C3— Entrance Test


 Drawing a rune card?

He Yishu picked up the tiny card and looked at it carefully. Although the pattern on the card looked very simple, and although he already had the memories of the original master, He Yishu was still in a completely dumbfounded state at this point, having no idea what the pattern on the card actually meant, and how to draw it.

It seemed that even the former god of learning was sometimes stumped by exam questions.

He Yishu sighed in his heart and directly put down the card in his hand, then looked apologetically at the professor overseeing his exam, “I’m sorry for delaying your time.”

“Are you going to just give up the exam?” The professor inquired with little expression.

He Yishu nodded helplessly, as a former school god, he really didn’t want to give up the exam, but even if he continued to stay here, it would just be a waste of time.

The professor had no problem with this and took the cards directly to the small box.

He Yishu was a little lost and looked at the card one last time, then his eyes instantly widened and his voice was somewhat excited, “Please wait! Professor, I think …… I can still try again.”

The professor didn’t say anything more about the candidate’s in-and-out action in front of him, but just put the card on the table again, and then he saw this somewhat strange candidate look puzzled as he picked up the rune card and carefully examined it.

Although his gaze was very focused, and even counted as hot, but the professor still felt very helpless: dear candidate, did you really not notice that you took the rune card backwards?

For a candidate who could even get the front and back of the rune card wrong, he was afraid that even if he had deeper feelings for this rune card, he wouldn’t be able to draw it successfully.

The professor who felt that the picture in front of him was somewhat disastrous couldn’t help but silently move his eyes away.

  He Yishu, however, didn’t notice this scene, at this time he was seriously delving into the contents of the rune card, just now the direction was wrong, he didn’t see it at all, when he changed its direction, he just barely found the secret on the rune card.

Although the pattern drawn on the card looked unusually distorted and very irregular, He Yishu, who was a former god of learning, realized with great care that the pattern on it should be Chinese characters!

Yes, this was definitely Chinese characters!

Chinese was He Yishu’s native language, he grew up learning the square Chinese characters, and later practiced the many fonts that led the way, as a former god of learning, He Yishu, in addition to learning to learn, what he loved most was writing to write.

Black body, broad and heavy, regular script clean and calm, official script, soft and flexible, cursive script, free and easy ……

He Yishu simply loved the distinctive fonts and the rich and colorful Chinese characters.

But then, He Yishu’s expression slowly became twisted up, although the pattern on this small card was indeed Chinese characters, but this writing was too …… difficult.

The four simple words [ordinary defense], but it was twisted and turned into a ghostly charm, if not for He Yishu’s good eyesight, it was impossible to recognize the Chinese characters written on it, rather than labelling it a randomly traced graffiti.

Thinking of this, He Yishu suddenly realized a problem.

Because of the original owner’s memories, He Yishu didn’t feel much strange when he saw the big words at the entrance of the Capital Star First Academy, but when he thought back carefully, the words used on it weren’t Chinese characters at all!

He searched around in the original owner’s other memories and was even more certain that the language and writing used in this interstellar era had nothing to do with Chinese characters at all, let alone resemble them, they were simply two extremes.

The language and writing here had its own set of independent system, pronunciation aside, the words, almost every one of them was curved and looked very euphemistic.

So instead of saying that the pattern on this rune card was Chinese characters, it should be said that it came from a kind of neutralization between Chinese characters and the language here, and it was obvious that the language here had the upper hand.

So He Yishu couldn’t help but think, since the language and writing system used here had nothing to do with Chinese, why would he find traces of Chinese characters on a talisman card?

And was it only this one rune card that had traces of Chinese characters on it, or was it how it was on all the rune cards?

These questions lingered in He Yishu’s mind, and just when he wanted to think further, the professor had already turned his head and kindly whispered a reminder, “Four minutes have passed in the test.”

This test only had a total of five minutes, so four minutes had passed, which meant that there was only one minute left until the end of the test.

He Yishu immediately collected his thoughts and refocused his eyes on the talisman card in his hand. At this moment, a suspicion had vaguely emerged in his mind, but there was no way to verify it immediately, so he could only take the risk first.

He Yishu picked up the special pen on the table, pursed the corners of his lips and began to sketch carefully on a blank card.

Although he already had some suspicions in his mind, and he really wanted to verify this matter as soon as possible, but right now he was still in the examination room, he would never rashly reveal his thoughts.

Therefore, when sketching, He Yishu didn’t directly restore the pattern on the card to the standard Chinese characters, but slightly reduced the degree of zigzagging of the pattern, only twisting the pattern in the direction of the Chinese characters to a very small extent.

In this way, even if the professor who tested the card noticed that something was wrong, he would only think that it was his own academic incompetence that led him to draw such irregular characters.

After quickly sketching the pattern, He Yishu politely handed over the card to the professor with both hands.

The professor opened his mouth, wanting to remind the candidate that he hadn’t yet injected his spiritual power into the card, and that it wasn’t considered a finished drawing.

But after thinking about it, the professor didn’t say anything, and just took the rune card that He Yishu had drawn, which might not be considered a rune card at all, after all, the candidate who could hold the rune card upside down and draw such a pattern, probably didn’t know how to inject spiritual power into the rune card at all, right?

He Yishu still didn’t know what was in the professor’s mind. After handing over the rune card, he was taken to a separate room by the staff to wait for the results of the rune card test and the admissions result of this entrance exam later.

At this time, although He Yishu wasn’t nervous, he was still more or less concerned about the result, after all, the guess he just made was very likely to be of great significance to him.

If his guess was really right, his life would even be completely reversed.

In less than three minutes, the test results came out, the professor in charge of the test came over with a sheet and gave He Yishu an odd expression, “Student He Yishu, here are the results of your rune card test and the results of your entrance exam.”

He Yishu politely thanked him and took the slip over, the top line read [Capital Star First Academy Rune Card Major Entrance Examination Results], followed by the rune card test results.

Rune card level: F grade

Rune card function: primary defense

Rune card production difficulty: F level

Rune paper grade: low grade rune paper

Rune pen type: ordinary rune pen

Rune completion: 76.09%

Spiritual power injection level: None

Rune effect level: F-grade

Rune card quality: Pass

He Yishu was looking forward to the test results, but after reading them, he realized that he didn’t understand how these data and grades were obtained, nor did he know if they were considered normal, so after a brief glance, He Yishu moved his attention to the bottom.

There were the admission results of this entrance exam, and the words were very large and clear.

After seeing the results, He Yishu’s eyes flickered slightly, then smiled as he left the room and stepped back into the sunlight.

However, before he could take two steps, he was surrounded by several girls. He Yishu at first felt a little puzzled, although this area was quite crowded and there were many parents who chose to wait for their children here, but there should be no acquaintances of the original owner here, right?

Soon, however, he learned the identity of these people.

“You’re Tingting’s brother, right? You’ve finished the test, right? How was the result?”

“Yes, quickly show us the test results!”

“I heard Tingting talking about you before, how come you didn’t take the test with her?”


A few girls were talking and even tried to take the test results directly from He Yishu’s hand, but He Yishu dodged them sensitively.

He Yishu slightly hooked the corners of his mouth, but it carried an obvious coldness: “These students, I don’t seem to know you, right?”

When they saw this, they became restrained, but they still gathered around He Yishu and refused to retreat: “Although you don’t know us, we have heard Tingting mention you, and we are all very interested in your test results.”

These words made He Yishu’s expression even colder: “If you guys know a little bit about manners, you should understand two things. First, before communicating with someone, please introduce yourself; second, before asking someone about their test results, at least lay out your own test results first.”

Several people didn’t expect such a reaction from He Yishu, and their mood of watching was suddenly dampened, but no one took He Yishu’s words to heart, and someone else said sarcastically and contemptuously, “Just want to see your test results, it’s not a big deal, do you have to talk like that? Besides, it’s not that we want to know your test results much, it’s Tingting who asked us to wait here.”

He Yishu snorted and deliberately imitated this person’s tone, “I just want you to introduce yourselves and take a look at your test results, it’s not a big deal, why are you talking like this? Besides, I’m not the one who wanted you to ask me about my test results, so you’re justified in blocking my way on purpose?”

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