C70 —- Burning the Map


He Yishu pointed in a direction, “I just noticed that he was heading in that direction, but now he’s completely out of sight, are we going to chase after him directly now, or are we going to rendezvous with No. 2 and No. 3 first?”



“Rendezvous first.” Adrian said as he walked over to the place where No.2 and No.3 had just been allowed to stay.



When they arrived nearby, they saw that Mecha #2 and Mecha #3 were standing there honestly, like two mecha statues.



Mecha #2 spoke up first, “We just saw that guy escaping, but because you told us earlier that we should wait here, none of us went after him, are we being too unknowledgeable by doing so?”



Adrian replied seriously, “No, since you guys said that I’m the captain, then naturally you have to follow my orders, so even if there’s a problem, the problem lies with me, and you guys just acted according to my request without any problems.”



He Yishu also said at the side, “I also think that you guys are doing the right thing, but I’m not considering the problem from a disciplinary point of view, I just think that the other was able to seize such a short period of time and managed to escape, their level shouldn’t be too low, if you guys directly chased after them, there is definitely a certain amount of risk, and you might even make a mess of things. Of course, from a disciplinary point of view, you guys really shouldn’t act without authorization either, so you guys did the right thing.”



He Yishu very much hated the kind of people who didn’t have the self-awareness to act on their own and ended up causing trouble for others.



Mecha 2 and Mecha 3 heard the two’s reply, and only then did they regain their spirits, “Then what are we going to do next?”



He Yishu replied, “Now that the other party only has one mecha left, we should of course still determine their coordinates first, and then launch a direct attack.”



As he spoke, he had already placed a Seal Character talisman card into the talisman card slot, and a moment later, a male eagle once again appeared in mid-air, which circled around He Yishu’s head for a few times before flapping its wings and flying off into the distance.



During the waiting process, the two hardcore fans in the team seized the opportunity to chat with Adrian and He Yishu.



But during the entire process, none of them asked about the Seal Body Rune Card, which actually made He Yishu feel a bit surprised, but it was quite understandable when he thought about it.



After all, in the Interstellar Empire, the higher the level and the more famous the rune card master, the more evasive they were about the process of making rune cards, not wanting to let others know, and if other people asked about the relevant things rashly, they would appear to be very abrupt and rude.


In other words, if a person really respected a rune card master, they wouldn’t rashly ask him about making rune cards.


Thinking this way, He Yishu felt much more comfortable, but soon, his heart felt uncomfortable again, because when ten minutes later, the rune card he had used had reached its statute of limitations, and the male eagle disappeared into the battle map, it had surprisingly never been able to find that mecha’s trail.


Watching the rune card in the rune card slot disappear, and then seeing He Yishu’s expression, Adrian also realized the problem: “It wasn’t found?”


“Well, I guessed that the other party might have sensed our method of finding them and thus deliberately hid.” He Yishu nodded with a serious expression.


Both Mecha 2 and Mecha 3 were a bit worried when they heard this, “This map is just too big, if we can’t find him this way, it will be very troublesome to really look for him.”



He Yishu’s finger poked at his knee, his eyes suddenly lit up with a bit of excitement, “I’ve thought of a new method, and it’s two.”




Mecha 3 hurriedly asked, “What method is it?”



“The first method, still using rune cards, is much the same as just now, as for the second method,” speaking here, He Yishu’s face flashed a wicked smile, “The second method, this map is full of withered grasses, if we directly burn all these withered grasses, then the other party wouldn’t have a place to hide? Of course, I personally prefer the second method because I think it will make the game more interesting, what do you guys think?”



Mecha #2 & Mecha #3: “……” Suddenly, they felt like the Rune card Big Brother’s high and mighty image collapsed a bit?


Adrian smiled, “Since you like the second method, let’s use the second method, and I also think the second method is indeed more interesting.”



Mecha 2 & Mecha 3: “…… “Suddenly, they felt that Adrian’s greatly high-cool and powerful image had collapsed too. what was going on?


He Yishu turned his head to ask the other team members, “What do you guys think?”



Although their emotions were subtle, under He Yishu’s questioning, the members of the other two participating teams still said in unison, “Well, we also think that the second method is really quite good .”


In fact, those who felt very subtle in their hearts at this time were not only these two participating teams, but also some of those onlookers on the internet.


Surrounding partner #1: Rune card big brother is really cool, he could even come up with setting fire to the map area, I guess even the virtual arena didn’t think of it, right?


Onlooker partner #2: Adrian is too indulgent on the Rune card Big Brother! Even this method is unconditionally approved, besides envy and jealousy, what else can I say? ╮(╯▽╰)╭



Surrounding partner #3: Am I the only one who thinks this method is really powerful? I’d love to see my opponent’s woeful appearance as he’s chased by fire ahahahahahaha. (*/ω\*)


Surrounding sidekick #4: Rune Big Brother is so cute, I’d love to fight boss Adrian, but unfortunately I can’t beat him at all, so I can only helplessly give my true love away. _(:з”∠)_


Surrounding sidekick #5: Jealousy fills me with joy, jealousy separates me from my mass walls.  ̄へ ̄




After some discussion, the whole team unanimously approved the second method, so next, He Yishu summoned a cluster of fire seedlings from a talisman card, which started a blazing fire on the entire map of withered grass, and the fire continued to spread out in all directions, getting hotter and hotter.



During this process, no other action was scheduled by the team’s three participating groups, all of whom were gleefully spectating the spreading man-made fire.


For their part, the guys on the internet couldn’t help but mentally mourn the two bigwigs’ opponents for three seconds.


Mecha 2 and 3, who had both felt a bit subtle about the second method, surprisingly both felt their moods change for the better after seeing such a scene, because if they were in the real world, there was no way that they could have seen such a scene or acted in such a way.



Or perhaps it should be said that this incident was like a pair of hands that slightly pulled apart the width of their thoughts, making them realize that even in the battle maps in the virtual arena, they could have all sorts of different and interesting things to try.



This fire had been burning for more than half an hour before the only remaining mecha from the other side finally revealed its head, and as soon as the other side popped out, they began to loudly rebuke, “If you guys did this, you’re not abiding by the rules of the tournament, I’m going to report you!”


“Feel free to do so anytime, but you might have to lose the match before you have a chance to report it ah, we’ll give you a hand then.” He Yishu returned lightly, then Adrian directly maneuvered his mecha and charged up, dryly resolving this last mecha.


The system’s announcement sound then rang out.



[You have eliminated all of your opponent’s mechas, you have won this group match, in ten seconds, you will be teleported out of the battle map, please get ready!]


Taking advantage of this last ten seconds, Mecha #2 and Mecha #3 hurriedly confessed their feelings.



Mecha #2: “Boss Adrian, boss He Yishu, it’s really an honor to be teammates with you guys today, and I’ve learned a lot, so I hope I’ll have another chance next time ……”



Mecha 3: “Both of you big brothers, you guys are really too powerful, I heard that both of you are students of the first academy, to be accepted by the first academy is really very, very powerful, I’m really ……”


Unfortunately, because the two spoke at the same time, He Yishu and Adrian didn’t hear exactly what they were talking about before they were teleported out of the battle map.



The group stage ended, and once again, the two had successfully advanced, and were one step closer to the championship.


However, such a result was expected by the two, and it didn’t bring too much fluctuation to their emotions, except that while eating dinner, Adrian looked like he had something on his mind.



“Thinking about what?” He Yishu asked while holding a piece of egg from the tomato scrambled eggs for Adrian.



Adrian looked up at He Yishu and hesitated for another moment before speaking solemnly, “Xiao Yishu, when is your birthday?”



He Yishu knew that Adrian was inquiring about his own birthday, not the original owner’s, so he replied directly, “This year’s birthday has already passed, and if it’s next year’s, there’s still half a year to go.”


Adrian spoke, “In a month or so, it will be my birthday.”



He Yishu couldn’t help but laugh, “So you’re asking me for a birthday present? Don’t worry, I’ll definitely remember.”



Adrian was silent for a moment before holding his chopsticks and saying somewhat nervously, “No, I wanted to say …… wait until my birthday and we’ll get engaged?”



He Yishu’s eyes widened slightly, he completely didn’t expect Adrian to propose this matter, He Yishu wasn’t averse to getting engaged, after all, getting engaged to someone you like was a very happy thing in itself.



But he was now only eighteen years old, Adrian was only a year older than him, was an early engagement, really appropriate?



He Yishu thought for a moment, he didn’t directly ask Adrian why he would bring up this matter at this time, but instead said with a bad smile, “Trying to tie me down so soon, do you particularly like me?”



Unexpectedly, Adrian nodded his head seriously and sighed as he gazed into He Yishu’s eyes, “Xiao Yishu, I really like you in particular, so I want to tie you up all the time, not leaving any chance for others to snatch you away.”




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