C35— The Masquerade Ball


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Ji Yuan’s tears immediately fell, she imagined that Xingxing would accept it gladly, but also thought that he might need time to accept it slowly.



She had built up her heart before she arrived, and no matter what the possibility was, they would give him enough time to adapt, but when she heard him call her ‘mom’, Ji Yuan only regretted that she hadn’t found him earlier.



“Yes, I am your mother.”



Ji Yuan’s teary eyes were like gentle autumn water, she took a deep breath and tried to sound calm.



“Xingxing, I am your mother. I’m sorry that mommy only found you now.”



Lu Wenxing rarely cried. Since he was a child, he never cared about what others thought of him. No matter whether he was ridiculed by his classmates or the neighbors in the town, he wasn’t sad at all.



Since he was a child, he knew that his life wasn’t judged by a few words of others, this was the truth that Lu Xiaofei told him.  Lu Xiaofei also told him that he was a star that accidentally fell from the sky, but was shining everywhere.


Lu Wenxing used to listen with a smile, thinking Lu Xiaofei was just coaxing him. But now, Lu Wenxing realized that…..



In Ji Yuan’s eyes, he was the most dazzling star.



Lu Wenxing’s eyes were slightly red, and there was mist in his beautiful eyes. It wasn’t only Ji Yuan that was waiting for this moment, he also waited for a long time.



On more than one occasion, he had fantasized about what his biological mother would be. Until now, when he saw Ji Yuan, Lu Wenxing realized that his mother was more beautiful, gentler and loved him more than he had imagined.



Lu Wenxing raised his hand and hugged Ji Yuan.



“Mom, thank you for finding me.”



This sentence made Ji Yuan was stunned, her eyes were wide with surprise, “Xiao Xing’er, what did you just call me?”



Lu Wenxing smiled brightly, “Mom.”



Ji Yuan was patient, she didn’t want to rush Lu Wenxing to call her ‘Mom’. The night before they met with Xingxing, the three of them had agreed not to pressure him, it was okay to wait for him to get used to it first.



But her Xingxing always gave her unexpected surprises, more than ten years without seeing each other didn’t cut the blood ties, not to mention the family becoming unfamiliar. The intimate ‘mother’ and the memory of that child’s voice overlapped.


The two of them looked at Lu Wenxing with bated breath, having been neglected for so long, watching the mother and son embrace each other, they were also anxious.



Wen Zheng took over the position of president of the company after he came back from his studies, and when he first entered the workplace, even in the face of deliberate embarrassment from shareholders, he could resolve it without changing his expression and didn’t mention a word when he returned home. But now, when he met Lu Wenxing’s eyes, Wen Zheng only felt inexplicably nervous.



His nervousness didn’t last long, because Wen Huaizhe interrupted their stare-off.



“Xingxing, I’m dad. Do you still remember?”



Wen Zheng turned his head to look at his dad, how come he interrupted?


He even felt that Xingxing was going to call him ‘brother’ next, but as a result, Wen Huaizhe diverted his attention when he spoke.


Wen Huaizhe didn’t care what Wen Zheng thought. He looks at Lu Wenxing without blinking, and even his breathing slowed down subconsciously.



Lu Wenxing wasn’t shy. He called out “Dad” when he saw Huaizhe’s expectation.



“Eh, Xiao Xing’er.” The smile on Wen Huaizhe’s face couldn’t be stopped, as if he was back to the time when Xingxing just learned to speak, the first word out of his mouth was ‘dad’.




Wen Zheng sat on Lu Wenxing’s left side and calmly pulled Lu Wenxing’s attention back, “Xingxing.”



Lu Wenxing naturally turned his head, the corners of his eyes curved, without him having to open his mouth, Lu Wenxing called him ‘brother’.



“Hmm.” Wen Zheng responded with a taut face, forcing the corners of his mouth down.



Lu Wenxing had little memory of his childhood, but he didn’t feel that Wen Zheng was indifferent, this brother did far more than he said.



He didn’t speak when he helped Lu Wenxing deal with Jiang Zhengqin, the scum, when he saw Lu Wenxing, he just plainly said ‘he will not come to bother you again’.



The family had just met and Ji Yuan and Wen Huaizhe wanted to spend more time with their lost and found child, but considering that Lu Wenxing had classes tomorrow morning, they let Wen Zheng send him back to school early.



“Brother, did you help me at the hotel last time because you recognized me?”






Speaking of this, Wen Zheng’s was a bit chagrined.



He had seen Xingxing earlier than his mother, yet he didn’t recognize him. If he could recognize Xingxing at once like his mother did, he could have picked him up earlier and brought him home.



Lu Wenxing stood by the car door, his beautiful eyes looked at Wen Zheng, “Then is this considered telepathy between brothers?”

“You didn’t know who I am, yet after helping me the first time, you solved the subsequent trouble for me, this can’t be that Big President Wen has nothing to do and righteously helping the weak, right?”



Wen Zheng was slightly stunned, Lu Wenxing’s explanation clarified things, although he didn’t recognize him at first glance, he still followed his instinct and wanted to protect his brother, even if he didn’t know who he was at that time.



“It’s late, go back early and drive carefully on the road.”



Lu Wenxing wanted to wait for Wen Zheng to leave and then enter the school, but Wen Zheng insisted on waiting for him to enter the school before he left.



Lu Wenxing didn’t push, he said ‘good night’ to Wen Zheng.



“Good night.”



Lu Wenxing turned around and walked into the gate, Wen Zheng leaned on the car door and watched him until Lu Wenxing’s dark shadow disappeared into the darkness, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked upwards.



Mother was right, Xingxing was a walking little sugar bag.



Xingxing was very sensitive to changes in people’s emotions, and Wen Zheng didn’t show any abnormality from the beginning to the end, but he was able to detect his emotions, and tried to comfort him.



On the way back to the dormitory, Lu Wenxing picked up his cell phone and took a picture of the starry night sky of Y University and posted it on his page.


[Lu Wenxing v] good night.



The accompanying picture was the star map he just took. As soon as the post was released, the early office workers or the student party in China rushed to comment.



[ah, ah, ah, ah, it’s Wenxing!!!]



[Good morning, Wenxing]


[Did Xingxing encounter anything happy?]



[I suspect that that’s the case. Every time I encounter something that makes me happy but can’t be explained clearly, I will wind up my circle of friends to convey my feelings in a subtle way]

[Oh, what happened to Wenxing?]



[Wenxing, take good care of yourself abroad, I’m waiting for your return]



Both Wen Huaizhe and Wen Zheng were busy with business and couldn’t stay in Y country for too long. In less than three days, father and son got on the plane back to China together.



Ji Yuan had to give a lecture next week and there was nothing else to do, so she stayed, and when he wasn’t in class, Lu Wenxing would accompany Ji Yuan shopping and eating.



The time passed, and soon it was time for the new launch of Ji Yuan’s design. According to Ji Yuan’s request, Wen Huaizhe found a lot of news media, and also promoted it with live webcasts.




Ten minutes before the launch, the comments were full of questions.


[Isn’t Ji a jewelry designer? Why did she design a watch?]

[ Her era is over, she is a journeyman who used to lead the entire fashion industry.]



[ Who’s Ji? I’ve never heard of her, and she led the fashion industry?]



[When I was in junior high school, it was a time when magazines were hot, and which girl didn’t have three or five fashion magazines in her hand, each with Ji’s new designs, and many celebrities rushing to endorse them?]


【oh my god! ! ! 】



[At first glance, it’s a waste of money. Lulu is the brand of C City Wen’s group, and it’s also the most difficult time for it. If it weren’t for Wen’s group’s huge investment, Lulu would have closed down. In the past ten years, the annual turnover has been falling precipitously. Any design of the Mu group can replace Lulu]



[The upstairs is not a water army invited by Mu group, right?]



The official interview ended, once a sensation hadn’t been spotted for a while, jewelry designer Ji, stepped on the red carpet slowly came, the moment the camera turned to her, she was confident and relaxed, raised a bright smile, the direction of the comments instantly changed.



[This is designer Ji? Fake! A decade ago she was how many years old? Why does she look like she’s only in her early thirties.]



[And very elegant!!! That little black dress is the new G’s design, right?]


[The black dress, big waves and fine high heels, this is the return of the imperial sister]



[The water army should calm down, a designer relies on their work, if she wants to sell face value, why doesn’t she go to the entertainment industry]



[When did designers have to use face value, please speak with your work, don’t sell your persona here]



After a simple greeting, the lady beside her handed a small dark blue square box to Ji Yuan, and the shutter sounded one after another.



[Is she holding the new design?]



[It’s a joke to make it so mysterious that the design isn’t available]



Ji Yuan slowly opened the box under the watchful eyes of the crowd, and the first thing that was noticed was the starry sky pattern on the dial.



The dark blue night sky was carved with a curved moon, and the surrounding bumps were dotted with silver stars.



The photographer used a close up top shot to give the viewers in front of the screen the feeling that they could see the starry sky when they looked down.



The side shot revealed the gold-stamped engraving on the case, which was a beautiful string of handwritten letters.



The inner ring of the case was stamped with gold engraving – la color strellas



The design of this starry sky watch was so romantic.



[ The string of English… strellas…? Sorry, I can’t translate it QWQ]


[la colored strellas, Spanish: star ]


[I think this watch is great! Is there a women’s model? please LULU make the women’s model!?]



[Ahhhhhhhhh, I love it! I want to buy it for my boyfriend as a birthday present.]


[ LULU’s new products are really good to see! I want to buy it for my boyfriend for his birthday.]



[I’m sorry, but I can’t even afford to buy a star diamond on the dial with all my savings.]


[Squatting, I’m too poor.]



[Let’s squat together]



Ji Yuan was very confident about this design, but the result was still beyond her expectations. She didn’t expect this launch to send LULU and that starry watch directly to the hot spot.



#Lulu starry sky watch
#The launch is over, when will it be available for sale?


[ I went to the official website and it’s not available yet.]


[ I have a feeling this watch is going to be sold out.]



[ The price and pre-sale time were not even announced at the new launch? It’s lonely]



[Collectors! The latest news, the official blog issued a poster of this watch, the poster says /5/3, this is May 3, will it go on sale?]



【Fuck, will LULU go back to its peak and lead the fashion world once again】 ……


Lu Wenxing, who was very popular on Weibo, didn’t use it much. He hadn’t logged in since he posted that day. He was enjoying rich extracurricular activities in the University.



Since he got the exchange student spot, he didn’t need to be squeezed by Wang Man’s time like before. Now, he had plenty of time to study and have fun like a real college student.



Because he was an exchange student, good-looking and good at talking, his classmates liked him and knew that Lu Wenxing was interested in clubs, so they asked him about the clubs he wanted to join and enthusiastically introduced him to them.



After getting used to the teaching at Y university, Lu Wenxing actively participated in extra-curricular activities, such as the photography group on Saturdays, the acting club on Friday afternoons, and the movie watching club twice a week.



The YU also had a monthly dating event, which encourages young men and women to meet each other and expand their social life.



When Lu Wenxing was in sophomore year, he didn’t participate in the school’s centennial celebration because the brand delayed filming so he couldn’t go back to school, which made Lu Wenxing have so much regret.



He didn’t expect to have the opportunity to experience it when he came to the Y country. The theme of this month’s event was the masquerade ball.



The girls would wear beautiful dresses, step on high heels, apply delicate makeup and topped with carefully groomed hair. The boys would wear suits, ties and shoes, and like the girls, they would have their hair carefully groomed.


Lu Wenxing wore a gray suit, housemate Jay came over and asked him if he needed to style his hair, Lu Wenxing wanted to refuse, but saw that all the boys in the dorm had bangs combed back, and also chose to dress up in the same dorm.



After the bangs were combed up, his originally good-looking face became more exquisite, his roommates jokingly praised him, they laughed and joked as they walked out of the dormitory building.



Lu Wenxing took the mask in his hand, he wasn’t used to wearing a mask, and planned to wear it at the ball.



When they arrived, there were already many students in the event hall, they were wearing all kinds of masks, and several long tables covered with white cloths were set up with desserts, snacks and cocktails.



Jay told Lu Wenxing that the cocktails weren’t high in degree and could be drunk without fear. Lu Wenxing wasn’t interested in drinking, when he saw the exquisite snacks, he didn’t control his feet and went straight towards the long table.



He picked up the cake and took a bite, the sweetness spread to the tip of his tongue, and was about to take a second bite when a long-haired girl stood in front of him.



“May i invite you to a dance?”



Bold and beautiful girls always attracted a lot of people’s attention, just after the girl issued an invitation, a lot of people stood around to coax him.


Soothing music spread throughout the event hall, the stage was large, and there were already a dozen pairs of young men and women standing in the center of the stage dancing a waltz.



In front of so many people, it was just dancing, so Lu Wenxing also gave face, he smiled at the girl.


“If you don’t mind, i’ll finish my cake first.”



“I don’t mind.”



No matter where, handsome men and beautiful women always became the focus of attention, Lu Wenxing elegantly finished eating the cupcake, and then carefully wiped his hands clean, and only then did give an invitation to dance towards the girl.



The girl placed her hand on his palm, Lu Wenxing held the girl’s hand, and the two walked together to the center of the stage and merged into the dance floor.



After the dance was over, Lu Wenxing apologized, the girl didn’t do stop him as he went find his roommate, instead she smiled and turned around to find the next dance partner.




His phone vibrated a few times, and Lu Wenxing unlocked the screen, a text from Gu Yanshen, who hadn’t been in touch for some time.



Lu Wenxing was a little surprised, at this point in time it should be early morning in China.



The two of them had been in contact quite frequently during the time he just arrived in Y, but also because of the time difference, they always failed to reply on time. The last message was still stuck in the ‘good morning’ that Gu Yanshen returned, while the last one was sent by Lu Wenxing ‘good night’.



The message that Gu Yanshen just sent was a sentence in English.



[。 ] may i invite you to adance.



It was the words of the girl who had just invited Lu Wenxing to dance.


Lu Wenxing suddenly looked up and looked around. He didn’t see any familiar figures. After thinking about it, he thought it was impossible. Gu Yanshen was so busy. How could he appear here without a sound?



But what did Gu Yanshen mean by sending this message?




Lu Wenxing was typing with his head down. Before the message was sent, a deep and pleasant voice came from behind.



“Can’t wait. I’d rather hear you say it in person than in a WeChat message.”



Lu Wenxing turned around and looked at Gu Yanshen who suddenly arrived with shock written all over his face.



It was a good coincidence that Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing wore colorful suits today, as if it was planned in advance, and Gu Yanshen’s handsome face was mostly covered by a mask.


Lu Wenxing hadn’t recovered from his astonishment yet. Gu Yanshen smiled, and his voice was low and pleasant.


“May i invite you to dance?”



The lights shone on Gu Yanshen, face calm, he seriously looked at Lu Wenxing, he didn’t wait for an answer, he added, “or I should use Chinese.”



Gu Yanshen took a step back and slightly leaned down, he extended his right hand, palm facing up.


“Mr. Lu, may I invite you to dance?”




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