially bearish, my family spoiled me and couldn’t control me, so I’d go back and beat him up.”



“Would your mom step in?”



Gu Yanshen’s parents divorced while he was still in kindergarten, and the wife he later married was Gu Yanning’s biological mother. He and Gu Yanning were half siblings.



Probably because his father was busy with his career when he was young, he missed Gu Yanshen’s growth, and after Gu Yanning was born, he was given exponentially more fatherly love, and the excessive coddling led to Gu Yanning being particularly obnoxious during his elementary school years.


Gu Yanning’s mother couldn’t control him, seeing that his parents wouldn’t really hit him, Gu Yanning became emboldened, but Gu Yanshen wouldn’t spoil him, if he did something wrong, he’d get beaten and his parents didn’t intervene.



“They wouldn’t. They couldn’t control him so they let me.”


“How did you control him?” Lu Wenxing asked.


“A beating was good enough.”



[TN: 2333 – lol]



[It’s just like me and my brother.]



[When I was a kid, I held my brother down and beat him, now my brother holds me down and beats me.]



The host found it interesting and asked one more question, “Will that brother be afraid of you?”



“Yes. When he was in elementary school, the teacher asked them to write an essay on the topic of their family. His classmates wrote about their dad or their mom, but he wrote about his brother.”



Lu Wenxing also found it amusing thinking of Gu Yanning’s lively nature, “How did he write it?”



“The first sentence at the beginning ‘My brother is the person I hate the most’.”



[Please let me also have such a ‘nasty’ brother]



[Give me the brother that his brother doesn’t want]


[Yanshen’s brother is so happy, I want to be his sister]



[I’m different from you guys, I want to be your sister-in-law.]



Lu Wenxing smiled and his eyes curved, “You guys are quite close now, were you so incompatible when you were kids?”



The ‘water’ referred to Gu Yanshen, and the ‘fire’ was definitely Gu Yanning.


Before Gu Yanshen could answer, the host said, “Wait a minute, what Wenxing meant by that…you’ve met Mr. Gu’s brother?”



[Blind student, you found right spot]


[This host can do it.]


[The host will say you can say more]



Lu Wenxing also didn’t expect the response, he turned his head to look at the camera and pointed at it, “Are you guys secretly running a live broadcast?”



“No.” The host ‘honestly’ replied.


[Wenxing didn’t deny it, is this rounding up to meet the parents?]


[Wangfei is real]


[The first time I’ve seen such anxious CP fans, they haven’t even begun to fall in love yet, and you’ve already progressed to them meeting each other’s families?]



Such a good opportunity, how could the host let go, he didn’t ask if they had seen each other’s families, but asked, “Under what circumstances?”



Lu Wenxing explained seriously, “I accompanied my younger brother for the college entrance exam.”



The host looked at the two of them in surprise, “Such a coincidence, both brothers are high school students?”




Lu Wenxing didn’t reveal anything else, “Wen Miao is here.”



Just as the words fell, the car door was pulled open.


“You all arrived so early?”


“Welcome Wen Miao.”


Everyone arrived, so they drove directly to their destination.



There were two more CPs who had already arrived, and Xu Yichen was able to chat everywhere he went and had already mingled with the two CPs.



“Alright, all four groups of members are now present, come get your team badges.”



The four colors were red, yellow, blue and green.


The red team was Wen Miao and Xu Yichen.


The blue team was Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen.



The yellow team was the male and female protagonists of a youth campus drama that was currently on air, Jiang Ming and Wang Yitong.



The two boys on the green team were also the two male protagonists of a drama.



“Now, each team needs to make a self-introduction, coming in order from left to right.”



“Our self-introductions are a bit different. It’s all about introducing your teammates, and the introduction must be a full minute.”



“Jiang Ming’s group will go first.”



[I’ll take this question. Hello, everyone, this is my wife Wang Yitong.]



“Hello everyone, this is my husband Jiang Ming.”



In front of the camera, when Jiang Ming introduced Wang Yitong, he paused for several seconds on a single sentence, probably because it was his first time on a variety show, and he couldn’t think of anything he could introduce at the moment, so he purposely stalled for time.


“Mr. Gu, you should know me for more than a minute, right?”



Gu Yanshen almost tensed, Lu Wencing’s words didn’t seem quite right, looking at Lu Wenxing’s smiling eyes, Gu Yanshen didn’t dare to think too much, and explained in a serious manner.


“I can talk for a full minute.” Gu Yanshen paused for a few seconds and then said, “They are working together for the second time, this is our fourth time, we definitely have more tacit understanding than them.”



“Hey, the two over there whispering, no cheating.”


[I want to know what Xingxing and brother Shen were talking about.]


[Did anyone notice the flash of shock on brother Yanshen’s face, so what exactly did he say?]



[Subtitle crew comes uninvited. Xingxing: Hello everyone, this is my old top Gu Yanshen, I call him ‘Mr. Gu’ on the outside, and I call him ‘Mr. Gu’ when it’s indescribable.]


[Ask if you don’t understand, when is the indescribable time?]


[The truth, brother must have been stunned by Lu Wenxing’s proposed introduction.]


[Laughing, the host can’t stand it anymore.]


[I wouldn’t be in such a state if they’d refrained a bit.]


[It’s Wenxing’s turn, move your stool and listen.]



“Hello viewers in front of the live studio, this is my partner Gu Yanshen, he and I have acted in two movies together, respectively ‘Hundred Ghosts’ and ‘Power And Strategy’, and we’ve also appeared on the variety show ‘Weekend Without Limits’ together. ‘Happy New Year’ is my fourth collaboration with Mr. Gu ……”



Before Lu Wenshing could finish, the host shouted to stop, “We can search on Baidu for the introduction of Mr. Gu’s works, are there any introductions that are closer to life?”



[Hahahahaha, the host is too bad.]



Wen Miao watched the fun, “The host ‘separates public and private’, I like it.”



Lu Wenxing paused for a second, and quickly moved on to the ‘close to life’ introduction.


“Teacher Gu is one meter eighty-seven tall, type A blood, fan name ‘Shen fans’, hobbies include watching movies and reading books. Favorite game ‘Cub Cultivation’, he raises a small white tiger. Mr. Gu can eat spicy food but eats less, gets up early no matter how late he goes to bed, pays attention to health, drinks more hot tea than coffee ……”


The host opened his mouth wide, the introductions of the first two groups were very official and also belonged to the category of work introductions, and it was only meant to be intentional, but he didn’t expect that Lu Wenxing could really ‘get close to life’.



[Wow! Wenxing know Mr. Gu so well?]



“Quickly learn from Wenxing.” Wen Miao disgustedly pushed Xu Yichen, “The game hasn’t even started yet they won.”



Lu Wenxing raised a business-like smile and followed the announcer’s tone, “The above introduction comes from the Baidu encyclopedia collection.”






[Right! Why didn’t I think of Baidu Encyclopedia, the above introduction can’t be said in five minutes.]


“No way, they’re cheating.”


The host turned a deaf ear, “It’s Mr. Gu’s turn.”


“Hello everyone, this is my partner Lu Wenxing, he has a sweet tooth, his favorites are cake and milk tea, and he likes to eat sweet and spicy dishes. Like me, he likes watching movies and reading books, he’s good at illustration, and his character sketches are good ……”



After Gu Yanshen finished his introduction, the host looked at him with slight surprise, “Also from Baidu Encyclopedia?”



“No.” Gu Yanshen paused, “From my observations.”



The one who asked the question was the host, but it was Lu Wenxing that Gu Yanshen looked at when he answered.


[I only knew that Wenxing was from C University, so it turns out that he’s also good at drawing?]


[Mr. Gu: Wenxing Observation Diary]



[No, it should be the Wenxing Feeding Manual]



[From my observation …… Is this really not a love story?]



Not to mention the comments, the several artists at the scene all felt like they were knocking themselves out.



“Next is a quick question and answer, three questions.” The host glanced at the tableau in his hand, “Just now, from left to right, now from right to left. Teacher Gu’s group will start first.”



“Are you ready? Answers should not exceed three seconds.”


Seeing Gu Yanshen nod, the host began the first question, “Wenxing’s least favorite food?”



“Green peppers, coriander and celery.” Gu Yanshen answered easily.


“Star’s best friend is?”


“Me.” Gu Yanshen was half-hearted.



“The one thing that Wenxing impressed you the most?”



“Sleeping for seconds after picking up the phone.”



The host paused, “Sleep in …… seconds after picking up the phone?”



Gu Yanshen explained.



“When I received a variety show invitation, I called to ask him if he wanted to participate. The phone call went over, he picked up, said ‘hello’, and then fell asleep.”


[Hahahahahahahaha, is this true?]



[Fell asleep in a second.]



[Could he have fallen asleep while recording a program?]


“Then how did Mr. Gu find him asleep at that time?”



Gu Yanshen didn’t really want to recall, hearing the unfamiliar male voice on the other end of the phone, which at one point led to a flurry of associations, could he not be impressed?


[The amount of information is a bit too much. Should I ask Brother Shen why he would call Wenxing while he was sleeping, or should I ask Brother Shen why he had to ask him about a variety show first?]



[This is a real hammer]



[It’s not me who wants to be a CP fan, it’s brother Shen who pressed my head.]


Lu Wenxing didn’t want to face the camera, the whole network knew that he has trouble getting up, and a little rooster alarm clock that ran around, now not only knew that he has trouble getting up, but also knew that he fell asleep in a second.


[Looking at Wenxing’s eyes, laughing to death]



[Wenxing: Who told you to say everything outwardly]



[Am I the only one who cares why brother Shen is so impressed by this? Wenxing was sleeping, what was he doing?] After all had their turn, the host moved on to the next part.



“Next is the room sharing, there are three sets of B&B.” The host showed them the photos.



“Building A B&B has the best conditions and facilities, two people staying in Building A can have a private large suite, each equipped with a room, a bathroom and a balcony.”



“Building B is a large suite, two people share a suite, divided into a master bedroom and a second bedroom, a balcony and a kitchen. building C has a small room, both are single rooms, need to share a bathroom and is not equipped with a kitchen.”



“Where does another group stay?”



The host smiled, “The members of the last group will need to make their own arrangements for accommodations, either by turning to the other teams or …… to the residents here, but the program will not help negotiate.”



“Hint: For the next few days, you will need to earn your own money and cook your own meals. The group that doesn’t get a kitchen will need to find someone else to borrow the kitchen.”



“Building A is too luxurious.”


“I want to live in building A.”



“I also want to live in building A.” Lu Wenxing tilted his head back, his soft hair sweeping past Gu Yanshen’s cheeks, leaving behind a faint scent.


“Mr. Gu, cheer up.”


Meeting Lu Wenxing’s light-colored eyes, Gu Yanshen’s heartbeat suddenly missed a beat.



“One out of two, princess hug your teammate for a minute of deep squats, or let your teammate sit on your back for a minute of push-ups.”



“The rooms will be divided according to the length of time.”



Wen Miao looked at Xu Yichen for the first time, “I’m only eighty pounds, you can get me a B even if you can’t get an A.”



Xu Yichen looked at the other two groups of all-boys partners, “Don’t worry, it’s either first or second.”


He patted his chest and Wen Miao relaxed.


“I’m only eighty pounds too.” Wang Yitong said to Jiang Ming. “Brother Ming, you can’t lose.”



“Xu Yichen is right, it’s either first or second. Their two boys’ group challenges are harder than ours.”



Lu Wenxing first asked not what to choose, but which of the two of them would do the physical labor and who would be the toolman.



Gu Yanshen didn’t hesitate to choose the one who did the physical labor, “Push-ups.”



Princess hugs and deep squats weren’t impossible, but hugging Lu Wenxing meant they had to be face to face, and the hard part for Gu Yanshen was looking straight at Lu Wenxing.



In the end, both male and female groups chose princess hugs, and the two male groups chose push-ups.


“Come on, please ask our four tool people to say a sentence to motivate their partner.”


Wen Miao: “Winning gets a dream suite, lose and we’ll be on the streets, choose for yourself.”


[Hahahahaha, so true]


[Who dares to let our Miss Wen Miao live on the streets???]



When it was Wang Yitong’s turn, she looked at Jiang Ming. “Brother Ming, go for it!”



[Plain and simple encouragement]


[Wondering what Wenxing will say]


Girls had an advantage in terms of weight, Lu Wenxing wasn’t obsessed with Building A, then …… Building B was fine.


His eyes flashed with a touch of cunning, and he looked at Gu Yanshen, and in his eyes held a tenderness that could not be melted.



“Teacher Gu, I have a gift I want to give you in the house in building A or B.”



[The time to show boyfriend power has come]


[Wenxing: If I win, I’ll give myself away]



[Ah ah ah ah! Brother Shen quickly show Wenxing how good you are]



[I order Brother Shen to take building A and get married on the spot!!!]




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