When Zhao Depei and the others saw Li Zheng’s interaction with David, they were even more amazed, Li Zheng could actually make decisions for Roche directly on such occasions, which couldn’t help but make the crowd reevaluate Li Zheng’s importance to Roche once again.


But they were thinking too much, Li Zheng had already signed an agreement with Roche about the priority of the project, and the purpose of the board of directors had already been achieved, as long as the laboratory could be successfully put into Li Zheng’s hands, they would not care about the process.


David was very dissatisfied with Huaqing’s backtracking, so he used the excuse of the headquarters to excuse himself, wanting to delay the donation ceremony to give them a lesson, but since Li Zheng had opened his mouth to help them out, he didn’t have to be a villain in vain.


“Then this couldn’t be better.” Zhao Depei let out a long breath, revealing the first real smile of the day on his face.


Wu Zhaomeng’s face turned red. Not two days after the head document was issued, it was declared null and void, causing the employees to talk, as well as the renovation workers were called back halfway, making them think that the foreign large group and Huaqing was unreliable.



In June 1985, Dorman and China officially established diplomatic relations. When signing the diplomatic relations agreement, the Dorman diplomat, on behalf of the President of Dorman, publicly expressed his gratitude to China for Li Zheng.



Although Li Zheng’s trip to Africa was facilitated by the United Nations, and the results of the vaccine program were still under the name of Li Zheng’s laboratory in Hong Kong, and the follow-up drug research after the vaccine production was even in cooperation with the U.S. Merck Sharp & Dohme, Dorman, a small African country, obviously preferred to take the credit for this to China, which was a developing country as well as a country that expressed its obvious goodwill towards African countries.



On the Huaqing campus, the national anthems of China and Dorman played alternately, and the word Li Zheng appeared abruptly in the solemn but unfamiliar words of diplomatic relations, causing the crowd to stand in awe.




As the Chinese interpreter repeated the Doman diplomat’s words of establishment of diplomatic relations, Hua Qing realized that the foreigners had actually put the name of the young professor they had just hired together with the name of the country, and could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.


In the eighties, television entertainment programs were still rare, and the news broadcast was watched by every household with a television, and the ceremony was repeated over and over again, so that everyone in front of the television set remembered the name Li Zheng.



It was also the day that the donation ceremony between Roche and Huaqing was held in the Huaqing Assembly Hall.



Because of the basket case that Huang Qu’nan had stirred up, most of the upper echelons of the State of China and the faculty and staff of Hua Qing University knew about the inner workings of this donation, so the guest of honor was changed from the leader of the State Center who had decided to attend to the Minister of Education.


And in recent days, the faculty and staff of Yan University had been greatly frustrated. When the news of donations first came out, they were so angry because they didn’t know how Huaqing had the opportunity to talk about Roche’s donation.


They thought so in their hearts, but looking at the solemn ceremony on the podium, and the foreign journalists who arrived one after another, the leaders of Yan University still felt uneasy.


Even if it was giving gifts by borrowing a hand, why shouldn’t it be their turn?



On both sides of the podium were seated representatives of Huaqing and Roche’s representatives.



David didn’t go up to represent Roche, but sat on the side of the first row with Li Zheng in his private capacity.



Speaking on the stage on behalf of Roche was Zhou Kaihua, the general director of Roche’s China Region, a native of Shancheng, who had studied at Munich University in Germany for five years, then entered the German branch of Roche, and had moved around the European branches for more than ten years, and was then transferred to China as the person in charge for the reason that he was a native of China.



Zhou Kaihua didn’t mince words of praise in his speech, putting Huaqing together with international famous schools, the heart of Huaqing students underneath surged.


The foreign journalists took pictures with a flash, and Zhao Depei spoke the history of the Qing Dynasty in Chinese with a straight and round tone. A foreign ministry translator quickly translated it into English and echoed throughout the entire hall.


Looking at the serious faces of the foreign journalists scribbling in their notebooks to excerpt every word he said, Zhao Depei’s heart surged, the road to being part of known international schools, Huaqing finally took the first step.


Li Zheng and these reporters were old friends, but he obviously didn’t want to steal Huaqing’s thunder today.



However, even if Li Zheng kept a low profile, there were still some journalists who had discovered his existence, and the photo of him talking sideways with David and the photo of Zhao Depei shaking hands with Zhou Kaihua were placed together and made it into the international newspapers.



These two photos were enough for many people to see the real purpose of Roche’s donation. But so what, in the end, there were too few people in the academic circle compared to the general public. Huaqing had already achieved its purpose, letting the people of the world know that such a school worthy of Roche’s donation existed in China.



At the same time, the news of Li Zheng’s return to China was once again brought up, and Huaqing’s timely announcement of signing a contract with Li Zheng was a momentous occasion.


“Professor Li.”


“Professor Li.”



Li Zheng rode his bicycle through the campus promenade, and from time to time, there were Huaqing students greeting him. Li Zheng felt that going back to China was really the right decision, the status of a teacher was more suitable for him than a student.


Two days had passed since the donation ceremony, and David had already returned to Hong Kong, along with Zhou Sitian.


Zhou Sitian returned to the mainland with Li Zheng on that day and went back to the city directly.


Zhou Sitian’s means was very simple and rough, high-level pressure and heavy reward.



In fact, Yang Kaijian’a case wasn’t difficult, On that day, Yang Kaijian and Xiao He were talking in the small forest not far from Yang’s house, some people saw them.


It was just that the county wanted to cover it up, coupled with the traditional Chinese belief that saying less was better, this matter could only be covered up to now.


Zhou Sitian had been doing well in Hong Kong in the past two years, and her own network was enough to have an impact on the upper echelons of the Shenzhen city.

Therefore, a grand investigation, case, and operation began in Yantian County. With the help of the authorities and the temptation of heavy money, someone quickly came forward to say that they had seen Yang Kaijian and Xiao He argue in the small forest on the day of the crime, and on that day, someone testified that Zhou Deqing had been guarding the Li family gate all night, possessing an alibi.


The case of Zhou Deqing killing Xiao He had been overturned. The truth about Yang Kaijian’s murder gradually surfaced, and based on Xiao He’s blade, it could be determined that the dagger left at the scene of Yang Kaijian’s death that day was brought by Yang Kaijian himself. Therefore, regardless of why Zhou Deqing clashed with Yang Kaijian, it was reasonable self-defense.



Zhou Deqing’s injustice was finally cleared.



Xiao He’s family then went to the Yang family to make a scene, bringing up the matter of Wang Chengcai and Yang Kaijian instructing Xiao He to falsely accuse Li Zheng in the guest house that day. The reputation of the Yang family and the Wang family in Qinghe Town hit rock bottom for a while.


Wang Aiguo’s reputation wasn’t saved, and Wang Chengcai was also persuaded to quit by the pharmaceutical factory. Without this support, the Yang family, who had already been dissatisfied with the Wang family, officially broke with the Wang family. The play of the two families’ dog biting dog became a laughing stock for many residents of Qinghe Town after dinner.



“Li Zheng ah, your lab can be put into use in two months at most, so I won’t bother, the small lab next to it, is being used by Xiao Chen, you can temporarily share.” Elder Meng said smilingly to Li Zheng.



On the second day after the donation ceremony, Zhao Depei and Wu Zhaomeng announced in the name of the collective decision of the school’s leadership team that the laboratory would be allocated to Li Zheng for use, and that Li Zheng had the exclusive right to use the laboratory.



“Thank you, Elder Meng.” In his previous life, Li Zheng had used even the smallest of laboratories, so the independent workbench was more than enough to fulfill his work content for these two months.


“This group of boys in the lab, you can make use of them as you please.” With that, he stood up and clapped his hands vigorously to signal the crowd in the lab to lean in, “During Mr. Li Zheng’s stay in the lab, you guys have to fully cooperate with him, you can’t slack off, not to mention you can’t shirk your duties, do you hear me?!”



“Understood!” All of them replied without hesitation, the matter of the donation of the laboratory, and the self-negating resolution of the secretary’s office was already enough for Li Zheng to establish his authority.



However, this kind of “authority” was enough to make the people in the laboratory pay attention to Li Zheng’s instructions, but it didn’t allow Li Zheng to integrate well into the working environment of Old Meng’s laboratory.



If it was a normal person, since it would only take two months, if he didn’t fit in, then he wouldn’t fit in, and he would only be able to carry out his work normally anyway.



But Li Zheng was obviously someone who wasn’t willing to treat himself harshly, and an uncomfortable working environment could affect his working mood.



“Professor Li, what are you doing?” After enduring for several days, someone finally couldn’t help but ask.


Li Zheng’s busy movements lurched and he turned his head with a smile, “Organizing and sorting out information.”



“But I’ve never seen such a way of organizing information!” The one who spoke was called Xiao Fang, a postgraduate student of Huaqing University, and a lab worker in Old Meng’s lab who was specifically responsible for organizing information. His duty was to organize all the information that was needed or could be referred to by the experiment at the first time after the lab project was determined.



“This is called the Z-word mnemonic data summarization method, a means of aiding memory proposed by French memory master Rodman in 1982, and it has been applied in practice in many first-class laboratories abroad.”



Li Zheng looked at the perked up ears of the laboratory crowd, and a hint of a smile flashed in his eyes, “According to the initial letters of the keywords, use the Z-type mnemonic type to summarize the information, for example, the keyword ‘hormone’…… “Li Zheng stood at the wall and spoke eloquently.



Most of the people in the laboratory subconsciously put down the work at hand and leaned towards Li Zheng, the Z-memory categorization method was not only convenient for information categorization and querying, but also very much in line with human memory habits, Xiao Fang tried searching a few times, and found out the information he wanted for a project, which actually saved him two to three days of time compared to his original one.



This made Xiao Fang excited.


“Professor Li, can I use this method?” He couldn’t help but ask.


“Of course, this is a method published in international journals, everyone can use it.”


Xiao Fang was naturally very excited as he had claimed the top prize. The rest of the people could also see that Li Zheng was a very approachable person despite his high international reputation, and from time to time, they also took out the difficult problems they had encountered to ask for advice.


Every time they asked and were answered, Li Zheng’s thoughts were clear, his logic was clear, and he was able to cite one example to reflect on another, which made the crowd sigh in admiration.



“Professor Li ……”


“Professor Li ……”



Seeing this scene, Elder Meng shook his head and laughed bitterly, “Li Zheng, if you stay for a few more days, this laboratory will have to change its surname to Li.”



Li Zheng naturally knew that what Elder Meng said was just teasing words, and slightly raised his eyebrows, “If Elder Meng is willing to let me have it, I am naturally more than willing to take it.”



“You bastard boy!” Old Meng pretended to be angry, “But I came back this time to tell you a good news, our laboratory signed an international cooperation project with the University of Chicago in the United States, it’s also thanks to your blessing ah, if there was no donation, it wouldn’t be Huaqing’s turn.”





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