C56—- Someone Is Approaching


“Now that the rules of the competition have temporarily changed, we can only use the new rules as a benchmark for our actions,” Adrian calmly stated his and He Yishu’s plan, “In two hours, the personal points ranking will be presented to every participant, and at the same time, eliminating the participant with more points This rule is enough to provoke a fierce and unusual battle, and we must be most prepared in advance. My decision is that me and mecha warrior #739 must temporarily separate from the team, otherwise we will definitely drag the other team members down with us.”



The others didn’t say anything, even though they felt uneasy, they knew that Adrian had a good point.



The battle that was about to begin in two hours wasn’t something they could afford to participate in, especially since they couldn’t afford any casualties now, otherwise all their perseverance would be in vain.



Adrian continued to speak: “Mecha Warrior #739, later when we move, we should try to maintain a distance of about 100 kilometers from the team members, so as not to implicate the rest of the team, and at the same time, if the team members are in danger, we can also react in time. And the distance between the two of us can’t be too far, your points must also be relatively high in the personal points ranking, we must look out for each other.”


“It’s really troublesome, what exactly is the virtual arena up to? How dare they make such a rule change!” Although Mecha Warrior No. 739 was complaining, it was rare that he didn’t refute Adrian’s decision.


“As for the other members, continue to stay here, and if you encounter any situation, please communicate with each other in time,” Adrian paused for a moment before he continued, “I know that this rule change has brought a big shock to everyone, me and Mecha warrior #739 will definitely protect ourselves and let everyone advance smoothly.”



The other team members responded, and one of them couldn’t help but say with relief, “The virtual arena suddenly changed the rules, which none of us expected, so you guys don’t need to have any psychological burden, even if something really happens, we won’t blame you.”



“Thank you,” Adrian thanked him before turning his head to face Mecha warrior 739, “then we leave ten minutes before the individual standings are announced, until then, we’ll stay here and see if there are any other issues that need to be added.”



For the next almost two hours, the atmosphere within the team became tense, no one took the initiative to open up small talk anymore, everyone was waiting apprehensively for the last three hours of the competition to arrive.



Time passed by, and in order to gain more certainty of winning, He Yishu had prepared many rune cards, which would ensure that in the last three hours of the competition, no matter which type of rune card he wanted to use, he could use it immediately without having to lose extra time.



Ten minutes before the individual point ranking was announced, Adrian and He Yishu left the team together with Mecha warrior 739 and arrived at a very flat area roughly one hundred kilometers away from the team.



Ten minutes later, the virtual arena announced the individual points ranking of the contestants on time, and the first ranking was clearly Adrian and He Yishu with competition number 1687532, while mecha warrior #739 was ranked seventh.



“C-rap! We’re really going to be besieged!” Mecha Warrior No. 739 couldn’t help but curse in shock.


This ranking result was within Adrian’s expectation, so he didn’t care in any way, but began to seriously check the mecha’s various data to prepare for the next battle.



And He Yishu had already put all the possible rune cards at hand, ready to be extracted and used.



After doing the inspection work, Adrian couldn’t help but remind once again, “Mecha warrior 739, I am now on your west side, you can slightly deviate from your current position during the battle, but don’t create too much deviation.”



It wasn’t that Adrian wanted to talk too much, it was really because in the previous battles, Mecha warrior #739 had made this mistake too many times, and he basically tended to deviate whenever he got excited.


“Stop nagging!” Although Mecha Warrior No. 739’s attitude was as bad as ever, it was easy to hear a touch of excitement in his tone.



Although this battle might bring a huge impact on the result of the promotion, any mecha warrior with a competitive mind would be happy to accept an unknown challenge.



About three minutes after the individual points ranking was announced, there was already a mecha rushing over from afar with a very clear target, heading straight for Adrian’s mecha.


Soon it was the second mecha and the third mecha …… Adrian manipulated the mecha to meet the battle, while He Yishu quickly put the rune card into the sub card slot.



So the next scene was cool, Adrian’s mecha was like a fast wind, shuttling between different mechas, his laser sword piercing through the opponent’s mecha with amazing speed, then pulling it out, while immediately stabbing the next mecha.



Occasionally, when he encountered a strong opponent, Adrian was able to suppress and eliminate his opponent through the amazing effect of his rune cards and his superior control of the mecha, so that all the mechas that tried to get close to him couldn’t come back.


The virtual network, originally very worried about them, after seeing these images, the heavy emotions were immediately replaced by excitement and admiration, their Adrian was simply too great there!



Perhaps the virtual arena’s decision wasn’t wrong, after all, if the rules hadn’t changed, they wouldn’t have seen such a cool side of him!



Adrian’s side was attacked from all sides, but he was able to handle it with ease with his strength, however, mecha warrior 739 was in trouble.



Not everyone who wanted to capture points set their capture target on the participant who ranked first in points, after all, they knew very well that since they could get so many points in the competition, the opponent’s strength must also be very strong, if their strength wasn’t enough to fight with them, it was very likely that they wouldn’t only be unable to capture the other’s points, but also suffer elimination.


In this case, naturally, many people put their targets on some contestants who were slightly behind in the ranking but also had a lot of points, and mecha warrior #739 was obviously in this list.


At the beginning, with the fighting power of mecha warrior 739, he was able to solve the opponents who came to surround him, but as time went on, more and more people gathered, and he began to feel overwhelmed: “Holy s-hit! I don’t want so many people to pester me ah! Mecha warrior 532, quickly come and help me ah!”



Although he didn’t want to admit that he couldn’t match his opponent’s strength and needed to be saved by him, between bowing down and being eliminated, Mecha Warrior No. 739 still very wisely chose the former.



Hearing the plea for help, Adrian immediately used his laser sword to cut a bloody path and swept towards the direction where Mecha #739 was located, however, just at the moment Adrian got close, a mecha was raising its laser sword and slashing towards Mecha #739’s operation room.


In the nick of time, Adrian drove his mecha to dive over and blocked the opponent’s attack with one sword, while the other mecha arm was raised and cut off the other mecha’s arm with one sword.


Mecha warrior 739 let out a long breath and quickly withdrew from the battle circle.



With the addition of Adrian, the opponent’s main attack targets were immediately shifted to him, and Mecha warrior 739 only needed to strike when necessary while protecting his own safety.



It was at this time that Mecha Warrior 739 had to admire this companion’s combat power from the bottom of his heart, while being very jealous that he had such a powerful Rune Card Master partner.



As Adrian’s strength was presented to more and more opponents, many of them very sensibly abandoned their previous plans and turned their heads to look for other targets.



Of course there were some who stubbornly chose to stay here in an attempt to gain the highest individual points, but they all ended up, without exception, being mercilessly decimated by Adrian under his laser sword.


Under Adrian’s strong counterattack, the opponents surrounding them became fewer and fewer, and the contestants who originally wanted to plunder other people’s points now became tragedies that gave their lives to others in the form of points on their own initiative.


He Yishu also finally relaxed and lightly breathed out, “It seems that things are much easier than we thought.”


Adrian took the opportunity to praise He Yishu, “Because the rune cards you produced were all very amazingly effective, we were able to defeat our opponents so easily.”



He Yishu smiled back, “If you weren’t controlling the mecha, even if someone used the same rune cards, they certainly wouldn’t be able to play its true role.”



Adrian couldn’t help but smile, “So it seems like we both seem to be very good at it.”



Just as the two were complimenting each other, the other contestants were crying.



Wasn’t the reason why the virtual arena changed the rules to give them hope? Why did their hope now turn into even deeper despair!


The feeling of knowing that the points were right there, but they couldn’t get them at all, was just too bad!


But their situation was still good, the ones who were really crying are those who had been eliminated, some of them originally had a chance to advance to the next round through points or voting, but after this incident, they were outright eliminated!


This feeling was simply too suffocating!



Adrian and He Yishu didn’t care what these people thought, since they chose to attack, they obviously had the idea of taking points from themselves, so their elimination was only self-inflicted and no one else could blame them.



But just when the two of them had almost finished with the opponents they were supposed to solve, they suddenly heard an apprehensive voice coming from the team’s internal channel: “Mecha warrior #532, what’s the situation on your side?”



Adrian heard something wrong in his voice and opened his mouth to ask, “Did you guys encounter any problems there?”



The other party hesitated for a moment, but finally responded truthfully: “Our side …… someone seems to be approaching!”





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