C65 – Double Sealed Shot


After the TV show was finalized, Lu Wenxing went home to rest for a few days, Xu Rong didn’t give him a script for the time being, but helped him to receive a few endorsements and variety shows.



The endorsements that Xu Rong gave him were the ones that were on the hot search before. Although Wen Zheng didn’t say it, Lu Wenxing guessed that it was related to Wen Zheng.



“Right. The day after tomorrow, we will go to K country to shoot VE’s magazine cover for the next quarter, Chen Che will help you to book the air ticket, and we will leave at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon, no problem, right?”


“No problem.”



After Lu Wenxing hung up the call, Ji Yuan walked out of the kitchen with a fruit plate, “Going to work again? I thought you could rest for at least a month after this drama.”


“It’s for a magazine cover, I’ll be back in two or three days.”


Ji Yuan was relieved to hear that, and then she felt a little lost. Xingxing was back, but he had already passed the age of needing her company, and the time she had missed could not be made up for.


Her son’s maturity and independence was the hardest part for Ji Yuan. When she didn’t know, Xingxing was already able to face the storm on his own.


“Mom, eat the fruit.”


Lu Wenxing used a fork to pick up a piece of cantaloupe and passed it to Ji Yuan’s mouth.


“Is it sweet?”


“Sweet.” Ji Yuan smiled, “When you were a kid, you loved to eat juicy fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe.”



“I love it now too.” Lu Wenxing took a bite of cantaloupe, “Mom, Sister Rong said that she’ll let me rest for a month in October, so if Big Brother and Dad have time, let’s go on a family trip.”


Ji Yuan’s eyes light up, revealing a look of surprise, “Yes, where does Xingxing want to go?”



“I haven’t thought about it yet, do you have a place you want to go?”


Ji Yuan was now extremely happy, seeing her mood get better, the corner of Lu Wenxing’s mouth slightly curved.


K country was located in the southern hemisphere, the weather in July and August was cold.


Lu Wenxing got off the plane and put on the cotton clothes he brought with him, he was still wearing short sleeves on the inside, good thing there was a car transfer after getting off the plane, so he could go straight to the hotel.



“I’ll have them send some hot food up, do you want coffee or milk?”



Without waiting for Lu Wenxing to answer, Chen Che concluded, “It’s better to have milk, if you drink coffee now I’m afraid you won’t be able to sleep at night.”


“I’ll go back to my room to organize myself first.”


Chen Che pushed his suitcase out of Lu Wenxing’s room, his was diagonally across from Lu Wenxing.


Not a moment later, a knock came on the door, Lu Wenxing thought it was Chen Che, he put down the clothes in his hand and walked over to open the door.


“Don’t you have a room card …… Teacher Gu?”



“I just got out of the elevator and saw Chen Che pushing a suitcase out.”

“What brings you to K country too? Come in.”


Gu Yanshen was carrying a shopping bag in his hand, Lu Wenxing sidestepped and let Gu Yanshen come in, closing the door behind him, Gu Yanshen opened the shopping bag, “Want to eat?”


The two of them were already very familiar with each other after a long time, Lu Wenxiing wasn’t polite with him and unwrapped a bag of potato chips.


“Mr. Gu is also here to work?”

“Shooting a magazine cover.”


Lu Wenxing looked at him in surprise, “VE fashion magazine?”


Seeing Lu Wenxing so surprised, Gu Yanshen asked in mock surprise, “You too?”




Lu Wenxing knew that this shoot was for a two-person magazine, but how could he expect it to be Gu Yanshen? This was too much of a coincidence.



“I suddenly realized that …… it seems like I’ve been tied up with Teacher Gu since I started going on the variety show with you, even this can be encountered.”


Lu Wenxing was smiling, but was also really quite surprised.



Gu Yanshen looked calm, he drank a mouthful of the water that Lu Wenxing poured for him, and calmly said.



“It’s quite a coincidence.”



Could it be coincidental?


The first variety show, he was the person Gu Yanshen chose.



The second movie took Gu Yanshen’s several visits to the door before he was taken into the crew.



The third time the TV series was filmed, it was also Gu Yanshen who took the initiative to invite him.



As for this time’s variety art endorsement ……


“Yanshen, the person in charge of VE Magazine called me and wanted to invite you to shoot the magazine cover, but I pushed it off for you.”



Gu Yanshen leaned back in his chair and fed meat to his tiger cub on the game, not really caring as he gave a ‘hmm’.



In less than five minutes, the VE had another call from a different person, Sheng Chao had already politely declined once, the person in charge over there said that this time the magazine was a double cover, and that it had already been confirmed that it would be Lu Wenxing, and that he wanted Sheng Chao to ask again.


As soon as he heard about the subject, Sheng Chao immediately told Gu Yanshen.



Originally, the person on the other end of the phone was just trying their luck, they didn’t expect Gu Yanshen to really agree, even forgetting to hang up, he shouted at his colleague.



“The CP is real.”


Sheng Chao on the other end of the phone:”…… “Another CP fan.





“When did Mr. Gu arrive in K country?”



“Morning flight, I came from country Y.” Gu Yanshen left everything he bought, “Settle in, I’ll go back to my room first.”



Lu Wenxing’s suitcase was open, the left one was already empty, the right one was not organized in time.



“These are all for me?”


The things in the bag were all snacks, they were also all Lu Wenxing’s favorite food, so it could be imagined that this was what was bought for him, Lu Wenxing then reacted, “Teacher Gu knew that it was a double shoot with me?”



Gu Yanshen didn’t cover it up and graciously admitted.


“They mentioned it when they called Sheng Chao.”

Lu Wenxing could also understand that the movie star’s schedule was very full, and it wasn’t something that could be arranged casually, so he definitely had to consider all aspects, so there was nothing strange about them telling Gu Yanshen who the other spokesperson was.


When they went to K city to shoot the magazine, the VE’s head had already made arrangements. As soon as Lu Wenxing got off the plane, someone transported them to the hotel, and food and lodging were all booked in advance. He and Gu Yanshen stayed in the same hotel, so it would be convenient to follow the car to the shoot tomorrow.



After Gu Yanshen left, Lu Wenxing fell into a brief silence with a bag of snacks. Was Gu Yanshen being too nice to him? Gu Yanshen had known that he would arrive today, so he had deliberately gone to buy the snacks.



When Lu Wenxing was on the set, he only thought that Gu Yanshen was attentive and could take care of people.


Now when he thought about it carefully, he didn’t see Gu Yanshen take care of Qin Yu, or how careful he was, as if he only took care of him …… alone.



Qin Yu and Gu Yanshen were high school classmates and had known each other for more than ten years, Qin Yu hasn’t received any special treatment from Gu Yanshen, but Lu Wenxing couldn’t think of any reason why Gu Yanshen gave him special treatment.


Lu Wenxing pondered for a few seconds, as if there wasn’t no reason.



The few times they had joked, Gu Yanshen would call him ‘student Lu’, could it be that he really thought of him as a disciple?


A master with a disciple would always be a bit more attentive, and when he was on the set, Gu Yanshen would take the initiative to teach him, accompanying him to the scene, bringing him into the scene, telling him about the scene, and waiting for him to get off the scene.



Last year, Lu Wenxing wasn’t as determined to pursue his dream as he was now, he was still hesitating to go abroad as an exchange student, but it was Gu Yanshen who woke him up, and at a glance, Gu Yanshen was like a mentor to him in life planning.


Thinking about it, he was sure that Gu Yanshen was taking him as a student.



When he was in school, one of the words that teachers often hung on to was, ‘As a teacher, the most gratifying thing is for students to succeed in their studies’, so Gu Yanshen should have also hoped that he would have better achievements in the entertainment industry.


After determining his guess, Lu Wenxing felt that he should be the first student Gu Yanshen recognized, he couldn’t let Gu Yanshen down.



Gu Yanshen, who had already returned to his room, still didn’t know that because of his visit tonight, his status had been raised to that of a life mentor, and had even inspired Lu Wenxing in the process.



Sheng Chao saw Gu Yanshen come back and put down his cell phone, “See anyone?”


Gu Yanshen nodded.


Sheng Chao was very disdainful of Gu Yanshen’s elementary school chicken’s means of chasing people, sending gifts, sending warmth and whatnot, only students would be impressed by this kind of simple behavior.



But Gu Yanshen was an exception.

He was good-looking, rich, and famous, and those three points alone already trumped most people, and even if he was a bit childish in his methods of chasing people, it was, well, acceptable.


“Or else like you? Confessing to Qin Siyu unawares. In other people’s shoes, you’ll see if she cares about you.”


Sheng Chao immediately defended himself, “What do you know, this is called a set up.”



Gu Yanshen raised his eyebrows, “A set up? Scare Qin Siyu into a standstill and she doesn’t run…so that it’s convenient for you to chase after her?”


Sheng Chao: “……” Gu Yanshen was definitely making a personal attack.


It was too much.


Sheng Chao expressed his displeasure, he felt that Gu Yanshen who had been single until now didn’t have any qualifications to taunt him?


He had more say than Gu Yanshen when it came to chasing people.



“I used to put a lot of effort into chasing Si Si, and I varied my gifts every day, from lipsticks, bags and perfumes …… What’s a bag of snacks to you?”



Gu Yanshen didn’t bother to compare this with Sheng Chao, he indifferently glanced at Sheng Chao and carelessly said, “I sent him Zhou Hechen’s vinyl record.”



Sheng Chao was stunned, “When did you send it? How come I didn’t know.”


“When he returned to China.”


Sheng Chao stared wide-eyed.




Did Gu Yanshen already have premeditation at that time?


“You were willing to give it away?”


“Depends on the person.” Gu Yanshen faintly smiled.



Sheng Chao pursed his lips, “It’s not depending on the person, it’s only a specific person.”



Gu Yanshen didn’t deny that he liked Zhou Hechen since he was a child, at that time, many people were Zhou Hechen’s fans, but Gu Yanshen didn’t disclose it and never participated in discussions about Zhou Hechen, that he liked him, in addition to his mother, no one knew about this matter.


This also included those vinyl records that he treasured.


But after he met Lu Wenxing, he was willing to talk about this with Lu Wenxing, and was also willing to share his preferences with Lu Wenxing.



At that time, he hadn’t realized that he liked him, but when he prepared the elaborate gift for Lu Wenxing, he had already shown that he was important in his heart.



He hadn’t thought he liked boys before, so he didn’t think of it as liking, but just enjoying the process of sharing with Lu Wenxing.



The next afternoon, VE got a driver to pick them up and take them to the shooting site, the shoot was for the next season’s magazine cover, by that time it would already be winter in China, so they chose to shoot in the southern hemisphere where there was snow now.


They first shot a few sets indoors, changed clothes and then moved to the outdoor shoot.


Lu Wenxing’s had a one-time curly perm, with only the ends of his hair permed to give a fluffy effect.


In the snow, the two of them were wearing the same color suit, and they were wearing an elk earring, which was a product pushed by this issue of the magazine.



The moose earrings were for girls, and Lu Wenxing wasn’t feminine, but, Lu Wenxing wore them in a different way.



Gu Yanshen held up his umbrella, revealing the watch on his wrist, the same watch that VE pushed in this issue.



The photographer had Lu Wenxing half squat, elbow on his knee, the other hand on his thigh hung down naturally, while he held a blue diagonal striped tie in his hand.



“Okay, hold that pose and look into the camera.”



“Chin up slightly, be kind of diffident and a little playful.”


“Very good.”



Gu Yanshen held up an umbrella, revealing his side face with a cold expression. He stood beside Lu Wenxing as if he was passing by, but also as if he was giving him a covering.



The background was a flurry of snow, in the snowy white, only they were colored.



“OK, change clothes.”



There were three issues of the magazine in a season, and the photographer would take a few more groups before choosing the satisfactory ones from them.



The outdoor changing room was a temporary shed, although there was only one, but it was better because of the large location. The weather was cold, and the suit was thin, and Lu Wenxing’s nose was red from freezing, he held the hot water and drank a few mouthfuls.



“Want to change together?”



Gu Yanshen: “……”



Gu Yanshen’s forehead corner veins jumped, his brain couldn’t help but float to Lu Wenxing’s appearance sitting in the bathtub, it really tested his endurance.



He didn’t know if Lu Wenxing was aware or not, but Gu Yanshen’s heart was racing because of it.


The person in question, Lu Wenxing, had obviously forgotten about this matter, and he asked Gu Yanshen if he wanted to change clothes together because the suit Gu Yanshen was wearing was very thin, and the next thing they changed into was a coat and sweater, which was much warmer than the suit he was wearing.



It was still snowing and the outdoor temperature was very low, so it was easy to catch a cold if they didn’t hurry to change clothes. Although Lu Wenxing liked men, he had no other thoughts in his mind, and the two of them would only change clothes with their backs to each other.



Lu Wenxing’s gaze carried a sense of inquiry.


Gu Yanshen paused for a few seconds, “No, you change first.”



Lu Wenxing walked into the changing room with a bit of regret, what he didn’t know was that he himself had no idea, but Gu Yanshen did.



However, he just assumed that Gu Yanshen wasn’t used to changing clothes with people.


After changing clothes and coming out, both of them were wearing warm-colored coats, and in addition to coats and sweaters, scarves were also items that VE wanted to push.



It was still an outdoor shoot, and there was a vintage automobile in the scene.


Lu Wenxing sat cross-legged on the front hood of the car, holding a cup of coffee. Gu Yanshen was also sitting on the front cover of the car, one foot coiled and the other falling to the ground, further accentuating his long and straight legs.


The shoulders of the two leaned together in a posture that was more intimate than the previous picture.


Lu Wenxing’s pose holding the coffee emphasized the ring on his finger, and Gu Yanshen also wore the same ring. The warm coat was different from the cold hardness of wearing a suit, and this photo was more neighborly.


Like a neighborly older brother with a neighborly younger brother.


“Wenxing, lean your head on Mr. Gu’s shoulder.”


“Feel free.”


Just gently leaning, Lu Wenxing’s nose brushed against Gu Yanshen’s scarf, and he could still smell the faint perfume on Gu Yanshen’s body, and when he raised his eyes, he could see Gu Yanshen’s high nose, and …… sexy thin lips.



He knew that Gu Yanshen was good-looking, but this kind of intimacy was different from the time of the shooting, the shooting was integrated into the role, and Lu Wenxing was more open. Taking pictures was the need to maintain an action, Lu Wenxing suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.



Gu Yanshen noticed Lu Wenxing’s line of sight and lowered his eyes to meet his gaze, just one glance caused Lu Wenxing to lose his concentration, and his heart uncontrollably beat violently for a few moments.


“Wenxing, don’t look at Mr. Gu, look at the camera.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Gu Yanshen let out a laugh, his voice carrying a bit of a low, muffled meaning, Lu Wenxing was a bit embarrassed by his laugh, he actually lost his concentration looking at Gu Yanshen, with so many people present.


Gu Yanshen’s throat rolled and he whispered.


“Is it good looking?”


Lu Wenxing’s ears were hot, and he just wanted to bury his entire face in the scarf.



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