C71—- First Experience

He Yishu could probably guess what Adrian was worried about in his heart, although such worries were completely unnecessary, but He Yishu knew very well that Adrian was also worried because he cared, which didn’t make He Yishu feel disgusted, but instead, his heart was flooded with a burst of sweetness.



He was silent for a while, and then nodded with a smile, “Yes, it’s just the same that I also want to tie you to my side.”


Adrian’s eyes instantly lit up, but He Yishu suddenly frowned again: “But you didn’t have any romantic preparations for such an important matter, so wouldn’t it be too much of a disadvantage for me to agree to you directly?”



Adrian immediately tensed up again: “I …… I was worried that you would not agree to me, so I didn’t dare to make any arrangements, but I will go …… now”



“It’s too late to make preparations now,” He Yishu waved his hand, “Although you are indeed too careless in this matter, it’s not that I can’t forgive you, but you have to promise me one thing.”



Adrian immediately asked, “What is it?”



He Yishu stood up, walked around to Adrian’s side, and looked at him with a smile, “I want you to give me a gift.”



Adrian looked at He Yishu in a apologetic manner: “But I didn’t prepare a gift today.”


He Yishu put one hand on Adrian’s shoulder, slowly bent down close to his ear, and lowered his voice: “I want you …… to give yourself to me.”



Adrian’s dark green eyes flashed fiercely for a moment, then stared at He Yishu, his voice lowered as he spoke “I understand what Xiao Yishu …… means.”



He Yishu originally just wanted to flirt with Adrian, but now looking at his reaction like this, he suddenly felt a little cornered︰ “I’m just joking with you, I’m not asking you to definitely send me a gift, let’s just eat first …… eh! Well ……”



Adrian didn’t wait for He Yishu to finish his sentence, he directly pulled him into his arms, wrapped his waist and kissed him.



Only after a few minutes did the two of them slowly separate, He Yishu gasped and looked at Adrian, his lips were red: “You …… you didn’t even eat properly, you’re too bad.”



“Then after eating, can we officially start?” Adrian’s forehead gently pressed against He Yishu, his voice hoarse.


He Yishu could clearly feel Adrian’s hot palm still attached to his waist, and his fingertips were still gently rubbing, which made it hard for him to think: “What …… start what officially?”


Adrian stared at He Yishu’s red lips, and said word by word: “I want to give myself, completely to you.”



He Yishu’s expression instantly became a little subtle: “Adrian, I think what you understood, and what I want to express, may not be consistent, I think we need to communicate.”



Upon hearing this, Adrian’s lips pursed up tightly, and the bright light in his eyes was instantly replaced by a sense of loss: “Did I misunderstand what you meant? I’m sorry, I probably did think too much.”



Seeing Adrian reveal such an expression, He Yishu was somewhat unable to bear disappointing him: “Well, it could also be that I didn’t express myself clearly enough, so it’s not your problem.”



“Let’s eat first.” Adrian finally took his hand away from He Yishu’s waist, and he picked up his chopsticks again, slightly lowering his head, his eyes covered by a shadow.



Looking at Adrian’s silent appearance with his head lowered, He Yishu became even more intolerant, although it was true that he wasn’t fully prepared for this aspect, when he thought about it carefully, this was originally something that went along with the flow, apart from lubricant, where was the need to make any special preparations?



But he really didn’t prepare lubricant now, this seemed to be considered a big problem, as a person who had never had a real experience in this area, He Yishul heard others say that if lubricant wasn’t used, it would definitely hurt.



He Yishu, who was afraid of pain, seriously thought about it for a while and decided to make this matter clear to prevent Adrian from feeling sad because of it: “Honey, I think …… you can give yourself to me again tomorrow.”


Adrian instantly raised his head and gazed at He Yishu with a bright gaze: “Why tomorrow?”


He Yishu’s ears were red, but he still forced himself to say, “Because we haven’t done anything to prepare for it now, and in order for our bodies not to be hurt, I think it’s still necessary for us to ……”



“I’m all set.” Adrian interrupted He Yishu in a still-steady tone, only with a small tremor in his voice.



He Yishu slightly widened his eyes, looking at Adrian with a complex expression: “All …… ready?”



The tips of Adrian’s ears had silently reddened: “Because it’s the first time I …… have considered this issue.” In fact, he wanted to sleep with He Yishu a long time ago.


He Yishu couldn’t help but wipe his face, inexplicably feeling his heartbeat accelerating a bit, in this situation, should he accuse the other party of being indecent, or frankly admit his feelings?


This question was too difficult to find an answer to, He Yishu directly threw it aside, then spoke with difficulty, “Then …… let’s do it today, but we have to eat first.”



At the following dinner table, neither of the two men opened their mouths to say anything else, their heads had obviously begun to involuntarily fast-forward to certain unspeakable scenes.



Just the thought of Adrian’s palm slowly roaming over his body with no fabric separating them, the thought of his lips sucking out a clear …… and so on on down his neck! Why did he have to be thinking about all this nonsense at this time of the day aaaaaaahhhh! Now he was completely unable to eat okay!


He Yishu put down his chopsticks with a feverish body and spoke with a stern face, “I’m already full, so I’ll go take a shower first.”


“Okay.” Adrian stared closely at He Yishu, saying this word with extra deep meaning.


Under Adrian’s gaze, He Yishu rather uncomfortably entered the bathroom, and then he felt like he never wanted to go out again.


It was too tense, so tense that his heartbeat had completely lost its original melody.



A sense of nervousness far beyond his expectations filled his heart, causing He Yishu’s fingertips to tremble slightly as he undressed.



He Yishu took a deep breath, hiding his slightly heated body in the warm stream of water, clearly he didn’t have too strong a need in this area before ah, why would he have such a strong reaction now?


Could it be that Adrian’s attraction to him causes his reaction to be so great?



He Yishu dawdled in the bathroom for nearly half an hour before he finally gathered the courage to dry himself and walked out, then he saw that Adrian was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing a robe.



Looking at the robe on Adrian’s body, as well as his slightly damp hair, He Yishu was a bit dazed: “You ……”


“I went to the next room to take a shower,” Adrian stood up and walked over to He Yishu, “Let me help you wipe your hair.”



In every student apartment there were two separate rooms with separate bathrooms in each room, for some reason Adrian had been living alone so he had two usable bathrooms.


Then He Yishu who was in a daze was pulled by Adrian to sit on the edge of the bed, and he gently rubbed his hair, and in the process, he clearly felt his heartbeat getting faster and faster, almost about to pop right out.

At the same time, he also clearly felt that Adrian’s hands were trembling slightly.


He Yishu took a deep breath and asked in a pretense of relaxation, “Are you nervous now?”


“Yes,” Adrian’s voice was low and magnetic, “very nervous.”



“I’m actually nervous too,” He Yishu turned his head to look at Adrian, “but we don’t actually have to be so nervous, right?”



Adrian gazed deeply at He Yishu, he put down the soft towel, both hands gently cupped He Yishu’s face: “Xiao Shu, this is the first time I’m feeling so nervous, so scared, and so …… excited, I can’t control my emotions at all, what do you think I should do to be good?”


They gazed at each other under the soft light, and they could clearly see the complex emotions in each other’s gazes, which were intertwined with nervousness, joy, fear, excitement, thrill, and anticipation, and they were so similar.



But when so many emotions merged together, they all turned into a blank, making them feel overwhelmed. He Yishu was silent for a while, and then made a very bold move.


He directly held Adrian’s neck, instantly closing the distance between the two of them: “If you’re really that nervous, then kiss me.”


In the next instant, the distance between the two became zero, or even a negative number.



First a gentle kiss, then a fierce one, with gasps and eagerness, the loose robes slowly slipping off, each other’s bodies slowly closing in, until ……

He Yishu stretched out an arm from the fluffy quilt, rubbing his hazel eyes, the window was already wide open, bright sunlight bouncing in, illuminating every corner of the room.



Then He Yishu stretched out another arm, stretching contentedly, and couldn’t help but let out a contented sigh under his breath.



Because Adrian’s every step was exceptionally gentle and patient, and even afterward, he carefully applied some kind of ointment on He Yishu, so the first-timer, He Yishu, didn’t feel any discomfort in his body, and with his body being cleaned exceptionally well by Adrian, he now only felt lazy and comfortable all over.


Probably hearing He Yishu’s voice, Adrian pushed the door and walked in from outside, gazing tenderly at He Yishu, “Finally awake?”



“Uh, what time is it now?” He Yishu yawned, although he didn’t feel any physical discomfort, last night’s events did take a lot of his energy as well, making him want to continue sleeping for a while longer.



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