C19 – The Second Game


There were still two full days left before moving on to the next game.


Feng Huai intended to go out and have a look around.


He had been moving around in this two-story private house since he woke up yesterday, completely devoid of the real feeling of being in an alternate reality.


When he lifted the beaded curtain connecting the stairs there on the second floor, the sales clerk girl he saw yesterday had come to work early.


“Good morning, boss.” Tian Xiaofeng greeted Feng Huai with a smile, “It’s rare to see the boss out so early.”


Feng Huai nodded, pushed open the door and walked out.


The aroma of breakfast from the stalls rushed to him.


The aroma of doughnuts, bean curd flowers, fried food, small wontons and egg cakes …… instantly surrounded Feng Huai.


Feng Huai bought an egg cake and walked while eating. In his impression, it seemed that the Great Emperor Feng Huai had only bought such a snack from such a small vendor a long time ago.


“Eh isn’t that the small boss of the incense store? It’s rare to see him out during the day.” The lady frying the doughnut shouted, then said, “Come, come, last time you gave my old man a folded paper house, the old man gave me a dream, he can now live in a place that is bright and spacious.”


Feng Huai raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard the words. Perhaps it was because the big lady had daydreamed then she really dreamt of it.



The doughnut lady wrapped two doughnuts and stuffed them into Feng Huai’s hand without any reason.


“Ah yes, the last time I asked the little boss to bring the Ming clothes, I also dreamed that he was warm and not overcast at all! The little boss can really take things down to the bottom!” The elder sister selling tofu puddles on the next stall also answered and gave Feng Huai a bowl of hot salty tofu pudding.


Feng Huai was stunned. In a blink of an eye, his hands were filled with snacks brought by others and he hung them on his wrist. At first glance, he was a bit embarrassed and amused.



This one by one, all said that they bought his family’s incense, got a dream, and thanked the little boss.


Feng Huai blinked his eyes, feeling a bit curious. Could he really go down to the underworld and bring things to the underworld to the undead souls who hadn’t yet reincarnated?



He was distracted, walking slowly back in the direction of his store, when he heard an inconspicuous puff of laughter from in front of him.


Feng Huai looked up and saw that there was no one else but Yu Rui.


“Why are you here again?” Feng Huai raised one side of his eyebrow high.


Yu Rui gentlemanly pushed open the small door of the incense store for him, “If I didn’t come, you wouldn’t be able to eat all the breakfast you’ve prepared.”



The corners of Feng Huai’s lips twitched, “Cheekier than a city wall. Who said I have to share these things with you?”


Yu Rui looked at Feng Huai innocently. Before he could say anything, he heard Tian Xiaofeng running towards the store in flames and sighed in a low voice, “Truly the little boss. You went out and brought back so much food.”


She said and looked at Feng Huai: “It must be from those grandparents, right?”


Feng Huai helplessly responded, helpless to the enthusiastic stall owners on the outward breakfast street.


“Hey, thanks to the blessing of the little boss, every time I go to buy breakfast, the grandparents will also count me a change less.” Tian Xiaofeng said.




She looked at Yu Rui again and explained, “The things we sell in our little boss’s store are of good price, fair to both the old and the young. And the old and young people outside are all our boss’s regular customers.”


Feng Huai pinched his nose bridge with some headache, it sounded somewhat strange.



“Eat something, eat something.” He interrupted the young girl’s words and put the breakfast on the table.


Yu Rui sat down nonchalantly and joined them for breakfast.



The three of them sat around the small table, and Tian Xiaofeng lamented that it had been a long time since there was such a quiet and calm morning, just as rare as the little boss waking up early.


Feng Huai smiled and looked at Tian Xiaofeng with some curiosity, but as the person in question, it wasn’t appropriate for him to ask.


He looked at Yu Rui, signaling the other to ask.


“So what’s it like normally?” Yu Rui received Feng Huai’s hint.



Tian Xiaofeng swallowed a mouthful of deep-fried dough sticks: “Those who are rushing for the resale contract to be signed take turns to visit the small boss.”


“Resale contract?” Yu Rui asked after being poked by Feng Huai.


Tian Xiaofeng looked at Feng Huai and wondered if she could tell anyone about this.


Feng Huai pretended to give a look of tacit approval.


Tian Xiaofeng said, “Boss, isn’t this store based on the tomb area? In recent months, the tomb area is planning to expand and they want to buy the place where Little Boss is located.”


“It’s no good not to sell it. Previously, the land contract was not a contract. There was a loophole, which was exploited by the legal affairs in the tomb area. If we can’t pay the full amount of the land in the next two months, this place will be forcibly expropriated.” Tian Xiaofeng sighed, and the deep-fried dough sticks in her hand was no longer fragrant.


Feng Huai sniffed and narrowed his eyes slightly.


The value of this place to him wasn’t only because of the partly forgotten memories upstairs, but also partly because of the letter that had no context.


He had a strong hunch that the letter was just the beginning, like a riddle to solve, throwing in more clues first and then slowly throwing in more clues.


If the area was expropriated by the cemetery, then those letters, those mysteries, would have no place to go.



He thought that no matter which “he” was, he would try to keep the building.


“How much is the full amount?” Yu Rui asked.


Tian Xiaofeng said: “I heard the boss say before, there must be more than six million, right? How can you afford to sell the incense alone? I might as well hope to win the Mark Six lottery.”


Yu Rui lightly said: “He may not be unable to buy it, maybe the boss has a small treasury.”


Tian Xiaofeng looked at Feng Huai with wide eyes.


Feng Huai twitched the corners of his mouth, he didn’t even know how much money he had on him in total.


“Your little boss and I will go upstairs to discuss some things, continue to eat and watch the store.” Yu Rui said as he stood up.


Tian Xiaofeng nodded in response, and watched as Yu Rui pulled the small boss’s arm upstairs, and only then reacted with hindsight, just now Yu Rui’s tone and attitude was more like the boss.


Tian Xiaofeng scratched the back of his head, no matter what, she still hoped the boss’s small store could be saved.



“What’s the matter with you pulling me upstairs?” Feng Huai asked.


“About the money.” Yu Rui spoke, “In fact, a big part of the reason why [the game] attracts so many players into it is because the rewards in [the game] can be refracted in the real world.”


“I think you should already know about ‘popularity accumulation’ and ‘bounty’, two functions that are not available in the copy of the novice guide stage, but in every game after that, these two functions will be closely related to your income.” Yu Rui said.



“The [game] will open a live broadcast interface, each game player who enters it has its own live view, the live viewers come from other realms, they will gradually focus on a certain game player’s live view according to the progress of the game, which will form the ‘popularity accumulation’ when the final game is settled. ‘.”


“Simply put, it’s more like the number of viewers. A popularity accumulation of 10,000 points can be exchanged for 10,000 real currency, or a little bit of points, but it cannot be reversed.”


“As for ‘bounties’, just like you think, viewers will choose to give virtual exchange popularity coins, and possibly physical props from the relevant realm, which can be exchanged for use in the real world, or converted into real world currency – -under the premise of not interfering with the operation of the main core of this world.”


Feng Huai nodded thoughtfully, “In other words, in the next game, if you play beautifully enough, you will have money to buy a building?”


“Mm.” Yu Rui nodded slightly, although he didn’t feel that the accumulated popularity from one game could be exchanged for a small building.

Feng Huai asked, “What about you? After playing so many games, how much money have you earned?”


After a pause, Yu Rui pulled up his home screen and chose to share it with Feng Huai.


The accumulated amount of popularity was only a pitiful 18 points.


Feng Huai twitched the corners of his mouth and looked at Yu Rui: “Not much of an audience base?”


“Quite a lot.”


That’s being diverted and can’t compete with other players.


“It shouldn’t be …… With this face, even if you don’t play well, you should also be able to have some popularity.” Feng Huai slightly narrowed his eyes to survey Yu Rui.


Yu Rui’s eyelids jumped slightly: “I was in the newbie guide.” Could a rookie player be in someone’s newbie guide? He must not have the qualification.


“Mm-hmm.” Feng Huai nodded carelessly.



A rookie copy, after all, was simple. In his mind, he thought, it seemed that the difficulty of the game would jump up later, Yu Rui couldn’t handle it.


Yu Rui: “……”


He didn’t have the cheek to tell Feng Huai that he was very powerful, the kind that could make people just hold his thighs and lie down to win.


Feng Huai quickly set a goal – to earn 600,000 popularity first.



On the third day of his stay in the real world.


Feng Huai met the “debt collector” Tian Xiaofeng said, a thin bamboo pole-like man in a cheap suit, who came with a pile of official papers and two or three people who looked like street gangsters behind him.


Tian Xiaofeng walked out from the front desk with a stiff upper lip, and just wanted to welcome him, but Feng Huai pulled her back.


“Sit back.” Feng Huai said.


Tian Xiaofeng was a little surprised: “Eh little boss?”


Feng Huai stood in the doorway, without the intention of letting anyone in.


“You’re the owner of this store? Finally willing to show your face today?” The thin bamboo pole asked in a high and mighty manner, his head raised, hinting at the two street punks behind him, “From today, next month, is the deadline, I’m warning you, if you don’t move out and stay here, I’ll have someone smash up your little store.”


The two street punks stood in front of each other, so big and lanky that one of them was as wide as two Feng Huai.


Feng Huai gave a short laugh: “Smash my store? Come in first and try.”



The thin bman choked, he came to the door several times to use harsh words, this was thr first time he was disliked, he turned and patted the two gangsters: “You two give him some color!”



As his words fell, the two just wanted to squeeze into the small store, the next second, they were thrown out by an irresistible force.



No one reacted to what happened, just watching the two strong men being thrown out of the incense store, they were dumbfounded, with an expression as if they had hit a ghost.


Feng Huai closed the glass door and glanced obliquely at the skinny bamboo pole frozen in place, letting out an exasperated grunt from his nose, and saw the skinny man jump backwards as if waking up.


Tian Xiaofeng looked at Feng Huai with admiration and amazement, and quietly said, “Wow, little boss, what was that hand just now? Like Tai Chi Kung Fu! With just a push, you sent those two big people out! You were like a worldly master!”


Feng Huai raised his chin: “They should stop in the next few days.”


Tian Xiaofeng nodded vigorously.


“Player Feng Huai is 00:20:00 away from entering the next [game], please be prepared.”


The system beep sounded in Feng Huai’s ears.


He paused and said to Tian Xiaofeng, “I’m going up first, don’t come to me if you have nothing to do, get off early.”




Feng Huai returned to the bedroom.



“Game copy background introduction:
The headless legend in the Phantom of the Opera exists in every theater, but, which is the place where the legend begins?
Beneath the gorgeous grand theater is a glass and steel forest-like underground labyrinth of torture chambers, gallows, guillotines ……
When the cello strings are pulled, blood dripping from the curtain, what a wonderful classical concert, and to whom is the dirge?”





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