C25— Moving

Cheng Hao finished eating, then he brought Lin Yuxun’s clothes to him: “Try them on.”


Lin Yuxun was very thin. As long as his clothes were long enough, he didn’t have to worry about not being able to wear them. It was easy to buy clothes for him. Cheng Hao chose some according to his preference.



He always liked bright colors. So when he bought the clothes, he chose bright red and yellow for Danny. When it got to Lin Yuxun, he restrained himself a little, he chose a beige shirt and wine red pants.



Because the money on hand wasn’t enough, so all the clothes and pants he bought were cheap, but even so, this was still new clothes.



These years, all Lin Yuxun’s clothes were bought from thrift stores, his father did buy him new clothes, but those clothes were mostly gray – his father felt that the black and gray clothes were dust resistant.



It was the first time he saw such new, brightly colored clothes.



Lin Yuxun held the clothes that still emitted the unique smell of new clothes, and stood in a daze – he could also wear such clothes?


Cheng Hao spoke again, “Go try it on.”


Lin Yuxun took the clothes and went into the bedroom to change.



Cheng Hao turned to Danny: “I don’t know if your brother will look good in these clothes, alas …… I don’t look good in them at all.”



Cheng Hao just transmigrated and this body was very good-looking, at that time, he once boasted about it, but today when he went to buy clothes, he was shocked.



He found that there were many clothes that he didn’t look good in. As for the reason, it was very simple… He was dark.




A few days ago, he went out to exercise every afternoon. Every time he exercised, he was in the wild. When he was exposed to the sun, he got sunburnt.



Yesterday, those who watched the game and were able to shout that his dark face was cute, were also very powerful.



But when he thought about it, even if he was dark, he was whiter than most black people, so it was actually okay?



Cheng Hao turned to Danny again: “Danny ah, you look really good now, don’t grow crooked in the future …… If you don’t grow crooked, I think you will be able to charm little girls in the future just by your face.”



Danny didn’t know what Cheng Hao was saying, he looked at Cheng Hao, and went to look at the bedroom door.




Lin Yuxun, who had changed his clothes, came out from inside.




Cheng Hao’s straight aesthetic was actually a mess, and the material of the clothes he bought wasn’t very good.


But it was this kind of clothes that made Lin Yuxun look extremely different.


The clothes that Lin Yuxun wore before were very wide, but the clothes that Cheng Hao chose this time, fit perfectly. And Lin Yuxun, who was sixteen years old and growing in size this year, also had a pair of long legs.



Lin Yuxun, at this moment, hadn’t lowered his head like he usually did outside, but raised his head, revealing a handsome face.



Cheng Hao said, “It’s true that people rely on clothes, you look so good in a new outfit!” Lin Yuxun and Danny’s mother should be very good looking, otherwise the two brothers wouldn’t have such outstanding looks.



Lin Yuxun blushed but he still felt useless – just thinking that Cheng Hao had bought the clothes because he fought with someone, he felt that the clothes were too heavy for him to wear.





But it was impossible for him not to wear it.



Cheng Hao bought him the clothes, if he didn’t wear them, would Cheng Hao be unhappy?


Lin Yuxun had all kinds of thoughts in his mind, but Cheng Hao added, “Lin Yuxun, when I get paid next week’s salary in a few days, let’s change our place of residence.”



“Why?” Lin Yuxun asked, “It’s pretty good here.” The main reason was that it was a money-saving place. This garage of Mr. Dampier’s, even with the two dollars increase now, the weekly rent was only eight dollars, which was already the cheapest place to live in the neighborhood, and if it wasn’t for Aunt Beverly, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to rent it.


The most important thing was that he could afford such a rent, if it was more expensive, he wouldn’t be able to.



“This place is too unsafe, today I came back from shopping, there are already people poking around outside, if possible, we’d better change our residence.”



“But ……”


“You don’t have to worry about the money, I can make money!” Cheng Hao revealed a bright smile.


Lin Yuxun didn’t want him to make money at all.



He wanted to tell Cheng Hao not to go boxing, but Cheng Hao thought he didn’t know about it …… For a while, it was as if his throat was stuffed, making him unable to say anything.



Cheng Hao added: “I spent all the money today, I really shouldn’t …… we still have to save up the money in the future, and then we will move away from this community and find another community where you and Danny can go to school.”



“I’ve already grown up, I don’t need to go to school.” Lin Yuxun said without even thinking about it.


“You don’t want to go to school?” Cheng Ho looked at Lin Yuxun in surprise.


Lin Yuxun nodded, “I don’t want to go to school.”



“Don’t you want to make money? How can you make money if you don’t go to school?” Cheng Hao asked.


“I can make money right now.” Lin Yuxun said.


Cheng Hao looked at Lin Yuxun seriously, “Lin Yuxun, we need to talk properly.”



Cheng Hao felt that it was necessary for him to brainwash Lin Yuxun and make him change his current thoughts.


He admitted that in this world, some people could achieve amazing success without studying, but that wasn’t easy.



They may be on the fast train of the times, such as this period in China, there was a group of people who may not have much education, but dared to work hard and get rich quickly.


Some of them were themselves born extremely well, with a broad range of insights and contacts, and used this to achieve success, these people had excellent family background, of course, could also have no education.



But it would be difficult for Lin Yuxun, he didn’t have a good family background, they were in a country that didn’t have as many opportunities as the current China.



In the United States at this time, poor people without education unless they were like him, doing boxing and other jobs, it was too difficult for them to get ahead.



So what if Lin Yuxun was smart? If he had to do busy labor to make ends meet, would he have time to learn and change his life? He would only be mediocre for the rest of his life.


Cheng Hao didn’t study much in his last life when he was young, he focused training, and then when he got older, he quietly read a lot of books. He read basically all the best-selling books, but he still remembered a lot of content, such as a book called “my life at the bottom”, he was impressed.



This book was about the life of the people at the bottom of the United States. The author of this book hid her identity and status to experience the life of the lower class, and then realized that no matter how hard she worked, she could only struggle to maintain a basic life ……



So what if Lin Yuxun was smart? If he couldn’t leave this community and get a better education, how would he have a chance to show his talent?



“If you keep working part-time, then by the time you have paid your rent, food and other bills, you will never be able to save any money, and you will always have to live the way you do now, no different from all the people around you. But if you can study, you have a chance to change your destiny. You should know how much doctors and lawyers earn, and those who make investments, they can even bring down the economy of a small country after they reach the peak.” Cheng Hao talked a lot.



In his last life, he concentrated on boxing and didn’t even know how to buy stocks, but he had heard of all the bigwigs in the investment or internet industry, and at this point he gave some examples.



Cheng Hao said a lot, but Lin Yuxun kept his head down and never responded.


He knew that what Cheng Hao said was right.


But he knew better, studying requires lots and lots of money, and they had no money.



Cheng Hao kept thinking for him, but Lin Yuxun didn’t want to listen anymore, so he changed the topic: “Actually, it’s easy to change the house to live in, there is still an attic above this building that is empty, we can go rent it.”


“Still live here?” Cheng Hao was a little hesitant.



“Mr. Dampier’s rent isn’t expensive, and the most important thing is that that loft is above the floor where Mr. Dampier lives, which is safer.” Lin Yuxun whispered.




After listening to Lin Yuxun’s explanation, Cheng Hao also felt that it was a good idea.




The building they lived in covered an area of about ninety square feet, it had a total of three floors, and a low attic above the third floor, all of which belonged to Mr. Dampier.


Mr. Dampier didn’t work, he lived on the third floor, and then the ground floor and the second floor were all divided into two parts, a total of four families rented out, the top attic was also rented out, and they rented one space.



The attic was connected to a small balcony, a total of three rooms, the rent wasn’t low, before Cheng Hao appeared, the previous renters were evicted because they couldn’t pay the rent.



Mr. Dampier was so grumpy these days because his loft hadn’t been rented out …… that loft rent was fifteen dollars a week, not rented out meant his weekly income would be reduced by fifteen dollars.



“Then wait a few days, we will rent the loft.” Cheng Hao said.


At the beginning, he had a bad impression of Mr. Dampier, after all, Mr. Dampier was too mean at that time.





But later, after he found out that all the people here were cranky, so he lightened up.



“I have money now.” Lin Yuxun said, he thought about it, then went into the bedroom, then pulled out quite a lot of money in several different places, and put it all in front of Cheng Hao: “I have money, if you want to change the house, we can do it right away, you don’t have to go to work.”



Lin Yuxun’s little mouse-like behavior of hiding the household goods separately was quite cute …… Cheng Hao counted the money.



A total of one hundred and fifty-seven dollars.



Just as he finished counting, Lin Yuxun took out several silver coins from the pocket of the clothes he had just changed, and when put together, it would be one hundred and sixty dollars.



Translated into the RMB before Cheng Hao transmigrated, it was about four or five thousand, the salary of an ordinary person for a month.





“Actually, I have a lot of money ……” Lin Yuxun said, he knew that Cheng Hao thought he was poor, but in reality, he had saved some money.




He would sometimes prefer to eat less, just to find a way to save the money.


Cheng Hao: “……”


He just spent two hundred yuan in one breath today, and really didn’t think a hundred yuan was a lot at all ……



However, with this money, they didn’t have to wait for some days to move, they could totally go and move right now.


Cheng Hao quickly spoke, “You’re amazing to have saved so much money …… I’m going to find Mr. Dampier and we’ll move right away.”



“So soon?” Lin Yuxun froze.




Cheng Hao patted Lin Yuxun’s shoulder: “Xiao Xun ah, brother will teach you one more thing, if we want to do something, we must do it immediately, only those who have enough action, can get success.”



Lin Yuxun pondered, but Cheng Hao had already taken the money and went upstairs to knock on Mr. Dampier’s room door.



Although the living condition of the garage on the ground floor wasn’t good, it was still easy to rent out because of the cheap price, compared to the attic, which wasn’t so easy to rent out.


Mr. Dampier was very happy that Lin Yuxun and Cheng Hao wanted to rent a different place, but there was one thing to solve first: “My door! You must fix my door!”





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