C11– Facepalm

[…… Mr. Tao, blink if you’ve been kidnapped.]

On Weibo, netizens looked at the latest content pushed by Tao Sheng and felt the wind in their hair.

Do you want to look back at the content of your own previous tweets first? A morning message you sent about going to the provincial games scene to witness Su Zhe preliminaries failure, now how was he S province’s pride?

Wouldn’t that be a bit of a difference between before and after?

Netizens had pulled Tao Sheng’s back and forth tweets, many netizens were only now reacting – Huh? Su Zhe wasn’t eliminated in the preliminaries or the rematch, and he’s already going to the finals?

After all, the Provincial Games of S Province was just a provincial sports event, although the topic of #Su Zhe roll out of the sports industry was hotly debated, the people who really went to watch the Provincial Games athletics live broadcast early in the morning was still a minority after all.

It had reached 12:00 noon, the majority of melon eating netizens lunch -break, it was also in this time period after a short fermentation, the news of Su Zhe passing the 100 meters preliminaries and rematch and running 10. 21 seconds,  finally completely spread on the network.

In a well-known gossip forum, a new high-rise building was quickly erected.

1F: [Wait, I’m a bit overwhelmed, didn’t they say that this Su Zhe is not very strong, he was too confused so he went to the sports industry to gain hype?

5th Floor: [Can someone explain to me what 10.21 seconds is like? Waiting online, a bit anxious.]

11th Floor: [It’s just a provincial game, it’s no big deal to run to the finals, right?]

13th Floor: [Upstairs, that’s not true, before, people slammed Su Zhe, isn’t it also because he qualified for the Provincial Games in the 100 meters? The other day, we all made a concerted effort to mock him because we thought he was wasting his qualification for the provincial games?

17F: [I came to the track and field sprint 100m event, National 2 athlete standard is 11.74, National 1 athlete standard 10.93, sportsman 10.50, international sportsman 10.25. He can run at an international sportsman’s speed, he is already first-class in Asia.]

20th floor: [???? Wait …… I need to squash the shock, so we’ve been yelling all this time for nothing??]?

21st Floor: [Upstairs, that standard, for Su Zhe to participate in the Provincial Games is simply to hand …… the championship for nothing ah?

25th Floor: […… I’m still a bit confused, didn’t this Su Zhe just go back to training after two years in the entertainment industry?]

Su Zhe 100 meters 10.21 seconds, soon through Weibo, WeChat, gossip forums, and other ways, the news spread out, everyone knew and were nailed to the pillar of shame, he was actually an extraordinary athlete.

The “philosopher” group of girls naturally through the posts of a few sisters already knew the results of the morning game. Everyone watched the beautiful photos on the screen of MengMeng’s camera, and the fancy licking screen began.

“Oooooh, why is our pup so handsome! Baby Zhe’s beautiful face is the best in the world!”

After seeing a banner of “baby Zhe” around Tao Sheng’s Weibo, many “philosophers” also got rid of the depressing feeling of the last few days and had a feeling of exhilaration. There were also Su Zhe’s little fans who were still rolling under Tao Sheng’s Weibo page – Hey yeah, we also want to watch the baby Zhe’s finals live! Mr. Tao, give baby Zhe a shout for us!

The Internet public opinion on the topic of Su Zhe rolling out of the sports industry had already turned over, many people began to look forward to the afternoon’s final, what would Su Zhe’s result be, but no matter what, Su Zhe’s notorious reputation had finally eased.

In the athlete rest area of the Provincial Games, Su Zhe and his two teammates just sat down to rest for a short while, many athletes around the area glanced at Su Zhe from time to time.
  Most of the athletes present had paid attention to Su Zhe’s topic, and after learning about Su Zhe’s morning preliminaries replay results, they couldn’t help but look at him at the moment with an expression as if they were looking at the gods.

Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe found the athlete rest area not long after the three of them sat down, and they approached and stared at Su Zhe for a long while.

Su Yinsheng, in particular, stared at Su Zhe as if Su Zhe had run not 10.21, but 12.1.

“Ahem, Coach Su, this is the rest area for Provincial Games athletes, pay attention to your national-level coach’s image.” Su Zhe coughed twice, trying to muddle certain things over.

Su Yinsheng rolled his eyes at the words, “Tsk, I’m teaching my son, I what a bullsh*t image! You kid, 10 seconds and 21?”

When Su Zhe got this result, the most unbelievable people were not those coaches around him, but he and Zhao Changhe. The two of them had been watching Su Zhe’s training all this time, and they still had a good idea of his speed. At this moment, Su Zhe’s performance suddenly broke through from 10.30 seconds to 10.21 seconds, don’t look at the difference of less than 0.1, in the 100 meters of the field, the real breakthrough, often consumed a huge amount of time and correct scientific training, in order to gradually shorten the distance in between.

Only in this way could they squeeze out their own talent bit by bit and condense the glittering fruits of victory.

It had to be said that Su Zhe’s swift and violent span of achievement frightened them.

Su Zhe smiled bitterly in his heart, he also understood that the aftermath of the sprint Lv2 that was lit up in a moment of anger in the morning appeared, as the father who knew him best as well as the coach, this magnitude of change could be hidden from others, but not from Father Su and Zhao Changhe.

“Ah …… “Su Zhe could only scratch his head, with a sincere face: “Actually, when I was training before, I thought I could run faster …… but today, it feels like a layer of air has been pierced and my speed just went up …… and I feel like I can run even faster soon.”

Su-open-eyed-Zhe, looked at his dad with a sincere face and was frantically meditating on his acting.

After all, the existence of the System could not be revealed, and as such, Su Zhe could only put on a coat of genius for himself.

Hearing Su Zhe’s words, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe silently looked at each other, this matter was in fact elusive to the two of them. They had brought genius players before and understood that there were times when there was no reason to speak with a genius. Although Su Zhe’s words were arcane and mysterious, it seemed to be understandable as long as it was applied to the aura of a genius.

In the end, Su Yinsheng could only let Su Zhe have a good rest and prepare for the afternoon final.

During the afternoon hours, the organizing committee of the Provincial Games had also learned from the network about the hot topic of the netizens, and the S provincial TV station responsible for the live broadcast of the S Provincial Games had already set up a live broadcast by the track of the 100m final in advance.

On their official Weibo page, S province provincial games hung the address of the online live, after a day of heated discussion, many melon eaters had flocked there, everyone wanted to witness it, this was the scolded Su Zhe, in the end, could he win the championship medal?

At 4:00 p.m., on the 100-meter track, the athletes were ready.

In addition to Su Zhe’s fans and Tao Sheng, many local netizens of S province had also come to the stands, and even a few S Province sports fans who were good friends with Tao Sheng had also come to the scene.

At this moment, this 100m final had become the focus of everyone’s attention.

“Each in position, ready!”


After adjusting the sprinting Lv2 buff, Su Zhe felt his condition improve a little more, but before he could take two steps, a sharp whistle suddenly sounded.

Someone was starting to sprint!

Su Zhe followed the impulse of his start and slowed forward two more steps before stopping, and when he looked back, it was none other than Deng Wei who snapped away.

After the preliminaries and rematch, Deng Wei not only didn’t reflect on his initial mockery and disdain for Su Zhe but also blamed Su Zhe for all the blows he received – it was all because of that little white boy, he could have just continued to make a living in the entertainment industry, if not for him, he would have been the one to win the Provincial Games today!

With a dark and complex mood, Deng Wei employed a grabbing strategy at the start of the race.

An experienced athlete could do it to anticipate the pace of the firing of the starter, thus grabbing the lead and saving his own starting time. If they could do it successfully, they could improve their performance significantly.

However, Deng Wei obviously failed in this sprint. He predicted the gun time of the commander, but his reaction speed was less than 0.1 seconds, which reached the sprint standard.

The coaches who were watching the race had a sorry look on their faces, knowing that when someone had a sprint violation in a race, it usually had a psychological impact on the surrounding players, causing them to involuntarily control their own starting speed to prevent accidents.

The finalists on the field at the moment were all more or less affected by Deng Wei’s infraction, and only Su Zhe still looked calm.

When everyone returned to the starting point, Deng Wei couldn’t help but sneer at Su Zhe again, “Little white boy, be careful that it’s not your turn to snatch the next round.”

In fact, it didn’t matter if the snatch run just now didn’t work, Deng Wei was fine with whether or not it would work, if it succeeded of course it would be best, but if it failed, it would be nice to use this one infraction to send the whole field into a panic.
  This kind of tactic, especially against an inexperienced contestant like Su Zhe, was almost a handful. However, Deng Wei was still uneasy and hinted again at Su Zhe when the tournament was about to start again, which was also Deng Wei’s psychological suppression of Su Zhe.

This kind of tactic could really be called despicable, but Deng Wei considered it to be an upright plotting and planning.

The other players around them who heard Deng Wei speak had a disgusted look on their faces.

“Each take their positions, prepare!”

The referee announced the preparations again, and all the players cautiously made their preparatory movements.


The starting gun sounded again, and this time no one grabbed the running violation, but most of them had varying degrees of lag in their starting speed.

Only Su Zhe was in astonishingly stable form!

His starting speed was unaffected by any of Deng Wei’s, and at the instant, the gun went off, he disengaged from the starter and began to gallop forward like the wind!

That was fast!

That was the only thing anyone watching the game was thinking right now!

There were eight runners on the entire 100-meter track, but everyone’s eyes were captured by the front-runner, Su Zhe.

His sturdy and light figure was running on the 100-meter track, his cheetah-like posture so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes off him.

“Ahhhh! Come on baby Zhe!!!”

In the stands, six teenage girls waved banners and screamed with excitement.

In the various live rooms, netizens also stopped sending comments.

Everyone was waiting for that figure to cross the finish line, waiting for him to capture the medal that proved his strength.

F*ck, go for it!

A lot of melon netizens were still ashamed of their own misunderstanding and it almost buried a really strong genius athlete – everyone had seen the score, 10 seconds 21 seconds, he was in the entertainment industry for two years, he just went back to training soon and ran at first-class results, if this wasn’t a genius athlete, what was?

Most of the netizens felt that Su Zhe deserved this Provincial Games championship medal, and everyone waited to go underneath his Weibo to congratulate him after he won the title, as a way to make up for the wrong damage caused before.

In the midst of everyone’s different thoughts, just 10 seconds passed in a flash.

Su Zhe, unsurprisingly, crossed the finish line first!

S Provincial Games Athletics 100m (B) Champion – Su Zhe!

But at the moment of the final ranking, before the cheers sounded, everyone once again gathered their attention to the electronic timer on the timing card, which showed the final results of Su Zhe ……


10 seconds and 18??!!!!

The referees and the coaches on the field were stunned, how many seconds was the provincial 100m record again? Looks like Chan Chi, a disciple of So Yinsheng, ran in 10.19 seconds?

Then this score of Su Zhe’s ……

The coaches immediately took another look at the wind speed record – 1.5 metres per second, the score was valid!

The moment the referee declared the score valid, everyone let out an exclamation of surprise!

In the stands, Tao Sheng had already stood up excitedly and rushed to the scene with several S city sports industry commentators excitedly high-fiving. Together, they witnessed the birth of a new 100-meter record for the Provincial Games.

Su Zhe …… broke the Provincial Games 100m record and won the title!

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