C7 —- Father Shen who has a bitter heart


How come Old Lady Shen’s illness …… seemed a little strange?


Chu Ye couldn’t think about it in detail and also chased after him.


While chasing, he shouted, “Wife, run slowly.”





Hou Ming trembled, the …… one who just ran over and chased after and shouted for his wife was the regent?



Seeing Shen Yuanqi at the door of the Regent’s residence, Shen Ning ran over and asked while panting, “What happened to grand …… grandmother?”



Shen Yuanqi resentfully touched his nose: “Actually …… grandmother is fine.”



If it wasn’t that the guards of the Regent’s Palace kept stopping him, and didn’t send someone to go in to give a notice, would he have said so?


“Then why were you talking nonsense? You scared me to death.”



Shen Ning’s hanging heart finally dropped.



“Father was very angry and asked me to bring you back, saying that he would break your legs.”



Receiving Shen Yuanqi’s sympathetic gaze, the corners of Shen Ning’s mouth twitched, and he seemed to feel some pain in his calves ………


Chu Ye also rushed over, and hearing Shen Yuanqi’s words, he couldn’t help but let out a light laugh.



This laugh didn’t matter, but as Shen Ning listened, he felt that Chu Ye was gloating!



“What are you laughing at? My father wants to break my legs, and you’re happy about it?”


Chu Ye hurriedly withdrew his voice, feeling in his heart that it was over, his wife was unhappy.



Pulling Shen Ning’s hand and shaking it from side to side, he hurriedly explained, “How could it be, I’ll go back with you, so that father-in-law definitely won’t be willing to make a move on you.”


Not willing to make a move on him? That’s because he didn’t dare to, right?



Shen Ning thought about it and felt that it was more important to save his legs, so he agreed.


Confused, Shen Yuanqi and Hou Ming both stood, dumbfounded as they watched the two of them gradually walk away.


Shen Yuanqi swallowed his saliva, “Did you see that?”



“Uh-huh!” Nonsense, he wasn’t blind.


“Is that the …… Regent?” The cold-faced, violent Regent was pampering Ning’er????


This was too bizarre!


“Uh-huh!” It was indeed the king.



Shen Yuanqi asked again: “Why would the Regent ……”



“Don’t ask, you won’t know even if you ask.” It was also the first time he had seen the regent like this, okay?


Hou Ming turned away, he needed to be quiet.



Shen Yuanqi leisurely sighed, his father was still waiting for Xiao Ning in the lobby with a stick, when he saw that the Regent was also there, his father would be frightened.


Perhaps thinking of that image was too funny, Shen Yuanqi unkindly let out a laugh.


He hurriedly chased after him, this scene, he couldn’t miss it.



After Shen Ning rode the Regent’s sedan carriage to the Xiangfu, he turned his head and said to Chu Ye, “My father will definitely not beat me in front of you, I will be miserable if you leave, in a moment, you have talk to my father, don’t let my father move me, but don’t frighten my father either.”



Chu Ye nodded his head in agreement, how could his wife be beaten?


“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to father-in-law properly.”



The two of them walked into the Xiangfu, and Shen Ning reached out and wrapped his hand around Chu Ye’s arm.


Chu Ye’s body stiffened, and although his face remained consistently cold and indifferent, his heart exploded into a small flower of happiness.


When the passing subordinates saw Chu Ye, they all knelt down and bowed their heads in low trembling, not daring to look up.


And Shen Tu was in the lobby, sitting upright with a serious expression, one hand on his knee and the other holding a half-human high wooden stick.



He didn’t take a look, but was sure of where that stinky kid had gone!



He made up his mind, when Shen Ning came back, he had to give him a good beating!


Let him experience what it means to be cared for by a loving father!


However, while ideals were often very beautiful, reality was cruel.


Shen Tu rubbed his eyes and made sure that it wasn’t just Shen Ning who came over in the distance, there was also Chu Ye!


They were also …… holding hands affectionately!



The idea of giving Shen Ning a loving beating just now seemed to have materialized into an illusory little person who picked up the wooden stick in his hand and gave him a hard blow!


What a situation! He asked Shen Yuanqi to call Shen Ning back, what was this Chu Ye doing here!



Shen Yuanqi, who had arrived in time, saw his own old man’s expression as if he had eaten a fly, and felt deeply: fortunately, he hadn’t missed it!



Returning to his senses, Shen Tu hurriedly threw the wooden stick in his hand into the distance, and went forward with a wrinkled look of helplessness: “I see His Royal Highness, the Regent……”


Shen Tu felt bitter in his heart!



Chu Ye pulled Shen Tu and stopped Shen Tu’s movement to kneel: “Father-in-law, last time I said, there is no need to salute me again, in the future we’ll all be family, there is no need for so many rules.”



Did he agree? He was talking nonsense with a straight face! What the hell!



With a difficult expression, he opened his mouth, “Your Highness the Regent, this …… cannot be allowed, Ning’er he is a man, this ……”



“I love Ning’er, Ning’er also equally loves me, what can’t be done?”



“This ……” Shen Tu was dumbfounded, not expecting Chu Ye to say something like this.



However, if there was a deep love, there must be a reason for it, he didn’t remember Chu Ye having any connection with Ning’er.



Rather, when he was a child, Ning’er had had a very close friend who had also joked about marrying Ning’er, however, because of certain accidents, that boy had been killed by a fire.


“Or does Father-in-Law feel that I’m no match for that prince?”



Chu Ye’s tone had always been light, but it just managed to give off an invisible oppression that made people unable to resist groveling and submitting to him!


As soon as these words came out, Shen Tu immediately broke out in a cold sweat, “Naturally not, just ……”



Chu Ye laughed, approached Shen Tu, and softly said, “Father-in-law’s concern is nothing more than this, and I know that if Ning’er is with me, everyone will think that you, Minister Shen, are in the Regent House’s faction, and that the Xiangfu House appears to be in a neutral position, but is actually in the party of the Third Prince, right?”


Shen Tu was startled, his mind was guessed, but he didn’t make a sound.



“Father-in-law doesn’t have to be alarmed, if I want this throne, no one can stop me, but I’m not interested, since the Xiangfu is the Third Prince’s faction, for the sake of Ning’er, I can also support the Third Prince, in this way, can father-in-law be assured?”



Shen Tu listened, but remained silent.


Chu Ye knew that Shen Tu was disagreeing, however, the days to come would be long.


Since he wanted Ning’er, even if Shen Tu didn’t agree, he didn’t have the ability to resist him.



He was polite to Minister Shen and even the Shen family, all just for Ning’er.


Shen Ning tugged at Chu Ye’s wide sleeve robe, imploring Chu Ye to stop in moderation.


Chu Ye pulled over Shen Ning’s hand, firmly clasped it in his hand, looked at Shen Tu, and said in a firm tone, “Three days from now, during the autumn hunt, I will ask the Emperor for a marriage, and marry Ning’er into the Regent’s Mansion.”


Shen Ning’s fingers trembled, inexplicably remembering the wedding banquet of his last life, he was still a little scared.


But the warmth from Chu Ye’s wide palm brought Shen Ning back to his senses.


He laughed softly in a self-deprecating manner, it was all in the past yet he still thought so much, at least, now he had the person who loved him the most.



Shen Tu and Shen Yuanqi were startled when they heard this, and without waiting for the two to open their mouths, they heard Old Lady Shen’s calm and clear voice as she walked over.


“Does the Regent really want to marry Ning’er?”



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