C34 —– I Have Someone I Like

He Yishu felt that Adrian seemed a bit off lately.



In the past, the two of them would basically meet only in the evening, but now Adrian would come to bring breakfast to him every morning or find him to take a morning walk together and have breakfast together.



In the evening, He Yishu would have gone to him after dinner, but in recent days, he had to go earlier because the other had already bought dinner for them.


In addition to eating three meals together, Adrian’s attitude seemed to have become somewhat subtle, showing extra interest in his affairs, and also taking the initiative to ask He Yishu about some interesting things he encountered in class.



Although he felt a bit puzzled, but thinking that the relationship between the two had become very close, and that Adrian’s changes didn’t make He Yishu feel awkward or uncomfortable, He Yishu simply let him be.



It was another sunny and beautiful noon when He Yishu walked out of the classroom and saw Adrian standing outside the classroom waiting for him, but to his surprise, there was a girl standing in front of Adrian.


He Yishu recognized that this girl should be one of his classmates of the same major, at this time the girl was standing in front of Adrian with her head down, both hands tightly squeezing the corner of her coat, looking apprehensive and shy.



In a moment, He Yishu guessed what the scene in front of him was all about.


Although he felt strange, Adrian was so good, and very handsome, a girl taking the initiative to confess to him was really a normal thing.



He Yishu took two steps forward with the intention of avoiding them, but he accidentally heard Adrian’s voice: “Sorry, I already have someone I like.”



He Yishu’s footsteps lurched, and when he looked up, he met Adrian’s deep dark green eyes, his heart suddenly jumped, as if he had been zapped by something.


The girl standing in front of Adrian didn’t notice He Yishu’s presence, but only pressed her head lower, her voice trembled, and her attitude was extraordinarily stubborn, “Did you …… say that on purpose just to reject me?”


“Since you understand that I’m rejecting you, then what is the point of asking this question?” After meeting He Yishu’s gaze, Adrian didn’t shift his gaze, “But in this matter, I really didn’t deceive you, I already have someone I like a lot and I’m pursuing him.”


He Yishu had the illusion that the latter half of Adrian’s sentence wasn’t really an answer to the girl’s question, but was deliberately said for him.



Once again, the girl’s emotions could no longer be strained as tears flowed out. She blinked a few times and looked up at Adrian with wide eyes, but didn’t see any pity in the other’s eyes, because she found that Adrian’s gaze didn’t fall on her at all.



The girl followed Adrian’s gaze and turned her head, then noticed He Yishu, which made her lower her head again in embarrassment, and without saying anything else, she directly left in a hurry with her head down.


After a while, He Yishu walked step by step to Adrian’s side and said with a smile, “I made you wait, let’s go.”


Adrian looked deeply at He Yishu, but didn’t mention what just happened, “Well, what do you want to eat later?”



“Let me think, it’s a question worth thinking about,” He Yishu lowered his head in silence for a while, then he suddenly turned his head to look at Adrian, “Adrian, you just said you already have a person you like very much, is that person me?”



Adrian stiffened and a moment later, he responded in a low voice, “Well, the person I like is you, and the person I’m chasing now is also you.”


He Yishu immediately lost his amusement, no wonder in recent days, Adrian always ate with him, stayed by his side, sometimes in class, he’d also receive the other’s text, so this person …… was chasing him.



Could he say that Adrian’s way of chasing people was really old-fashioned, but at the same time a little cute?



Adrian, who had always been calm and composed, didn’t dare to look at He Yishu’s eyes at all, his eyes were lowered, but his ears slowly reddened: “If you don’t hate me, please give me a chance to continue pursuing you.”



“And what if I hate you?” He Yishu’s tone however seemed light-hearted.



Adrian was silent for a while and finally gathered the courage to turn his head to look at He Yishu, his gaze firm with a small amount of apprehension and expectation: “If you really hate me, then please give me a chance to make you stop hating me.”


He Yishu was amused by Adrian, and he tilted his head to look at Adrian: “Do you know how cute you are now?”



The laughter in He Yishu’s words made Adrian less nervous, and after thinking for a moment, he dropped his persona and retorted, “If I can make you give me a chance because you think I’m cute, I think I can be as cute as you want to be right now.”



“……” He Yishu couldn’t hold back a direct laugh, then forced himself to hold it back, “Well, for the sake of you being so cute, then come after me.”



Adrian’s eyes instantly lit up, he clenched his fist, holding back the excitement caused in his heart, he opened his fist, then he held He Yishu’s hand.


He Yishu unexpectedly turned his head to look over and met Adrian’s gaze that was clearly full of joy but had to force himself to be calm: “Is this okay?”


“No,” He Yishu couldn’t help but want to tease Adrian, seeing his eyes darken because of his words, He Yishu finally hooked his fingers around Adrian’s and slowly interlocked their fingers, “because this is the right way to hold hands between lovers, right? ”



Adrian’s fingers immediately wrapped around the back of He Yishu’s hand, but didn’t dare use force, his usually expressionless face almost collapsed: “Well, you’re right, I’ll remember.”



He Yishu took a few steps forward, only to find that Adrian was actually walking the same way in order to match the way he was moving his arm, and he let out a light laugh again, “For the first time, I found that you are also so silly at times.”



Adrian seriously defended himself: “I’m not silly, it’s my first time experiencing this kind of thing, so I’m a little overwhelmed.”



“It’s my first time too, but I’m not even as nervous as you are,” He Yishu deliberately ignored his heart beating faster and faster as he said this, “but I haven’t agreed to your pursuit yet, I just agreed to let you pursue me.”


“I know, I’ll try.” Adrian’s heartbeat was also about to exceed his body’s capacity.

“But don’t you think that the relationship between us is developing a little too fast?” He Yishu thought back carefully, it seemed that Adrian’s sudden change of attitude towards him only started a few days ago, before that, he hardly showed any abnormality, “Are you really sure that you like me?”



“Of course, my feelings can’t be wrong,” Adrian turned his head to look at He Yishu, his expression was extra serious, “I know what a heartbeat feels like, you are the first person who made my heart beat fast and will be the only one.”


He Yishu raised his eyebrows, “The first I believe, but why are you so sure I will be the only one?”



“Because you are the first, so you will be the only one,” Adrian clasped He Yishu’s hand and said in a firm tone, “as you said to me before, since this is the choice I made, then I will be responsible for it, and controlling my heart is not such a difficult thing to do.”



He Yishu understood Adrian’s meaning, his heart moved at the same time, but he felt that such an idea was inevitably too rigid: “You don’t need to give me such a promise, we are together now, doesn’t mean that we will always be together, if one day we find that we’re not suitable for each other, or produce any unbreakable contradictions, separation may be a very good solution. And after we separate, it’s not a bad thing for you to move on with someone else.”



Adrian immediately grasped the point and asked rhetorically, “So you admit that we are now together?”



“……” He Yishu choked for a moment, why did he think Adrian was a calm and reliable honest man before? He was obviously so cunning, “I was just making an assumption, I didn’t say that I have now accepted your pursuit, and the point of what I said wasn’t even here, was it?”



Adrian withdrew his gaze with some loss, “Okay, but even so, I still believe that you will be the only one who makes my heart flutter, without any reason and without having to think so much, that’s what I think.”



Hearing Adrian’s words, He Yishu suddenly understood that the reason Adrian had such stubborn thoughts wasn’t because he was rigid in nature, but because he was full of hope and confidence in this relationship, or should he say, he was an overly romantic person.



Because of the longing for love, when the relationship hadn’t officially begun, it would be full of expectation and confidence, which was a different kind of romance for He Yishu.



And he had to admit, this kind of romance seemed to have touched him somewhat.



Seeing that He Yishu was silent, Adrian spoke again: “Perhaps not every relationship can come to a successful end, but since I want to start a relationship, naturally I want to go with you to the end, and why can’t we go to the end? After all, among millions of people, the only person who makes my heart flutter is you.”



Hearing the affectionate words coming out of Adrian’s mouth, and feeling the other’s affectionate and focused gaze, He Yishu couldn’t bear it, he reached out and covered Adrian’s eyes, and said indignantly, “Do you know it’s a foul to talk about love like this!”





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  2. Welcome to psychology 200. Today’s topic will be love. What is it about human nature that incites love? Is it physical attraction? Shared interests? Charisma? Complementary personalities? Seeking to fill an innate biological drive to reproduce within a social structure that has placed a certain expectation on the type of relationship that individuals have prior to reproduction? Perhaps all of these things and more. We’ll be diving into the physiological and psychological aspects of one of the most difficult to pin down emotional concepts in this lesson. Buckle up and settle down, because it’ll be a bumpy ride filled with disillusionment and the potential to train sociopaths to be more effective at eliciting romantic attraction in their targets.

    I have actually taken these classes and we’ve legitimately had some discussions about these topics. Maybe not with this kind of bombastic, TV announcer flair, but still. College is full of interesting experiences when you’re an English major who needs to broaden their understanding of the purpose, development, progression, and use of language as a means of expression. Even if I hadn’t already held enough personal interest in taking psychology and philosophy courses, I still would have needed them for my major. It all makes sense in hindsight.

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