C47—- Changing The Team Leader


He had already thought of what would happen next, so he tried to stop it in advance, but it didn’t work, he was defeated by them.



Even though he felt defeated, Mecha warrior No. 739 gritted his teeth and said in a justified manner: “Why should we change the team leader? Isn’t our team fine now, no one has been eliminated?”



“The reason for replacing the team leader is that you made a major mistake in your command and took the initiative to lead the team into the opponent’s trap, despite the team members’ reluctance,” He Yishu replied nonchalantly, “and the reason why our team has maintained its integrity and no one has been eliminated is because my partner has been trying to defend everyone in this battle and help them block the danger, but I’m afraid this matter has nothing to do with you.”



Without waiting for Mecha Warrior #739 to speak up and refute, the other team members had already spoken up and agreed: “When I was in danger just now, it was indeed player #532 who saved me, and the vast majority of the opponents’ mechas in the battle just now were taken care of by player #532.”


“But ……” Since he had become the leader of the team, No. 739 naturally didn’t want to give up this position easily, but he thought about it and couldn’t think of a suitable reason.


The team members continued to speak up, “Besides, you did just make a major mistake in your decision, if it wasn’t for the presence of No. 532, our team might have been eliminated from the whole team.”



Being accused by so many people, Mecha Warrior No. 739 got annoyed and shouted, “Shut up, all of you! I’m still the team leader, you guys are not following the team discipline like this!”



After all the previous incidents, everyone already had a deep dissatisfaction with Mecha Warrior No. 739, and now seeing his attitude made them even more angry, but before they could say anything else, they heard a low, strong voice: “Mecha W-arrior No. 739, I won’t force you to give up your position as team leader, but as a Mecha W-arrior, I need to remind you that a mecha W-arrior must speak with absolute honesty both in life and in battle, otherwise he will have a hard time gaining the trust of his own companions and friends.”


The implication was that even if people didn’t condemn you or force you to give up your position as team leader, you have to be responsible for what you said, right? After all, you just said it, so you can’t forget it so quickly, right?



Although these words didn’t directly point out that Mecha warrior 739th should give up the position of team leader, they were more deadly than the accusations just made.



If in this situation, Mecha warrior No. 739 still refused to give up this position, it was tantamount to announcing to everyone that he wasn’t a man of his word and not worthy of the trust of his fighting partners and friends.



The face of Mecha warrior 739 paled, finally he could only grit his teeth: “I can’t not keep my word, of course, from now on, I won’t be the leader of the team anymore.”



“You can take responsibility for what you said, this is a very good quality.” The purpose was achieved, and Adrian didn’t forget to give encouragement.



He Yishu smiled and gave him a look, then he took over, “Since Mecha warrior No. 739 is not willing to continue to be the leader of the team, shall we now choose a leader through a vote?”



Mecha warrior 739 silently cursed, it was obvious that they forced him to step down, and now they dared to say that he wasn’t willing to continue being the leader of the team, they were shameless!



But the other team members obviously couldn’t hear his thoughts, they agreed with this approach, and immediately cast their precious votes.



So a minute later, Adrian became the new leader of the team with an absolute advantage of 48 votes.



As for the two votes he didn’t get, one was Adrian’s, while the other was from player #739.



After becoming the team leader, Adrian immediately began to assign tasks to the team members.



“This mixed team competition lasts for ten days, in these ten days, we must ensure that no one on our team is eliminated, and at the same time get as many team points as possible,” Adrian’s calm and steady voice reached each member’s ears through the communicator, carrying an inexplicable power to convince people. “From now on, the safety of the team comes first. 984, 023, 731, you are responsible for the daily safety of the team members; 739, you are responsible for gaining points together with me.”




No. 987, No. 023, and No. 731, these three groups were the stronger overall strength of the whole team, and they performed smoothly in the battle just now, which was why Adrian gave them this task.





The three were also convinced of Adrian’s arrangement, and immediately responded, “Roger!”



As for the arrangement for No. 739, it was because Adrian knew very well that he must have a lot of grievances in his heart right now, and if he was given other tasks, he might not be serious about doing them, but if it was a charge to capture points, this could both stir up his desire to fight and vent the grievances in his heart.



Mecha warrior No. 739 wanted to refute Adrian’s arrangement, but couldn’t find a point to refute, so he could only sullenly respond, “Got it.”


Adrian nodded and continued, “It’s the early stage of the competition, not many contestants are acting independently, we just need to control the number of teams nearby. When it comes to the later stages, many contestants will choose to act independently to gain more points because they lost most of their teammates, and at that time, the danger of the match will increase a lot with it, so I suggest you try to keep more rune cards until the later stages of the match, instead of using a lot of them in the early stages.”


Just like the two good opponents who sneaked away from the previous matchup, their team was close to being completely wiped out, and it was impossible for them to advance by virtue of their team, in which case they could only keep hunting other team members and gaining points in order to reach advancement or stand out in the voting session.



And often the ones who survived the battle were mostly the players with good strength in a team.



Therefore, as the game went on, the danger of the game only rose higher and higher, and didn’t slowly decrease as the number of players in the game decreased.


So in this tournament, the safest period was the first three days, and the most convenient time to strike for points was also the three days, because many teams would have many contradictions when they first entered the tournament, and there was a grinding period in the use of tactics, and the defense wasn’t strong.



Everyone felt that Adrian’s words made sense, so they didn’t have any objections to his arrangement: “Yes!”



Adrian continued to assign tasks: “All players whose numbers I didn’t mention just now, please pay attention, from now on, the rune card masters in each group can start making rune cards. Among them, all rune card masters with mental energy level C or above, you can all start making defensive rune cards of the highest level, and the rest of the rune card masters make speed rune cards.”


The Rune Card Masters who were named collectively replied, “Roger!”



“We are now in the northeastern part of the battle map, now we need to start moving to the south, in the process, everyone must pay attention to their own safety, if there is any discovery, or you encounter danger, you must use the communicator to communicate in time,” after finishing these words, Adrian paused slightly, before solemnly speaking, “Let’s go!”



The battle map provided by the virtual arena was very large, the terrain was vast and varied, even if it held 100,000 groups of contestants, it still seemed very empty.



The coordinates of each team were randomized when they were teleported in, and it was already very rare that three teams would appear around Adrian’s team just now, and at this moment, looking around, there was no trace of other team mechas around.



Adrian and Mecha 739 led the way, the mechas behind them arranged in an orderly manner to advance, while the three mechas, 984, 023 and 731, were divided in the team, ready to protect the safety of the other mechas.



At the very beginning, the mecha warriors of these three mechas all looked extraordinarily nervous, fearing that they might inadvertently allow their companions to be attacked, but they soon realized that they were too worried.



When they encountered the first team, they didn’t even have time to put up a defensive stance, Adrian and mecha warrior 739 had already charged straight out and simply wiped out the other team in just a few minutes.



At this time, the expression on their faces was still shocked, then they met a second team, a third team, and by the time they met a fourth team, the expression on their faces had changed from a dumbfounded expression to a numb one.



# I suddenly feel that my existence is particularly redundant, which must not be my illusion #



# I should be outside the competition field, not in the competition field, and watch how good you’re doing #




# Ma Ma, I suddenly want to get married #



In the crowd’s numbed gazes, Adrian once again manipulated the mecha to charge up, the other team reacted quickly, the captain immediately began to organize the defense: “Don’t panic, they only have two mechas rushing over, use the defense rune cards!”



Because the captain if the other team opened the all-channel external communication, this voice was heard by everyone, when the dazed He Yishu heard this voice, he slowly blinked, this voice sounded …… like He Xiaochen, that scum?




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