C73 —- The Two Big Bad Wolves


After He Yishu returned to his apartment, he immediately contacted Adrian and told him what just happened, but of course, He Yishu didn’t blame him, it was because he thought that Elisa’s behavior had something to do with the Brandt family’s plot against him.



And very quickly, Adrian affirmed He Yishu’s thoughts, “Your guess is correct, Elisa’s father had indeed contacted her before to discuss matters related to you, and she took the initiative to propose this action.”


After Qiao An had brought back that surveillance equipment earlier, Adrian installed a higher level anti-surveillance system on He Yishu’s light device, so the communication between the two would not be exposed to a third party’s line of sight.



“So it seems that she’s still haunted by the fact that you rejected her,” He Yishu touched his chin with a wry smile and chuckled, “Unfortunately, you’re my man now, so she’s completely out of chances.”



Hearing this, Adrian’s dark green eyes suddenly became a few points deeper, and at the same time took on a faint concern: “How are you feeling physically?”


“You prepared so well, how could I possibly feel uncomfortable?” He Yishu smiled as he looked at Adrian, if he had to give a score to last night’s first experience, then it must be a perfect score, because even in his fantasies, He Yishu couldn’t imagine a more wonderful experience than that at all.


Adrian’s ears silently reddened once again: “That’s good.”


He Yishu was a bit shy as well, he looked at the greenery on the side of the road and brought the topic back to business: “Although she had indirectly offended me before, after all, I had never met her and I didn’t want to fight her head on, but now since she took the initiative to come to my door, I feel that it’s necessary for me to make good use of this opportunity to let her know how stupid her behavior is. ”



“My thoughts are the same as yours, now that she is completely under our surveillance, we can do a lot with this.” Adrian nodded approvingly, when she spoke out against He Yishu, Adrian wanted to teach her a good lesson, but at that time, the situation was there, and it wasn’t really suitable for him to do anything else other than to report it, but the situation now was completely different.



He Yishu tsked softly and shrugged, “What a poor little girl, just like that, she’s being targeted by two big bad wolves.”



Adrian was amused by He Yishu’s pretense of frivolity and followed with a snicker, “The big bad wolf has already prepared a sumptuous lunch for his companion, may I ask if the big bad wolf’s companion is willing to have lunch with him?”



“The Big Bad Wolf’s companion has already received the message and is rushing over.” He Yishu couldn’t help but smile as well.


When he arrived at Adrian’s apartment, He Yishu saw that lunch had already been set on the table in the living room, and it was all his favorite dishes.



As he sat down, he also realized that a layer of soft cushions had been laid on his seat, and although He Yishu’s body didn’t have any discomfort, his thoughtfulness still made him feel warm: “Thank you.”



“I’m the one who should say thank you,” Adrian smiled and gave He Yishu his favorite dishes, “Do you know when I first saw you?”



He Yishu thought about it while eating, “It was the time you sent me to the hotel, wasn’t it? At that time, when you said that you wanted to help me, I really thought that you might be a bad person, trying to abduct me.”



“Not that time,” Adrian looked into He Yishu’s eyes and shook his head, “I saw you when you left the entrance test examination center.”



He Yishu blinked in surprise and said with a smile, “So it was at that time, did you become interested in me at that time, and that’s why you offered to help me afterward?”


“I guess so. But my first impression of you at that time was that you were a bit bad,” recalling the scene at that time, what left the deepest impression on Adrian was his dark eyes and sly expression, as well as the bad smile on his hooked lips, “Later, when I watched you slowly walk forward on the empty road, I felt that you seemed a bit lonely.”


He Yishu laughed a little, at that time, he had just transmigrated, and took over such a mess, there was no one around to rely on, of course he would feel lonely.



Then, as if he thought of something, He Yishu looked up at Adrian, “Then why did you send me a part-time job offer later?”



Adrian was silent for a while, but chose to tell the truth: “Because I overheard the conversation between you and He Xiaochen, and probably guessed your situation at that time.”



This kind of fate-like thing caused a gentle smile to appear on He Yishu’s face: “I see, but in the end, it’s also because of your kind character that you were willing to help me, right? After all, you were not the only one who understood my situation.”



“It’s not because of kindness, I’m not a kind person, maybe it’s like you said, at that time, I had actually become interested in you, that’s why I chose to help you.” Adrian looked down at the rice on the table, before he met He Yishu, he had never even used chopsticks, but now, he was very used to using chopsticks to eat anything.



Such a change seemed insignificant, but for Adrian, it was a very difficult thing to do.



It wasn’t that Adrian was a stickler for rules, but he was unwilling to make any changes that were unnecessary for him.



Since he was able to eat normally when using a knife and fork, he wouldn’t change his dining habits when he was already accustomed to using a knife and fork, but he did so now because he had met He Yishu.



Once upon a time, he would have been even less likely to easily feel sympathy or choose to help out because of a person’s situation, but now he did the same because he met He Yishu.



When you like someone, you will willingly make changes for them that you wouldn’t have done before.



Or in other words, when you are willing to make changes for someone, maybe you already like them.



Liking, was a wonderful thing.



He Yishu held his chopsticks and brightly smiled at Adrian: “It’s an honor to have you interested in me.”



Adrian was just about to reply when he heard his light device go off, he looked down and his expression instantly became serious: “It’s Elisa contacting her father.”


“Are we able to hear the content of their communication now?” He Yishu also put away the smile on his face.


“Yes.” After Adrian and He Yishu looked at each other, they tapped a few times on the light device, and soon Elisa’s voice came into their ears.



Her voice carried some shyness and helplessness, as well as a faint undercurrent of inadequacy: “Father, I know what you’re trying to say, but now that things have turned out like this, what we need to do is to find a way to make things go the way we want them to, right?”



Elisa’s father looked at her with an expression of disapproval: “I admit that boy Adrian does have some strength, and before, your mother and I did have the idea of making you an exclusive partner with him, but with your qualifications, you are good enough to be worthy of a better mecha warrior, so why do you need to hold on to your heart over this matter?”



She was even more ashamed: “Father, please don’t bring him up again, this matter has absolutely nothing to do with him, the reason why I proposed to take the initiative was just to help.”


“Elisa, you ……” He hesitated for a moment, probably taking into account his daughter’s thoughts, as well as the established facts in front of him, he ultimately didn’t continue to say anything more on this matter, but only said in a serious tone, ” Now that He Yishu hasn’t returned to the apartment yet, I’m worried that with his attitude towards you, he won’t be affected in any way.”



Thinking of the words He Yishu said to her earlier, Elisa was once again infuriated to the point that her chest rose and fell, she gritted her teeth, “If he is not affected by this and doesn’t give us the information we want, then what is father going to do next?”


Elisa’s father was silent for a while before he said in a heavy tone, “As long as He Yishu is under our surveillance, we have more than enough chances to deal with him, but because of your actions today, we may have to reformulate our plans.”



He didn’t mean to accuse her, but before this, the Brandt family’s plan really didn’t include provoking He Yishu, and he didn’t want to see He Yishu on the opposite side of the fence from the Brandt family.



He Yishu’s performance in this Mecha Athletic Competition had already been studied in depth by the Brandt Family, and in the face of such a supreme genius who carried many secrets in his body, the first thought of any great family would be to try to recruit him under their banner, because such a genius, no matter which family he was placed in, would be a very great help.



Only if he refused to cooperate would they want to directly destroy such a terrifying talent.



But right now, there was clearly a possibility that Elisa’s actions would provoke He Yishu, but after all, things had already happened, and although he blamed his daughter in his heart for her behavior that completely disregarded the interests of the family, it was also just as she had said, the most important thing at the moment was indeed how to lead the matter to the outcome that they wanted.


Elisa was silent for a moment before she suddenly spoke, “What if he can’t continue to participate in the competition?”




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