What caught Zhu Qing’an’s eye was a complex of buildings about the size of a small city.


The tall and spectacular buildings were wrapped in the afternoon mist, he could vaguely see that this was a group of very dreamy and colorful buildings. The spires of the pink castle towered into the azure sky, the diamonds set in the walls of the buildings glowed with gold, and the giant sky blue Ferris wheel slowly turned.


All of this seems to emanate a sweet aroma, like a creamy cupcake, ready to be given to a child.


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


He had never seen such a large amusement park, he was dazed and his cheeks were very red.


The man behind him leaned down, gently nibbled on his sensitive earlobe, and said in a hoarse voice: “Little cutie, this is a little wedding gift for you, I hope you like it.” The man obediently wrapped his arms around the teenager’s waist, he obviously wanted to start doing something.



The man’s hand was pushed away with a frown on his face.


At the same time, he remembered something, raised his eyes again, and carefully surveyed the amusement park in front of him once.


He remembered very clearly that Qin Hengyi was going to make a new type of amusement park with the theme of virtual games. In order to commemorate their love that began with a virtual game.


Instead of this traditional style fairy tale amusement park.


Although he looked a bit soft, his character wasn’t soft, and he didn’t like girly things.


–This virtual world, even if it was good and happy, it was also fake.



Just like this amusement park that Qin Hengyi gave him in front of him. It wasn’t what he really wanted. The fake people, could never perceive his mind.



Zhu Qing’an clenched his fists and looked at the man with a gloomy expression.



Qin Hengyi frowned and noticed the young man’s mood. He whispered, “What’s the matter? Do you like it? If you don’t like it, I’ll build another one…”


He chuckled a few times in a low voice, which was very attractive, like a dose of poison, which made people unable to help sinking: “I can give you anything you want, even the whole world.”


“…” Zhu Qing’an pushed the man’s chest away and said coldly, “Go away. You are not my lover.”


The black-haired teenager’s cheeks were red from anger, his eyes were misted with water, his bit his lower lip.


Qin Hengyi froze for a moment.


Zhu Qing’an glanced at Qin Hengyi, who was holding his shoulder, and said in a cold voice: “Don’t put your hands on me.”



Zhu Qing’an didn’t notice that the blue eyes of the man gradually turned blood red. The man’s expression was gloomy, and his red eyes stared at Zhu Qing’an tightly, as if he were peeping at a small prey . He didn’t relax his grip on Zhu Qing’an, but rather tightened it, as if he wanted to rub the other person into his arms.


He said, word for word, “Cutie. How can you not like me?”


“Here. Your parents are not dead, there are no Zergs or the government, you and I are ordinary people, you are an ordinary student who can grow up ordinary and happy. You want to be a star, or a scientist, you can achieve it here.”


“If you live here, there are no difficulties, no sadness, everything you want, you have it.”



Qin Hengyi’s ghost-like voice fondled Zhu Qing’an’s eardrums.


Zhu Qing’an pursed his lips.



He knew – the government wanted to use this more cruel and sharp way to erase his existence.


As long as Zhu Qing’an promised this Qin Hengyi. A promise to live forever in the virtual world.


That promise spoken in person would have legal effect.



He promised to go to the virtual world, then the people in the real world could dispose of his physical body at will.



“So what?” Zhu Qing’an sneered, “You’re a fake.”



Qin Hengyi raised his eyebrows, “When did I say I’m fake? I am a copy from Qin Hengyi’s real consciousness.”


It seemed that the government had gone to the extreme to tempt Zhu Qing’an. A perfect replica was copied down from Qin Hengyi. Its character was exactly the same as Qin Hengyi, knew everything about Zhu Qing’an,……, and was equally out of the government’s control.



But the government knew that as long as this Qin Hengyi was deeply in love with Zhu Qing’an, then Zhu Qing’an had the probability of falling for it. There was no need for any control.


Zhu Qing’an slightly froze.


The person in front of him …… did give him an indescribable sense of familiarity.


If it were an ordinary person, they would really choose this virtual world. Who didn’t want a happy and perfect life? And the things that had been lost and regretted were here.


Zhu Qing’an returned to his senses and shook his head: “Sorry, I don’t like you. So what if it’s a replica? You gave me the wrong amusement park. It’s not the same as what the real Qin Hengyi sent.”


Qin Hengyi seemed darker and darker, and his deep red eyes seemed to be able to devour a person at any moment.


“I didn’t expect you to still be able to keep your sanity.” Qin Hengyi laughed lightly as he took out an icy cold object from his pocket and handed it to Zhu Qing’an.


Zhu Qing’an looked down.


–it was a black laser g-un.



“If you can use this g-un and kill me personally. I’ll let you go.”


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


This Qin Hengyi, was trying to test him.


To see if he could bear to kill this replica and destroy this virtual world.


The test looked easy, but it was hard to do. Just like the average person facing a replica of their parents, even though they knew it was a fake, it was difficult.


This Qin Hengyi may know that Zhu Qing’an was a soft-hearted person. He guessed that Zhu Qing’an would stay in this world in order not to kill him.


But the black-haired teenager wasn’t moved in any way, he raised his black pi-stol.


Qin Hengyi glanced at his white hand and laughed lightly, “You will have to watch me die in front of you with a big hole broken in my chest and spitting blo-od.”


Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


I’m sorry.


His lover was an AI. he couldn’t imagine the real Qin Hengye could die in the middle of such a physical attack.


There was a lot of irrationality in the existence of this world.



He pulled the trigger at the man’s stunned gaze –


The booming sound of the gunshot resounded through the clouds.


Zhu Qing’an’s eyes were instantly stained with bright red.



The fairy tale like amusement park, parents who were on their way to teach at the university, Mimi who was rolling around in the sun, instantly shattered like a broken mirror.


Zhu Qing An didn’t have time to look closely at the injured Qin Hengyi, his consciousness sank and he fell into the darkness of nothingness.



When Zhu Qing’an woke up, he was weak.


But inside he was excited and happy.


He was back.


The room was dark, and he couldn’t see his fingers. It took him a lot of effort to barely stand up. He wiped his forehead and it was all sweaty. He rubbed his eyes and felt something was wrong.



The water wasn’t sweat, but tears.


He was crying.


He didn’t know why.



Zhu Qing’an lowered his eyebrows and looked at his tear-stained, wet palms.


He wiped away the tears, after he slowed down. The first thing he wanted to do was to look for the light computer.



It should be in the middle of the night, the government wouldn’t send anyone in. He got out of bed in the dark and unintentionally knocked over the food on his nightstand.


The milk cereal that had been cold spilled on the ground, and the faint smell of milk came out.



Zhu Qing’an understood why the government wanted him to eat a meal before entering the game.


Eat the last dinner so you can get on the road.


Zhu Qing’an: “…………”



Zhu Qing’an quietly poked around the room for half a day and finally found the light computer that had been tossed aside in a small corner.



He nestled in the corner and carefully opened the light computer.



The young man’s fair and clean face reflected a faint blue light. He poked each communication software one by one, but it couldn’t open. He also couldn’t download any software. The government wanted to make the teenager unable to contact Qin Hengyi, but they couldn’t expect that Qin Hengyi didn’t need to contact him at all, he existed in his light computer.



He opened the familiar “False Love.”


[Welcome back to False Love!]


He had obviously opened the game many times, but this time he had a different feeling.


Like a clueless person who recognized his feelings for his lover and then went to meet the lover.


Qin Hengyi appeared in the screen.


This was his real lover.


The teenager raised the corner of his lips and held up the light computer, the moonlight followed his raised wrist, like a circle of shimmering light wrapped around his whole body. He looked extraordinarily good-looking.


Qin Hengyi saw his appearance.


At the same time, his eyes were red and teary. Like a small awl, it pierced someone’s soft heart.



The man’s heart trembled and frowned, “What’s wrong? An?” He sensed something was wrong with the young man’s environment, “Are you not at home now? Where are you? Who are you with?”



Zhu Qing’an was a bit confused, he thought for a moment and said in a light voice, “I met the government ……”


Government ……


Qin Hengyi heard this word for the first time from the mouth of his lover. But he didn’t feel unfamiliar, it was replaced by disgust of hearing something terrible.


Zhu Qing’an shook his head and sighed lightly, “They took me away and trapped me in one place.”


Qin Hengyi: “……”



His voice was wrapped in anger as he asked, “What did they do to you?”


Zhu Qing’an thought for a moment, it wasn’t good to explain what he encountered, so he simply explained, “They wanted to keep me in a virtual world, wanted to destroy my physical body …… so that I and you will never meet again. They ah …… also want to kill you.”



The voice of the teenager, in the quiet darkness of the night seemed particularly warm and soft. Like a thin soft kitten purring, it could make people’s hearts fall softly. The moonlight was getting brighter and brighter, draped like silk on the teenager, it made his whole body look especially white, with an inexplicable sense of vulnerability.


Zhu Qing’an looked at the handsome man, his heart slightly trembled, “Mr. Qin, I want to see you. Is it okay?”


It wasn’t the kind of meeting across a screen.


Rather, it was real. He could feel the other’s booming heartbeat, could know that the other person was present and could always protect him like a big mountain.



The teenager’s words just fell.



Several text boxes popped up in the game interface.


[Congratulations, you have successfully completed Mission 03 – Love that can never be proven.]



[You and your lover, have successfully proved that AI possesses love. There is love in all things.]



[You have successfully obtained the following reward: Your lover is about to recover his memory. All the moments you have spent with him over the past three hundred years will be restored in that moment, never to be forgotten again, and forever engraved in his heart.]


[The game opens Quest 04 – Protect the world.]


[He is drifting and wandering in this world, ignorant. And you are his only flag, he can wave the flag and shout and winnow the earth and raise the sand for you.
He can take a whole safe and give the beautiful world to you, for your happiness, and carefully hold it in his heart and give it to you.
He is your undying servant and your knight.]




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