C69 —- Base Map Search


Before continuing with the deeper discussion, Adrian interjected: “Before formally starting the discussion, let’s set our own numbers, so it will be more convenient to communicate afterwards, because there are only three participating teams, I suggest that we directly address each other by numbers like 1, 2, 3.”


“The numbers of 1, 2, and 3 are so ordinary. I watched the video of boss Adrian’s competition before, according to the last position of the competition number…” The voice was just halfway through the sentence when it suddenly stopped for a second, and then burst into a series of shocked vulgar language, “crap, crap! Your game number is actually 1687532. If I remember correctly, this should be Adrian’s number, right? I’m not dreaming, am I?! I’ve become boss Adrian’s teammate, I can’t believe my eyes. Crap! Who can tell me if I’m dizzy or if there’s a new bug in the game?”


Adrian: “…”


“Wait …… wait a minute! If I’m really on Adrian’s team, then wouldn’t I be teammates with the Rune Card guy too? Damn it! How can my luck be so good that I can be teammates with two big guys at the same time!” Because he was so shocked, even if no one answered him, he couldn’t stop, “Rune card boss, I’m a brain-dead cp fan of you and Adrian, you know! I really, really, really, really like you two, ah ah ah! Now I became teammates with you guys, my goodness!”

[TN: Cp fan — couple pairing fan]

He Yishu: “……”



The player from the other team couldn’t help but remind, “Although I’m also excited to be teammates with the two big guys, I can’t help but remind you that we’re still in a competition. Also, two big guys, I’m also your brain-dead cp fan, so please make sure you keep going happily!”


Adrian & He Yishu: “……”


The one who spoke first immediately echoed: “Yes, yes, yes, from now on, Boss Adrian and Rune Card Boss are our captains. The numbering is that Adrian and Rune Card boss are number 1, I am number 2, and the remaining mecha is number 3, captain, do you think it’s okay?”



No. 3 mecha warrior agreed: “I have no opinion, everything is at the captain’s disposal, and with the two big brothers around, I think there is no need to worry about winning or losing now.”


Adrian and He Yishu looked at each other and responded with a smile on their lips, “Thank you for your blessings, we will go on happily.”



He Yishu gave Adrian a sidelong glance, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rise: “Back to business, since the map is too big, and we can’t tell what the victory mark actually looks like, so my suggestion is still to just eliminate the opponent.”


Mecha warrior #2: “Rune Card Big Brother is right, I support it.”



Mecha warrior #3: “As expected of Big Brother, the idea is really well thought out.”



“……” He suddenly felt a bit like laughing at what was going on, He Yishu coughed lightly and continued, “Since we are trying to win, let’s try to fight quickly, find their location first, and then eliminate them in one fell swoop. ”



Mecha warrior #2: “Big brother spoke well, I support.”



Mecha warrior #3: “As expected of a big brother who is partnered with Adrian, the idea is sharp and decisive.”


“……” this time He Yishu couldn’t help but laugh out loud directly, such teammates made him feel comfortable, they were very amusing, “let’s start the search work.”



Mecha 2: “Roger that! But are we going to move separately? I …… have an opinion, although the two big brothers are indeed very powerful, but as two big brothers teammates, our strength may not be much, if we really separate, I’m afraid I will drag the big brother’s legs.”



Mecha warrior #3: “I also have this worry, and if the other side doesn’t separate, and we happen to meet, it will certainly be very disadvantageous, of course, I am not saying that your decision is not right, just that our strength is really not as good as you. But if the two big brothers insist on this arrangement, we are definitely absolutely obedient.”



“You don’t need to address me like this, my name is He Yishu, just call me by my name,” He Yishu smiled, adding, “And my plan is not for everyone to move separately, and the search doesn’t need to be done by you.”



“Then Rune Card …… He …… I …… I’d better call you captain, it’s too much to call the big man by his name, captain what is your intention ?” To be able to learn the name of big brother made both of them feel honored, but they still didn’t quite dare to directly used their names.



“I will first search for the coordinates of our opponent in my own way, after that we will just attack together,” He Yishu replied while he started to work on the rune card, the one he was going to use this time was obviously still the seal body rune card, “but this process will probably take a few minutes, please wait patiently.”


Although Mecha Warriors 2 and 3 were still a bit confused by He Yishu’s words, since the big man had said so, he must have already had his own plans, and their behavior would be too abrupt if they continued to ask questions, so neither of them continued to ask.


About a minute later, a crisp cry suddenly came from mid-air, and the members of the two participating teams looked up at the same time to see a huge black bird beast hovering above their heads, then it flapped its wings and flew off into the distance.



Mecha warrior 2 was dumbfounded: “I …… don’t think I just lost my eyesight, did I?”



Mecha warrior 3 was also dumbfounded: “I don’t think so, because I saw it too, and I heard it scream.”


Mecha warrior 2 was shocked: “So what exactly was that thing that just flew over our heads? I don’t remember hearing of such an existence on the map!”



Mecha No. 3 had a grave expression: “I don’t know if you remember those beasts that suddenly appeared out of nowhere near the end of the Team Mix, but I suddenly feel that the situation we’re seeing now seems very similar to what happened then.”



Mecha #2: “So ……”


Mecha #3: “So ……”


Mecha #2 and Mecha #3 moved in unison to turn their heads to look at Adrian and He Yishu’s mechs, while speaking, “Those fierce beasts that appeared in the team mixed competition are really related to Big Brother?!”


He Yishu smiled as he admired the two’s violent reactions, then said modestly, “You guessed right, they are indeed related to me.”



Mecha warrior 2 couldn’t help but burst out again, “Crap crap crap crap crap! I thought it must have been a bug in the game, but I didn’t think it was really you, big brother!”



Mecha 3 was also stunned: “I have seen similar inferences on the virtual internet before, and even mocked the people who made such posts for being silly. I thought that even if the big shots are really powerful, it is impossible to cause such a big sensation and create such a magical thing. I didn’t expect that the really stupid and naive person was actually me.”



The two of them were so shocked that they almost doubted their lives. Why did the Rune Card Boss summon so many powerful things through cards, they dared not even make bold guesses. Such a gap was like they weren’t in the same world at all, fall!


This was simply shocking!


Just when the two were in great self-doubt, He Yishu smiled, “The male eagle has returned, he should have found the target, let’s get ready to go.”



“This …… is so fast! But …… Eagle? What’s that?” Mecha 2 was a little confused, but also more skeptical of life, this competition really wasn’t a fake race?! Rune card big brother casually called out a name he hadn’t even heard of, QAQ!



“Now the focus is not on this, quickly follow the big brother, we have to win the game as soon as possible to show that the big bosses didn’t make the wrong choice!” Mecha warrior 3’s reaction was slightly better, although at this moment his heart had also long been covered with shock.



Under the leadership of the Eagle, the three mechas headed for the target coordinates at full speed, and soon, the other three mechas were exposed to them.



Adrian spoke calmly, “You guys wait here and protect yourselves, I’ll take care of them.”



After saying that, Adrian directly blasted a particle cannon, at the same time, He Yishu also instantly inserted the three rune cards into the rune card slot.



The three opposing teams were obviously not of a low level, and although they were unprepared and were suddenly attacked, they immediately reacted, and while dodging the attack, they quickly launched a return attack.



Under the role of Han character card, Adrian, who had reached S-rank in mecha control, wasn’t afraid of the opponent’s numerical advantage, and while firing long-range attacks, he keenly moved his body to approach one of the mechas and launched a melee attack.



With an attack advantage of nearly ten times, the opponent didn’t have time to resist and was killed by Adrian’s laser sword.



Seeing that his companion was in trouble, the other hostile mecha immediately launched a fierce long-range attack in an attempt to exterminate Adrian’s mecha.



Unfortunately, Adrian had an absolute speed advantage in addition to his attack advantage. While easily dodging these long-range attacks, Adrian aimed at the opposing mecha and fired several particle cannons, directly blasting the opponent out of the battle map.


Next was the last remaining mecha, but when Adrian wanted to attack, he found that the other side’s figure had already disappeared from sight.



In other words, the opponent’s third mecha, took advantage of the gap just before Adrian attacked his companion to sneak away.





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