C37— Always Close To You


As soon as he hung up the communication with his father, Adrian immediately contacted He Yishu, and changed his emotionally introverted persona, Adrian looked at He Yishu with some frustration and guilt: “Honey.”



He Yishu was relaxing on the bed, but when he saw Adrian’s appearance, he sat up slowly from the bed and asked worriedly, “Did you encounter something bad?”



Adrian shook his head, but his expression was still tinged with guilt: “Just now when I was talking to Elisa, she said some unkind words about you, I feel very sad and guilty, because she said those things because of me.”



Hearing this explanation, He Yishu was relieved and said with an indifferent expression, “Since it was someone else who said the words, you shouldn’t be the one to feel guilty, because you can’t be blamed for this matter. And I’ve never even met the person you’re talking about, for a stranger who has nothing to do with me, I don’t care what she says about me, whether it’s good or bad, and I don’t blame you for that, so you really don’t need to feel guilty.”



“Really?” Adrian looked at He Yishu with both apprehension and expectation, “Will this incident really not affect you?”



“Of course not, there are so many people in this world, if I have to care about everyone’s opinion of me, wouldn’t I have to live a very tiring life?” He Yishu leaned on the bed and smiled, “As long as you didn’t change your opinion of me because of her words, I wouldn’t care, so in the end, what I really care about is just your opinion of me, it doesn’t have any direct relationship with her.”



Adrian finally smiled: “It’s good that you don’t care, I’m relieved.”



With the problem solved, He Yishu changed the subject: “What do you want to eat later? I’ve already cleaned up my side.”



“I want to eat something you made, can I?” Adrian spoke expectantly.



Although his skills were very good, He Yishu didn’t like cooking much, so he didn’t have many opportunities to cook, but thinking about the conversation just now, he nodded thoughtfully: “What do you want to eat? We’ll go shopping for the ingredients together later.”



The plan succeeded, Adrian began to order: “Last time the boiled fish was very good, braised meat is also good, and stir-fried seasonal vegetables, you said eating vegetables is good for the body.”

Wait, according to the conversation just now, the one who should really feel aggrieved and angry be him, how come in the end, he was cooking to appease Adrian?


But since the food was ordered, he could do it this once, it wasn’t a difficult task for him anyway.



He Yishu didn’t realize that he was invisibly spoiling his man again. After confirming the menu, the two of them went to buy the ingredients together and then went to Adrian’s apartment to cook.



When He Yishu was cooking, Adrian wasn’t idle, either playing next to him, or standing not far behind He Yishu watching, or looking for some interesting topics to talk about, completely without his usual high and cold look that he had in front of others.



He Yishu inexplicably felt that the two hadn’t yet officially started a relationship, yet their get along mode had already entered old husband and wife mode, placing the hot and fragrant meals on the table, He Yishu couldn’t help but ask: “Adrian, the way you’re chasing me, and the way we get along, did you learn from your father?”



Adrian’s ears reddened, under He Yishu’s gaze, he gave a vague “hmm”, he thought about it, and then couldn’t help but ask: “Do you not like this way? If you don’t like it, I can try a different way of pursuing and getting along.”



He Yishu couldn’t help but smile, Adrian was too cute: “No, I actually think this is quite good, but won’t you feel awkward? After all, this might not be the most suitable way for you.”



“But I haven’t found a way that suits me right now.” Adrian glanced at He Yishu with a little embarrassment.



Adrian had never pursued anyone else, and when faced with this kind of thing for the first time, he might really be completely overwhelmed if he didn’t have the experience of his elders in front of him.



But when he thought about it, he actually didn’t completely transpose the experience of his elders to do so, in the process of pursuing He Yishu and getting along with him before, he also showed his true side, so he didn’t feel awkward: “And I don’t feel awkward either, although in this kind of thing, my attitude may be somewhat different from the usual, but this isn’t deliberate, I really like to spend time with you like this, and I want to be close to you all the time.”


This time it was He Yishu’s turn to blush a little, he took his chopsticks and gave Adrian a piece of roast pork, then lowered his head and started to eat the rice, “Eat quickly, roast pork is only delicious when it’s hot.”



Adrian also skillfully picked up the chopsticks, bit into the roast pork, and praised him from the bottom of his heart: “Xiao Shu’s cooking is the best, if only I could eat it for the rest of my life.”


He Yishu definitely couldn’t admit that this kind of Adrian was the same guy he first met, who seemed very cold!



The two of them were eating sweetly over here, while Elisa was stunned by the sudden notification of points deduction she received.



[Hello, after review, there is malicious attack on other students in your previous words and actions, now we have deducted 0.5 credits from you as punishment.
Warm reminder: between classmates, when interacting, don’t feel free to maliciously attack other students.]



Adrian actually reported her and she got 0.5 credits deducted!



Once again, Elisa was so angry that she wanted to run over and question Adrian, ask him why he did this and why he treated her like this, but after thinking about it, she gave up and instead turned her head and contacted her mother.



“Mom, I’m just too sad right now.” As soon as the communication was connected, Elisa began to complain.



As soon as she saw her daughter crying, Elisa’s mother immediately asked, “Elisa, did you encounter any difficulties? Why are you so sad?”


Elisa immediately told her mother about her miserable encounter, neglecting certain points in the process, such as how she attacked He Yishu with words, in addition, she also focused on expressing Adrian’s cold and heartlessness towards her.



After listening to her daughter’s words, Elisa’s mother was heartbroken and at the same time a little angry. She always knew her daughter’s heart, plus with the relationship between her and Adrian’s mother, she always felt that these two children should be able to come together, but she never thought that this would happen.


Elisa’s mother soothed her daughter: “Elisa, calm down first, I will help you inquire clearly about this matter, and will never let you suffer.”



Elisa cried for a few minutes before hanging up.


After Elisa’s mother hung up the communication, she immediately contacted Adrian’s mother, Winnie, and conveyed to her what her daughter just cried about, although there was no excessive anger in her tone, there was more or less a sense of injustice for her daughter.



Winnie had learned the whole story from Arman, although she was a little angry that her son completely disregarded Elisa’s feelings and even directly reported the other, she was also very clear that from an objective point of view, Adrian really wasn’t wrong.



But after all, they were close friends, Winnie didn’t directly point out this point, she apologized first: “In this matter Adrian was a little rude, don’t let Elisa focus on it.”



This was only pleasantries and a few polite sentiments, but as Elisa’s mother listened, the tone of the accusation got thicker: “Adrian’s character has always been very cold, but I didn’t expect him to do such a thing, Elisa has been crying for a long time, and now she may still be wiping her tears, I’m afraid this time she’s really sad, I don’t know how long it will take to put this matter down.”



The implication was that her son had gone too far in this matter, not only has her daughter been deducted credits, but he also broke her heart.



Winnie and Elisa’s mother were indeed very good friends, she did try to set up her son and Elisa, and even made a lot of harmless little attempts to do so, but at that time Winnie still thought that Elisa was a dignified, generous and good girl, but now ……



The recording she just heard completely shattered her perception of Elisa, she didn’t expect this girl, who always looked and acted elegant and lovely, to use such excessive words to attack an innocent person whom she had never come into contact with.



Even at the time of hearing those words, Winnie wondered if there was something wrong with her ears to hear such harsh words being expressed by Elisa’s voice, who was known as a good, well-behaved and understanding child.



But even with this in mind, Winnie didn’t want to get upset with her best friend over this matter, she took a deep breath and calmly replied, “Since these two children are not suitable, then we as elders shouldn’t bother more, after all, they are not young and can already make decisions for their own affairs.”



Elisa’s mother didn’t know what Winnie was thinking, she continued to complain, “I thought Adrian was mature enough to make up his own mind, but he treated Elisa like this today, he should learn to take responsibility for his own words and actions.”



The other repeatedly insulted her son, Winnie finally changed her attitude, no longer mindful to say her own views: “As a man, such treatment to a woman, may be rude, but I have to say, in this case the rude person is Elisa.”



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