C77 —- Abominable Love

After saying those deliberately bad words, He Yishu continued with a smile, “If I’m not mistaken, the person who just spoke should be Elisa Brandt, right? Are you planning to send me your coordinates? But why don’t you just finish your sentence? It’s such a shame to waste an opportunity that was so hard to earn, just like that.”


These words reached Elisa’s ears, and she was so angry that she nearly smashed the operation panel of her mecha directly, He Yishu, you dare to calculate and humiliate me like this, just wait for me, I will definitely eliminate you with my own hands!


“Eh, you guys shouldn’t think that I was just deliberately making things difficult for Elisa, right?” A minute was still long, He Yishu continued to talk to himself, “Although I did do it on purpose, the most fundamental reason why Elisa was embarrassed by me was still because her own skill in making talismanic cards wasn’t high enough, after all, I was talking non-stop the whole time.”


This kind of “I’m deliberately being bad, deliberately trying to piss you off, but what can you do about it” face simply made the virtual network onlookers gasp in amazement, but at the same time, they also found it particularly delightful, and couldn’t help but feel secretly happy that their family’s rune card big brother was too mischievous, too adorable, and too powerful!


He Yishu didn’t think it was enough, and continued, “Moreover, I have a good reason for doing this, just a day before the start of this individual mixed match, Elisa had gone to me, saying that she wanted to challenge me, only to be rejected by me. Don’t get me wrong, the reason why I refused her was not because I looked down on her strength, I just thought that after all, both she and I would be appearing in this individual mixed match, so if she really wanted to challenge me, she could have challenged me directly during the match, wouldn’t that have been witnessed by more people? So what I just did was actually just responding to her challenge.”


He Yishu’s tone sounded extraordinarily innocent, but everyone felt that he was simply bad to the bone, and even Adrian was looking at him with a doting yet helpless look, softly murmuring, “Naughty.”


The atmosphere on the virtual network, which had just become cheerful because of He Yishu’s words, suddenly became even more lively.


CP Fan #1: Adrian’s eyes are too, too, too indulgent, I’m drowning!


CP Fan #2: Too bad it’s not me, why not me! I’m begging Adrian to look at me, to look at me, to look at me! Even if it’s just a glance, it’s okay. _(:”∠)_


CP fan number 3: Of course, it’s because there’s rune card brother here. With such a dazzling presence, do you think Adrian might be able to see your gray figure? ←_ ←


cp fan #4: This is love, you can see it at a glance, it’s almost like I’m going to be blinded by the abuse ……T^T



CP Fan #5: After my careful observation, I obviously feel that the mode of getting along between Adrian and rune card brother has changed qualitatively, guess what happened between them before? (*/ω\*)

CP fan number 6: I guessed… hehe hehe… hehe hehe heh……




Neither He Yishu nor Adrian heard the evil speculations of these little friends on the virtual network, one of them was familiarizing himself with the map as quickly as possible, while the other was still leisurely crafting the rune cards, and by the way, stimulating the scum they were going to abuse this time.


After all, a feature like full channel wasn’t something that anyone could use at will.


Elisa might have really been irritated by He Yishu, or she might have already deeply realized He Yishu’s shamelessness, and in the time that followed, she hadn’t spoken in the full channel again.


He Yishu was really bored, so he directly reported his own coordinates: “I welcome those opponents I named who are about to be eliminated by my own hands to come over and find me, especially Elisa, I’m clearly replying to you now, I’m accepting your challenge, whether it’s in the area of creating talismanic cards or fighting to decide the winner, I’ll be with you. In addition, I will update my coordinate information from time to time, so anyone who is interested in challenging me can just come over.”


Although He Yishu had reported his coordinates in a generous manner, the direct result of this behavior only led to the fact that they didn’t encounter any more competition players on the next road ahead.



Looking at the empty mecha environment in front of them, Adrian looked at He Yishu helplessly: “You scared them all away.”



He Yishu was also helpless: “It wasn’t my intention, I just wanted to express my friendship to them, but they seemed to have misunderstood what I meant.”


If those contestants who were desperately running away from He Yishu and Adrian heard what he said, they would definitely burst into tears. Have you already forgotten your horrible performance in the previous match?


A single mecha resolved the thousands of mechas that surrounded them, what a terrifying scene that was! They didn’t want to experience that kind of despair!


No one came over to find trouble for themselves, and He Yishu was happy to take it easy, anyway, this individual mixed match wasn’t about points or combat power, it was about whether or not they could survive to the very end.


Contrary to the completely peaceful environment on He Yishu and Adrian’s side, the contestants from many other places had already launched their attacks and established their defenses.


As time continued to pass, He Yishu felt more and more bored, just as he was contemplating what to play, an excited voice suddenly came out from the whole channel: “Great He Yishu, I especially especially adore you, I want to give birth to your aliens!”


He Yishu: “……” Is this kid crazy? How can two pure Star Empire citizens give birth to aliens?


Adrian’s face darkened and he immediately returned to the full channel, “Please accept my challenge.”


Immediately there was no sound in the full channel, such an ostrich’s response made He Yishu laugh, he glanced at the dark-faced Adrian and turned his head to respond through the full channel: “I’m sorry, even though you’re acting enthusiastically, I have to choose to reject you because I already have a lover that I care about very much, and he’s the only one who’s qualified to discuss this issue with me.”


Hearing He Yishu’s words, Adrian’s face quickly turned from rainy to sunny: “I withdraw my challenge.”


At this time, the one who just opened his mouth just had the courage to open his mouth in a period of time: “Great Adrian, I …… was just too excited, don’t worry, I won’t rob great He Yishu with you, but you must treat him well, don’t bully him, I will bless you both! ”


Adrian sneered: “I’m afraid no one can snatch him away from me, no one is an exception.”


These words were so domineering that it made He Yishu’s bones a little crispy, he turned his head to look at Adrian and agreed: “You’re right, no one can snatch me away from you.”


The small friends on the field and virtual network were inexplicably stuffed with a big bowl of dog food, and at this time, they simply didn’t know what expression to put on their faces, hey, this was abominable love ah.


In fact, the reason why He Yishu would make it clear in the full channel of the match that he must personally eliminate those four people was not because he felt that his purpose would definitely be realized in this match.



After all, apart from Du Fangping, those three remaining people had powerful family lineages, especially the Brandt family that Elisa was in, which was the number one family in the entire rune card world, and it was thought that no rune card master would be willing to offend them easily.


As for the Frank family that Alan belonged to, it was also quite prestigious in the military department, and the mecha warriors in the arena obviously wouldn’t be willing to make an enemy of him either.


Under these circumstances, the contestants who were in the middle of the interstellar live broadcast, where their every move would be completely recorded, would definitely not dare to act rashly.


Even if they really met the few people mentioned by He Yishu, they wouldn’t dare to easily provide the coordinates to He Yishu, otherwise, even if they successfully advanced to the next round of the tournament with He Yishu’s help, their development in the industry in the future would be greatly affected.


Of course, He Yishu hadn’t failed to take this into consideration, so the reason why he did this on purpose was more to deliberately humiliate those people, as to whether or not they could really be eliminated from the competition, that would depend on fate.


However, fate was such a mysterious thing, He Yishu didn’t have much hope on his side, but two or three hours later, someone actually contacted him through a private channel.


“He Yishu, I’ve seen Alan’s mecha, I’ll send you the approximate coordinates now.” The voice that came out from the communicator deliberately lowered his own voice, looking extraordinarily cautious.


He Yishu froze slightly for a moment, then couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Qiao An, it’s you.”



Although he knew that Qiao An had also participated in this year’s Mecha Athletic Competition, and had been advancing smoothly in the previous competitions, after the competition started, the two of them hadn’t communicated with each other on the field of play, and He Yishu had almost forgotten that his roommate was also in the field of play just like himself.



“It’s me, I just saw Alan’s mecha by accident as well, he shouldn’t be far from me now.” Ever since He Yishu had just said something like that during the race, Qiao An had been secretly keeping an eye on this matter, and he didn’t expect it to really be that coincidental that he had bumped into Alan’s mecha.



Speaking of which, it couldn’t be considered that he saw Alan’s mecha, it was his partner who reminded him of it, otherwise they would have missed it.



He Yishu didn’t let Qiao An tell him the coordinates directly, but after a pause, he asked, “Of course I know that you want to help me, but after all, you’re not fighting alone now, does your partner know about this? After all, Alan’s father’s position in the military department is not low.”


Qiao An froze slightly before turning his head to look at his partner Zheng Juncheng, he really hadn’t considered this before.



Zheng Juncheng smiled faintly at Qiao An: “Have you forgotten that it was actually me who first discovered Alan Frank’s coordinates and then alerted you?”


Then, Zheng Juncheng said into the communicator: “Hello, Qiao An’s roommate, I’m Qiao An’s partner, I’ve already thought this over, can we give you the coordinates now? If it’s any later, Alan might not be here.”



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