C22 – Too Fast, Too Short

The sunken stepped stage was exactly in the same direction they were walking now.


When they walked to the end of the long corridor, there was a marble staircase that led to the stage door.


Feng Huai pulled the stage door twice, the door to the sunken stage area was already locked, they had to enter from backstage.


At that moment, the sound of “zip zip zip” sounded from behind the two of them.


The guard was here again!


Yu Rui yanked Feng Huai’s arm and pulled him into the shadow of a large pillar nearby.



The two had to stick close together to barely tuck into this dark corner.


The tall figure of the guard slowly appeared in Feng Huai’s field of vision, and he noticed that the electric stick in the guard’s hand was still stained with a bit of blood.



It made him seem more like a henchman of death.


The night watchman turned around with his flashlight and after not seeing a single person, he left again full of suspicion.


His heavy footsteps thumped as he growled low under his breath, “Damn it, who the hell is wandering around here! Get the hell out of here! Get the hell out!”


His voice got farther and farther away.


Feng Huai and Yu Rui leaned against the tiled wall behind the pillars and sighed in unanimous relief.



“The Night Watchman’s patrols don’t seem to follow a pattern.” Feng Huai said with a frown, he had thought that the other would wander over to the other few, but he didn’t expect him to turn back, as if he knew they were here.


As he said that, he stood up straight and stretched his legs, just wanting to pull a little distance from Yu Rui, but he didn’t expect to step on a hard bump-under his feet.


In the next second, the entire red tile wall style decorative wall behind them suddenly rotated away, and the two of them fell into the tunnel defenselessly.



The tunnel was a downward sloping dark pathway, most likely originally used to transport construction materials.


Feng Huai and Yu Rui both drew out their flashlights in unison, trying to hold on to the surrounding walls to slow down the speed of the slide.


The two of them, one after the other, braked their slide at nearly the same time.


“Is everything alright?” Yu Rui inquired in a deep voice.



“It’s fine.” Feng Huai flicked his hand, and the flashlight, not knowing if it was due to violent use, fluttered twice in Feng Huai’s hand before going out.


The tunnel suddenly darkened by a degree.


Feng Huai: “……”



“I’ll go ahead.” Yu Rui saw this and said, and the two of them barely switched places in the narrow tunnel.


The height of the tunnel was not more than one meter, both of them had to bend down and crawl forward, the air was muddy and filled with a smell of old furniture.



Walking in such a tunnel, no one could tell the direction, no one knew whether the tunnel was straight or slowly skewing the angle without realizing it, not to mention where the tunnel would take them.


Yu Rui walked in front of them, the light from the flashlight was not strong, and it seemed to be running out of battery, only able to illuminate about three to four meters in front of them.



The surroundings were dim and quiet, occasionally strange noises could be heard in the empty tunnel, probably the movement of the building, or the activities of some indigenous creatures living in the dark corners.



Feng Huai followed behind him expressionlessly, God knew how much strength he used to make his hands and feet obey and keep up with Yu Rui’s footsteps, instead of being dumbfounded by the fear of the obstacles in this kind of environment.


[Eh, the newcomer’s state seems to be obviously not as good as before.]


[It’s not because he was injured when he fell down just now, is it?]


[I don’t think it’s injury, it’s fear, right? Claustrophobia?]


[…… That’s too much of a drag]


[At least he’s moving, he’s not dragging anyone down. Boss Yu hasn’t even spoken.]



Yu Rui heard Feng Huai’s breathing behind him and knew that Feng Huai couldn’t stay in such a dark and closed environment.


He accelerated his speed, and at the same time tried to distract Feng Huai.


“There seems to be a fork in the tunnel further on, where do we go?”


Feng Huai spoke after several seconds before answering, “Whatever.”


Yu Rui thought about it and changed the topic again, “The commotion of us falling into the tunnel just now wasn’t small, do you think that night watchman will follow us?”



When Feng Huai heard this, his expression became even more ugly, “It’s possible.”



He subconsciously twisted his head to look back, behind him was an even darker tunnel, almost unable to see anything.




Somewhere in the deep darkness, a white face gazed expressionlessly at Feng Huai, looming in the darkness.


It didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get closer, keeping a short distance, but watching the two of them without blinking.


Feng Huai’s scalp went numb.


He quickly whispered to Yu Rui, “Something is following us. Hurry up.”


Yu Rui’s face changed slightly at the words and subconsciously looked back, but he saw nothing.


Feng Huai quickly glanced ahead of Yu Rui, and with the help of his improved vision, he vaguely saw a red door on the side wall six or seven meters away.


He said quickly, “There is a door on the right, right in front of you!”



Yu Rui didn’t see anything immediately, but he didn’t doubt Feng Huai’s judgment and ran straight into the right fork of the tunnel without saying anything.


“Red door, I see it.” Yu Rui said in a deep voice.


The door was still locked and positioned at a diagonal angle, Yu Rui slammed the red door open and with two hands, getting out of the tunnel.


Feng Huai followed closely behind.


Right after Feng Huai flipped out of the tunnel, Yu Rui saw the face that Feng Huai had mentioned, silently appearing at the back of the door, coldly gazing at them without expression.


He inhaled lightly.



[Crap, indeed there was something!]


[He was in the tunnel, but he actually saw the ghost behind him, this operation is too good].


[The newcomer’s observation power is first-rate, it’s so dark yet he can see things?]


[He found the door! If they took a wrong turn, they’d have to meet that thing.]


[Boss Yu has no problem believing everything the newcomer says.]


[Maybe the boss had already found it.]




Feng Huai rolled out of the tunnel and saw that face floating up.


His pupils shrunk slightly, and he whirled around and slammed his fist down, so unmercifully that he smashed the thing right back into the tunnel.


Yu Rui huffed and found another thing to hold this door that he had smashed against.


“You …… guys,” a low, muffled man’s voice rang out from behind the two without warning.



Feng Huai and Yu Rui subconsciously counterattacked and struck out, the two of them working extremely well together one after the other, not even needing a look.


Yu Rui tackled the man’s throat, forcing the other to not dare to move, Feng Huai quickly clipped the other party’s hands back, forcing him to kneel down.


“Wait it’s me!” The baritone Ji Jian reacted for two seconds and hastily shouted out.



He simply didn’t expect that his so sturdy and strong body would be crushed to the ground by Feng Huai without saying a word.


“…… “Only then did Feng Huai and Yu Rui notice that they had actually joined up with Mu Zi and the others by mistake.


Drummer Mu Zi, conductor Tan Lin, trumpeter Zhang Xiaofeng, and the pianist several people were all standing behind Ji Jian, dumbfounded at the scene in front of them.



Feng Huai paused, slowly loosening his grip on Ji Jian and getting up from him.


Yu Rui reached out as if nothing had happened, gentlemanly tugged Ji Jian up by the hand, and said indifferently, “In the future, don’t make a sound behind others if you’re not doing anything, it’s easy to be injured by mistake.”


Ji Jian: “……”



[Laughing to death, he was even the first to complain of evil]


[It’s easy to be mistaken by you two, right hahahahahahahaha]



[I didn’t expect the newcomer and the boss to work together so beautifully and tacitly! Did you see that move just now? That was amazing!]



[I saw it! The division of labor was clear and crisp! It’s too bad it was too short and fast. I want to see more!]



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