C63—- Graduation Gift

On the way to dinner, Gu Yanning realized that it wasn’t only the four of them, but also Lu Wenxing’s other family members.



“Brother, is it appropriate for the two of us to go?” Gu Yanning had an afterthought.



Gu Yanshen mocked, “Didn’t you just promise very happily?”



“I thought it was the four of us.”


Lu Wenxing: “It’s okay, it’s only my mother and brother.”



Gu Yanning was relieved, as long as his brother didn’t have a cold face like Gu Yanshen. As for his mother, Gu Yanning had seen her once at a movie premiere. No wonder Xie Chengfei would attend the premiere, they were family.



If he had known that Xie Chengfei was Lu Wenxing’s brother, he would have had a good relationship with him.



The four of them arrived at the place, Lu Wenxing reported the box number and a waiter guided them up.



In the corridor, Wen Zheng was talking to someone on the phone and mentioned a plan. Knowing that he was talking about business, Lu Wenxing turned to the waiter and thanked him, saying that he knew which box it was.



When Wen Zheng saw Gu Yanshen and Gu Yanning following behind him, he paused for a second and gave a gesture to Lu Wenxing, indicating that he should go in first.



“Let’s go.”

The Gu family was also engaged in business. Gu Yanning was forced by his father to attend several dinners and had also met Wen Zheng. He was somewhat surprised by Lu Wenxing’s familiarity with Wen Zheng.


“Xingxing, do you know Wen Zheng? Is he eating with us today?”





Lu Wenxing didn’t intentionally conceal his family background, but there was no need to tell anyone he saw. In the entertainment industry, Lu Wenxing had a circle of friends, but there were only a few who he really had a good relationship with. It was a coincidence that he brought Gu Yanshen over today.



Seeing Wen Zheng, Gu Yanshen felt worried. Lu Wenxing’s acquaintance with Wen Zheng was definitely not something he thought too much about. It seemed that the two often met in private.



When Gu Yanshen thought that he only had the opportunity to spend time with Wenxing every day because of his work, he was filled with anxiety.


Ji Yuan and Lu Xiaofei were chatting with laughter, and when they saw Lu Wenxing coming, they stood up with joy.



“Xingxing and Xiao Fei are here.”



Gu Yanning wasn’t too surprised to see Lu Xiaofei, he had seen her at the premiere before, and when his eyes fell on Ji Yuan’s face, he froze, and then he quietly approached Gu Yanshen.



“Brother, even if Wen Zheng is here, why is the president of LULU also here?”


“LULU is the Wen family’s property, and Ms. Ji is the wife of Boss Wen.”



Gu Yanning suddenly realized, so it was a family …… hmmmm?



Seemed like something wasn’t right.




Gu Yanshen was deeply troubled. Wen Zheng not only met Lu Wenxing privately, but also his mother just called Lu Wenxing ‘Xingxing’, did they even know each other’s family?



“Ms. Ji is Wen Zheng’s mother, why are they both here at the same time?”



Gu Yanshen’s eyes darkened, but he still maintained just the right amount of smile.


Ji Yuan didn’t know much about the entertainment industry, but she definitely knew the movie star Gu Yanshen. Although she didn’t know Gu Yanning next to Gu Yanshen, not standing together wouldn’t evoke associations, but standing together revealed the similarity.



Lu Wenxing pointed at Gu Yanshen.



“This is Gu Yanshen, movie star Gu, I don’t need to introduce him, next to him is Gu Yanshen’s brother Gu Yanning. He is in the same school as Xiao Fei, and coincidentally, today’s exam was also in the same school. I ran into them on the way, so I let them come together.”



Lu Wenxing walked to the nearest Lu Xiaofei, “This is Xiao Fei’s mother, also my mother.”


“Hello auntie.”



The two Gu brothers greeted in unison in a rare moment of tacit agreement.



“Hello.” Lu Xiaofei’s eyes fell on Gu Yanning, “Xiao Ning, long time no see.”



“And ……,” Lu Wenxing smiled and took Ji Yuan’s shoulder. “This is also my mother.”



Gu Yanshen: ?????



Gu Yanning: ????



Before Lu Wenxing had time to explain, Wen Zheng pushed open the compartment door and walked in.



“My brother, Wen Zheng.”


Gu Yanning was obviously confused, his mouth opened into an ‘O’ shape, Gu Yanshen hesitated for a second and quickly reacted.



He suddenly remembered that when Wen Miao asked Lu Wenxing if their family could be in the top 50 of the rich list, what Lu Wenxing said was….

‘Maybe it’s similar to Wen’s family?’



Gu Yanshen had felt strange, why did Lu Wenxing use the Wen family as an analogy.



It turned out that ……


“Hello auntie.” After Gu Yanshen reacted, he immediately greeted Ji Yuan first.



“Good day auntie.” Gu Yanning followed obediently and called out.



“Good day to you.” Ji Yuan looked at them with a smile, “I didn’t expect such a coincidence.”


Gu Yanshen looked sideways at Wen Zheng and instantly felt that the jealousy just now was really a bit funny. And all of this had an explanation, Wen Zheng suddenly invested, because of Lu Wenxing.



In Qin Yu’s daily worry about Wen Zheng withdrawing his investment, Lu Wenxing said ‘no’. But Qin Yu didn’t take it to heart, and neither did Gu Yanshen.



“Mr. Wen, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”



If there was no such relationship with Lu Wenxing, Wen Zheng would have greeted Gu Yanshen politely. But now, he examined Gu Yanshen as his brother’s boyfriend, so of course, he couldn’t look at him in any way.



He nodded his head, quite indifferent. After learning about the relationship between Wen Zheng and Lu Wenxing, Gu Yanshen didn’t mind, instead he could understand Wen Zheng’s slight animosity towards him.



Gu Yanshen was even a little happy, Wen Zheng’s minding of him showed that Lu Wenxing was very favored in the family, and during the time when he didn’t know Lu Wenxing, Lu Wenxing was protected by his family.



Although it wasn’t clear why Lu Wenxing encountered so many obstacles, but as long as Lu Wenxing’s previous life wasn’t as difficult as he imagined, that was enough.



No matter how it used to be, he would take good care of Lu Wenxing in the future and would never let him get hurt somehow again. Perhaps Lu Wenxing didn’t feel that it was hurtful, but Gu Yanshen would be heartbroken him.



“Don’t stand, let’s all sit.”



Ji Yuan and Lu Xiaofei were still next to each other, Xie Chengfei sat next to Lu Xiaofei, and next to him sat Gu Yanning.



Gu Yanshen sat on the other side of Gu Yanning, considering that Gu Yanshen and his family met for the first time, Lu Wenxing didn’t know if the movie emperor would be uncomfortable, but he brought him so he had to take care of Gu Yanshen’s feelings.



Lu Wenxing was planning to sit next to Gu Yanshen, but he was carried to the other side by Wen Zheng, who pulled out a chair for Lu Wenxing to sit, while Wen Zheng sat in the middle of the two.



“Brother, what are you doing?”



Lu Wenxing didn’t quite understand Wen Zheng’s operation, Ji Yuan also looked confused, her younger son brought friends, two people sitting next to each other was no problem, but Wen Zheng interfering wasn’t quite right.



“Order your food.”



Wen Zheng shoved the menu into his hand and gave the other two menus on the table to Ji Yuan and Xie Chengfei.



Lu Wenxing flipped through the menu and very thoughtfully ordered everyone’s favorite dishes, including his own. He also ordered a few dishes of popular taste, “Let’s order this much first, if it’s not enough and then we can order again, so it won’t be wasted.”



“Xiao Cheng and Ningning, eat a little more to have strength for the exam this afternoon.” Ji Yuan followed Lu Wenxing to call Gu Yanning’s nickname.


After a lively meal, Ji Yuan didn’t expect Gu Yanshen to have such a good understanding of luxury brands such as jewelry bags.



She was a jewelry designer and was involved in the fashion industry, whether it was a popular or niche brand. Ji Yuan had also seen guys with girlfriends who knew about a brand in order to choose a gift for their girlfriends, but Gu Yanshen was different, his knowledge also involved certain expertise.



Ji Yuan just mentioned two niche brands from F, one was a watch and the other was jewelry. When it came to the new models of the last season and a certain limited edition last year, Gu Yanshen knew which one it was and could also tell the highlights of the design.



The deeper Ji Yuan talked, the more regretful she felt, and half-jokingly said, “If you didn’t enter the entertainment industry, the fashion industry should have your name.”



Gu Yanshen smiled, “I learned it all from magazines, with very simple insights. I don’t have the professional and meticulous understanding that Auntie has.”



“Aesthetics is a plus.”


Ji Yuan, Wen Zheng, or Lu Wenxing wouldn’t discuss such topics. She just casually mentioned them today and had no intention of discussing them in detail. Moreover, it was unexpected that Gu Yanshen not only continued her topic, but even discussed it.



Wen Zheng remained indifferent throughout the conversation, discussing design or fashion brands. Ji Yuan always had endless topics to discuss. Looking at Lu Wenxing on his left side again, he listened attentively, with a hint of surprise in his eyes and a hint of sudden realization.


The look was like a good student listening to a teacher’s lecture.



Wen Zheng: “……”


The other side.



Lu Xiaofei affectionately took Gu Yanning’s hand, “Ningning ah, you must have a lot of friends at school with such a lively personality, right?”



“Yes, I know half of the people in the school.”


Gu Yanning in the school was a very good person, handsome and playful and generous, both boys and girls liked to play with Gu Yanning.


“Our family’s Xiao Cheng was so spoiled when he was young. As he grew up, he hid everything in his heart and didn’t want to talk to me. He doesn’t like to talk, has a cold personality, I don’t even know if he has friends.”



Lu Xiaofei was really distressed. Xie Chengfei’s personality wasn’t very lively. He and Lu Wenxing were very similar. Both of them only reported good news, not bad news.



When Lu Wenxing was a child, he was obedient and soft, perhaps because Lu Xiaofei had a bad heart and was often hospitalized, and there were places at home that she couldn’t take care of. Xie Nian was also a rough man, and often it was Lu Wenxing who took care of Xie Chengfei.




As he grew older, Lu Wenxing became more and more understanding, he was very good to Xie Chengfei, but Ji Yuan felt that Lu Wenxing habitually took Xie Chengfei as his own responsibility.



But Lu Xiaofei thought that no one should be anyone’s responsibility.


However, Lu Xiaofei had a sweet tongue and could deceive others. He could always use other topics in a few words to talk about things he didn’t want to talk about himself. Lu Xiaofei had been led astray several times by him, and when she recalled something wrong, he would be long gone.



Lu Wenxing’s optimism was the most comforting aspect for Lu Xiaofei.



But Xie Chengfei had a cold personality and didn’t make many friends. Lu Xiaofei had never seen him bring any friends home to play.

When he was young, Xie Chengfei would ask his family about something, and when he grew up, he had more ideas and rarely discussed things with them, but he would only let them know what he had decided to do.



It was probably because Lu Wenxing had a strong sense of responsibility, and with it, Xie Chengfei, who was taught by him, was also like that. After Xie Chengfei went to high school, he became more and more independent, and Lu Xiaofei could feel that he desperately wanted to grow up and share the burden for the family.



But Lu Xiaofei would prefer him to be like a child of the same age, it was okay to have a tantrum once in a while, but it didn’t happen. Lu Wenxing didn’t have a rebellious period, and neither did Xie Chengfei.



“Auntie, I’m a friend of Xiao Fei. He’s fine at school, you don’t have to worry.”



Gu Yanning has a little bit of weakness, he and Xie Chengfei were not friends, nor were they familiar with each other, they basically never spoke. But he knew that there was a school god in class three who was the legendary child of other people’s families, and this was the initial impression of Xie Chengfei by his classmates.



Xie Chengfei was good-looking, and there were many girls who liked him and had expressed their feelings. But Xie Chengfei always coldly refused, leaving no thought for the other party, and even trying to get along with him had no place to talk. Because of his limited patience, he was known as the topic terminator.



Xie Chengfei remained silent. He knew that Lu Xiaofei was worried about him, and Gu Yanning’s words were also considered to help him appease Lu Xiaofei.


Everyone enjoyed this meal, except for Wen Zheng, who focused on finding Gu Yanshen’s flaws, and Xie Chengfei, who rarely intervened.



Xie Chengfei was quite polite to his elders, but rarely took the initiative to answer questions.



As long as the target was Lu Wenxing, Xie Chengfei’s indifference seemed to no longer exist, and the distance between the two didn’t hinder their communication.


“Friends should be in touch more often.” Ji Yuan smiled and said to Gu Yanshen, “Come and play at our house sometime.”


“Okay, I’ll definitely visit at home when I have the chance.”



Wen Zheng was already too lazy to stop it because there was no way to.


“Xingxing, come back and stay at night, I’ll have the driver pick you up.”


Lu Wenxing asked Xie Chengfei’s opinion and nodded towards Ji Yuan, “Okay, we’ll go back when Xiao Cheng finishes his exams.”


Lu Xiaofei’s health wasn’t good, and Xie Chengfei didn’t want her to wait at the school gate. He asked Ji Yuan to take Lu Xiaofei back to Wen’s house.



When Gu Yanshen learned that Wen Zheng was Lu Wenxing’s brother, he also took advantage of his vacation during the college entrance exams and contacted Wen Zheng at the first opportunity to ask him to meet.



During this conversation, Wen Zheng realized for the first time the extent to which Gu Yanshen was interested in Lu Wenxing. If Gu Yanshen didn’t have any wrong thoughts about his brother, then Wen Zheng would have thought that Gu Yanshen was a good person.



But if Gu Yanshen had non-committal thoughts, then in Wen Zheng’s opinion, all merits could be ignored.



“The tuition fee of C University art students is more expensive than other schools. If I were him, I would consider other schools.”


U of C was good, but other schools weren’t bad either.



Wen Zheng also thought about this.


“So, I suspect that someone instructed him to do this.”



On the last day of the college entrance exam, Lu Wenxing drove over. As soon as Xie Chengfei got into the car, Lu Wenxing handed him a palm-sized small leather bag.




“A graduation gift for you.”


Xie Chengfei untied the string, and the cowhide bag contained a set of keys.


“What are the keys for?”



Lu Wenxing smiled, “I’m taking you to see.”



The car drove away from the city, and half an hour later the car drove into the University of C.


“Come on, senior will show you around the campus.”


Xie Chengfei followed him off the car, “Can senior help me carry my suitcase?”



“For calling me senior, I reluctantly agree.”



Lu Wenxing spent half an hour showing him around the school, and also took him to the snack street near the school to look around.



“The tenderloin here is delicious, do you want to try it?”



Xie Chengfei wasn’t too interested in fried food, but he knew Lu Wenxing wanted it.



One person took four skewers of tenderloin, the spicy and cumin smell mixed with the aroma of meat was everywhere, it looked quite appetizing.



“The shrimp cakes are also delicious.”



The two passed by the shrimp cake stand just as they finished eating the tenderloin in their hands, Lu Wenxing bought two shrimp cakes and took Xie Chengfei to the store across the street for peanut soup.



He still had to eat at home, so Lu Wenxing didn’t eat too. Even if he could smell the aroma of the wheel cakes, he resisted the temptation and led Xie Chengfei across the snack street.



Behind the snack street were the residential area and residential buildings. Lu Wenxing led him into a newly built residential building.


Xie Chengfei suddenly guessed what Lu Wenxing’s gift was.


A few years ago, he heard Lu Wenxing say he wanted to buy a house, because of limited savings, Lu Wenxing was still torn between buying a larger house, or a smaller one.



The elevator went up to the eleventh floor, the house was already decorated, the door lock was fingerprint, password and key. It was clean and bright and had three rooms which were all decorated with a very warm and cozy atmosphere by Lu Wenxing.



At that time Lu Wenxing hadn’t yet been found by the Wen family, so he bought the three rooms for the simple reason that he wanted to bring his parents in B City to live with him, but Lu Wenxing just mentioned it and was rejected by Lu Xiaofei.


“When the property license comes down, you can do the settlement in C city.” Lu Wenxing took him into the bedroom.



“Write my name on the property certificate?” Xie Chengfei looked at him in shock.


Lu Wenxing gave a ‘hmph’, “It’s sitting in the north facing south, the air is good. You’ll go to school at the University of C, and you will definitely stay here to work, so it’s just right to live here.”



“You bought the house yourself, why write my name?”



Xie Chengfei was a bit angry. This house was purchased a few years ago as a pending property, which meant that Lu Wenxing had considered these issues a long time ago. He always felt that if he grew up quickly, he could take care of his parents and brother.


But at this moment, Xie Chengfei realized. He was always one step slower than him.



“I don’t want to.”


Lu Wenxing looked at him helplessly, “Even if I go back to the Wen family, you are still my brother. Is there a problem with an older brother buying a house for his younger brother?”


Xie Chengfei: “……” Is there no problem?



“You don’t like this gift?”


Xie Chengfei deliberately shook his head: “Don’t like.”


“You have to take it even if you don’t like it.”



Lu Wenxing educated him with the tone of an elder, “Haven’t you heard the saying? Other people give you gifts, even if you don’t like it, you have to politely express your gratitude, this is someone else’s heart.”

Xie Chengfei was choked for a moment, and quickly retorted.


“You are not someone else, you are my brother. My brother gave me a gift, why can’t I say if I don’t like it? You have to re-send it, anyway, I don’t want the house.”



“You think beautifully.” Lu Wenxing gave him the keys, “Don’t want it, you have to take it.”



Xie Chengfei: “……”



All the way, Xie Chengfei tried to persuade Lu Wenxing.



The price of the house wasn’t too high. He knew that Lu Wenxing wasn’t short of money now, and with the Wen family taking care of him, life would only be better.



But it was actually not the same.



When Lu Wenxing was still being squeezed by Mang Cheng Entertainment, he spent his days taking print ads and commercial performances that had little meaning.



After returning to school, Lu Wenxing often drew late into the night.



In Xie Chengfei’s opinion, excluding the value of the house itself, Lu Wenxing’s hard work over the past few years wasn’t measured in money. Therefore, he couldn’t want it.


Without waiting for him to continue to persuade, Lu Wenxing had already compromised.



“Well, you’re right, giving gifts is to be in line with each other’s heart. Since you don’t like ……”


Xie Chengfei froze for a second, Lu Wenxing was so well persuaded? Only to hear his next sentence.


“Then what color Ferrari do you like?”



Xie Chengfei: “……”


“Or what color Masarati do you like?”


Xie Chengfei: “……”




I’m backk.

I love everyone’s relationship with each other.

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