C23 – Old Site Of Sif


The atmosphere became slightly awkward.


The tall and sturdy baritone rose from the ground in a state of disarray, looking at Feng Huai with a disheveled expression.


Ji Jian sized up the other party – obviously his arm wasn’t as thick as his arm, how did he take him down to the ground at once?



He pursed his lips, too humiliating.


The pianist let out a “snort” of laughter.



He gently patted the palm of his hand: “Everyone is here. Troupe leader Yu Rui, cellist Feng Huai, even if we chose the opposite direction, in the end, fate still let us meet in this small …… backstage utility room.”


“Eh yes, how did you guys get together?” Trumpeter Zhang Xiaofeng looked at Feng Huai and Yu Rui curiously.


“It’s fate.” Yu Rui was the first to speak, borrowing the pianist’s words.



Feng Huai rolled his eyes, but he was even lazier to explain, so he didn’t retort.


[Pfft, the Great god’s drawing style is not quite the same as usual]


[It’s not quite the same. So it seems that the usual Great god, is actually …… sullen?]



[The newcomer rolled his eyes hahahahaha, too true]


[It was said by Boss Yu, otherwise I would have rolled my eyes too hahahahaha]


Mu Zi looked at Feng Huai, “Did you run in that direction …… and not meet the night watchman later?”


Feng Huai looked at the other, Mu Zi’s arm had obvious abrasions, her sleeve was torn open by who knows who, her hair was messy, and she looked woefully out of shape.



Looking around again, this place looked like a stage backstage, piling up miscellaneous objects, in addition to the main door, there was also an exit that was collapsed by a falling lift, completely unable to go.


His heart was clear, and he asked rhetorically, “You ran into the Night’s Watch?”

Not only did they collide with the night watchman, but they were also spotted by the other thing guarding the door.



Mu Zi answered in a low voice, and looked at Zhang Xiaofeng, a flash of displeasure and dislike clearly crossing her eyes, “We ran into this place in a panic with the Nightwatchman chasing us.”



She was the first to discover this utility room, and had wanted to hide in there alone, but as a result, Zhang Xiaofeng and several others all crowded in shouting, and Zhang Xiaofeng even pushed her out under the chaos.



If it wasn’t for her quick reaction, she might have been the first one to be eliminated from the game.


“The watchman might know that we’re hiding here and wander back here from time to time.” Zhang Xiaofeng said uneasily.


Just as he finished speaking, as if to validate his words, the window flashed with electric light one by one, accompanied by the Nightwatchman’s grumpy low roar.


“Oh my god he’s here again!” Zhang Xiaofeng’s pupils shrank and he cowered into the corner in fear.


Sure enough, the night watchman stood in the doorway of the utility room, he seemed to be listening to the movements inside, and for a while everyone dared not open their mouths again.



Tan Lin was closest to the door, he boldly approached the cat’s eye on the door to look out.


Outside the cat’s eye was pitch black, and there seemed to be no one at all.


Tan Lin blinked twice in confusion and looked into the cat’s eye once again.



This time he got a good look, and he sucked in a breath of cold air, his eyes snapping open –



A bloodshot eye appeared in the cat’s eye, and that eye swung back and forth from side to side alertly, trying to peer through the door to see what was moving inside.


Tan Lin stiffened against the door, not daring to move a muscle.


After a while, he saw the eye slowly move away, and the night watchman seemed to move away from the door.



Tan Lin looked through the cat’s eye and saw only a tall shadow standing alone in the doorway, the moonlight stretching his figure extremely long.


The man took two steps, seemingly intent on leaving.



Tan Lin breathed a sigh of relief and gave a gesture to indicate that it was gone.


Ji Jian relaxed.


He had just slid down against the door when he heard a loud bang, and his entire body was shaken and bounced out.



“Crap!” Ji Jian subconsciously shouted out, the door of the utility room was smashed with a “clang”, as if the door frame was going to be smashed down.



The night watchman viciously kicked at the door of the utility room and roared, “I know you’re in there! Come out, all of you! Come out!”



The electric baton in his hand made a splintering and terrifying sound, and the less courageous Zhang Xiaofeng cowered in the corner on the verge of crying out.


Tan Lin used his entire body to press against the door, but he simply couldn’t carry the force of the night watchman’s kick, and his entire body was almost knocked out.


Mu Zi rushed up to help.


However, the gap outside the door of the utility room grew wider and wider, and it was almost possible to see half of the Night watchman’s face under the electric light through the gap –



It looked like it had been licked by tongues of fire, and one look was enough for nightmares.



Mu Zi gave a short scream as the watchman tried to put his hand through the doorway, and was pressed back by Tan Lin and Mu Zi with all their strength.



Ji Jian rose from the floor and pressed up on his hands and knees to help.



Tan Lin frowned and shouted, “What to do? He doesn’t seem to be tired at all!”



“At this rate, the door is going to break down sooner or later!” Ji Jian roared.



Seeing this, Yu Rui and Feng Huai looked around and coincidentally fixed their eyes on the iron frame where the miscellaneous items were stacked.



The iron frame weighed several hundred pounds, and Yu Rui asked Feng Huai in a low voice, “What do you want to do?”


“Just as you thought.” Feng Huai looked at him and curved the corners of his mouth, “Since the Night Watch is a part of the game’s pursuit, if you can’t escape, you have to fight hard.”



“But you can’t cause irreversible deaths, or you’ll be penalized by the game.” Yu Rui reminded.



Feng Huai nodded, this he knew only too well.



Yu Rui looked at the other players who were in a terrible state of distress and ordered in a deep voice, “Wait for me to count to three, everyone immediately evacuate and run far away, or else suffer the consequences.”



Tan Lin and the others immediately nodded when they heard this, even though they didn’t see what Yu Ru and Feng Huai were planning to do, all they had to do was run, it wasn’t difficult.





Feng Huai lightly leapt, his toes quickly pointing on a few frames of iron shelves as pedals, landing steadily on the top of the shelves.




He gave a slight nod to Yu Rui, signaling that he was ready.



Yu Rui bellowed, “Three!”


Everyone quickly ran away in response.


The door to the utility room was easily kicked open by the night watchman because it was no longer fended off.



The Nightwatchman’s lanky and sturdy figure appeared in the doorway, occupying almost the entire doorframe.



The electric baton in his hand flashed with a blue-violet light, accompanied by the sound of electric current that made people’s scalp tighten, and he lowly roared, “Damn ant minions, I don’t have the heart to play hide-and-seek with you! Get the hell out here!”



Feng Huai saw the right moment and used the force of his body to kick the iron frame violently.



The iron frame let out a “creaking” sound, and like a huge object, it slowly tumbled towards the side of the door.



The night watchman noticed the movement above his head, he yelled, it was too late to exit the door, so he could only turn around sharply, trying to avoid the iron frame.


Feng Huai saw this and whirled around to look at Yu Rui.



Yu Rui had expected this, he had predicted the direction of the night watchman’s escape, and with a few heavy kicks in the air, he quickly stepped on the edge of the iron frame, and actually kicked the several hundred pounds of iron frame to rotate.


Without hesitation, Feng Huai leapt into the air, his toes pointing on the slightly rotating iron frame.



He and Yu Zhi exchanged glances, and the two of them kicked the edge of the iron frame with surprisingly consistent movements, as if they were using the iron frame as a rudimentary stage for a neat tap dance.


The iron frame spun around, slowing down the speed of the fall, turning in the direction of the night watchman.



The hundreds of pounds of iron frame, like obedient puppets on strings, let out a dull groan as it chased after the tall, lanky figure of the Night’s Watchman.



The few people who ran to the other end of the corner saw it and stared in shock – no one expected that the person chasing and being chased had switched identities!


“Clang!” With a loud bang, the iron frame hit the night watchman.


Letting out a pained roar, the top of his head was smashed open by the iron frame with a small opening.



His strong and sturdy body became a liability at this moment, trapping him in the gaping intervals of the iron frame.



“Go!” Yu Rui shouted in a deep voice.



Tan Lin and Mu Zi and the others returned to their senses at the sound of the voice and hurriedly followed closely behind to keep up.



Behind them was the Night Watchman’s furious roar, “You irreverent ants! Disturbing the theater’s hibernation, sooner or later you will be judged!”


Several people ran dozens of meters in one breath, panting.



Trumpeter Zhang Xiaofeng coughed while looking at the two of them in amazement, “Wow, you guys actually trapped the Night Watchman!”



“The game can still be played like this?!” Ji Jian said incredulously.



The two veteran players, Mu Zi and Tan Lin, glanced at each other, they had long heard of Yu Rui’s game doings, they weren’t too surprised, it was just that when they saw it with their own eyes, they were still a bit shocked.



That scene just now was really beautiful.



They even didn’t expect that the newcomer’s tacit understanding with Yu Rui could be so seamless, rather than trying to trap an NPC, it was more like a bizarre performance.


[Ahhhhhh brilliant!!!]



[Worthy of being boss Yu!!! The newcomer is also excellent!!! It’s amazing that he could make such a beautiful match with Boss Yu!!!]]


Feng Huai saw that his live view’s popularity had surpassed one thousand.



He narrowed his eyes slightly, the pace was slower than he thought-after all, he had to earn six hundred thousand popularity.



Tan Lin looked around spoke slowly with some confusion, “Wait, where is this place?”



He looked around at the slightly older gothic style of architecture, with pointed arches like inverted bowls that clasped above their heads.



Branching out artistic spikes stood there jaggedly, and the wax table carvings of foreign beasts were all over every stone pillar.



Feng Huai tilted his head slightly to look at the architectural work of art in front of him and murmured in a low voice, “The old site of Sif.”



[Player Feng Huai has completed the side quest: Finding the Right Direction, rewarded with 2 points]




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