C38— Exposed



Elisa’s mother froze slightly, although she heard the change of tone in Winnie’s voice, she only thought she was defending her son: “If there is anything Elisa did wrong, it’s probably that she shouldn’t have taken the initiative to team up with Adrian like that, not to mention that she shouldn’t have been holding that kind of thoughts towards him.”


“More than that, what’s wrong with that if it’s just liking someone?” Winnie hadn’t been in conflict with this best friend for a long time, looking at the other’s attitude at this time, she felt that her best friend seemed different from her memories, “Although the one who made the report is Adrian, the final decision is given by the First College’s report monitoring system, isn’t that enough to show that Elisa’s words and actions at that time were inappropriate? I can understand your feelings, but the results of the report is there.”



Hearing her best friend shirk responsibility, thinking of her daughter’s crying appearance just now, Elisa’s mother became even more irritated: “Winnie, do we still need to discuss such issues at this point? Even if Elisa really said something wrong, Adrian shouldn’t have reported her, it’s really too much!”



“Forgive me for not agreeing with your logic, since it is really Elisa who did something wrong, then even if Adrian reported her, it only seems emotionally unkind, but objectively he did nothing wrong. What’s more, Adrian didn’t want to report Elisa at the beginning, he just wanted Elisa to apologize for her comments, but Elisa refused,” Winnie changed her usual gentle attitude when talking to her friend and took out her cold and hard attitude as a member of parliament, “Before you refute my words, I think you need to listen to this recording.”



Winnie originally didn’t intend to put out this recording, after all, this recording may make her old friend feel embarrassed, but now she changed her mind, she needed to see clearly.



Not waiting for Elisa’s mother to react, Winnie directly clicked on the recording, then she was stunned.


When her daughter’s voice, which was full of anger and at the same time seemed extraordinarily vicious, came from the recording, Elisa’s mother froze instantly.



Until that recording finished playing, she couldn’t even come back to her senses. She didn’t expect that these words would come out of her gentle and kind daughter’s mouth, a fact that left her completely at a loss as to what to think and how to give a response.



After a few moments of silence, Winnie slowly spoke: “I played this recording, not to embarrass you, but to let you know what really happened at that time. The student mentioned in this recording is Adrian’s best friend, he and Elisa have never met before, let alone had any conflicts, and he is innocent in this whole matter, so I don’t think he deserves such unwarranted accusations. And what is wrong with Adrian defending his innocent friend in such a way?”



Elisa’s mother still didn’t say anything, she was too shocked now, and at the same time Winnie’s action made her feel so embarrassed that she didn’t know how to speak.



Winnie sighed lightly: “Maybe you can consider this issue from another angle. If it is someone who has no contact with Elisa at all and denigrates and attacks her in front of Elisa’s friends for no reason, do you think Elisa’s friends should defend Elisa?”



After listening to Winnie’s words, Elisa’s mother had to speak even though she was embarrassed, “It’s true that Elisa did something wrong in this matter, I will teach her well.”



Winnie wanted to say something else, but Elisa’s mother had already hung up the communication quickly after she finished this sentence.



Elisa, who was in the apartment, didn’t know what happened between the two elders, so when she received her mother’s call, she thought that she had gotten justice for her, but she didn’t expect to be greeted with the sound of her mother’s reprimand once she picked up.



“Elisa, I didn’t expect those kinds of words would come out from your mouth, have you forgotten your status and connotation?” Elisa’s mother looked at her unhappily.



Elisa faintly froze, and an uneasy feeling rose up in her heart: “Mom, I’m not ……”



“Shut up!” Completely different from her former heartfelt and soothing attitude, Elisa’s mother looked furious at the moment, “How dare you try to deceive me after saying something you shouldn’t have said yourself! Do you know how much respect I’ve lost because of you?”



Elisa immediately realized that her mother obviously heard the recording, and she instantly got angry: “How could Aunt Winnie do that! How could she ……”



“Elisa, don’t you realize your mistake by now?” Elisa’s mother was filled with anger, she didn’t expect her daughter to react like this at all, “Do you know how shocked and angry I was when I heard that kind of words coming out of your voice? You said such rude and unpleasant words in front of Adrian, you let me down!”



Elisa cried and covered her face, slowly lowering her head, not daring to speak again, but in her heart she was still very angered by Adrian and his mother’s behavior, how could they just take out that recording!



Elisa’s mother reprimanded her a few more times in a stern voice and admonished her again and again to never do such rude things again, before hanging up the communication with a gloomy look on her face.



Elisa cried on the bed for a while before her emotions slowly calmed down, but the chagrin and anger in her heart became even stronger.



On the other hand, Adrian and He Yishu didn’t know the situation on Elisa’s side. After a warm meal, the two sat on the sofa and chatted for a while before He Yishu got up to leave.



Adrian actually wanted to keep He Yishu overnight, but thinking that he was still in the chasing stage, he had to give up for now and got up to send He Yishu back to his own apartment.



The apartments of the students of the Rune Card and Mecha majors were two opposite apartment buildings, which were very close to each other, but Adrian insisted on taking He Yishu to his apartment door, and He Yishu agreed with pleasure.



The two of them took the elevator downstairs, and as soon as they walked out of the apartment building, they saw two “acquaintances”.



“Brooke, didn’t we already talk about this?” Du Fangping was chasing Brooke this way, but the latter didn’t seem to want to pay attention to him, his steps were fast, and Du Fangping was still trying to say something, “You can’t do this to me, you clearly promised to be with me before ……”



Halfway through Du Fangping’s words, he stopped abruptly because he also saw He Yishu and Adrian, and a flash of embarrassment flashed across his face.



Brooke also noticed the two, but he just expressionlessly walked past them without saying a word.



He Yishu also didn’t want to pay attention to these two people, he was going to ruthlessly abuse these two scum, but right now was obviously not the right time, but when he passed by Du Fangping, the other party took the initiative to call out.



“He Yishu, have you signed up for this year’s Mecha Competition held by the virtual arena?” Du Fangping looked at Adrian, who was standing side by side with He Yishu, and asked in a tone that implied malice.



He Yishu glanced at Du Fangping calmly, “May I ask if I have any obligation to answer your question?”



“Of course not, I just want to give you a heads up, after all, the Mecha Competition is also a good opportunity for students of Rune Card to practice,” Du Fangping said with a stiff smile, “but if you don’t want to answer my questions for some reason, I can also understand .”



He Yishu laughed coldly in his heart, Du Fangping was really the same as always, he was always beating around the bush and hiding needles in his words, what do you mean by “for some reason”? He was just trying to say that his qualifications were too poor, and even if he wanted to participate in this competition, it would be impossible to find a partner.



He Yishu didn’t take Du Fangping’s sarcasm seriously, but it made him vaguely guess the reason for the conflict between Du Fangping and Brooke just now.



He Yishu looked at Du Fangping with a smirk and said, “If that’s the case, then I’ll pretend to care about you in passing, you should have formed a team with Brooke by now and completed your registration by the way, right? After all, the two of you are close enough to do things for each other that violate morality without any scruples.”



Once again, Du Fangping was clearly the one who should have been the one to mock He Yishu in a condescending and majestic manner, but now he was embarrassed by He Yishu’s words, his face turned pale.



When he thought of all the ostracism he had received over this period of time and the change in Brooke’s attitude towards him, the resentment and irritation in Du Fangping’s heart rose up again, but he at least remembered his miserable experience of deducting credits twice before, and didn’t throw a fit on the spot, but responded gloomily, “Yes, I have indeed teamed up with Brooke, thank you for your concern, but actually, the two of us have nothing to do with you anymore, right?”


He Yishu glanced at Du Fangping with an inexplicable look and said disdainfully, “Please don’t be so self-absorbed, okay? Didn’t I just make it very clear? I only asked a polite question because you cared about me first, do you think I really care about two scums who betrayed their lover and best friend?”



Du Fangping, who was asking for trouble, instantly turned red: “He Yishu, don’t go too far!”



“Don’t you think your logic is strange? In such a matter of stark right and wrong, isn’t it inexplicable that instead of blaming those two morally bankrupt scums, you’re telling me, the victim who just told the truth, not to go too far?” He Yishu blinked innocently and smiled again, “But it’s right, after all, you are one of those two scums and it’s understandable that you don’t want to admit your mistake and got irritated because of my words.”




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