C48—- Two Choices


He Yishu rolled his eyes and turned to Adrian: “I seem to have met someone I know, can you tell mecha 739 to stay put for now?”


Adrian had heard He Xiaochen’s voice before and naturally recognized this person, so he nodded without hesitation, “Okay.”


Saying that, Adrian directly stopped Mecha W-arrior 739 that was still charging forward: “Wait first.”


“Aren’t we going to get the points? What are you stopping me for?” Mecha Warrior No. 739 was a little impatient.



“There are some personal matters that need to be dealt with first, please wait for a moment.” Adrian dragged No. 739’s mecha arm to a stop.


No.739 mecha warrior finally found the opportunity to complain: “This is in the arena, how dare you stop me from attacking my opponent for personal matters, this is too much of a public-private distinction, right?”



“This has nothing to do with him, it’s my personal matter,” He Yishu took over at this point, “There are scum in this team that I want to abuse, I just don’t want them to be eliminated so easily, so I can assure you that my personal matter will definitely not affect the final outcome of this battle, I just want to add some drama to the battle before it starts. Of course this is just a personal request from me, and if you guys don’t agree, I certainly won’t force my own personal matters to affect the team’s battle.”


He Yishu was using the team’s internal channel, so the other members could hear him as well.



Without waiting for Mecha Warrior No. 739 to speak, He Yishu already heaved a sigh and took the initiative to explain, “After all, it was me who made the request, so I do need to explain the general situation to you guys first. The person who just opened his mouth is actually my half-brother, whose mother my father married after divorcing my mother, but since I have now disassociated myself from my family, I naturally don’t have any relationship with this person.”


These words were very informative, but also easy to sort out, a half-brother older than him, it was obvious that the third party gave birth to an illegitimate child.


What was more, He Yishu just promised that even personal grudges wouldn’t never affect the outcome of the game. At best, he would abuse the other in the fight, so it wasn’t a big deal.


With that in mind, everyone said they could understand and accept: “This kind of person deserves a good abuse, as long as it doesn’t affect the outcome of the battle it doesn’t matter, we don’t mind either.”


The 739th mecha warrior was exasperated by these people’s attitude: “What the h-ell is wrong with you? This is a competition!”


“But didn’t Rune Card Master No. 532 just say that? This matter will not affect the outcome of the battle, in that case, why must you oppose it?” The others, on the contrary, couldn’t understand his attitude, “Besides, we are now companions after all, is it not normal to be considerate of each other when we encounter problems?”



Mecha Warrior No. 739 was choked and wanted to retort, but heard He Yishu say very politely, “Thank you all for being willing to understand me, I will definitely solve the matter as soon as possible.”


One team member immediately politely replied, “You don’t have to be so polite, it’s all because of you two that our team is now intact and has gained so many points, and besides, we didn’t do anything, so you really don’t have to be so polite.”


After such a conversation, Mecha Warrior #739 could only hold back his opinions even if he had any more, or else he would appear to be calculating and inconsiderate of his companions.


But even if there was no way to stop this matter, No. 739 mecha warrior still couldn’t help but coldly snort: “Competition time is limited, you’d better solve this matter as soon as possible, don’t delay us to get points!”


At this point, Mecha Warrior No. 739 seemed to have forgotten who earned them all their team’s points.


The team on the other side saw the two mechas on this side suddenly stop, completely unaware of what was happening until He Yishu’s voice came out from the public channel, “He Xiaochen, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”



The next moment, a shocked voice replied, but it wasn’t He Xiaochen’s: “He Yishu? You actually participated in the mecha competition!”


“Are you surprised to see me? Actually, I’m also a bit surprised that I met you guys so soon,” He Yishu smiled and said slowly, “So you two siblings have teamed up, that’s good, and it saves me from having to look for you guys twice.”



He Tingting didn’t expect that she would meet He Yishu under such circumstances, with his qualification, it was impossible to find a team partner!


He Xiaochen was much calmer than He Tingting: “It’s indeed a coincidence, are you guys heading south of the map now?”


“Yes, I’ll earn some points on the way,” He Yishu said lightly, “originally we were going to destroy your whole team, but since we are acquaintances, we’ll let you two go for now and wipe out the others first.”


As this statement was made, a commotion was stirred up in the opposite team, and He Xiaochen had a bad feeling in his heart, what was He Yishu trying to do?



After saying that, He Yishu directly said to Adrian: “You can do it, but remember to leave He Xiaochen and his sibling behind first.”


“Wait!” He Xiaochen hurriedly spoke to stop the other party, although he knew that He Yishu was toying with them, but the matter was right in front of him, he couldn’t really let his partner be exterminated, “He Yishu, you can’t do that!”



He Tingting followed angrily, “Yes, by doing this, you are taking personal revenge and deliberately looking for trouble with us!”



He Yishu laughed lightly, “It seems like you guys can’t let go of your companions, since that’s the case, it’s better to accompany them to be eliminated together, what do you think?”



He Tingting’s voice was sharp, “He Yishu, you’re going too far!”


He Yishu didn’t pay attention to He Tingting’s exasperated voice instead he said in a calm tone, “Or another way, if the two of you are voluntarily eliminated from the competition, I will let them go for the time being, which option do you think is better?”



Hearing these words, He Xiaochen finally knew what He Yishu’s purpose really was, he was deliberately sowing discord, trying to force him and his companion to turn against each other!



He Xiaochen was secretly annoyed, but he said righteously, “He Yishu, you don’t need to calculate me like this, I know that your purpose is to provoke me and my companion, I won’t fall for it.”


He Yishu couldn’t help but laugh: “You’ve become a little bit smarter, but unfortunately only a little bit, my behavior may indeed seem like I’m provoking the relationship between you and other team members on the surface, but in fact, I am just forcing you to reveal your own nature. Choose yourself and be a selfish person, or be selfless, don’t you think it’s a very interesting question?”



He Xiaochen immediately replied firmly, “I won’t choose, because I will fight with my companions!”



“You can make that choice, but there is one thing I must make clear to you, for every member of your team that is eliminated next, I will name one thing that you once did to me, and I think this way things should become even more interesting.” He Yishu said with a light laugh.



He Tingting didn’t even think too much about it, she only urged impatiently from the side, “Big brother, don’t talk nonsense with this kind of trash, he dares to calculate us like this, we must destroy them! Let’s see how he will still talk then.”



He Xiaochen’s expression was dark and he didn’t speak.



He Yishu said in a good mood, “It seems that you have already made your choice, but I will leave you a chance, you have the right to change your choice before all the other members are exterminated.”



He Xiaochen’s gaze was fixed, he gritted his teeth and finally opened his mouth, “Everyone prepare the attack rune cards, prepare to start the battle, attack mecha 1687532!”



“Yes!” The next moment, all the mechas all rushed towards Adrian.



Adrian’s speed was faster than theirs, and in almost an instant, Adrian’s mecha had already manipulated the laser sword to pierce the energy source of the nearest Mecha, and the Mecha that was hit in the vitals was then declared eliminated from the competition.



After hunting the first mecha, Adrian didn’t rush to continue the attack, but first retreated to a safe position, leaving He Yishu the opportunity to speak.


“The first thing,” He Yishu held up a finger and recounted in a calm tone, “when I was five years old, I was stopped by a few people on my way home and they stole all the credits in my light computer, but I didn’t actually leave directly, but secretly hid around the corner, I saw you coming out from the other side and you greeted those guys with a smile.”


“Shut up!” He Xiaochen spoke in annoyance and charged even harder towards Adrian’s mecha.



However, just when the two mechas were about to make contact, Adrian maneuvered his Mecha to fiercely dodge, avoiding He Xiaochen’s attack while sending one of the mechas attacking behind He Xiaochen out of the battle map, and then Adrian dodged to the other side.



He Yishu raised a second finger: “The second thing, when I was six years old, I lost the mecha toy model that my father gave me that was kept in my room, later I sneaked off to watch the home surveillance, and that mecha model was taken by you.”



This time He Xiaochen didn’t speak again, but the strength of the attack became more and more ferocious, but unfortunately his opponent was Adrian, no matter how close he came to the other side, the result would be to avoid the attack, and soon, the third companion was eliminated.


“The third thing,” He Yishu sighed softly, although he was only rummaging through the memories of the original owner to find these events, it still inevitably made him sigh, “when you were eight years old, you officially entered the He family, on the second day you entered the He family, I was locked in my room for a whole day, no matter how much I shouted, no one paid any attention to it. At that time my father said it was the door of my room that was damaged, only later did I learn from He Tingting that it was you who modified the instructions of the door switch.”




How mean 🤣

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