C9- Show me your heart

Show Me Your Heart [cute.jpg]

Show Me Your Heart – A consumable skill item that allows a selected subject to speak from the heart. Each time it is turned on, it costs a wealth value of five hundred.

Yun Zheng: ……

God Nima’s [cute.jpg], that kind of owed tone of voice directly made Yun Zheng feel thunderous. However, thinking about it in a different way, at least it was better than the previous expert aura, this one could be used immediately, at least right now.

He looked coldly at the city manager who was surrounded by the patrons right in the middle and modified his original plan a little. It was rare for the system to add to his good fortune, so he couldn’t fail to live up to good intentions.

Thinking so, Yun Zheng took out a few small books from the small box on the right side of the noodle stall cart and walked through the crowd towards the group of city officials.

“Little Boss?” A patron who sensed it quickly stopped him: “It’s not good to come, run away!”

“No need.” Yun Zheng smiled and shook his head.

The patron saw his determination and hesitated for a moment, but still whispered to him, “I just asked around, the director of the city administration office, who left for the province three days ago, didn’t even know about this. And the reason why they came to arrest people, it is said that the top management in the city personally gave the order. Saying to make sure to get rid of you!”

After saying that, he saw that Yun Zheng remained calm and thought that Yun Zheng didn’t understand, he bit his teeth and said more bluntly, “You’re in big trouble, once you’re taken away, it will be dangerous. Take my advice, you should leave quickly!”

So that was it, Yun Zheng’s face suddenly turned gloomy. No wonder after he had beaten Cao Ming, Lu Ran hadn’t made a move, he was actually waiting for him here!

He earned money from a mobile food truck, and usually followed the rules and couldn’t find any mistakes. So Lu Ran simply started with the noodle stand. At this time, the regulations on the operation of mobile food trucks were not complete. Most of the auditing standards were fastened in the hands of the city manager. Even if he was well prepared, he could always find loopholes if he wanted to look for them.

And as long as he was taken away, the subsequent charges would be casually placed by these people. The point was, Yun Zheng was in the food business, so if he was labeled as “not hygienic enough”, he would die even if his skills were unbelievable. The Gu family was the most powerful in Xingcheng, so he was afraid he couldn’t stay even if he didn’t leave.

It could be said to be a bottom-of-the-barrel approach. Vicious enough and villainous enough, it was indeed Lu Ran’s handiwork. Yun Zheng remembered that this time in his last life, there were not so many twists and turns. At that time, Lu Ran was still a simple teenager who was harmless and vulnerable enough to need him to protect him under his wings. Right now, it was mostly because of his previous losses that he was forced to reveal his true face.

Since that was the case, it was all the more reason why he couldn’t leave. Because once Yun Zheng left, the orphanage would be Lu Ran’s next target for revenge.

“I’m warning you! You are condoning crime and obstructing official business, which is punishable by law!” The lead city manager was still trying to use the official clothes on his body to suppress the patrons, and as for the others, they had already made a phone call and were ready to call someone. This group of city officials had usually done whatever they wanted for a long time, and the first time they met a tough guy like Yun Zheng, they were very nasty.

“You guys wait! When the film police comrades come later, you’ll be in for a treat!”

“Awesome talk, may I ask who it’s going to be for?” Yun Zheng’s voice was gentle, but not to be questioned. In such a noisy environment, it was like ice water poured from the sky, making the crowd that was confronting each other, subconsciously quiet down.

There was always a type of person who would involuntarily become the center of attention when standing in a crowd. And this world’s Yun Zheng was such a unique existence.

“Who is your leader?” He walked to the front to lock eyes with a few city officials, and his extremely calm demeanor compensated for his lack of stature, while at the same time, the sense of superior authority he had practiced in his last life naturally flowed out.

Yun Zheng was a chef at the state banquet, and then the ones that he often dealt with were also the true gentry families at that end of Yanjing, the military, and political dignitaries. Sans these current few dogged city officials, even if the Xingcheng’s Gu family owner himself came, it was nothing in his eyes.
  With two lifetimes of memories, Yun Zheng was no longer the helpless young man who would be cornered if Lu Ran casually flicked his finger. Right now, in this seemingly crisis, he had a hundred ways that he could easily defuse it. What he needed to do now was to choose the most appropriate one, and then pull the Xingcheng’s Gu Family and Lu Ran, down with him!

He was so regal that a few city officials subconsciously wimped out for a few seconds, but quickly regained consciousness and calmed down again. He was just a junior high school kid, no matter how powerful he looked, he was useless.

Thinking this way, a few people felt much more settled. At the same time, the captain, who was always watching from behind, finally came out, “I’m their captain.”

“Hello.” Yun Zheng plainly sized him up twice, and slowly opened the several small books he was holding in his hands in turn: “This is my business license, food safety certificate, personal health certificate, health permit, I am a regular mobile food truck, may I ask who is the illegal operator you are talking about?”

“This ……” the little captain who was questioned by Yun Zheng on the spot was at a loss for words, not really knowing what to answer. When he first came over, he thought that he was just detaining an ordinary junior high school kid who was setting up a stall. It would be enough to scare a few people and just take them away. However, he never thought that Yun Zheng would be so difficult to deal with.

A noodle stall vehicle, with such complete documents, the point was that he could really get them all, what the hell was it if it wasn’t a deliberate hit to their city manager’s face?

The city manager next to the leading provocateur saw that things were bad, and hurriedly stepped forward, trying to obscure the subject: “What documents are complete? This is bullshit! When the original permit is not you, but the original uncle surnamed Wang. According to the regulations, the stall changed hands, and the original documents would not be legally valid. Don’t talk nonsense with him, arrest and take away!”

After saying that, he pulled Yun Zheng’s arm and tried to forcefully arrest him. That was his mission today, and the rest of the aftermath was not his responsibility at all.

However, such an outrageous move on his part coincided with Yun Zheng’s plan. Yun Zheng turned on the recording function of the phone in his pocket with one hand and pressed the use button of [Show me your heart] in the system space with the other.

The soft and ambiguous pink light spread out, and right after that, the city official who was eye to eye with Yun Zheng was suddenly drowning in Yun Zheng’s exceptionally gentle eyes, and the profound sense of depth that seemed to contain the firmament of heaven and earth made him momentarily startled and flabbergasted. Immediately afterward, the official language in his mouth morally changed abruptly.

“This kid is too troublesome to handle. Bring him back to the bureau first, then use some special tactics, and he’ll be completely silenced.”

“The young master within the Gu family has said that as long as we arrest this person and force him to confess, the rest of the matter will be handled by him.”

“With the Gu family holding up the rear, these little commoners are nothing right now. Just a couple of blind bounces. As for this kid, looking at the noodle stall, it’s quite profitable, go back and charge him a fine of ten thousand eight hundred yuan, and you’ll have a bonus for this month.”

F*ck! What the f*ck was he saying?

After saying this, not only was the city manager himself stunned, but even those onlookers were stunned as well.

“Did he …… just say that it was a deliberate false accusation?” The person at the front of the leaning line murmured a bit mysteriously. Immediately afterward, all the onlooking patrons exploded!

“F*ck, this city manager is so shameless, bullying a half-grown child.”

“It’s not easy for the small boss, he comes out every morning at four or five o’clock, and brings his younger siblings with him.”

“All mouths are full of rules, but hearts are full of injustice. God d*mn, to arrest someone else, he should be arrested first, so as not to endanger the masses.”

One sentence, all the surrounding patrons were blasting the city manager.

And the small captain was a little panicked.

If Yun Zheng wasn’t taken away, then it would prove that the city manager’s words just now were true. The collusion between government and business in their city administration, bullying an innocent child, and attempting to ruin someone’s future. But if Yun Zheng was taken away, there was no possibility of clearing his name, and speaking out would be as if the water would be overturned, which would only make them seem even more barbaric.

“No, I can’t bear it anymore!” A grumpy one came up and pushed the city official who was pulling Yun Zheng, “Get lost, with an official hat I wouldn’t dare to do anything. What’s still Gu family, this Xingcheng is China’s, it’s about the law of the land, the Xingcheng’s Gu family is nothing!”

“I can’t see it either, bullying people like this in broad daylight, if we had looked on with indifference today, it might have been our turn tomorrow!”

“Protect the little boss and beat the hell out of him, those grandsons!”
  Some of the people who usually patronized Yun Zheng’s noodle stall were office workers, who were young and energetic. If things were rough, they would speak. This urban management business was too much, and it also stirred up the anger in their hearts. As for those who were older and more sedate, they didn’t go to persuade and make peace, and they didn’t stop them. They were human beings and they looked angry. Many of them had children. Seeing that Yun Zheng was young and was so bullied. When they thought about their children, their hearts felt uncomfortable.

These dogs fighting against others, their bones were rotten to the core!

For a while, the area in front of Taoran Park was a mess. Those few city officials were surrounded by a group of big boys, they punched and kicked them, beating them so hard they couldn’t even scream. The most devastating thing for them was the crutches of some big man who reached in from time to time or the stiletto heels of the young girls.

These were real murder weapons, and although they were not as powerful as a fist, the piercing pain was more deadly than a fist.

“I’m warning you! This is a blatant assault on a law enforcement officer! There’s going to be a jail sentence!” A few city officials were still struggling hard. The least of them, who had been working for five years, had never had such a suffocating experience before. As for that small captain, he was even more directly befuddled. He was close to crying for mercy.

At this moment, the sound of a police car coming from not far away quieted the chaotic scene a little. Immediately afterward, the police car stopped and a few strong and powerful police officers rushed in.

“Stop! What’s this about?” A few film cops parted the crowd.

“Damn, these unruly people!” Those city officials were all beaten up, and when they saw that they were finally saved, they immediately showed their villainous faces: “Blatantly assaulting law enforcement officers, arrest them! Administrative detention!”

It’s you who’s bullying us! Now those few hitters got angrier.

“Don’t care about the others, I’m the one who beat up the city police.” Without waiting for the crowd to reply, Yun Zheng stepped forward first and stopped the officers.

“Little Boss!” A few people were suddenly anxious. However, Yun Zheng smiled towards them with a placating smile, and once again solemnly said to the police, “I’m the one who beat the man.”

“…… “There was still a rush to take the blame for this.

The officer frowned and looked at Yun Zheng a bit hesitantly. He had an impression of Yun Zheng, he was the one who took over Cao Ming’s case before, so he had seen Yun Zheng’s picture. Knowing that he was a good kid, he was therefore reluctant to come over after receiving orders from the bureau. He deliberately inked it for ten minutes more. But unexpectedly, the kid didn’t run away at all. These city officials, instead, were beaten up.

This was difficult to do, things had developed to the point where it was no longer for him to interfere. Sighing, the cop remained silent and didn’t immediately reply.

And Yun Zheng sensed his hesitation, as if to give him a step-down, followed with an explanation, “It’s fine, don’t be embarrassed. I hit someone, so I should go with you. Believe me, I just look skinny, but I’m actually very strong.”

Saying that, Yun Zheng revealed an exceptionally sincere smile as if he was afraid that the officer wouldn’t believe that, and clicked on the expert aura in the system space. Immediately afterward, he lifted a leg and kicked the city policeman who had previously intimidated him.

This kick actually kicked the person out more than three meters away. Like Cao Ming’s cousin, he landed on his face and directly fainted.


Should I cry or laugh, Saint Zheng?

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