C46—– Enduring Rune Cards

Especially for those spectators who had been following the situation on Adrian’s side from start to finish, almost from the moment the contestants were teleported into the battle map, their thoughts ran wild.



At the very beginning, when they saw the rune cards made by He Yishu, their thoughts were like this: [Cra-p! What the hell is this guy up to? What the hell is that thing he drew? This isn’t even a rune card, okay?]



When they saw the interaction between Adrian and He Yishu afterwards: [Holy s-hit! Adrian actually smiled, he actually smiled, he actually smiled at this person, am I dreaming?]



And then the first battle started: [Da-mn! Adrian is really handsome! How can he be so handsome! I simply admire him, ah ah ah ah ah!]



After this, the real [show stopper] appeared.



When He Yishu and Adrian looked at each other and smiled, he calmly put the two rune cards he had just made into the rune card slot, they opened their mouths in disbelief, they didn’t know what these rune cards were, but they couldn’t possibly work!



However, the next moment, they were slapped in the face.



They thought it would never work, but he instantly became faster, and his combat power exploded, opening up a path of crushing that ended a mecha in a matter of seconds.



It was from this point on that their minds began to be wildly swept with capital [Cra-p], and this became more and more intense as time went on.



Because one minute, two minutes, three minutes …… ten minutes had passed, why was Adrian’s mecha still going at full speed and the attack hadn’t weakened in the slightest!?



And during this whole process, the mecha’s rune card slot still only had those two rune cards. No change!



This wasn’t scientific at all!


It was absolutely impossible for this to exist!



They were going crazy!




But in the end they didn’t go crazy, their brains were just madly brushed by a lot of swear words.



Then they slowly believed what they were seeing.



A completely substandard-looking rune card had actually played an effect that only an S-ranked rune card would have, and it also worked for far longer than the time limit that an S-ranked rune card should have.


They originally thought they saw an ant that would die after being stepped on, but they found that it wasn’t an ant, but an elephant!


Or to describe it in another way, it was like you felt the spring flowers were blooming outside. But you went out expecting a breeze, as soon as you opened the door, a force nine gale blew you into the sky. Extremely refreshing!


In order to bring this sour feeling to more people, they recommended this video to their friends, classmates and family members.



At the same time, they also kept replaying the way He Yishu made the rune cards. Seeing that the other put down his pen like the wind and was easily able to make a rune card in less than a minute, their hearts were once again swept away.



But after looking over and over, they still couldn’t identify exactly what type of rune cards He Yishu had produced and why these rune cards would play such a huge role.



So what the h-ell were these cards!



So what was the origin of the person who made these cards!?



They were now really scratching their heads wondering what the hell was going on!



They admitted that at the beginning they were the ones who looked down at the big guy and saw the big guy as a short and small loser, but now they knew they were wrong and were begging the big guy to reveal his identity!



As everyone was confused about this, a nearly forgotten post was once again topped up, and the direction of the replies instantly reversed.



667th floor: I just want to know, in this post, how many people’s faces have been beaten into a pig’s head? The combination of waste and genius? I think the owner of the posting is the waste, right?



668th floor: After watching the battle just now, I have another male god, please does someone knows the real – deep hidden big brother’s identity information, home address, height and weight, and whether he has a lover? Kneeling down to beg for any information about the boss!


669 floor: No one say anything yet! I’m dumbfounded, who can tell me what the hell is going on with those rune cards? The effect is simply unbelievable, if only I can see the properties of the rune card!



670 floor: Upstairs, I can’t answer you question, because I am also very confused, but one thing I can tell you for sure, as knowledgeable as I am, I’ve never seen such a rune card, so those rune cards are probably unique to the entire interstellar empire!


671 floor: big brother pretended to be a pig to eat the tiger, this move is too good, from now on, I am big brother’s brain-dead fan!


672 floor: where is the owner of this post? He doesn’t dare come out?



673 floor: I’m guilty, I even came out to agree with the owner’s statement, and now my face is swollen, I’m afraid I can’t see anyone these days!



674 floor: No one is talking about the relationship between Adrian and this big man? The two teamed up, Adrian must have known the real level of the big man’s rune card production before, right?




A certain fan who was looking for trouble looked at the replies in his post and was furious, but he couldn’t refute them and could only leave the post in anger, but the hot feeling on his face couldn’t be dispelled.


But as the post’s floors got higher and higher, the topic of discussion slowly shifted, and in addition to this post, someone else posted the video, discussing what exactly happened to those rune cards.


The # mysterious rune card big brother, to know the truth, please enter the comment section #



1st floor: 6666, let’s talk about the big man.

[TN: 6666 – Slang for awesome/cool]


2nd floor: As a casual person who has studied rune cards, I have never seen such a rune card.



3F: As a student about to graduate from the rune card program, I’ve never seen such a rune card either.


4F: As a professional who has been studying rune cards for more than 10 years, I have also never seen such a rune card.



5th floor: Excuse me, please allow me to disrupt the queue for a moment, so far, no one knows what these rune cards are all about?


6th floor: …… right, because no one has seen such a rune card at all, it is even more impossible to figure out the mystery of it.



7F: My grandfather is a senior in the world of rune cards, most of his life was spent dealing with all kinds of rune cards, I just showed him the process of making these rune cards, however, he also doesn’t know why these rune cards have such a powerful effect.



8th floor: I guess only the big man himself knows the secret of these rune cards, sigh, it seems that our curiousity can only stop here.



He Yishu, who was in the competition, didn’t know that he had become a mysterious and powerful master in the eyes of others in a short time. He was still leisurely watching Adrian earn points.


The opponents had a total of a hundred groups of contestants, of which more than eighty people were eliminated by Adrian, plus the points from the battle before, they now had nearly a hundred points.


But at the same time, He Yishu still felt a little regret: “If only these points could be converted into credits.”



Adrian replied with a smile, “If it’s a 1:1 exchange ratio, 100 credits is too little.”



He Yishu watched the points and finally stopped fantasizing about money: “I’m just thinking about it, but it seems like two mechas just ran away, do we need to go after them?”



They probably saw that the situation wasn’t right, those two guys who were still at a good level abandoned their companions and sneaked away.



“No, with the strength of those two, at least a few of our mechas can be eliminated, since they didn’t do it, obviously they don’t want to have a feud with us, so there’s no need to care about them,” Adrian put away the laser blade, turned his head to look at his teammates, then he clicked on the communicator, “Your mecha damage degree, how is it?”



After just watching the crushing and overwhelming one-to-many battle, many of them were still in a dazed state, and only when they heard Adrian’s voice did they come back to their senses: “We’re fine, thanks for protecting us just now.”



In fact, what they wanted to ask was how exactly did these two people perform so well just now, but this kind of question didn’t seem quite appropriate, so they could only barely hold it in.



But there was one person who didn’t have such concerns. Mecha warrior No. 739 spoke with a strong sense of displeasure: “No. 532, what the h-ell was going on with you just now? You didn’t cheat, did you?”



Team members & onlookers: “……” Besides admiring your imagination, what other expression can I put on?



He Yishu: “……” This person’s brain was indeed quite amazing, but what the hell was this strong tone of questioning?



Adrian: “……” he didn’t want to talk, he just want to stay close to Xiao Yishu.



“Why don’t you say anything? An I right?!” Mecha warrior 739 eagerly continued.



“Ahem,” this time He Yishu finally spoke up, “Mecha warrior 739, if you want to report a person cheating in the competition, you need definite evidence, don’t you think this kind of behavior is inappropriate, to question your own companion with such an empty suspicion? ”



“But your performance just now wasn’t normal at all, so it’s only normal for me to raise suspicion, right?” Mecha Warrior No. 739 sounded somewhat exasperated.



“If you have doubts then it doesn’t matter, because it’s your right,” He Yishu sighed lightly, “but since you chose to question us in such a way, you should understand what kind of leading nature your words carry, and what impact it will have on us. At the same time, as a partner of the same team, you would suspect your companion of cheating without evidence, the matter itself is already very disturbing, with such distrust, can I really feel comfortable to give our backs to you?”



Adrian chimed in, “Mecha warrior #739, if you really suspect us of cheating, please report it directly through the official channels, we won’t have any objection.”



Mecha warrior No. 739 was blocked from speaking, he hastily retorted, “I was just asking a casual question.”



“Since it was just a slip of the tongue, we won’t bother with you for now,” He Yishu magnanimously ended the topic, but raised another question, “So now can we discuss the matter of replacing the team leader?”




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