The two young cubs happily changed the game settings.

        He worked in the kitchen for most of the day, his cheeks were red from the heat. But finally, the lamb feast was ready.

        The dazzling array of dishes seemed to be really a dinner for his most beloved one.

        Before picking up the packing box and packing it up, Zhu Qing’an took out his light computer, opened his camera and took a picture.

        After that, he opened his Weibo and uploaded the photo.

        [@Zhu Qing’an: Finished cooking [picture]]

        Nowadays, most citizens consumed nutrients directly, or let robots cook. They rarely cooked with their own hands, and of course, when they did, it was very difficult to eat.

        People like Zhu Qing’an who could cook and also make it delicious, were almost non-existent.

        Once he posted the picture, many people left comments.

        Fans knew that Zhu Qing’an could cook, but it was the first time they saw him share his cooking on the internet.

        [Wow, that looks delicious! This is the lamb dishes of ancient earth?]

        [Who is An An dining with? I smell the sour stench of love!!!!!!!! Otherwise, how could a person prepare such a dinner!]

        [When can I have some of An’s cooking? Lemon is going to be the one who dines with An!]

        [Looks so delicious]


        The corner of his lips rose as he looked at the enthusiastic comments of his  fans.

        He was playing the role of a lover, but maybe he was really in love now.

        He closed the Weibo, opened the special packing box prepared for Qin Hengyi, and carefully packed the still-hot meal.

        Inadvertently, he glanced at the table where the food was originally placed.

        This small table, in addition to him, no other person had sat here.

        If …… Qin Hengyi really existed in reality, how good would it be.

        This small dining table, may be lively.

        The sudden thought passed through Zhu Qing’an’s mind fleetingly.

        Zhu Qing’an rubbed his hair and handed the packing box to the delivery robot that had been waiting at the door for a long time to send it to Qin Hengye.

        He was shocked by his thoughts just now.

        He felt that he was, probably, tired of  being alone to think like that.

        If he wanted more people to taste his food, he could run a lottery on Weibo and invite people to his home for dinner to liven up the house ……

It was too unrealistic to think that a virtual character could penetrate the dimensional wall ……

        Zhu Qing’an returned to his bedroom, opened Weibo and posted a thank you message to his fans who supported him.

        At the same time, through Weibo, he also noticed the current progress of the marine animal ambassador campaign.

        He had been shortlisted.

        But the final winner could only be one person, and he felt that he …… couldn’t do it at all, even with the “Big Shot Experience Ticket” given by the game.

        But even if he was just a finalist, he was still very excited.

      Zhu Qing’an dealt with somethings online then logged out of Weibo.

        The two cubs were still huddled in the desktop, holding a software icon as they softly slept.

        Zhu Qing’an looked at the “False Love” icon that was being held tightly by the kittens, and a bad feeling ran through him.

        He felt that they had done something bad again.

        Zhu Qing’an didn’t open the game. Whenever he had free time these days, he wore his holographic helmet and indulged in the game. It must have made him a little confused between reality and virtual reality.

        He put the light computer away and changed into the clothes of a caretaker in the base, and was ready to go to take care of the cubs.

        The seals, which were special grade protected animals, would be picked up later.

        Zhu Qing’an wanted to take care of them one last time.


        The baby seals saw Zhu Qing’an and flapped their little paws in the pool. Their round, soft bodies made them resemble dumplings.

        Zhu Qing’an half squatted down, took out a small fish from the bucket and fed them one by one.

        He also didn’t forget to feed some to the other cubs.

        “Later you will have to leave me.” Zhu Qing’an stroked their heads and murmured, “In the future, there will be better people to take care of you instead of me.”

        He was a little sad, but more than that, he was happy for the baby seals.

        The base now had more cubs. The quality of life was bound to decline as the number of cubs increased.

        The only way was to open up the adoption rights of these cubs and let the right people adopt them.

        Zhu Qing’an also wanted them to have a normal and happy family, not to stay in the base forever.

        But if the adoption was open, he would have to make his stray animal base public. –Everyone would know his second identity, the owner of the stray animal base.

        Zhu Qing’an was a little hesitant, but after thinking about it, he decided to find the time to get this done.

After thinking for a moment, the light computer rang again, the empire had sent someone over to pick up the baby seals. The baby seals were endangered animals in the empire and had to be well protected.

        He put the baby seals in a small basket and carefully carried them.

        The people who picked them up were wearing the uniforms of animal protection organizations. When they took the baby seals away, they gave Zhu Qing’an a small bag.

        The bag contained the diary that Zhu Qing’an had brought out in the laboratory some days ago.

        Zhu Qing’an frowned, the diary had been handed over to the police …… how did it come back? Did the police force not want it? It was an important crime scene evidence ……

        He wanted to ask the other what was going on, but he only said he was only responsible for the transfer, other things weren’t revealed.

       He could only take the diary and go home.

        The outer cover of the diary was refurbished and became much easier to flip through, and could be read as a normal book.

        It looked like it was sent back specifically for Zhu Qing’an to read.

        Since the diary was sent back, Zhu Qing’an didn’t keep it away.

        He took the diary and sat on the sofa, intending to finish the diary.

        The last time he read about the child named “Qin”, because he wanted to learn “love”, he became an amorous and sensitive mermaid.

        He guessed that the person in the diary should have used a technique to transfer the consciousness of the child into an artificial mermaid body.

        He was curious to know whether “Qin” had learned “love” in the mermaid body or not.

        In fact, Zhu Qing’an was also a bit confused …… love could be learnt in so many ways, why did they insist on using this raw and difficult method of turning him into a mermaid?

        Instead of saying that they let “Qin” experience being a mermaid, in order to learn to love. It was better to say that they had some kind of purpose, so that “Qin” had the experience of being a mermaid, to pave and prepare for something in the future.

        Zhu Qing’an frowned and stopped thinking so much and turned to the next page.

        Let’s see how this mermaid experience turns out.

        [May 20. Unfortunately, it still hasn’t learned to love in the experience of mermaid life. It is now less than a month from its launch, it doesn’t even know the most basic ‘love’, it’s like a cold machine, how is it going to face the whole human race? How can it live with humans?

        Zhu Qing’an continued to read.

   [May 22nd. We have used other methods, it’s still useless. I think that it was a mistake in our direction. We have been teaching him ‘love’, but we didn’t want him to really experience ‘love’ for a while. But how can he experience it? With who?]

        [May 30. Time is running out, it still doesn’t know love, so it can’t face humans. When the time is up, it will be destroyed. It’s our child. ……]

        Destroyed ……?

        Zhu Qing’an currently guessed that ‘it’ was something similar to an intelligent brain AI. AIs had autonomous consciousness, destruction for them was equal to being brutally killed.

        Did …… it end up being destroyed?

        Zhu Qing’an scrolled down and found that the next page only had a few words.

        【June 1. There is not enough time.]

        【June 4. Not enough time, it still doesn’t know how to love and can’t be listed. It’s going to be destroyed, our poor child ……]

        The rest of the pages were filled with just one line of messy, unpleasant words.

        [How can we make it learn to love?]

        Zhu Qing’an kept turning to the last page before he saw unfamiliar words.

        [It was destroyed. Before it died, it did not cry, but only through the screen, it told us – one day, it would prove to the world that it knew how to love. This time may be a bit long, we have to wait.]

        [My poor child, the experiment has been terminated, its consciousness is about to be destroyed, yet it still holds this impractical wish.]

        This diary was from three hundred years ago.

        Through the yellowed paper, Zhu Qing’an seemed to see a small AI who had died, who had persistently and diligently tried to learn to love when it was alive, even a second before it died, it  still held the fantasy of proving to the world that it knew how to love.

        He felt a little heartbroken and helpless.

        He wanted to put the diary away, but a thought suddenly flashed through his mind. His whole body froze like an electric shock ……

        When he got the diary back, the game instantly loaded the diary into the game and treated it as a “plot prop”.

        This also proved that this diary from reality was related to the plot of the game.

        The “child” in the diary was called “Qin” ……

        The name of the main character of “False Love” also had Qin …… and a mermaid storyline ……

        No …… no.

        The first page of the diary was opened, and the handwriting on it was illuminated by the warm yellow light, making it look particularly eye-catching.

He suddenly felt that the font looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember who it was.

        Who was the person who wrote this diary and created “Qin”?

        Zhu Qing’an frowned, not daring to think further.

        He put the diary away and glanced at the time.

        He wanted to play the game again.

        A day without it, he was bored to death.

        He gritted his teeth and decided to give himself only twenty minutes of game time! He would go in and have a lamb dinner with Qin Hengyi! He wouldn’t do anything else!

        He hugged his holographic helmet and sat on the bed. Before entering the game, he glanced at the little cubs in the light brain desktop.

        The rabbit and kitten woke up from their nap, and they also saw Zhu Qing’an who was ready to enter the game.

        They tilted their little heads and blinked their moist eyes, looking at Zhu Qing’an innocently.

        The little rabbit’s furry face was still flushed, as if it had done something bad.

        Zhu Qing’an: “……”

        He had a bad feeling. But then he thought it was an illusion, so he didn’t think much about it.

        He took a deep breath and put on his holographic helmet.

        [Welcome back to False Love!]

        Before entering the holographic mode, his consciousness habitually sunk.

        But this time, Zhu Qing’an had a different feeling ……

        He felt like his body was cold.

        Like he had been stripped n*ked.

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