C14 – Campus Gladiatorial Arena (XII)

The scene quieted down and the two looked at each other for a long time.


[Live broadcast reopened.]


[The list has been replaced.]


After two electronic tones, people who had been waiting for a long time scrambled to log into Starnet and search for the live broadcast room to watch.


After two hours of silence, Xia Yihui’s live room also began to show countless comments.



After drinking, we: Fuck, fuck! What’s the matter? When I went to have a meal, big boss Zhang was promoted another level? He has now reached the 9th level of No.2, and the entire ranking is up!


Thunderbolt Invincible Little Cute Qingyi: As a result, the live broadcast was launched after two hours, now the anchor is S3. Why is it so miserable? It’s not like he’s the awesome boss anymore. Hahaha (Dog Head Saves Life)



know the evil in the lonely boat: finally open! I waited for two hours, I didn’t even go to the toilet. *^O^*


Taozhi Yaoyao: It’s the same. I always feel like the anchor will be pushed down by big boss Zhang in one way or another.


Calculus makes me happy: immediately the live room opened, I saw the anchor’s id at a glance, I wanted to cry with joy! Thank goodness the anchor wasn’t killed by big boss Zhang.



Quiet drowning: the above babies, don’t be anxious, the game anchor was the prey in the last game, he needed to escape, and there was no way to upgrade. Now arts students have become hunters la, let’s wait for big brother’s light speed upgrade.



Yoling ah Yoling: hell! How did those people die la, now what is the situation? Can anyone analyze it?



Cool skin skr: I have brainstormed a big drama. We all know that big boss Zhang is ruthless. As long as he sees a target, he’s like a bulldozer, Everyone here was fighting, only the anchor was still stubbornly resisting, and the war was now in a stalemate stage, ready to erupt!


The next barrage was full of ‘ I think it’s true’.



Xia Yihui ignored the teasing group in the live broadcast room and continued to promote himself to Zhang Qingyu, “Do you have a plan? Together, we are definitely the best combination.”



Leaving everything in the middle, the live broadcast audience automatically ignored the context and only heard the sentence ‘We’re together’.



Next everyone stopped analysing what happened, instead they all consciously posted their blessing.


The common: a hundred years of good fortune! Happy marriage!



Wu Yan: Forever together! The early birth of a son!


Taozhi Yaoyao: The male god in my heart has been taken away, and the problem is that the person who took him is the new person I have fallen in love with. Yiying, life is full of surprises QAQ.


Zhang Qingyu’s eyes darkened, it was obvious that his side of the live broadcast was also surprised.


He hesitated for too long, just when Xia Yihui thought that this was a silent rejection from Zhang Qingyu, Zhang Qingyu finally opened his honorable mouth, “What skill do you have?”


As soon as Xia Yihui saw that Zhang Qingyu had loosened up, he was happy and thought about putting on a good show. He raised his eyes to look at the subtitles appearing in the air and read them out in a leaping tone.


Player: Zhang Qingyu
Rank: S17 (1440/1700)
Subject: Science
Location: Classroom 607, No. 23 Teaching Building
Time left: 237 hours and 23 minutes

Comments rolled through.



Lucian: What? What’s wrong with these stats, I can see them too ……



Oblivion’s Dream: I was eliminated in the last inning and came to see Big Brother to learn. But Big Brother, are you trying to hook up with Big God Zhang now? Just a reminder, Big God Zhang prefers to go solo and usually doesn’t partner up with anyone.



Women playing games is the most annoying: tsk, the anchor is so annoying …… I’m a person who speaks more poisonously, maybe you will be unhappy to hear it. Relying on your own ability is manly, the most annoying is hugging someone’s thigh to the top, the quota of decent players like us are squeezed out. There’s much more to say, anyway, I’ll sit back and wait for big boss Zhang to hit his face.


Jest: upstairs, are you normal? The anchor can go by himself, does he still need to hug a thigh?



Hungry: your id isn’t good, women what? I’m not sure if you’re a man or a woman, but I’m a man. And generally saying, people that ‘ talk more poisonously’ are all dumb. If you know that you can’t speak well and still go around talking nonsense, you’re looking for a whip, aren’t you?


Tangerine Wine: Don’t argue, look at the anchor’s meaning.



Xia Yihui didn’t notice that the screen had already started tearing him apart. His brain was racing, and he didn’t have the leisure to look at the comments.


He used Detect lv1 and read out the words he saw.


“Zhang Qingyu, age 26, rank S17, skills Numinous Power lv3, Empathy lv1.”


Zhang Qingyu’s eyes flickered as they gradually solidified, quietly waiting for the next continuation.

The tearful comments also stopped. Everyone was waiting for Xia Yihui’s next words.


The anti-fans wanted him to humiliate himself, the fans wanted to see how Xia Yihui would salvage his honor, in short, Xia Yihui was now a target.



After being surrounded by patients for a long time, all of this was nothing to Xia Yihui.



He continued unhurriedly.


“The data I just reported is one of my abilities. I can see the basic information of other players, and the operation only takes a second.”


“And everything I’m about to say has nothing to do with my skills.”


“The last time I saw you on the leaderboard, your rank was followed by S16, with 790/1600 in parentheses. that means you have 810 experience left to upgrade.”


“I just used my skills to look at it and synthesized the data from the air list in the meantime. Your current rank is S17, and inside the parentheses is 1440/1700. as far as I know, the upgraded display should be 0/1700. that is to say, in that battle just now, your experience was raised by a total of 2,250 to reach the figure of 1,440.”



“I did count, you just took out 10 people. All of them had a live room, some of them had supplies, and some of them didn’t. Let’s assume that the people who had supplies opened the mall and some people didn’t, which means that the last one didn’t make it to S3.”



“I’ve calculated multiple scenarios in my head, but let me talk directly about the most likely one.”



Seeing that Zhang Qingyu didn’t say anything, he seemed to be thinking. Xia Yi Hui laughed a little and pointed at the bodies of the science students on the ground, “After my calculations. These four players, are S3. this one, and the two over there, adding up to three, are S5. the last remaining three are S6.”



“The experience gained from killing S3, S5, and S6 is 150, 250, and 300 respectively. 2250.”


“And that’s exactly the same amount of experience you just got.”

“From the time I started calculating, to the time I reached my conclusion, 2 minutes and 34 seconds passed.”


After saying that, Xia Yihui smiled revealing a mouthful of white teeth, his eyes fixedly looking at Zhang Qingyu.



He was a person who had always lived with a lot of confidence, especially in this kind of field that he was very good at, it was almost close to ‘show’ confidence. Therefore his smile at this moment appeared quite infectious, making Zhang Qingyu’s ears to secretly glow red, and his skills all began to vaguely riot.

The little glass on the floor buzzed slightly.


The comments were dizzying.


Ye Yuan: ???? I’m in math class?



Volume 5 : What happened?



Braised Scrap Fish : Awesome, is this using the method of elimination? I’d have to do the math for a day for such a huge list of calculations. I’m going to offer up my knee boinging QAQ



Women playing games annoys me the most: …… What does it mean? I don’t get it ah?



Takeout Girl: So you’re stupid and got eliminated.



Lucian: actually I didn’t understand it either, this is the first time I felt my IQ was stretched QWQ



Dark god online: I do understand. I just don’t understand what the anchor is talking about. It’s just analyzing what has already happened ah. These people have already been killed by boss Zhang, there is still a need to care about their basic data?Orz



The comment screen was confused for a short while before the Data Emperor finally popped up to analyze the situation.


Orange Wine: Let me explain. The anchor just analyzed these people’s stats with some after-the-fact clues. As said above, why did the anchor analyze the data of players who were already out, and what’s the point?


Orange Wine: With the Anchor’s brain, it still takes two and a half minutes to extrapolate these, so we hot chickens must be even worse off. Boss Zhang is estimated to be a little better than us, but to figure out the basic information of the opponent, one must also go through tedious calculations.



Orange Wine: However, at the beginning, the anchor directly reported boss Zhang’s stats and explained that it had to do with his skills. Think about it, you guys, how much work this would have saved! Boss Zhang’s force value is bullish, but he doesn’t know his opponent’s level before he fights, so if there is an anchor to screen for him, wouldn’t that be half the work with half the effort? And most of all, think about it, what’s the most important thing about this copy?



YulanKongwan: Time! Time is the most important!



Lin Mu Chao: Ah, I get it. The Anchor is saying this to prove himself. To prove that he is of great enough use to be able to walk alongside Great god Zhang.



Triangle Fork: This analyzing data is really cool, the anchor must have been a top science student in the past.


lyle: The man I love is so bullish! The one who just dissed the anchor, please get out of there! Apologize!


The comment screen brushed ‘apologize’ for a while, and the viewer named ‘women playing games annoy me the most’ finally appeared slowly and typed a line.



–So what, what’s the point of being good at escape games with just a good brain? The important thing is being able to fight. A small meat chicken like the anchor, I can fight ten of them with one hand. If boss Zhan is willing to cooperate with the anchor, I will immediately live broadcast eating Xiang!



Xia Yihui happened to glance at this screen, his brain was good, but the copy had gone on until now, yet there was really no place for him to use his brain.



“How is it, are you moved?” Xia Yihui smiled wide, he felt that he had thrown his life away by being a scientist, he might as well go into the sales industry.



“Moved.” Zhang Qingyu nodded and looked at Xia Yihui.



His eyes were foggy, Xia Yihui was a little uncomfortable, he paused for a moment and smiled, “Then we’ll cooperate?”


Zhang Qingyu shook his head. Seeing this, Xia Yihui’s face carried a trace of obvious regret.


Women playing games annoy me: hahahaha I told you there would be a but, boss Zhang will teach the anchor to be a man for me!


The comments on the screen was indignant.


Yet they couldn’t find the right words to retort.



After all, if Big god Zhang explicitly refused, there was nothing they could do about it, and they could only watch the mangy dog in the live room bounce around.


This was how infuriating it was!!!



I just got my laptop, bye bye lags and random shut downs 😭🥳

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