C4— First Encounter

 It was the first time that the girl was disliked so positively, and for a while she forgot how to speak. The others were also looking at He Yishu with subtle expressions, a little annoyed and contemptuous, and seemingly a little more curious.

The He Yishu they saw with their own eyes was completely different from what He Tingting said.

“But seriously, are you guys really He Tingting’s friends?” After disliking people, He Yishu started to stir up trouble again, “Didn’t she tell you guys that my relationship with her has always been bad, so bad that I would be hostile to her friends?”

He Yishu put on a look of dawning realization and nodded, “Oh, I see, she probably just sees you guys in a bad light, that’s why she deliberately made you wait here to be scolded by me, right? No wonder she just deliberately didn’t take the test with my group, and specifically said that I shouldn’t wait for her, it seems that she has found a good excuse for herself. I have to say, considering from certain angles, you guys are really not as smart as He Tingting.”

Hearing these words, several girls’ faces took on a look of surprise and anger, only the object was changed to He Tingting.

“Alright, since you guys are also miserable, then I won’t continue to scold you, goodbye ah.” After successfully stirring up trouble, He Yishu generously waved his hand and walked around a few people to continue walking forward.

When he reached the corner, He Yishu glanced back and saw He Tingting, who had hurriedly come out and was surrounded by those girls, He Yishu couldn’t help but smile.

Not far away, leaning against a tree, Adrian, who was entrusted by his mother to pick up her friend’s daughter, happened to see this scene, and his dark green eyes couldn’t help but look at the oriental teenager’s body twice, until someone blocked his view, then he moved his gaze.

“Adrian, please wait for me here.” The young girl with blonde hair stopped in front of Adrian with a sweet smile on her face and her light blue eyes stared intently at the tall, handsome youth in front of her.

  Adrian, however, just faintly glanced at her, and then took the lead to the private airship aside, without any gentlemanly gesture.

Alisa’s eyes flashed with loss, she could only pull open the passenger door of the airship by herself, sat in, and then tried to smile as she looked at Adrian: “I heard that auntie is going to cook personally today, I haven’t eaten auntie’s cooking in a long time, I feel hungry even thinking about it!”

Adrian looked ahead as if he was driving seriously, so he didn’t have time to answer, but after a pause, he took the initiative to speak again, “Alisa, you should know your mother and my mother’s thoughts very well, right?”

Asked this question, Alisa glanced at Adrian shyly, and then nodded shakily: “Well, I …… I can probably guess.”

Her heart began to beat faster in anticipation, but Adrian immediately threw a pot of ice water: “I have no interest in you.”

Alisa’s face, which had just turned red, turned white, and her cherry mouth was slightly open, showing her surprise and helplessness. However, Adrian’s cruel words weren’t over yet: “No matter what you think, I don’t want us to have any further contact. If you can’t, I don’t mind putting an end to all the meetings with you and any other related things from now on.”

The words were so merciless that they completely shattered the young girl’s soft and fragile heart almost instantly. She subconsciously clutched the bag strap in her hand and asked in a low voice, almost trembling, “Do you …… already have someone you like?”

  ”No,” Adrian answered without any hesitation, then he thoughtfully added, “but I’ll meet that person, and until then, I don’t want to have any presence around me that might make them misunderstand or unhappy.”

Some people weren’t without tenderness, but all their tenderness was kept for one person, even if this person hadn’t yet appeared, they refused to share it with others.

If other people had heard these words, they might have marveled at Adrian’s deep love and dedication, but when Alisa heard them, she only felt angry and sad, and she said with a slight sobbing voice: “If she has not appeared, why do you still treat me like this? Don’t you think your words are too hurtful?”

  Adrian didn’t feel any sympathy for Alisa’s sobbing voice or her slightly reddened eyes, he simply said objectively, “I’m sorry, you’re not the one.”

A simple sentence, but the heartbroken Alisa could no longer hold back her outburst, she punched her knee and said in a sharp voice: “Stop! I’m not going to continue to ride in a ship with a b*stard like you! You’re a heartless person!”

Adrian didn’t say anything else, just silently stopped the already slow-moving airship and let the red-eyed Alisa push open the door of the airship and walk down.

Looking at her aggressive attitude, Adrian sighed in his heart, opened his light computer and dialed his mother’s communication device, then asked her to send someone to pick up Alisa, before his mother started to fume and question him, he hung up sharply.

Adrian waited on the side of the road for a while longer, until Alisa’s figure was about to disappear, and then he was ready to follow slowly.

Although his words were indeed heartless, but this didn’t mean that Adrian was a person without a sense of responsibility, at least he had to make sure that his mother’s people had arrived and picked up Alisa before he could be rest assured, but he didn’t intend to let Alisa know, he didn’t want her to have any unnecessary thoughts because of this.

When Adrian was ready to go after him, the transparent protective air layer on his side was knocked on from outside, Adrian turned his head, and saw a teenager wearing a white shirt.

Adrian immediately recognized the teenager as the one he noticed before, so he didn’t hesitate to press the switch of the protective air layer, the barrier between the two immediately disappeared without a trace.

He Yishu was a little surprised at the sudden disappearance of the “window glass”, and the curiosity in his eyes didn’t have time to dissipate before he met Adrian’s deep dark green eyes.

  He Yishu smiled and greeted Adrian: “Hello, I’m a candidate who came to take the entrance exam today, is there a public airship around here?”

  He Yishu was too careless, thinking that he could walk two steps and get out, but he forgot that the school was so extensive that he couldn’t get out even if he walked all day.

And there was no place to take a public spaceship near here. Generally, there were some private spaceships passing by. He was too embarrassed to block the road directly. It was rare to see a spaceship parked on the side of the road for a while, so he had to ask for directions.

  Adrian glanced at He Yishu, he was about to speak, when his light computer rang, looking at his mother’s caller ID, he could only apologise before accepting the call.

  He Yishu smiled and shook his head, politely straightened up and walked to the side.

  Adrian’s mother called to explain that the people she sent over had received Alisa, and to reprimand him for making the girl cry.

  Turning off the light computer, Adrian turned his head to look at He Yishu, who was standing under a tree not far away, and spoke, “Where are you planning to go?”

  Such a straightforward question might have sounded a bit rude, but after all, it was He Yishu who took the initiative to come over and ask for directions, so he responded vaguely, “I want to leave the school first, then go take the public airship.”

  ”Your destination.” Adrian asked again.

Surprisingly, he directly asked his destination, did this person have evil intentions? But looking at him, it didn’t seem like that, and the management of the Academy had always been strict, and identity scanning was required for entering and leaving, so there shouldn’t be any problem, right?

  It was the first time Adrian received such a gaze with obvious suspicion, he thought it was a little weird, he subconsciously added a few words of explanation: “I am a second-year student of the mecha major, this is my student ID, you don’t need to suspect me, I am only asking this because I’m not doing anything right now, I can give you a ride on the way. ”

  Originally, Adrian was ready to go straight home, but now he had obviously changed his mind.

He Yishu looked at the documents that Adrian showed, and thought of the fact that there was a little girl who just walked off this airship, he calmed his heart down and also presented the information that he just found out: “Thank you, I want to go to the hotel here, can you stop by please?”

Adrian looked at the address, and then looked up at He Yishu: “It’s not on the way, but I can send you there.”

At this point, He Yishu didn’t continue to be polite. He boarded the spaceship and then thanked him: “Then, thank you, Adrian.”

Adrian restarted the airship and headed straight for the destination. The two, who were strangers, didn’t talk much, and in less than five minutes, the airship stopped again.

“Here we are.” Adrian looked straight ahead as he spoke.

He Yishu thanked him again, then got off the airship and walked into the hotel, after he got off, Adrian looked at his back and left.

The reason why He Yishu checked into the hotel directly was that he naturally didn’t intend to go back to the He family, which he had planned to do before. With the 5,000 credits that He Tingting gave him, as long as he didn’t waste money, his life in the recent period would at least have a basic guarantee.

And he was now eighteen years old, he had the absolute right to completely dominate his life, although the accommodation wasn’t a permanent solution, but this was far better than staying in the He family to be oppressed by those people.

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