C38 —- Dating (II)


Kou Dong felt the familiar dizziness, and when he woke up again, he was already back in the familiar village of Shanhai.


— the place he just left less than a minute ago.


Kou Dong: “……”


So angry.


He had always been accustomed to fooling the NPCs, but never thought there would be times when NPCs would fool him. The most annoying thing was, this NPC learnt his trick just to have a meeting with him ……


What else was this supposed to be?


Kou Dong not only cherished the items he consumed, but also wanted to blow up the NPC’s dog head.

He finally recognized his surroundings, and found himself in a strange temple. This temple was completely different from the temple of the gods he saw in the village of Shanhai, a hundred exquisite lotus lamps hung high, vermilion pillars carved with very fine patterns of the Heavenly Maiden scattered flowers. In the center, he was holding a flower in one hand, the petals were smooth and glittering, faintly glowing with gold – no different from the mural seen in the Temple of the Evil god.


There were scattered civilians in the temple, kneeling on soft cushions and devoutly worshipping him. Kou Dong heard their low wishes, women hoping for marriage, and elderly people hoping for the health of their children and grandchildren, all of which were simple and normal wishes.



It seems that in this date, Kou Dong’s time had gone backwards again.



He returned to the village of Shanhai villagers before the murder of god, they were bowing to their god.


Perhaps because it was still early in the day, not many villagers came to the village.



In addition to the old people who always woke up early, there were young women who didn’t want others to know what was on their minds. After they also went out, the temple fell back into silence, only the god sat alone on the throne.



The early morning light reflected the windows and doors a little, and no one else was seen.


Kou Dong wasn’t anxious.


Since it was a date, naturally there must be two main characters.


Now he had arrived, the other …… should also be on the way.


He didn’t wait long. In a few moments, there was another sound outside the door.


Someone pushed open the creaking wooden door, and walked in.


“— Waited for a long time.” The evil god spoke with a lazy accent, and naturally walked up to the god’s platform and rubbed the cheek of the right god, “Your faithful people are loyal, they come here to make offerings even in the morning.”



He lifted up his robe and pulled the god, who stiffened, to sit down as well. Kou Dong detached from the statue to sit beside him, it was still like a wooden carving of clay, but it seemed that he had goose bumps due to the attitude of the evil god.


Hold back, hold back.


He said to himself in his heart, everything was for the NPC to be happy ……


Happy so that he could have achievement points ah.



He barely managed to sit down peacefully, and in his heart, he was still guessing which storyline the Evil god was in.


Look at this look, it was rather like after falling in love.


When he thought of this idea, Kou Dong himself couldn’t help but tremble.



The NPC was very frank, his eyes looked him up and down, and when he saw that the Righteous god had kept his face taut and didn’t say a word, his eyes contained a smile.


“Still hurt?” He came over and patted Kou Dong’s waist not lightly, “You’re embarrassed today? Hmm?”


He lowered his voice.


“Yesterday when you hooked your legs on my waist in front of the believers …… wasn’t it like this?”



Kou Dong’s entire being was shocked.



Big brother, say it clearly ah, what do you mean by hooking your waist in front of the believers!?



Although it was said that the premise plot of the date had always been decided by the NPC itself, all the NPCs basically wouldn’t brainstorm too much. The Godfather, for example, had only brainstormed a bit about his beloved little godson always stepping on his feet when he danced.



But what the hell did the Evil god brainstorm in the first part of the dating storyline?



Kou Dong didn’t want to understand, didn’t want to know – just listening to such a sentence, it didn’t even seem like something that a third-grade youth like him who was born in the new era and grew up under the red flag should understand.


After all, in today’s network situation, they, good young people only deserved platonic love above the neck.



Kou Dong, who believed in Plato, tried to speak, “Sure it’s me?”



–After all, I don’t look like I would hook my legs around your waist.



The smile at the corners of the Evil god’s lips deepened. He gazed deeply at the proper being in front of him and asked, “Want to try again?”


Kou Dong shook his head repeatedly, “No no no.”



This kind of thing, it was better for him not to try it.


He was afraid that if he tried it, he would be messed up by the network audit.


The Evil god was happy to hear him say anything nowadays and laughed softly to himself, “Shy again.”



Kou Dong: “……????”


Big brother you wake up a bit ah, I and shy have nothing to do with each other, okay?


The Evil god’s Overlord attribute looked like it had completely awakened, and now he was just looking at the little goblin that was wreaking havoc on his mind, “I’ve entrusted them with a dream. Soon, they will send in my statue.”


Kou Dong opened his mouth, looking a little bewildered, almost balefully asking a question.


Send in the statue?


Before Kou Dong could think the sentence through, the Evil god had already added the next sentence, “When the time comes, they’ll stand me next to you.”


He slightly nudged the god’s forehead.


“Let’s just be a divine couple in this temple, okay?”


Kou Dong: “……”


Kou Dong: “…………”


Crap, not good!


Was he planning to cohabitate here?


It was at this time that the words ‘Achievement Point’ were once again reflected in Kou Dong’s heart. Half of it was integrity, half of it was achievement points, Kou Dong struggled repeatedly between the two, and finally closed his eyes, once again murmured in a low voice for self-hypnosis: “Have to coax him, have to coax him ……”


Gotta coax the NPC into being happy.


With a clench of his teeth, he replied with an expressionless face, “That couldn’t be better.”



The dry expression on this face was so different from the content of the words spoken that it could simply be said to be the opposite. The Evil god, however, acted as if he didn’t even see his mouthing off, or perhaps, being able to get such a reply was enough to make his mind happy, and he didn’t even bother to care about his demeanor.


His fingers lingered on his robes, seemingly touching his neck.


“–Then it’s good.”


Kou Dong was livid.


Good? What good, he, a youth who had no relationship experience at all and was as pure as white paper, actually came to the game and had a day to cohabitate with NPCs ……


The villagers’ movements were quite fast.



However, at noon, there was already a carrying movement from outside. From the next village, came twenty-four lean young men, carefully carrying a statue of a god then they stuffed it into Kou Dong’s shrine.


“Come, come, slow down–”


“Carry the god’s table! Carry it!”


“Make way, make way, don’t touch it!”



The village chief of Shanhai Village was standing right in front of the entrance of the shrine, looking at this scene, he was anxious and worried, stomping his feet one after another.



“This, this ……” he tried to step forward to block it, “What’s this like! You are offending the gods–”


The men carrying the stuff wouldn’t listen to any of this. The one in charge wiped the sweat from his forehead, “We can’t help it.”


The village chief stomped his foot.


“What do you mean there’s no way!” He trembled and raised his voice, unable to understand, “It’s not like you don’t have a temple in your village ……”


What was the necessity of transporting the god over and stuffing it next to our god!



But the other village head was also bitter, “We do have a temple …… but he has to be willing to stay ah.”


After discovering that the god waiting for the right position in this village was actually the Lone Star that they usually ignored, they panicked and prepared sacrifices overnight, even wanting to sacrifice a pair of boys and girls to eliminate the resentment of the god.


Fortunately, the god didn’t chastise them, but only passed on a dream with them.



The dream was simple, the god sat high above the throne and said to them, “Move me to Shanhai Village, I want to stand with the god of the Village.”





The villagers of the Gu Village were all confused after hearing this.



Move him to Shanhai Village and stand him with the god of the Village ……





Could it be because Shanhai Village had good feng shui?



Someone asked with trepidation, “Are you disgusted with us?”



The deity said impatiently, “Too many words. You just need to remove me, and there is no need for you to ask about this matter.”


The villagers: “……”


Okay, okay right.


They didn’t have the guts to rebel against the god’s decision, even though their hearts were panicked, they still follow the god’s request and hurriedly moved it down from the god’s table, blowing gongs and beating drums along the way, and even made a sedan chair for the idol, and carried it to Shanhai Village. Now into the temple, a few people looked around, still hesitating where to put it.


The table was so big, now there was already a one-handed flowers of the main god sitting on it, which basically occupied most of it. The head of Gu village surveyed, and tentatively said to the head of the next village, “…… Why don’t we ask your god to move his position?”



The village chief of Shanhai Village nearly exploded.


What kind of nonsense was this! What was the matter? Was the god next to you still planning to come to the table?


His beard shook straight, “You, what the hell are you guys talking …… about?”


The Gu Village was even more difficult to deal with. This matter was absurd and unreasonable at first hearing, since ancient times, it hadn’t been heard of gods receiving offerings side by side on the same table, even the husband and wife gods wouldn’t be so. To move in so forcibly was simply the way of the robbers.



But there was no way ah, this was what he wanted ……



A few people looked at each other, and out of fear for the god of their village, they ended up simply going in hard. They timidly lit a few incense sticks in front of the idol of the positive god, and then stood stiffly on the god’s table and began to move it to make room for the idol of the evil god next to it.


The head of Shanhai Village yelled loudly, “You’re trying to take the magpie’s nest! Hatchet the magpie’s nest!”



He flung himself in front of the idol, practically aching with pain, trembling and complaining to his own god, “god-if you are here, do you see this? This group of people are simply not human, this is a group of bandits, robbers, thieves who steal offerings ……”


Kou Dong: “……”


Saw it, he saw it clearly.


But what could he do, he was still sitting next to the planner ……


Shanhai village chief was still saying: “This…. if the villagers come to worship in the future, how will this be explained? Our god is clearly innocent …… If it is a goddess, it would be fine, but it’s even a male god, this, isn’t this raising public opinion?”


Kou Dong, who had been victimized for no reason, was more desperate than he was in his heart.



The Evil god sat on the divine seat with his face propped up, but he couldn’t hide his happiness. His hand moved slightly, moving Kou Dong’s idol to the left again, so that they could lean closer together.


Kou Dong felt very stifled, “A lifting job like this can be accomplished by moving your fingers.”


Why did it have to be such a laborious delivery?


The Evil god stretched out his long legs and took it for granted, “Naturally, they have to send it.”



Kou Dong thought that this was the temperament of being a god again, who knew that the NPC’s next sentence was, “How else would they know?”


Kou Dong: “……”


So the reason for getting someone to deliver it specifically was just to make known to the world that we live together? ……


Good. He was literally going to be unable to breathe.



The head of Shanhai Village spent half of his old life not being able to stop it, and watched as this idol from nowhere settled down in the temple of their village. Tilting his head to look, the god was tall and lofty, but the body breath and the side of the positive god was very different, his sitting posture was calm and steady, but had a kind of inexplicable evil atmosphere.

Compared to him, the orthodox god next to him was simply a small poor thing that was being oppressed ……



The more the village chief looked at it, the more his heart ached, vaguely doubting whether or not his own offerings would be able to go into the pockets of his own god afterward.



It wouldn’t all be eaten by this god that came out of nowhere, right?


He shivered in front of the idol for a long time, feeling like his old illness was about to flare up, and finally, with a trembling hand, he also burned incense for Kou Dong.


“You can’t just listen to your god,” he said to the people of Gu village, “you have to listen to our god too, right?”


This was true. As mortals, the Gu Family Village didn’t want to offend any of the gods. They watched as the village head nodded his incense and nodded back.


“Then ask.”


The village chief still held out a bit of hope and asked, “If he doesn’t agree, you’ll move this idol away?”



Gu Village Crowd: “That won’t work.”


Village Chief of Shanhai Village: “……”


Then what the hell was the point of asking!



Where else would you act so forcefully!



With a belly full of anger, his fingers trembled as he finished offering incense to Kou Dong, and then respectfully kowtowed three times in front of him.



“god, if you are there, tell your believers.”



“If you don’t want, extinguish this incense-”


His voice was lowered so that only the two gods could hear him.


Naturally, he didn’t think the gods would be willing. What god would willingly share a god’s table with a neighboring god?


What’s more, this was still a male god.



“The villagers of Shanhai Village will do their best to fulfill your heart’s desire as well.”


Kou Dong did have this wish, but he just had no way to say it at all nowadays. The Evil god glanced at him and asked, “Reluctant?”





“How can,” Kou Dong forced a smile, “Willing, willing.”



Only then was the Evil god satisfied, and his hand pointed toward the incense cone through the air – a huge orange-red fire leaped up from the incense, bluffing the believers present.



That fire almost turned into a fireball, the village head of Shanhai Village himself froze.


It wasn’t ……



He froze, it was said that if he didn’t want, to blow out the fire, but now this fire was burning so vigorously ……


What did this mean?


An idea popped up that made even he himself panicked, he subconsciously lifted his eyelids to look, shivering as he thought: ‘Is it possible? Is the god still enjoying it?’




The village chief felt that he had seen through an unimaginable fact, and the color of his face shifted between green and white, uncertain.



Kou Dong looked at his expression, the more he looked at it, the more familiar he felt, and only later did he remember why.

This was almost like the expression of modern people who accidentally chose the right CP, watching the excitement and onlooking events.


Then it gradually developed into an old father marrying his daughter away, standing alone at the entrance of the temple silently shedding tears, that posture was obviously worried about his daughter being bullied.


Kou Dong: “……”


Very good.


He thought to himself, this time, it was really completely finished.



He thought to himself, this time, it was completely over.


Even if this was over, he still had to bear the charge of being obsessed with lust.


The incense burned so strong, the people who carried it all of a sudden had the strength. Shanhai village chief also didn’t stop them, they would naturally put the two idols together.



After placing them, the crowd all looked up to admire the true faces of these two gods.


The evil god was on the left and the righteous god was on the right.


One was full of evilness, and the other was full of kindness. But placed in one place, they were actually inexplicably harmonious.


It was like yin and yang, day and night.


Immediately afterward, right in the middle of the crowd’s gaze, the idol underwent a new change.


–They watched as the evil god raised his arm, forcibly and without refusal, and pulled over the hand of the nearby Positive god, who seemed to be trying to dodge, and placed it on his own hand.


Spinning around, he held it firmly.


Gu villagers: “……”


Shanhai villagers: “……”


No wonder the Gu Village people looked so much like bandits, the feeling was that the upward trend was followed by the downward trend, from the god to the people, they were all of the same virtue.


The statue’s hand was firmly clasped in one place, and the evil god’s expression looked satisfied.



“From now on, the offerings will be shared, and the believers will worship together,” he whispered, “Is that okay?”


Kou Dong: “……”



Where did he have the right to say it wasn’t good, he had to comply with his wishes and nodded curtly.



He already felt the dizziness of an impending withdrawal from his date. The image of the evil god in front of him was vaguely blurred, and it was at that moment that he heard the evil god’s voice.


“I have something else.”


The NPC’s expression became serious and solemn.


He said softly, “Look at this village.”


Kou Dong then gazed at the village through the eyes of the idol, where villagers ran through the roads and plowed and washed and labored like an ordinary scene.


“You see this village ……”.


The evil god’s pupils gradually changed to a deep black color, so thick that it looked like churning ink.


He whispered, “They have already separated from their Creator.”


After these words were uttered, Kou Dong was creeped out, vaguely sensing that there was a deeper meaning to this.



The Creator …… he spoke of didn’t seem like he was simply referring to the gods.


“You are saying ……”

Kou Dong had a ridiculous thought, he felt that the other party was pointing at the system.



The moment this thought came out, Kou Dong even felt that he was crazy. These NPCs, themselves, were still under the control of the system, how would they point the finger at the entire game system?


The evil god didn’t pick up on this. He only sighed softly, his gaze gazing into the distant sky.


The world traveled under the lofty and clear sky.


“Have you ever heard of the Exodus Scripture?”


Kou Dong had naturally heard of it. In fact, although one of the passages was unknown to onlookers, he had heard it in a love game.



“Love is the first of all illnesses, like a castle, gathering people to rely on the ground to support themselves, what is love the first of all illnesses? As the Buddha said, the sufferings of the mud plows, which are innumerable in number, are all created by love. All the sufferings in the hells are caused by love. Those who kill are also caused by love. The same is true of non-gratification, licentiousness, delusion, and the ten ungodly deeds. All evils are caused by love.”



-All are caused by love.


That sounded almost arrogant and like an inexplicable accusation.


He furrowed his brows, clearly not finding this paragraph to make sense.


But upon further thought, Kou Dong’s heart chilled violently, then sank.


He had been through three copies.


The Godfather, the demon, the Mermaid, or the Evil god, all seemed to vaguely point to one thing that could not be escaped or avoided-



That was death.


The Godfather and the demon tried to prevent his death; the mermaid wanted to make him reproduce and live forever after the transformation; the Evil god tried to bring him back from the dead.


It was all the same thing.


Just coincidence?


An absurd thought suddenly welled up in his heart.


“–I’m dead.”


The Evil god suddenly twisted his head to look at him.



Kou Dong’s throat was a little dry, and he swallowed, “Or rather, I’m about to die. –Right?”




It was a constant and inescapable question. Kou Dong didn’t know if other people imagined that scene as often as he did, but in his case, he did fantasize about it often.


Unlike normal people, he was still often the only one in his fantasies. He lay quietly on the concrete floor, unable to see the scene around him, but subconsciously, Kou Dong knew that the place was empty and vast, with only a recently deceased life form like him.



No one cried or grieved. It was as if water had spilled over, reaching out and kicking over a mineral water bottle, – something that was easy and didn’t require much thought.


It didn’t even make anyone feel afraid.


On the contrary, that feeling …… was just silence.


After the memory loss, he once went to see a psychiatrist.


The psychiatrist said, “You don’t have enough fear of death anymore, which is not a good thing.”



Kou Dong had the heart to joke with him at that time, “In that case, wouldn’t I be like Zhao Zilong, all gutsy?”



The psychiatrist, however, didn’t laugh.


Kou Dong finally tightened the expression on his face, and his brows furrowed.


“This problem is serious?”


“-Very serious.”


The doctor told him decisively, saying, “In terms of what you just described to me, you simply don’t seem like a living person.”


He held up his glasses and frowned, not knowing how to phrase it.



“Humans’ fear of death often stems from the unknown, and your state of mind, gives me the feeling …… that it is simply like you have already died once. Because you’ve already experienced it, therefore, you don’t care half as much about it.”



Kou Dong at that time, didn’t believe this sentence, he also thought that this psychiatrist was determined to cheat him of his money. Although he may not be considered as wealthy as a young anchor who started his career with live streaming love games, it was all his sweat and blood, and he wouldn’t throw it out in such a vain way.


Until now, Kou Dong remembered that visit.


Like death.


Kou Dong muttered, “…… is it possible that I am a cat?”


Wasn’t it a legend that cats had nine lives.


The Evil god’s face went blank for a moment, clearly not understanding how the youth had jumped to this conclusion.



Kou Dong turned his head sideways and tentatively brought his hand up to the side of his face and meowed at him.


Evil god: “……”


Evil god: “…………”


Even though he had already known that he never followed the rules, this action still left the NPC completely shocked.



The worst part was that even with this, the Evil god was still able to taste a bit of cuteness in his actions.




He shook his head, the smile at the corners of his lips gradually tightening a bit, vaguely as if he was jealous of something, and suddenly said, “Let’s go.”


“–Don’t forget.”


After saying that, he let go of the hand that had grabbed Kou Dong. Kou Dong was quickly swept in by this darkness, and only had time to take a hasty glance at this divine hall.


Suddenly, he remembered something and glanced towards the upper right corner.


It was blank there, with only an exit button hanging in the upper left, missing the most common icon in Kou Dong’s memory – the system icon.



The Dating Module, it seemed, was the only place where one could escape the system’s surveillance.


For the first time, he began to seriously think about what kind of role the system actually served in this game.


All along, the System’s attitude had been extremely strange. Kou Dong even felt at times that it was split apart.



The entire big picture of the system, including the redemption pool and the dating setup, looked like it was designed to help one pass the level.


Yet the tone and attitude of the system itself, even to the point of concealing details to set traps for him – again, like it didn’t want him to pass.


In short, there was a part of the system that was on his side. At the same time, there was also a part that wanted to keep him in the game forever.




–Why him?



Before this, Kou Dong had always thought that this was probably a kind of deformed scum transformation program. Because he was too arrogant in the love game, raiding four NPCs in one breath, he stood on all sides without capsizing, so he was pulled into the game to teach him to be dedicated in the future through all kinds of tests ……


He had to say, this logic was actually very consistent with socialist core values.


But now that he thought about it, it didn’t seem to be exactly like that.


As well as-



He turned his gaze to Ye Yanzhi who was eagerly inquiring about his situation. The villain moved effortlessly to turn his face up and down, trying to see any clues from the youth’s expression as to what the Evil god had actually done with the youth on the date.



Kou Dong let him look, but inside his mind, he couldn’t help thinking:



In this, what role was his cub actually playing?



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