C20 —- Phantom of the Opera Copy Starts


When he entered the game again, Feng Huai had already gotten used to the dizziness caused by the scene change.


He was standing on a pitch-black stage, with no light source around him.


Feng Huai subconsciously lightened his breathing, and his palms were covered in cold sweat.


Where was this scene? It actually left him directly in an unknown dark corner.


Feng Huai was about to find a way out of here when the system’s mission objective rang out in his ears.


“Please, player Feng Huai, complete the two-star game copy: [Phantom of the Opera] and complete the main quest [Find the source of the Phantom Legend], 10 points will be awarded.”


Character card:
“You are the cellist of the Philharmonic Orchestra, and you are preparing for a grand performance.”


“The performance will be screened in the Seaver Opera House in a month’s time, during which you have been rehearsing in the Seaver Opera House.”



“Late one night after the rehearsal, all of you were sitting under the theater bleachers taking a break, and the closer you got to the official performance, the more tense the atmosphere in the orchestra became to the point of causing breathlessness.”


“A young pianist broke the dreary atmosphere by proposing that everyone play a game together-”


“Now, you’re in the game.”


The system beep abruptly ended, and the surrounding area abruptly lit up with lights.


Feng Huai squinted slightly in some discomfort, then he realized that he was the only one standing on the stage of the theater, seemingly out of place with the others.


He scanned the people under the stage but didn’t see Yu Rui.


The young pianist cleared his throat and proposed, “Since everyone is so stressed out, why don’t we play a game?”


“Just don’t let it be some kind of ghost recruitment game.” A young woman in a casual trench coat with a short haircut said.


“Of course not.” The pianist laughed, “I heard that this theater is two hundred years old, and the new theater was built in recent years, on the site of the old one.”



“It is said that the new theater still retains a considerable part of the old theater’s architecture, which is very historical. I think, we haven’t seen this opera house properlyeven after so many rehearsals here, why don’t we go to visit it now?” The pianist suggested.



“It’s not impossible. But what kind of a game is this?” A tall, slightly chubby man, the baritone of the orchestra, asked rhetorically, his voice extremely recognizable when he opened his mouth.



The pianist winked slyly, “Because the night watchman here, will drive away those who are caught in the theater. We have to avoid the patrols of the night watchmen, and whoever is caught loses.”


“I heard that the night watchman at the theater is like a bipolar maniac, and in the middle of the night, he would patrol around with an electric baton that splinters and snaps. Once he spots a trail, he’d come roaring and running wild until he catches someone.” The pianist lowered his voice.


The woman in the casual trench coat gave a dismissive “snort”: “That’s a human being, so there’s nothing to be afraid of.”



The pianist shrugged, “Then let’s go find the old site.”


The others nodded in response.


The woman in the trench coat was the big drummer in the orchestra named Mu Zi, and also involved in this rehearsal were trumpeter Zhang Xiaofeng and a middle-aged conductor named Tan Lin.


The pianist turned to Feng Huai on stage and inquired, “Hey Feng Huai, are you coming?”


“I’m coming.” Feng Huai answered indifferently and walked down from the stage.


The system beep sounded simultaneously, “Player Feng Huai has entered the main quest, and the live view has been opened to the audience.”


[Oh, this is the new player, right? I heard that the gods were absent in the last issue to guide the newcomers]


[Little brother looks so beautiful~Just now when I was watching the live broadcast in front, I kept staring at the little brother on the distant stage. Hehe.]


[ How come the great gods have not yet appeared ah, they’re not in this copy again, right?]



[ This is only a two-star copy, the great gods won’t participate, right?]


[No, no, I remember seeing the name of a great god in the live introduction! They must be in the back!]


“Do you know which direction to go?” Mu Zi asked.


The pianist tilted his head with an innocent expression: “I don’t know.”




“That’s the way to explore the game, isn’t it?” The pianist gave a smile.



When he saw that no one responded to him, he quickly urged: “Come on, let’s go, it’s almost time for the night watchman’s patrol, the lights will be turned off.”



Mu Zi and a few others didn’t move, as old players in the game, they all knew very well that the people who walked in front were most likely to have accidents.


[ A group of old foxes refuse to go in front]


[ Don’t dawdle, hurry up!]



The viewers in the broadcast room also started to urge, but unfortunately the players themselves couldn’t see.


When Feng Huai saw that no one was moving, he quietly huffed and walked to the front.


“Oh looks like we have a lead. Let’s go Feng Huai, we’ll follow behind you.” The pianist said.


[Player Feng Huai lights up the side quest: Find the right direction, quest completion reward 2 points]



Feng Huai heard the prompt and raised his eyebrows slightly, it seemed that the piano player would have a number of hidden side quests.



In the live room, the audience occasionally threw out two or three comments.


[The new players is a tiger….]


[I hope the good-looking little brother doesn’t come up and enter a bloodbath]


[Go! Don’t be a wimp!]


As Feng Huai continued to walk forward, he suddenly heard another alert: [Player Feng Huai’s live view is open, accumulated 1 popularity point].


Twenty minutes into the game, a viewer had already entered Feng Huai’s exclusive live view.


There was a flash of light in Feng Huai’s eyes, he could start raking in the points.



They were the first to walk out of the Grand Theater stage, Feng Huai intended to find the general office or backstage first, such places usually have a schematic.


The group had just walked into the curved corridor when the overhead lights suddenly went out and darkness quickly enveloped everyone.


Feng Huai froze slightly in place and cursed in his heart.


“Oh, it’s time, the night watchman is coming out to patrol.” The pianist said.


He didn’t know if it was a psychological factor, but Feng Huai heard a hint of unkindness.



The night vision ability lv1, dynamic vision capture ability lv1, and perceptual acuity lv1 drawn from the previous spin the wheel game, greatly improved Feng Huai’s vision at this time.


The moonlight leaked through the high dome glass window, allowing him to see the road in front of him more clearly.



“Move!” Mu Zi heard what the pianist said, and immediately spoke.



Feng Huai was further away than they could see, and he noticed that at the end of the corridor, something seemed to have flashed by.


He said in a deep voice, “We can’t go in that direction.”



As soon as his words fell, heavy footsteps sounded in the empty corridor behind them, accompanied by a splintering blue light that rang with electricity.


Conductor Tan Lin’s pupils shrank: “The night watchman is coming!”


“Who! Who is there! Get the hell out!” The night watchman’s roar scared the several people in the darkness, who shivered viciously, and immediately panicked and ran.


Feng Huai saw this and pursed his lips, he saw something in that direction, he would rather face the Night Watch than the unknown danger.


He turned on his heels and ran in the exact opposite direction from the others.


[Hey how did the newcomer fall alone! The newcomer will die if he is alone!]


[ The newcomer seemed to say that the direction they were going was bad, did he see something?]


[ I still think the newcomer is in a more dangerous situation ……]



The night watchman was nearly 20 meters away from Feng Huai, and he could see a huge black shadow cast on the wall under the lightning.


With his enhanced night vision, Feng Huai easily found a staff lounge in a long corridor. He gently turned the door handle and it was actually unlocked.


Without saying a word, Feng Huai darted into the lounge as if he was a ghost.


[Oh, no! The night watchman’s chase was actually avoided by going against the grain!]



[Little brother is very calm, it’s so dark yet he could find the hiding room]



Feng Huai hid behind the door of the lounge and quietly listened to the heavy pace of the Night Watch passing by quickly.


He was relieved to have escaped.


[Ahhhhhh no! There seems to be something in the room in the room]


[Wipe wipe wipe I saw it too! A pair of eyes just opened and closed behind the little brother!]




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