C21– Something


Feng Huai heard in the lounge, in addition to his breathing, there was an inconspicuous sound of clear and shallow breathing.


He touched the baseball bat behind the lounge door without a trace and clutched it in his palm.


The viewers in the live room noticed the newcomer’s action and got excited.



【Yi yi yi yi! This newcomer is very alert, he also sensed that something is wrong!]


[I can’t believe he’s not running, it’s going to kill him]


[Oh my God, i dare not look again !]


The popularity in the live view stacked up a little.


Feng Huai held his breath, looking for the right moment to give that thing behind him, who he didn’t know if it was a human or a ghost, a hit.


A low, soft laugh sounded steeply behind Feng Huai, causing Feng Huai to jerk, and he knew that his hidden little move had been discovered by the other party.


He whirled around and swung his baseball bat, while at the same time the lights in the lounge were turned on and a force resisted the bat in Feng Huai’s hand.


“Is this how you greet your catcher?” Yu Rui’s low laughter sounded close to Feng Huai’s ears.


When Feng Huai heard Yu Rui’s voice, the force on his hand loosened.


He turned around to look at Yu Rui, and saw the other party wearing a well-cut dark gray suit and a very formal hand-tied bow tie, looking over with a little flirtatious smile.


“The other eye also wants to be beaten into a green egg?” Feng Huai asked rhetorically.


Yu Rui: “……”


[Eh???? Great god !!!!]


[Crouch crouch crouch sorry, it’s actually the Great god, I thought it was something bad]



[The dialogue between the newcomer and the great god is a little something hehehe]


[Holy sh-it, enter the newcomer’s live view! There is a big god there!]



Feng Huai soon heard a beep in his ear – [Player Feng Huai’s Live View, accumulated 100 popularity points].



He was a bit surprised, obviously he was still very low when he noticed the popularity just now. It seemed that after bumping into Yu Rui, his popularity suddenly soared up.


“Why are you here?” Feng Huai asked, sizing up Yu Rui, the soaring popularity had something to do with Yu Rui?


“I was invited to see a show.” Yu Rui replied, his identity in this game was the orchestra leader, “When I left the stage I was knocked out and put here, I just woke up and found you hiding in.”



Yu Rui slightly tilted his head, showing Feng Huai that there was still a bit of scattered blood on the back of his neck, falling on the collar of his white shirt.


Feng Huai frowned.



“What about you? What are you hiding from?” Yu Rui asked.


“The night watchman.” Feng Huai said, “It count the mission as a failure if he catches and calls out your name.”


He moved close to the door, listened then said softly, “It should be far away now.”



When he finished looking at Yu Rui, he saw Yu Rui rummaging through the small lounge, even stepping on a wooden bookshelf with one foot, looking as if it was about to topple over at any moment.


Feng Huai quickly reacted – there would be no useless scenes in the game, there should be some clues hidden here.


He joined the search and soon found a small ornament on the wooden shelf that was fixed to the board.


The pendulum could be twisted, and looked like the switch of a mechanism, only it was unresponsive.


“Come and look at this.” Feng Huai greeted.


Yu Rui came over and look, and saw this little doll.



On the back of the neck of the doll, there were three metal holes, which looked like a lock hole.


He squinted his eyes slightly and without any trace, raised his hand to touch his neck. The wound hit by a heavy object was also marked by three scabbed blood marks.


“Looks like a key is missing.” Yu said.


Feng Huai nodded then confirmed that it was impossible to find another key in this lounge.



“Let’s go out first.” Yu said, “There are flashlights in the drawer, take two.”


Feng Huai answered, took the flashlight, and the two of them quietly returned to the corridor.


The corridor was still dark, and not even a sound could be heard, as if the group had already run out of the theater.


“They went away from this direction.” Feng Huai nodded in the direction.


“You and they went in the opposite direction.” Yu Rui looked at Feng Huai, “So …… what’s there?”


“Not sure, but it doesn’t give me a good feeling.” Feng Huai whispered back.


[I feel that there is a good understanding between the newcomers and the great god]



[Was he the newcomer’s mentor?]


[The great god never gives guidance to newcomers, how come this time he suddenly went to be a guidance mentor?]


[Between the newcomer and the great god, there is something hehehe!!]


[ The one upstairs can’t say anything else besides this sentence?]



After listening to Feng Huai’s words, Yu Rui pondered for a second and quickly walked in the opposite direction with Feng Huai.


[Puff, the great god doesn’t care about the direction Mu Zi and the others went .]


[Just came from Sister Mu Zi’s live, they’ve been trapped for half an hour]


[ What?]


[ I don’t know which idiot broke the lift and it trapped them. I’ve been bored for half an hour, so I came to see how the newcomer was doing, he didn’t send his head, right?]


[Not only did he not send a head, he seems to be a breath away from triggering a new branch, but unfortunately didn’t find the key]



[There are additional benefits for the great god~]



[I’m sorry! I can’t believe the great god is here! I thought he was here to make a cameo, but I didn’t think he was really a player ah]


The live broadcast room gradually became more and more lively.



They didn’t know if the night watchman was attracted by the commotion on Mu Zi’s side, Feng Huai and Yu Rui walked for a few minutes without encountering the night watchman’s chase again.


“Look here.” Feng Huai gently shook his flashlight, and on the left wall of the long corridor hung a selection of event charts from previous years’ performances.



“In 2005 the construction of the Seaver Opera House was completed and the first classical concert performance was welcomed at the site of the former theatre stage (now the sunken staircase stage of the Grand Theatre), where tenor Luno (1947-2006) presented his last song in his lifetime, ‘The Wandering Moon’ …… ”



Feng Huai whispered, “The original theater stage, it is also considered part of the old site we are looking for, right?”



Yu Rui was very sure that if the system wanted them to go, it should be some kind of dark and forgotten corner, preferably with bats that could set the atmosphere of this existence. The spacious, bright and modern theater stage was very different from the system’s vision.


However, what Feng Huai said wasn’t wrong, and according to the requirements of the task proposed by the system, it was considered to meet the standard.


He curved the corners of his mouth and concurred, “Yes.”



Game system: QAQ




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