C72 – Elisa’s Provocation


“8:42, you still have class later, get up and eat something quickly,” Adrian walked to the closet and took out a set of clothes and pants from it, “Put your clothes on first.”


He Yishu took the clothes in Adrian’s hands and wore them, “This doesn’t seem to be mine?”


“Yes, I bought it according to your size.” Adrian replied.



He Yishu glanced at Adrian, and after he put on his shirt and pants, he got up and walked over to pull open the closet door, and then he saw that in half of Adrian’s closet, there were men’s clothes that were obviously a few sizes too small hanging.


He Yishu’s fingers crossed the clothes one by one, his throat inexplicably felt tight: “These clothes …… when did you buy them?”


Adrian looked shy as he scratched his head: “I bought it after my confession to you, I thought it would come in handy.”



He Yishu turned his head, stood on his tip toes, gently kissed the corner of Adrian’s lips, and then smiled happily: “Thank you, I like these clothes very much.”



“It’s good that you like it,” Adrian’s ears completely reddened, “I’ve already prepared breakfast, quickly go and wash up, it’s getting late.”


“Okay.” He Yishu rolled up his sleeves and went to wash up, while Adrian walked over to the bedside and personally straightened the bed covers.


Although this matter could have been left entirely to the living robot, Adrian enjoyed the process of doing it himself, this was the bed they had slept in together, the quilt they had used, and of course it was very different from before.



After having breakfast with Adrian, He Yishu went straight to the classroom, where he received a promotion notice from the virtual arena.



After this group stage, the original 20,000 participating groups had rapidly plummeted to more than 8,000 participating groups, and the reason why there was a situation where the number of eliminated people was more than one-half of the total number of people was because in a portion of the group stage, the members of both sides had neither split the victory and defeat nor found a victory sign, and thus were eliminated together.



After the group stage, these 8,000 teams were about to have another mixed match, only this time, the mixed match was no longer team-based, but an individual mixed match.



This time, the rules of the mixed match were very simple and brutal. Instead of deciding the winner by points, the number of players remaining in the match was directly determined.


The virtual arena had already given a clear notice that the match would only be declared over when the number of remaining participants on the field reached five hundred, otherwise this individual mixed match would continue on.


In other words, after this Individual Mixed Match, there would only be five hundred remaining contestants, such an elimination rate was simply dazzling.



Due to the simplicity and brutality of the rules, this Individual Mixed Match would not limit the level or number of rune cards that the participants could use, so the rune card masters could play to their heart’s content.



Looking at the notification sent over by the virtual arena, He Yishu slowly smiled, such rules of the tournament were undoubtedly good news for him, as such rules would obviously allow him to better utilize the charms of his Han Character Cards in the tournament.


As for the time of the competition, it was set at 12 o’clock noon three days later.


Three days wasn’t a long time, but in the process, there were always some things that made people feel helpless.


For example, at noon on the day he received the notice, He Yishu was blocked by a completely unexpected person.


The young girl in a white dress stood in front of He Yishu, frowning slightly as she said, “Hello, my name is Elisa, I’m a second year student of the Rune Card major, may I ask if you have the time now?”



He Yishu looked Elisa up and down once, then calmly shook his head: “No.”


Completely not expecting the other party to react this way, Elisa was instantly a bit irritated: “Since you don’t have the time, then I’ll be straightforward. Student He Yishu, I know that your ability to create talisman cards is very strong, so I would like to challenge you, please accept my challenge.”



“I’m sorry, I not only don’t have the time to make small talk with you, but I also don’t have the time to accept your challenge,” He Yishu let out a light laugh, speechless at Elisa’s look of taking the initiative to find out about him, yet she still had a condescending expression, “But I still have to say one more thing, your attitude really does look like you’re deliberately looking for a fight, but of course, it’s possible that you’re usually always like this.”



After saying that, He Yishu was about to go around Elisa’s side, but she moved her feet and once again blocked his way: “Please wait.”


He Yishu slowly put away the smile on his face and frowned: “Knowing that I don’t have the time, you still intentionally blocked my way, your behavior is very impolite, don’t you know that?”



Elisa despised He Yishu, but thinking of her purpose, she could only grit her teeth and suppress her temper, “I’m sorry if my behavior bothers you, but I’m genuinely asking you for advice, so I hope you won’t reject me.”



“Since you’re genuinely trying to ask me for advice, then I’ll generously teach you one more thing,” He Yishu looked at Elisa unhappily, “To impose on someone else for something they don’t want to do is likewise a very impolite thing to do, is that clear? ”



Being accused by such a vulgar fellow one after another, Elisa finally became irritated, but after thinking about it, she actually felt that He Yishu’s words seemed very reasonable, making it completely impossible to refute them.



And such a perception also made Elisa even more irritated, after thinking for a while, she gritted her teeth, “He Yishu, do you know why I challenged you?”



“I don’t know, and I don’t want to know,” He Yishu shrugged his shoulders and said rather helplessly, “The only thing I want to know right now is whether you can get out of the way now?”



Such a completely unconventional response made Elisa’s face turn red with anger, and she could only brazenly continue, “The reason I challenged you is because Adrian is my childhood friend.”


“So you still haven’t figured out how rude your behavior is until now?” He Yishu sighed lightly and said with great disappointment, “Originally, looking at you like this, I thought that you should be a student who knows how to be polite, but now it seems that not only are your words and actions rude, but even after I reminded you, you still haven’t realized your problem, and now, you’re going to continue to perpetuate this rudeness?”



“Did you even hear what I was saying?” Elisa was also thoroughly annoyed, was there something wrong with this person’s head, she had already mentioned Adrian, why did this guy still look like he didn’t care?



He Yishu nodded calmly, “Of course I heard you, otherwise how could I point out your mistake? And did you hear what I said? After I pointed out your mistakes many times, do you still want to continue to be unreasonable?”



Elisa was so frustrated that she wanted to cry, she could only make it clear: “He Yishu, I just said that Adrian and I are childhood friends, didn’t you hear me?”



He Yishu nodded and said blankly, “I heard you, but is there any necessary connection between this incident and your indiscretion? Do you think that just because you and Adrian are childhood friends, you can make this kind of mistake without the need to apologize and correct it?”



“You simply cannot communicate!” Elisa already regretted being here, she had said so much, but instead of achieving her goal, she had been exasperated by He Yishu, she simply lifted a stone and smashed her own foot!



He Yishu snorted, “You may have forgotten that from the very beginning, it was you who took the initiative to stop me, and even disregarded my wishes, never letting me leave, so it seems like I’m the victim in this matter, right?”



“He Yishu, no matter what you say, you must accept my challenge,” Elisa sharply expressed her purpose before she was so exasperated that she lost her mind, “Tomorrow, remember to bring along the talisman cards that you’ve created, or I’ll come back to you!”



Elisa didn’t wait for He Yishu to give a response, and directly turned around and left in a rage.



He Yishu slightly narrowed his eyes looking at Elisa’s back, although via the other party’s actions today, it looked like she had come to purposely find fault with him for Adrian, He Yishu was very clear that Elisa should have appeared because of the surveillance.



Ever since the surveillance equipment had been installed in his room, He Yishu had never made a Han character card in his room, much less done anything else related to it.



Under such circumstances, the Brandt family was obviously waiting a bit anxiously, after all, as the various competitions of the Mecha Athletic Competition unfolded, He Yishu’s ability to make Chinese character cards would be known by more and more people, while the Brandt family would be in a more and more passive position.



Based on this premise, it was understandable that the Brandt family would make a move, they wanted to provoke He Yishu to expose certain information, thus capturing what they wanted.



As for why the Brandt family would let Elisa do this, it must have been Elisa’s own request, otherwise this matter wouldn’t make sense at all.



After all, with the power of the Brandt family, there must be not a few people in the First Academy who wanted to do things for them, and Elisa, as a member of the Brandt family who was very much favored by the elders, didn’t need to expose herself to such a small matter.



But the truth was, in an obviously unnecessary situation, Elisa chose to do this, so in the final analysis, this matter did seem to have an inseparable relationship with Adrian?


Such thoughts made He Yishu sigh rather helplessly, having such an excellent lover was really a very sweet burden.




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