C57—- A Fierce Beast Appears


At that, Adrian’s heart sank, a distance of one hundred kilometers, it was true that the other members of the team wouldn’t be implicated in this chaotic battle because of them, but this didn’t mean that they were necessarily safe, because in the last three hours of time, there were too many variables in the competition, no one could be sure that there wouldn’t be someone who would appear at the coordinates where they were for some reason.



He Yishu also thought of these, although the elimination of the other team members wouldn’t affect their individual advancement, it also meant that all their previous efforts for nearly ten days were in vain: “There are still 43 minutes and 51 seconds left until the end of the competition, I can still use 11 rune cards.”


Adrian nodded and asked the team member who had just spoken, “Describe the situation on your side.”


“Here’s the thing, about ten minutes ago, we noticed the participant ranked 10th in individual points lingering in the nearby area, but because we were in a very secluded position, we thought he would never find us, but now his coordinates are very close to us, and because of the ranking, we guessed that there might be a conspiracy. That’s why we had to ask you for help.”



How could a participant who was ranked tenth in the individual standings not have people around him to chase after, which meant that there were already many people approaching the coordinates where the other members of the team were.


After a moment of silence, Adrian calmly spoke, “We’re going back immediately now, in the meantime, you must ensure your safety.”


The other responded, “Copy that! We will definitely try our best to hide!”



Since the other members were already in a dangerous state, Adrian didn’t need to think about whether he would attract some contestants over.



In the process of advancing there, the two were still discussing their next countermeasures. Even if Adrian’s combat ability was strong, he had to protect the entire 48 participating group members at the same time, and the number of opponents far exceeded that number, so things became very difficult.


Even if the virtual network partners had just witnessed the magnificent scene of Adrian’s solo battle against a group of mechas, they had to sweat for them at this time, because this was simply an almost impossible task!


He Yishu wasn’t completely sure about what was going to happen next, he couldn’t even be sure if the decision he was going to make next was the right one, but whether he lost or won, he had to make a decision as soon as possible now, because at this point they were already very close to the coordinates of the other members.



It was at this time that an urgent and panicked voice suddenly came out from the team’s internal communication channel: “Mecha 532, we’ve been spotted!”



When everyone saw the many mechas that appeared in their line of sight, one thought came to their minds at the same time, they were finished!


The number of opposing mechas was obviously much more than them, and it also included a participant who ranked 10th in the individual points ranking, so one could imagine how difficult the situation was for everyone.



“Don’t panic yet, mecha number 532 will be here soon, we just have to hold on until he shows up!” The team member who contacted Adrian earlier tried to calm everyone’s emotions, but even his own voice was filled with panic and confusion.


The emotions of the others were even more panicked and helpless than his.


Team member #1: “The opponent’s mechas are right in front of us now, it’s simply too late!”


Team member #2: “And they have so many mechas, there’s no way we won’t get any members eliminated in this situation!”



Team member #3: “Damn it, it’s all because of the sudden change in the tournament rules, otherwise we would have made it through!”


Team member #4: “It’s over, it’s over, we’re really screwed this time!”





Just when everyone couldn’t see any hope, the approaching mechas were already close at hand, a heavier despair rose up inside everyone’s heart.


It’s over! They were really finished!


But even if it was really over, they couldn’t just sit there and wait for death. Since they were still alive, they had to fight to the end!



Everyone regained their courage and prepared to launch the last wave of attack and resist to the end, but at this time, a thick roar suddenly came from behind them, this roar was like a heavy hammer, striking at the bottom of everyone’s heart, causing everyone’s movements to stop for a moment.



Then, everyone’s eyes followed the sound and looked over, and then they watched as a mist slowly took shape and finally transformed into a ferocious beast comparable in size to a mecha.

This beast they had never seen before had a pair of golden vicious eyes, it was on all fours, with black markings all over its body and a few long whiskers clearly visible on its cheeks.



This beast was slightly bowed at the waist, showing teeth to them, and it growled from time to time.


All of them looked at this sudden appearance of an unknown beast, they didn’t know how to react.



If they had to describe their feelings, it would be three letters, WTF?


If they were to be more specific, it would probably be: Who am I? Where am I now? What the hell is this?


They thought this was a Mecha competition for teams! Why would something like this suddenly appear out of nowhere? Was there anyone left in charge?


There were also many people on the virtual web who were confused and excited by the sudden appearance of the beast, and they intensely discussed this matter, while pressing the report button.



However, to their surprise, the feedback they received for their report was ……


The phenomenon you reported is a normal game, not a system failure.

How dare you be more unreliable! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻┻


It couldn’t be that there was something wrong with the system of the virtual arena, so they couldn’t even detect such obvious bugs?



But regardless of what these people were thinking, since the report wasn’t substantiated, the match naturally had to go on.


After this beast appeared, everyone’s attention was drawn to it, and everyone even forgot that they were in a melee the moment before.


The closest to the beast was Adrian and He Yishu’s team, because the beast appeared behind them!


The team members who were thinking of fighting to the death a moment ago were simply about to be scared by this beast, which was about the size of a mecha!


This this this this …… what the hell was this ah!


The beast opened its huge mouth and let out another earth-shattering roar, and then it swooped forward under the panicked gaze of the crowd.


The nearest team member wanted to maneuver the mecha to avoid the attack, but found that his control was completely out of order, the mecha stood there motionless, as if it was controlled by something!



Under the panic and tension, they could only watch as the giant beast got closer and closer and closer to them, and then the giant beast actually directly …… jumped over them?


Almost everyone was dumbfounded at that instant, and only in the next instant were their hearts covered by the ecstasy of the aftermath, the ferocious beast actually ran right past them without attacking them at all!


The others, however, weren’t so lucky. After crossing them, the beast opened its bloody mouth and snapped off the nearest mecha, then threw its head back violently, throwing the mecha nearly a hundred meters away.


Next, it kept attacking nearby mechas with its teeth and sharp-edged claws, eliminating more than twenty mechas in just a few minutes’ time.



In front of the ferocious beast’s sharp teeth, the hard outer shells of the mechas seemed to turn into soft bread that would completely shatter with a single bite.


In this sudden situation, all the mechas subconsciously fled, everyone seemed to have forgotten about the points and just scrambled to escape.


Then the ferocious beast’s attack range seemed to be locked by someone. It only attacked around a circle, but didn’t pursue continuously.


Even if it had been about to chase the tail of a certain mecha, the fierce beast would turn back in time after the mecha had gone beyond a certain range.



The members of the same team as He Yishu were dumbfounded for a full minute before they slowly came back to their senses, what had just happened? Why did the beast that suddenly appeared out of nowhere not attack them?



What made them feel unbelievable was that this beast, which avoided their attacks, seemed to be protecting them, and mercilessly tore all the mechas that try to get close to them into slag, which looked simply majestic and overbearing!



It seemed that …… this ferocious looking beast wasn’t as scary as one might think, but rather they had a faint …… subtle sense of affection?



But regardless of whether this fierce beast was protecting them or not, at this time they still didn’t dare to relax their guard, they quickly regained their fighting spirit, ready to start a fight with this fierce beast, or other contestants.



At this time, a calm voice came over the team’s internal communication, it was He Yishu: “What is the situation on your side now? Please describe it carefully.”



Immediately, someone replied back in a complicated tone, “Just now a …… very vicious looking beast appeared from nowhere on our side, but it surprisingly didn’t attack us, instead it looked like it was protecting us. I know it may seem unimaginable with this description, but that’s really what happened! Although that ferocious beast looked fierce and powerful with a hideous expression, it really didn’t hurt anyone in our team and kept attacking the other contestants around us, this feeling is really …… indescribable.”




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