C80 —– Accept my challenge

“…… “Hearing these words, Alan’s entire face directly paled, He Yishu actually really heard his conversation, and also heard it so clearly!



At this moment, Alan obviously couldn’t possibly think of this matter in the direction of him being monitored, he could only hate the fact that things were so coincidental, and that He Yishu had really seized his handles!



In this situation, even if Alan was so indignant that he wanted to stab He Yishu to death, there was no way to continue to deny this matter.



Coupled with the fact that his current situation was very unfavorable, the mecha was completely out of control, he couldn’t even eliminate himself right now, so he could only grit his teeth and remain silent while being full of indignation and being verbally slapped madly until his face was swollen.


“Alan, why haven’t you said anything? Didn’t you just say that you invited me to form a team in good faith? Didn’t you just say that you absolutely wouldn’t change your attitude because of my threats?” He Yishu teased with a smirk, his speech deliberately slowed down, “Wasn’t your attitude just now particularly righteous? Why don’t you continue?”



Alan was so angry that he felt like his head was smoking, but he couldn’t move or defend himself, he was so aggrieved that he just wanted to kill someone: “Shut up! Shut up!”



He Yishu, as if he didn’t hear anything, continued to expose Alan’s true colors on the whole channel: “Just because you can’t beat Adrian in class, you wanted to humiliate him with such a vicious tactic, and at the same time, after you achieve your goal, you can directly kick me out of the way, letting me take the blame for this, your idea at that time was quite good. And your performance was also good, even if I did feel that you didn’t sincerely want to team up with me, I didn’t think that you would hold such a sinister purpose.”



Alan was about to go crazy: “I told you to shut up, did you hear me or not! If you have the guts, you can fight me openly!”



A fight with Alan was definitely going to happen, but before that, He Yishu wanted to collect more interest for his previous calculations.



As for the way to collect interest, in addition to verbally killing Alan with each word, there was also the plan to crush him in the communication channels. It should be noted that He Yishu was currently using the full channel, but Alan was using a private channel, which led to only He Yishu’s voice being heard by the contestants on the field, while Alan’s roar could only be heard by He Yishu and Adrian.



If Alan knew about this, he would be directly infuriated to the point of passing out.



“I also realized this after I heard your communication, you wanted to pretend to want to team up with me, and after I agreed, you’d take the opportunity to humiliate Adrian a bit, then point out that it wasn’t you who took the initiative to find me, but rather me who wanted to climb up to you, so that way, you could completely take yourself off the hook,” He Yishu acted as if he hadn’t heard Alan’s voice, continued to narrate unhurriedly, ”Although the way you plotted against Adrian made me despise you, but at least you were still able to find an excuse about why you bothered him, but what about me?”


“Alan, before that, I hadn’t even met you, yet you directly used your idea on me, and if your plan really succeeded, the person who would really fall into the point of no return was me, treating a stranger who has never had any trouble with you like this, isn’t it hard for your conscience to feel at ease?”


“Enough! Don’t say another word! Shut up!” Alan was still ranting angrily, yet no one in the arena could hear him except for the two of them, He Yishu and Adrian.



He Yishu also finally got things out of the way, and began to make a concluding statement, “The reason why I’ve said so much is to let you all know that there’s a good reason why I chose to target you in the arena, so next, it’s time to solve the problem.”


Saying this, He Yishu turned his head to look at Adrian: “Adrian, although I was also a victim in that incident, in the final analysis, that incident was still caused by Alan’s jealousy towards you, so what to do next is up to you to decide, and I will also unconditionally support your choice.”



During the confrontation, Adrian had already found the intention of what he said. If he defeated Alan directly through the Rune Cards, although it would be easy to send him out of the game, it would appear that He Yishu eliminated him with his own strength, and it had little to do with Adrian.



This was just like during a match, the rune card master didn’t show up, only the mecha warrior’s exquisite operation was presented in front of the audience, even if the rune card master also played a certain role, but all everyone would see was the mecha warrior’s exquisite mecha control.



But when the situation was changed to the current scenario, although Adrian’s mecha control ability was very exquisite, with He Yishu’s rune card effect there, very few people would notice Adrian’s role in this battle.



Even including their previous performance in the match, what attracted more attention was He Yishu’s ability to create talisman cards rather than Adrian’s mecha control ability.


And He Yishu’s intention was to let Adrian fully display his strength through the battle with Alan, so that everyone could see how powerful and shining he was.



Adrian himself actually didn’t care about these things, but he could feel He Yishu’s worry, so he didn’t reject He Yishu’s good intentions, but instead, he directly nodded, and said to Alan through the full channel, “Alan, although jealousy is a negative emotion, its very existence itself is quite normal. What I can’t accept is that you would intentionally plot against others out of jealousy, even dragging an innocent person who was originally unrelated, into it, it makes me despise you.”



“Despise me? Adrian, who are you to despise me!” Alan’s entire body felt like it was spewing fire, his tone was even more fiery, “My strength is not inferior to yours at all, so what makes you look down on me! If it wasn’t for the fact that your father is a military marshal, do you think there would be so many people after you?”



Adrian was very calm and didn’t show any exasperation because of Alan’s words, instead, he calmly said, “Since you think your strength isn’t inferior to mine, then let’s fight openly, are you willing to accept my challenge?”



Although Alan was about to be exasperated to death, he wasn’t completely brainless, so he directly snorted coldly and sneered back: “With He Yishu here, I can’t even move a little bit right now, so how can I fight with you? Aren’t you just trying to humiliate me on purpose? But how are you better than me? Without He Yishu, do you think you can still stand here? A titular mecha warrior who has to rely on his rune card master in order to achieve victory, it’s you who is truly despised!”



“Alan, have you ever considered your partner’s feelings when you say such words?” Hearing these words, Adrian’s face instantly turned a few points colder, “Since you participated in the Mecha Competition, then you should know that you and your rune card master partner are a combination with equal status, not who is the dependent or subordinate of whom, do you not understand such a shallow reasoning?”



He Yishu also took the opportunity to speak from the sidelines, “You don’t need to provoke my relationship with Adrian like this, our situation is different from yours, we formed our team because we trust each other. Moreover, if our partner is better than us, we will only feel proud and happy, and won’t develop such ugly emotions as jealousy, annoyance, or even say such words that intentionally hurt the other, I think everyone else should think the same way as us on this matter.”



Saying this, He Yishu turned his head to look at Adrian and said with trust written in his gaze, “Adrian is my partner and my lover, I won’t allow you to deliberately humiliate him with such a bad attitude.”


“Xiao Yishu, thank you for defending me.” Adrian’s expression immediately turned cloudy, like a lion that had petted and was instantly smoothed over.


Alan, who was in the midst of extreme anger and had to be stuffed with a bowl of dog food, was about to explode with anger: “Why don’t you two go to hell!”


[TN: Dog food — like getting PDA shoved in your face [public display of affection]]



“We didn’t do anything wrong, why should we die?” He Yishu lightly snorted and sarcastically said, “On the contrary, it is people like you, from the very beginning, your heart is not right, you want to plot against others, and now that you have been uncovered, you still want to be annoyed and angry and curse the person you hurt, it should be you who should go directly to death, right?”



Adrian soothingly rubbed He Yishu’s head and turned his head to Alan, “Now, who is right and who is wrong has been clearly laid out in front of us, you can choose to continue to mess around, but this will only make everyone despise you even more. In addition, I must explain clearly that what I just said about challenging you is that I want to have a pure mecha battle with you without using rune cards.
Of course, I didn’t say that because, like you, I feel that rune card masters are just an accessory to mecha warriors, the only reason why I’m proposing such a challenge to you is because it was a pure mecha sparring match that you lost to me back in the practice class.”



Alan who was disliked back, simply couldn’t even find a reason to explode, if he had known that Adrian was talking about this kind of challenge, he wouldn’t have used words like that just now ah!



The angry Alan obviously felt that after he said those words just now, the eyes of the rune card masters sitting beside him all took on a faint hostility and contempt, this kind of feeling when he was obviously just saying a word of anger, but was interpreted by other people as deep-seated malice was simply too bad!



Alan’s Rune Card Master directly frowned, “Since you don’t need me, and even just treat me as your subordinate, I don’t think I’ll even team up with you to fight in the future, so now please fight on your own as well.”


In this completely passive and pissed off situation, even if Alan did realize the impropriety in his words just now, it was impossible for him to admit it, much less take the initiative to admit his mistake to his partner, so he now had no other choice but to bravely accept Adrian’s challenge and try his best to defeat him.


Therefore, Alan held back his anger and spoke forcefully, “Adrian, I accept your challenge, and I will definitely defeat you!”


“Then begin.” Adrian’s attitude was also very dry, he was already prepared to deathly abuse this guy, so he didn’t really want to spend too much time on this person.


In the next instant, Alan felt that the confinement imposed on his mecha finally disappeared, his mecha was finally able to move, so he immediately maneuvered it to launch a fierce attack.


He had to win, he had to knock Adrian to the ground so hard that he would kneel in front of him and admit that he had lost!


He must let He Yishu know how stupid his move of rejecting him was in the first place, let He Yishu know that the partner he chose was no match for himself!



In the first wave of attack, he put in all his strength, not wanting to leave Adrian any chance to counterattack, however, Adrian easily dodged the few particle cannons he fired, moved behind him with an incredible speed, and raised his laser sword to slash at his mecha.



Alan’s reaction wasn’t slow, and after only being touched on the surface of his mecha, he quickly turned and jumped away while launching another long-range attack.



Adrian quickly retreated, dodging the attack while simultaneously launching a long-range attack, several particle cannons pierced through the air and blasted at Alan’s mecha.



Alan jumped to the left and was about to locate Adrian’s position to launch another attack, when he suddenly felt a shadow flashing behind him, and before he even had time to turn around, the control center of his mecha had already been pierced by a sword, and the damage level of his mecha was instantly increased to 100%.





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