C58— Seal Body Rune Card


Mecha Warrior No. 739’s muffled voice rang out, “So none of you have been eliminated, right?”


Immediately, someone responded in an excited tone, “Yeah, we’re all still fine now, we haven’t received any damage! This is simply amazing, I was worried that I would be swallowed by that vicious beast in one bite, but now it seems that it might be helping us!”


Hearing such a reply, Mecha warrior 739 wasn’t too happy. They were already very close to the coordinates where the rest of the team was, but a group of mechas suddenly appeared and surrounded them.


In this situation, he and Mecha warrior 532 couldn’t get back in time to rescue the other team members, but at that time, Rune card Master 532 used the private message channel and asked him not to explain the situation to the other team members, because it would probably make them confused, then he even said that he had a way to protect the safety of the other team members.


With both sides surrounded by hostile mechas, Mecha Warrior #739 didn’t believe that the other could do that, so he planned to start acting independently and earn more points once the other team members were eliminated.



However, the result was completely unexpected, a fierce beast suddenly appeared out of nowhere and protected the team members, this was simply an impossible situation for him, okay!



But this impossible situation happened, which dampened Mecha warrior 739’s mood, to be honest, he wanted to get rid of those useless team members, and now it seemed that his idea would be in vain.


If He Yishu knew what mecha warrior 739 was thinking at this time, he might have lamented, “Actually, I’ve wanted to throw you out for a long time.”


But at this time, He Yishu didn’t notice anything wrong with his tone, his attention was all on the rune card in his hand, he knew very well that the fierce beast was exactly what he summoned with the rune card, but when he heard the details of his companion’s introduction, he was still inevitably surprised.



Because he had no way to determine what kind of effect this rune card would bring, to be exact, he was completely unable to determine what exactly would be summoned by each of the seal body rune cards he made.


Especially just now, when he used the seal body rune card, there was no reaction around him, which made him even more unsure, he even thought that the rune card might be invalid.



He Yishu had tried to make rune cards with many kinds of fonts before, and each font would have its own additional special properties. The special properties of most of the font rune cards were clearly written in the test results at a glance, but there was one font that was an exception.



The special attribute of the Seal Script Rune Card was that it could summon something.



It didn’t state what kind of thing it would summon, nor did it state what the thing it summoned actually did, so it was a very vague special attribute.


Even He Yishu, who made these cards, wasn’t sure how to use the seal body cards properly for a short period of time.



Initially, He Yishu tried to use a few Seal Body Rune Cards in order to detect what the Seal Body Rune Cards did, but the results made him confused.


The first seal symbol card he used summoned a cloud of fog, the second summoned a stone, and the third summoned a cup of water ……



Anyway, even though he had done some tests before, He Yishu was still confused as to what the rules of summoning the Seal Body Rune Cards he had made were.



Therefore, he didn’t use the Seal Symbol Card in the previous match, until just now, when the situation was critical and he didn’t have any other choice, He Yishu had to use this puzzling Chinese character card.


To his surprise, the result was surprisingly good!



Although he didn’t know what the beast looked like yet, since it could tear the mecha apart with one bite, it could be seen how strong and fast its attack was!



The result made He Yishu very satisfied, and after this incident, He Yishu seemed to have vaguely figured out how to use the seal body rune card. When he made the seal body rune card for the first time, his thoughts were very unclear.



And when he made the second rune card, he vaguely considered the question of whether the rune card he made could summon any hard object.



When it came to the third rune card, He Yishu went silent, he did seem to be a little thirsty when he made the third rune card?



As for the Seal Body Rune Card that he was just using now, it was a temporary one that he had made earlier in order to protect his teammates.


The seal body talisman card did live up to He Yishu’s expectation, protecting all his companions.


Just then, an anxious voice suddenly came out from the communicator: “Oh no, why did that fierce beast suddenly disappear?! In that case, the other mechas will definitely come back!”


He Yishu raised his eyebrows and immediately lowered his head to draw a rune card, then inserted it into the rune card slot.



The next moment, another voice came from the communicator: “Eh! I …… I think I heard a strange cry from the sky, could it be ……”



Not waiting for him to finish his words, someone excitedly shouted, “Look guys! What kind of bird is that in the sky? How did it suddenly appear in the competition map? Ah! It actually attacked the other mechas as well, could it be the same as that fierce beast just now, is it here to protect us?”



“What did the bird you guys saw look like?” He Yishu asked calmly through the communicator.



“It was a huge black bird with large wings and a sharp-looking beak, and I just saw it tear the arm of a mecha with its beak!” Someone replied with shock.



He Yishu nodded in understanding and lowered his head again to draw the third rune card, he now had a certain understanding of the use and function of seal body rune cards and could better bring the effects of the cards into play in battle.



This time, however, he didn’t wait until the second rune card expired, he immediately inserted the third rune card into the slot, he used the third card when his team members communicated that there was a mecha that tried to attack them.



So after the first ferocious beast and the second huge bird, the group saw another strange creature appear in the tournament map where such a thing could never appear.



It was a beast without claws or wings, its body covered with shiny scales, and its bright red tongue wiggled out from its huge mouth with a “zipping” sound.



It wandered among the mechas with great speed, its flexible body could directly surround the mechas, but the seemingly flexible body was full of great strength, easily able to twist and deform the heavy mechas, or even scrap them directly.

After these three consecutive visual impacts, both the contestants in the arena and the onlookers on the virtual network were deeply shocked, they no longer knew how to describe their mood at this time, let alone know what expression to put on.



In fact, not only they were shocked, even the virtual arena staff were stunned, and they detected a big jump in data.


Before some onlookers reported this phenomenon, the virtual arena staff was the first to discover the problem, while testing the match data at the time, they came to the conclusion that the fierce beast was a normal phenomenon brought about by the use of a certain rune card, and wasn’t a BUG.



Including those two strange beasts that appeared afterwards, they also had the same test results and didn’t have any data abnormalities.



This made those staff members collectively dumbfounded, yet even if they were more shocked and wondered which rune card was the one that brought about such a huge and miraculous phenomenon, they had no way to confirm the data without the contestant’s authorization.



The so-called authorization was that the contestants took the initiative to put the rune cards they produced to data testing, so that the virtual arena had the right to make the data of the corresponding rune cards public.



But at least from what the camera recorded, they could already roughly deduce that this rune card should have been made by Rune Card Master #1687532 who had produced quite a few amazing rune cards before.



This person had received special attention from the virtual arena from the very beginning of the tournament, but at that time, He Yishu had only received attention because he was Adrian’s partner.



But as he produced rune cards with amazing effects, everyone no longer dared to think of him as Adrian’s appendage, but a partner in the true sense of the word, as well as an extremely powerful rune card master.



But at the beginning, even though they knew that the rune cards he produced were very amazing, because He Yishu never put his own rune cards into the rune card tester, no one knew the data of the rune cards he produced.



It was only when he took the initiative to test the data of a rune card in the competition with He Tingting that everyone finally knew how unbelievable and shocking the rune cards he had produced were!



And now, He Yishu apparently raised everyone’s shock to a new level again, the rune card he made was able to summon these beasts that would normally never appear in the competition map! This was incredible!



No rune card had ever been able to do this before!



Anyone could easily think that after this tournament, this 18-year-old rune card master was about to make a name for himself and even start a completely different era of rune cards!



But for now, everyone took their eyes back to the competition in front of them. After experiencing three consecutive cases of beasts suddenly appearing and attacking other mechas, no more contestants dared to approach those mechas.



At this point, there were only 23 minutes and 19 seconds left until the end of this mixed team competition.





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