C39— Letting You Down


Even if Du Fangping was more resentful in his heart, he couldn’t refute the fact that it had already happened, and he was now regretting what he had just done in his anger, directly dragging He Yishu and trying to taunt him a bit.



“I don’t want to discuss this with you right now.” After barely holding in these words, Du Fangping lifted his feet and wanted to leave, but He Yishu obviously wouldn’t let him have his way.



The person who just took the initiative to pull him back was Du Fangping, even if he was now being scolded, he was still asking for it, so who was he to decide he could just leave?



“Since you don’t want to discuss this issue, let’s change the issue,” He Yishu smiled slightly and changed the topic in a calm manner, “Didn’t you just ask me if I had signed up for this year’s Mecha Competition? If you really want to know the answer, it’s not like I can’t tell you.”




Stunned, Du Fangping stared at He Yishu, but he obviously still wanted to know the answer to this question, or rather, he tried to get an answer by taunting He Yishu a few times.



Under Du Fangping’s glare, He Yishu smiled and gave his answer: “Since this competition is so well-known and the prizes are so generous, what reason do I have not to participate? So I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you, I’ve already signed up for the competition.”



Hearing this answer, the anger in Du Fangping’s heart was instantly dispelled by a surge of shock and disbelief: “You mean you’ve already signed up? So you’ve already found a partner?”



“Yes, if I didn’t have a partner, how could I have succeeded in signing up?” He Yishu looked at Du Fangping, and felt that the other’s facial expression that was so shocked that it was close to distorted was actually very funny, “You must be very satisfied, right? This way we’ll be able to meet on the field.”



Du Fangping was still a bit confused, with He Yishu’s qualifications, how could anyone be willing to team up with him? Not to mention that he was still just a first year freshman!



“You’re not lying to me, are you?” Du Fangping looked at He Yishu suspiciously, maybe he was just saying that on purpose so as not to lose face.



He Yishu almost didn’t resist the urge to roll his eyes and laughed lightly, “Do you think there’s anything about yourself that’s worthy of my deception?”



Du Fangping still couldn’t believe it, but at that moment, Adrian, who was standing beside He Yishu, suddenly spoke up, “I can prove that he wasn’t lying, because I was the one who teamed up with him for the competition.”

Du Fangping’s eyes instantly went round, although he hadn’t dealt with Adrian head-on, he did recognize this popular figure in the First Academy.



Du Fangping never thought that the person who was teamed up with He Yishu would be him!



Under the shock, Du Fangping spoke a little bit incoherently: “Ai …… Classmate Adrian, you …… are you really not joking with me?”



“I’m not interested in joking with you,” Adrian gazed at Du Fangping icily, “Since you don’t believe He Yishu at all, why did you ask that kind of question initially? So you didn’t really want to know the answer to this matter from the beginning, but wanted to take the opportunity to mock him, right? Don’t you think you’ve gone too far in acting like this?”



Du Fangping’s face instantly turned pale, offending He Yishu and offending Adrian were two completely different things.



Although he knew that He Yishu was now working part-time with Adrian, he only thought that Adrian was doing this as a charity and sympathy for He Yishu, but the current situation seemed to be that the truth was obviously not what he thought.



Adrian actually defended He Yishu like this!



If he had known that the relationship between the two of them was so good, he wouldn’t have provoked He Yishu in front of Adrian just now!



Only then did Du Fangping finally feel fear and real regret, he incoherently tried to defend himself: “I …… didn’t think so, I was just too shocked, I really didn’t think so, I …… ”



“Enough,” Adrian coldly interrupted Du Fangping, “If you really have realized your problem, it should be clear that the most important thing you should do now is not to make excuses for yourself, but to apologize to the person you hurt.”



Du Fangping dared not hesitate and immediately turned his head to look at He Yishu and bowed slightly, “Sorry, just now it was my inappropriate words, please don’t take it to heart.”



He Yishu smiled and gave Adrian a sidelong glance and said in a difficult manner, “According to reason, since he has sincerely apologized, I shouldn’t continue to take it personally, but I really hate this person, do you think I can refuse to accept his apology?”



Du Fangping looked up nervously at Adrian, while cursing He Yishu angrily in his heart, if it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have offended Adrian the first time he came into contact with him!


He didn’t know what kind of ability He Yishu had to make Adrian defend him like this and force him to apologize!



He Yishu was in a good mood as he watched Du Fangping’s near-distorted expression, while thinking with some mischief, if Du Fangping knew that Adrian was now pursuing him, he wondered if the expression on his face would just crack into crumbs?



“Of course, then how do you plan to punish him? If you can’t think of a suitable way at the moment, we can consider solving the problem on the training ground.” Adrian unconditionally sided with his lover to be and metaphorically lifted his foot to stomp the apprehensive Du Fangping into crumbs.



He Yishu smiled, he was in a particularly good mood: “Using force to solve problems, isn’t that too rough? But this way really suits me, I like this simple and brutal way the most, the training ground doesn’t sound exciting enough, ah, I think we can set this matter to be solved in the competition, since we’ve signed up for this year’s mecha competition?”



“The mode you like, I will unconditionally cooperate.” Adrian continued to stand by He Yishu unconditionally.


He Yishu’s heart warmed up, but he felt that this sentence was a little dirty. It wasn’t that his thoughts were not pure, but that this sentence sounded very easy to associate. After all, there was only one word difference between “mode” and “posture”.



Du Fangping’s legs felt weak, if he really met Adrian on the field, even if his partner was He Yishu, this waste, he knew he couldn’t win!



And even if he managed to win, it would be a complete offense to Adrian!



Adrian’s father was a military marshal, his mother was also a member of Parliament, and behind him stood the entire Elvis family, the consequences of offending him was terrible just thinking about it.



So thinking, Du Fangping immediately bowed at a lower angle and apologized again and again with extra sincerity: “I’m sorry! He Yishu, I really know I’m wrong, please forgive me this time, I will never work against you again, I promise!”



He Yishu asked, “When He Tingting apologized to me in the classroom before, weren’t you there?”



This inquiry made Du Fangping stiffen, he was sitting in the classroom and witnessed the whole process, so he knew very well the purpose of He Yishu’s inquiry, He Yishu was trying to tell him that no matter what he did, it would be impossible to be forgiven.


Du Fangping’s bent waist nearly collapsed, but he still didn’t forget to make a last attempt: “If you really can’t forgive me, please change the way of punishment, please don’t take this matter into account in the competition, can you?”



This year’s mecha competition meant a lot to Du Fangping, he had already planned to obtain the qualification to enter the military through this competition, if he really missed the opportunity because of this matter, he would have to wait for another whole year, this was definitely a major blow to him!



Even though Du Fangping’s voice had a little tremble in it and he sounded a little pitiful, how could He Yishu agree to his request?



“Du Fangping, you are already an adult, you should learn to take the consequences for what you do.” He Yishu made his attitude clear.



After saying that, he didn’t care about Du Fangping’s reaction, and directly pulled Adrian around Du Fangping to continue walking forward.



After walking a few steps, He Yishu came up to Adrian’s ear and whispered, “You looked like you were very angry just now.”



Adrian took He Yishu’s hand and let out a soft “hmmm”.



He Yishu asked again, “It’s because of what they did before, right?”



Adrian slowly inserted his fingertips into He Yishu’s fingertips, interlocked their fingers, and then gave another soft “hmm”.



“But I wasn’t the one who experienced those things at that time, so you don’t have to make yourself unhappy because of them.” Although He Yishu had planned to abuse these scums to death, but he actually really didn’t put these people in his eyes, and didn’t let them affect his mood.



Adrian clasped the back of He Yishu’s hand slightly harder, his voice was slightly lower, and his tone was serious: “If the person who experienced those things was you, I might have been unable to resist making a move.”



He Yishu inexplicably felt that such an angry Adrian looked extraordinarily cute, he stopped and stood face to face while holding hands: “Seeing that you are so angry for me, I’ve decided to give you a small gift to comfort you.”



Adrian looked at He Yishu with a deep gaze, looking focused.



“Close your eyes first.”



Adrian thought about it and obediently closed his eyes, he was a little apprehensive and inevitably excited, was Xiao Yishu ready to give him a kiss?



The next moment, he suddenly felt the tip of his ear being bitten by something, and gently grinded twice.




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