C21—- The Second Match

Cheng Hao didn’t know that Cheng Jinhao’s father, who had lost contact with him, had returned to Hong Kong.


He only knew that Tuesday had arrived and he would have another match.



After helping Lin Yuxun with his work, Cheng Hao didn’t go to workout, instead he told Lin Yuxun, “I’m going to work late today, I’ll go out at six o’clock later, I might be a little late.”



“About what time will you be back?” Lin Yuxun asked.



“It might be more than ten o’clock.” Cheng Hao said, “I already said I don’t want to work late, but my boss asked me to work late on Tuesday and Friday, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day and maybe a little later.”


Cheng Hao spoke with a sincere expression, so Lin Yuxun didn’t doubt it at all.



For a few days Cheng Hao went out to work and came back, he was always covered in sweat, he was also curious about it, but because Cheng Hao was in good spirits, his body wasn’t injured, and he said he was running to and fro, he didn’t think much of it.



Now someone wanted to change a night shift with Cheng Hao, it could also be justified …… 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, was the most lively time of bars.



After Cheng Hao spoke to Lin Yuxun, he didn’t workout this afternoon, and only played with Danny at home.



Before the game, it was definitely necessary to take a break and adjust his state.



While Cheng Hao was playing with Danny, Lin Yuxun was reading the book that he borrowed from his teacher.



Cheng Hao asked, “Can you read all these books?”



“Not really, I can’t read some of them.”



“Which ones?” Cheng Hao saw that Lin Yuxun wasn’t reading the math book, so he went over to look at it.



It turned out that it was a physics book.



Cheng Hao silently backed away.



It took time to practice sports, and many, many hours, so the sports special students in key high schools, generally didn’t do well.



He, a special student of sports, his results were even worse.



Then his initial coach focused on his grades.



But …… wasn’t it said that the United States primary and secondary school math was particularly easy? How come it was also so difficult?



If Lin Yuxun knew what Cheng Hao was thinking, he would have told Cheng Hao that he wasn’t reading the primary and secondary school textbooks, but a different book.



That teacher of his was a black man who loved knowledge like mathematics and physics, and had gotten into a good university.



Unfortunately, he got into a fight and injured someone in school, and eventually didn’t finish college, he could only work as a teacher in a school here.


At the beginning, the teacher wanted to educate the people in this school, but in the face of a group of students who didn’t study at all, their foundation was a mess and no one listened, so he went with the flow, regardless of the students.



Even Lin Yuxun, who had very good grades, had no friendship with him, but Lin Yuxun always saw him reading books before, and took it to heart, so he went to borrow a book yesterday, and that teacher really lent it to him.



Cheng Hao rested all afternoon, ate a full meal, and then ran to Old George’s bar.



Old George’s bar was still the same, it was just that more people knew Cheng Hao …… as the only asian person over he was really easy to remember.



Cheng Hao came today at about the same time as last time, and then found that the boxers who waited here early last time, none of them came today.



Instead, old George was eating burgers and drinking coke again.



“Who am I competing with today?” Cheng Hao asked.



Old George said, “It’s not confirmed yet …… Now people don’t want to see your fight.”


“Why?” Cheng Hao asked.



“Because you made them lose money.” Old George calmly replied.



Cheng Hao: “……”



Old George said he would wait for the other boxers to come and then determine who Cheng Hao would fight, so Cheng Hao waited up in the lounge.



These days he trained with all his strength, the effect was still very good, but the time was too short, if Old George arranged a stronger opponent for him ……



He would win! He was the best boxer! Cheng Hao told himself this and began to adjust his state, and by the time he had adjusted, his whole being was so full of confidence that he even began to look forward to his opponent.



It was at this time that the fighters came one after another.


The third one who came was Jelal, who was defeated by Cheng Hao last time.



As soon as Jelal saw Cheng Hao, he rushed over: “Sh*it! If I wasn’t careless last time, I wouldn’t have lost to you! Today I’m going to fight you, again!”



“Come on!” Cheng Hao raised his eyebrows and looked at Jelal.



Cheng Hao looked fearless.



He also looked like that last time, and then he angered Jelal and made Jelal start that fight in a very uncool situation.



This time …… Jelal was moved to anger again.



But he didn’t lose his mind, instead he looked at Cheng Hao with a hateful gaze, “I’ll talk to old George, the first one later on, is our match.”


“Okay.” Cheng Hao said.


He glared at Cheng Hao and turned around and went out.



Old George agreed to Jelal’s request, so, when 8:00 p.m., both Cheng Hao and Jelal were introduced again and waited to go on stage.



By this time, all the boxers who would participate in fights tonight had arrived, even some of them that wouldn’t be on stage today came.



The most powerful boxer among these people was the one who took the lead in taunting Jelal last time, his last name was Carpenter and he was an amateur boxer.



He was also a very strong amateur boxer and had won many awards, if he hadn’t started boxing at an older age, he probably would have become a professional boxer.



However, although Carpenter wasn’t a professional boxer, his strength, in fact, was more than some of the lesser professional boxers, in the old George bar, he was the strongest, and he didn’t get in the ring much.



Today, for example, he wouldn’t be in the ring.



But the last time he was on the stage, as an opponent of Mad Bull, he ended up losing badly.



“Carpenter, who do you think will win?” One of the fighters beside Carpenter asked.



“Jelal.” Carpenter said.



“Why? That little guy obviously won last time …… That little guy is different.” The boxer said.



Carpenter said, “Jelal lost last time because he was too careless, but he won’t be careless this time.”



“That’s all?”



“Of course it’s more than that. The most important thing is that although this little guy has learned to fight and learned very good skills, he obviously hasn’t experienced much training, and such a person can’t beat Jelal who is going to fight for his life.” Carpenter said.



“Fight for his life?” The man froze.



Carpenter snorted, “That guy is desperate, he borrowed money from Blake, and if he can’t pay it back again, Blake will break his legs.”



“Then it’s useless even if he wins the fight ……” the boxer said. Carpenter had won a lot of awards, boxing in the old George bar, in addition to the bet share, old George gave him appearance fees, when he fought, he could take back a few thousand dollars, but Jelal had long fallen into disrepair.



He wouldn’t have much money even if he won, and he certainly couldn’t pay off the bill on Blake’s side – if he’d only borrowed a few dozen dollars, Blake wouldn’t have mentioned breaking his legs.



“At least he can vent his anger …… just watch, that little guy is going to be miserable.” Carpenter said.

There were many people who thought like Carpenter.



Although Cheng Hao won last time, his victory was definitely because of luck, because Jelal was careless.



After all, he looked too harmless, and the last game was over too quickly.



So this time, although more people were betting on Cheng Hao to win than last time, everyone, more often than not, bet on Jelal to win, and even encouraged Jelal: “Jelal, blow his head off!”



“Don’t be a coward, beat him to death!”


“Jelal, go for it!”




The people who were cheering for Cheng Hao were few, so they were soon drowned out by other voices, and some people simply didn’t pay attention to the game at all.



Last time, before the game, Jelal was still scolding Cheng Hao, but this time he stopped talking, jumped in place a few times, and then stared closely at Cheng Hao.


Cheng Hao also jumped in place a few times to warm up and relax the muscles on his body.


Then, he entered the state.



It was as if his soul was beyond his body, and he was fearless …… He was the first to attack.



Last time Cheng Hao struck a blow, but this time it didn’t work and instead ushered in a furious storm of attacks from Jelal.



The redness in Jelal’s eyes increased, he looked at Cheng Hao with hatred and kept attacking him.



Cheng Hao began to dodge, trying not to fight him head-on, after all, his training time was still short and his body wasn’t stable enough to go up against him.



The audience started to boo.



“This yellow-skinned monkey is going to lose!”


“I knew it, he won’t be able to beat Jelal.”


“He’s Asian? Which country, how come I haven’t seen it before?”


“I heard he’s of Chinese descent?”


“That braid country?”


“What Chinese? What braid?”



At this time, there were still many people in the United States who didn’t even know the existence of the country of China, and those who did, their impression of China was stuck in the Qing Dynasty.



Cheng Hao was too focused so he didn’t hear, even if he did, he wouldn’t have cared.



All his attention, now, was on Jelal.



Jelal’s eyes were full of hatred, and his attacks became more and more vicious, but Cheng Hao clearly felt that he was breathing heavily.



Boxing matches looked easy, but they were actually very tiring, that was why they play regular matches for two or three minutes a round, and gave a minute rest after a round.



Now, Cheng Hao carefully dodged and occasionally attacked, it had dragged the time past four minutes.


Jelal couldn’t stand it anymore.


Just then, Cheng Hao threw a punch at his stomach.



Jelal dodged it, however, it was followed by a jab from Cheng Hao’s other hand that hit him in the face.



Jelal’s face was immediately knocked to the side …… he stretched out his fist to protect his face, and then Cheng Hao punched him in the stomach.



The force of Cheng Hao’s fist now wasn’t much, if it were Carpenter, being punched by Cheng Hao wouldn’t matter at all, but Jelal’s body was very bad, and he had long been at the end of his strength.



He was knocked down and couldn’t get up.


The audience outside the arena was once again quiet.



Previously, Jelal had always had the upper hand. Those who bet on Jelal to win were happy, and those who bet on Cheng Hao to win were depressed, but they didn’t expect things to be reversed all of a sudden.



He actually lost ……



“Jelal you piece of shit!”


“Da-mn Jelal!”


“I can’t believe he can’t even beat a yellow guy, Jelal go to hell!”





Jelal was lying on the ground with a pain filled expression, Cheng Hao noticed his condition and came out of his state and walked towards him trying to pull him up.



He was used to friendship first, competition second, and although Jelal was cranky, he didn’t have a big grudge against him and fought this fight just for a few tens of dollars.



However, when Cheng Hao’s hand reached out to him, he slapped away Cheng Hao’s hand.



Not only that, Jelal also suddenly looked at a boxer outside the ring: “Des! Help me! Help me beat him! You have to help me!”


Cheng Hao was stunned.



The boxer named Des raised his eyebrows slightly.



Jelal shouted again, “Just for today, beat him! Des, I helped you, you should remember that!”



The boxer named Des looked at Cheng Hao, “Kid, I want to fight you.”


“Sorry, I won’t fight.” Cheng Hao said, boxing was very physically demanding, he just had a fight, and then a second fight, or a fight with a person who hadn’t been in the ring before …… wasn’t this setting himself up?



“You’re afraid? After all, the Chinese are the most unproductive, all cowards.” Des continued, “Your country’s people are like dogs, they’ll still suck up after getting beat up …… I don’t even know why our country still has diplomatic relations with your country.”



The words Des said were highly insulting, and the way he looked at Cheng Hao, carried a heavy disdain.



Cheng Hao wasn’t an impulsive person, and he had long known that racial discrimination was common here.



He even heard people call them yellow-skinned monkeys or something else several times.



But this person in front of him not only cursed him, but also his country.



Cheng Hao’s expression became very ugly: “I promise to compete with you.”



“I will make you kneel down and beg me.” Des said.



“It isn’t certain who will kneel.” Cheng Hao said, while looking at the barman not far away, “Give me some burgers! Take it off my bill later! I haven’t eaten dinner yet!”



After saying that, Cheng Hao looked at Des again, “When I’m full, I’ll beat you to the ground!”



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