C5— I’m Not Going Back

  The consumption level in the Star Empire was unexpectedly similar to the era He Yishu used to live in. 5 credits could buy an ordinary meal, and 100 credits could definitely buy good quality clothes.

However, the cost of accommodation here was unexpectedly cheap, 30 credits could buy a comfortable night in a hotel with good environment and service.

  The one He Yishu chose now was such a hotel.

  He Yishu would soon be enrolled in the Capital Star First Academy, where food and accommodation were even cheaper.

  According to this consumption indicator, 5000 credits was enough for He Yishu to live for at least two or three months, and after that, as a former school god, He Yishu could always think of a way.

After entering the hotel room, He Yishu began to search for information about rune cards.

  According to the information on the internet, there were seven levels of rune cards, from low to high, they were F, E, D, C, B, A, and S levels.

  The F and E grade rune cards were ordinary rune cards, the D, C and B grade rune cards were intermediate rune cards, and the higher ones were advanced rune cards.

  The difficulty level of drawing a rune card was generally proportional to the level of the rune card, with very few exceptions, for example, some rune cards had a very weak effect, so the level wasn’t high, but the drawing was very difficult.

  To draw a rune card, one naturally needed to use rune paper and rune pen, which were also divided into different grades and types.

Generally F and E grade rune cards only needed to use low grade rune paper and ordinary rune pen, which wouldn’t have any adverse effect on the effect of the rune card, but D and C grade rune cards would need medium grade rune paper.

  If low grade paper was used to draw these cards, even if there was no problem with the drawing process, the effect of the cards would be greatly reduced and affected.

  And when it came to B grade and higher grade rune cards, the requirements for rune paper and rune pen were even higher, and there were certainly other detailed requirements in many aspects at this time, but He Yishu was still in the early stages of understanding, so he didn’t extend his knowledge of these aspects too much.

After checking the factors that affected the drawing of the rune cards, the next step was the data involved in the results of the rune card testing.

He Yishu was about to study further when his light computer rang at this time, and when he opened it, it was He Tingting.

As soon as He Tingting left the test site, she was inexplicably accused by some good friends, and after she barely explained herself, she couldn’t find He Yishu.

D*mn He Yishu, how dare he run away after he deliberately set her up?  She would definitely tell her mom and dad!

At first, He Tingting didn’t consider the matter in a certain direction, after all, He Yishu’s nature had always been weak, and he rarely even went out, so he certainly didn’t have the guts to run around.

But after waiting for more than an hour and seeing no sign of He Yishu, He Tingting slowly came to her senses and realized that something was wrong, just because He Yishu usually didn’t run around, it seemed more unusual for him to suddenly disappear today.

Then He Tingting thought of the 5,000 credits she had transferred to He Yishu, she had been complacent about her wise decision, but now, she broke out  in a cold sweat.

He Yishu had dared to play her?

He Tingting felt both shocked and angry, and also panicked. She no longer dared to wait for He Yishu to pathetically run back to her, and hurriedly called He Yishu.

About ten seconds later, He Yishu picked up the call, and He Tingting immediately asked in a sharp voice, “He Yishu, where are you now?”

  He Yishu pushed the device away from him and replied calmly, “What does it matter to you where I am now?”

He Tingting was worried, and although her heart was burning with anger, she was afraid of really annoying He Yishu, so she could only force herself to lower her voice, “We’ve already finished the exam, shouldn’t we go home? I’ve been waiting for you here for over an hour, where the hell have you been?”

He Tingting’s voice couldn’t hide the aggravation and complaint, however, He Yishu’s response was plaintive: “Oh, that’s my fault.”

As soon as she heard He Yishu admit his fault, He Tingting suddenly gained strength, but before she could show this strength, she heard He Yishu continue, “I forgot to tell you, I won’t go back to He’s house anymore.”

  He Tingting was dumbfounded for a moment, thinking that her ears must be out of order, “What did you say?!”

“I said, I am now eighteen years old and can make decisions for my own life, so I will not go back to the He family,” He Yishu explained again in a good mood, “What I mean by not going back to the He family is that I will not even go back in the future, tomorrow I will apply for the dissolution of all relations with the He family through the virtual network I hope you will be prepared in advance.”

After making sure she had not misunderstood what He Yishu meant, He Tingting was shocked and anxious, she said eagerly, “What nonsense are you talking about! What do you mean by dissolving the relationship? You should stop this nonsense!”

He Yishu had no intention to explain again, but just said in a good mood: “Then that’s it, remember to talk to father about this matter, remember to remind him that I have no intention to joke at all, if this matter cannot be successfully resolved within three days, I don’t mind putting all the grievances I have suffered over the years into the public domain. “

After saying these words, He Yishu hung up the communication directly and sharply.

He Yishu wasn’t worried that the He family would come over or refuse this matter, after all, the original owner was really not that important to them, they may be angry, perhaps resentful, but definitely would beg him to stay.

The memories of the original owner were there in plain sight, his father He Chengkun treated him as a stain he couldn’t erase, his stepmother Lu Na saw him as a thorn in her side, and He Xiaochen and He Tingting treated him as a trash can.

  What a sad existence, even if he just disappeared, it would only make those people breathe a sigh of relief.

He Yishu didn’t want to continue to suffer difficulties and humiliation from these people, nor did he want any of his future achievements to go to the He family, so he made this decision on the spot.

Of course the most important thing was that, such a move, although it was true that in a short period of time, it wouldn’t bring any impact on the He family, but at least it could also disgust them.

  Even if everyone in the He family didn’t consider He Yishu as a family member or even put him in their eyes, He Yishu’s decision to actively choose to sever ties with the He family as soon as he became an adult should still disgust them.

At this moment, He Tingting was disgusted by He Yishu’s action, she never thought this would happen.

He Yishu, that b*stard, how dare he …… say such words!

  Obviously he was the one who was despised and loathed by the whole family, how dare he take the initiative to break off the relationship with the He family, who was he! Who was he to do so?

  He Tingting went home furiously, but she didn’t dare to tell He Chengkun about it directly, instead she secretly complained to her mother Lu Na: “Mom, He Yishu cheated me out of 5,000 credits, he’s become so arrogant, you must help me get those credits back! That’s my pocket money!”

  Lu Na heard these words, but had other thoughts: “These words are really his own words? Did he really say he wanted to cut off all relations with the He family within three days?”

He Tingting’s face turned red with anger, this was the first time she had been set up by that fool He Yishu, it was a disgrace to her: “Yes! He really doesn’t know how to behave, he even wants to break off the relationship with dad, dad will definitely kill him!”

  Lu Na didn’t say anything more to He Tingting, but just pacified her, and transferred the 5000 credits that made He Tingting depressed to her, and then let her go to her room first.

She herself made a rare appearance in the kitchen of the house, replacing the robot’s work and starting to prepare today’s lunch.

  When He Chengkun returned from the office at noon, he smelled an aroma that was completely different from the unchanging taste of the robot’s cooking as soon as he entered the door, which eased his frown that had been tightly furrowed.

  But when he learned from Lu Na at the dinner table that He Yishu was going to dissolve the relationship with the He family, the mood that had just turned clear was immediately replaced by anger again.

  He Chengkun directly dropped his rice bowl and said angrily, “Where is he now?”

Lu Na sighed lightly and replied, “From what Tingting said, I haven’t seen him since the exams ended, he should be staying at the hotel right now.”

“That rebellious son!” He Chengkun breathed heavily, obviously exasperated.

Lu Na said, seemingly soothingly, but provocatively, “He has just become an adult, he doesn’t know what to do yet, why are you so angry?”

  He Chengkun became even angrier: “Send someone to bring him back to me this afternoon, and I’ll see if he dares to say this kind of nonsense again!”

 Lu Na smiled and said with some difficulty: “It is simple to send people over, but Xiao Shu is now an adult, he has every right to refuse to come back, when the time comes ……”

“I am his father, he still dares to disobey my orders?!” Although He Chengkun said this with a lot of courage, but he also knew in his heart, if He Yishu really didn’t want to come back, the people he sent couldn’t solve the problem.

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